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  1. You mention a shop you were in, Hugo, that had a wall of ‘Smart’ goods. I notice Toolstation now have a whole ‘Smart’ section. I had a look, and could see nothing you could call useful. I think people will need to concentrate on where their next meal comes from, rather than operating their central heating from miles away.

  2. It reminds me of an ant farm but we are the ants! Incidentally I watched Logan’s Run the other day because my husband had never seen it before, I didn’t notice back in the day just what a pretty boy Michael York was which begs the question, I wonder how many times he bent over to give ahead, sorry get ahead and Jenny Agutter getting starkers, the things people do for fame, I hope it was worth it to them!

  3. Will the rooms be like in Fifth Element where Bruce Willis lives in a 12ft long, one room pod…fold away cupboard bed, shower cubicle/sink that rises up to reveal fridge underneath, one window….

    • If it is then i want a super happy , enthusiastic and optimistic Asian food vendor floating outside my window in a sky ship 🙂

      • Haha! Yes, that would be the only good thing about it.

  4. I also believe a lot of this is just guff to put people in fear. I do believe we’re going to have civil unrest. I saw a psychic 5 years ago and she said I’d have to look after myself in 2024.

  5. Always thought Peloton was a joke. Surely breathing fresh air and being outside is what riding a bike is all about. More mind numbing for the gullible.

    • Will come in handy when you’re not allowed to travel or exercise more than 5 miles outside your residence!

  6. Nah! let them plan it, even build the eyesore for themselves if they like. Don’t need it, don’t want it and won’t be using the controlled prison. I’ll stick with nature thanks. I’m happy to let the super-rich parasites live in it if they want. As if… Use of he term ‘line’ is slightly interesting. Is this connected to the saying to “step out of line” so prisoners can’t or won’t be allowed out? lol

  7. Nooooooh! please, please I beg you, I can’t, shoot me now, do anything to me but not that, have mercy upon me….Not Butlins, Aaaaargh!

  8. This will not be a matter of choice, as some people think, you will get to go there only if they like you. We should not be feeling that everything is hopeless however. On the contrary, we should be feeling invincible because we are the children of Jacob Israel, whom Yahweh promised to protect, (as long as we follow his rules, most of which were laid down for our own well-being).

    We know there is a plan, we know this whole thing has to play out and cannot be stopped because it is written. Satan knows what will happen to him, and is doing his best to get as many as possible to go with him into the lake of fire, that is his mission.

    Most of what is happening, we knew would come years ago, any logical mind can work it out because it is simple. One only has to think what we would do if trying to achieve the same result.

    To put it all simply, and without going into too much detail, Satan’s goal is to corrupt everything Yahweh created. The jab and altering our DNA is very important, and another means of defying Yahweh. This is why the Israelites were instructed to kill every last man, woman and child, of certain tribes, because they had been genetically modified, which is abhorrent to Yahweh.

    They are still pushing on with the jab, and why wouldn’t they, it increases their wealth. Money will disappear, and will be replaced by some form of UBI, so if we can’t grow our own, and won’t submit to having the mark of the beast in our hands, then we will have to last on our reserves and weeds. We have always known they would find reasons to stop people growing their own food in order to force them into reliance on their factory made, poisoned, filth.

    In the end they will go door to door to force any survivors into their death camps, where they will all be killed gradually and fed back to the rest, if there is no other use for them. Those who refuse to go to the death camps will be killed where they are, because by that time they will have total control and there will be no law or justice.

    This is what is coming, and we have known this for years, not just since 2020, they have constantly told us what they were going to do. Many of the death camps were built as far back as the 90s, which started some of us wondering why. I thought back then we were supposed to fight this and prepared to do so. We created a self sufficient, well armed, community, but Yahweh broke that up, and everyone went their own ways because that is not the way to do it. The prophesies must play out as they have been written.

    So what should we do? Well, first you absolutely need to KNOW that Yahweh wants His children to survive. As I have said, our weapon is the name of Yeshua, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, and we should practice our quick draw, with that as a weapon. I’m serious, as I have said several times before, this is something they cannot withstand, therefore, and we must never be afraid to use it. You need to practice using it so that you can immediately respond when your guard is down, like when you are sleeping, you must wake up saying, “In the name of Yeshua the Christ, Son of Yahweh, and our Saviour, I order you to leave this place.”

    If anyone comes to your house, or accosts you while walking in the country, or working your plot, or while you are sleeping at night, hit them with our Saviours name. It should be the first thing out of your mouth! Those who come for you will be demonically possessed, so there is no point in trying to reason with them. Order them to leave in the name of Yeshua, or Jesus Christ. They know these names and all the others we use for Him and the Father, so invoke your Saviour and strike them down with his name. Practice it every day, what you will say, how you will stand, what gestures you will use. Start now and be FEARLESS in the armour of Yahweh.

    Also thought I should mention that I am disturbed by the number of people quoting Satan’s new versions of the bible which are nothing like the KJV. Perhaps everyone should look here.

    • Have you ever taken the time to look into the, ‘Guilds’, who were involved in the production of the King James Version of the bible…or wondered who he was…or, more importantly, who these ‘guilds’ were? I really think that you should.

      And, have you ever considered that TPTB have enough power and money to orchestrate the whole, ‘end times’, scenario?

  9. Hugo,. You spoke of movies using predictive programming. I just watched the movie free guy with my son. The movie was about NPCs non-playable characters being free to do whatever they want at the end of the movie. They were no longer stuck in there 9:00 to 5:00 in their virtual world. It seems to me like the WEF is pushing the whole concept of UBI and not having to work because we’re all non-playable characters we don’t make a difference we don’t mean anything. They are trying to subliminally program people to think if they give up their freedoms they can be free to do whatever they want.

    • Interesting!
      Another interesting one is “Don’t Look Up” – about two astronomers who try to warn of a comet about to destroy life on Earth yet nobody takes them seriously. It’s a political sattire/parody, taking the mick out of climate change deniers!

  10. Well food rationing coming 1st April 2023 till 31st march 2030. On official uk government site.
    All coming fast. If people dont wake up now on for big shock soon. Red horse preparing to ride black horse not far behind.

    • Of course it is not on ‘ official uk government site’ 😉 but you are not supposed to check 😉 just take it at face value and propagate the nonsense statement without thinking which is probably what Helen has done 😉

  11. They can take my rotting corpse in there if they fancy but that’s about it.

  12. 1984 an Orwell classic. It will be the largest Prison on earth. That is if they build it. “If you build it, they will come” LOL Only the delusional Sheep will. What a load of Shite!!

  13. Hugo scripture is true and I believe that we are in the so-called latter/end days I don’t know much about smart cities Amiad but I have heard people speaking about them and definitely don’t sound very good to say the least what can I say God does say however that he will send people a strong delusion and I believe that this and all the rest of things you are seeing over the last couple of you years is that strong delusion strong delusion

  14. “The Line” Neom, is fairly old news. It’s an advertisement. It’s a PR campaign for the new crown prince. It might not even be built. (Ex. Jeddah Tower) They are clearing the area of the indigenous peoples. Yes, it’s predictive programming for “Smart Cities” … Last I checked Smart meters and 5G are now the norm. The internet is DARPA-net. It’s created and controlled by DARPA. Cellphones and transactions, Cortana/Siri/Alexa/Hey Google/exc. are all harvesting data.

    Matthew 24:24 “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
    All the positive attention people like Elon Musk receive. Is nothing compared to the awe and affection, people will have for the Anti-Christ.
    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Spread the good news of Jesus Christ!

  15. Surrounding nature? Looks like a desert to me, they want to preserve that do they? I thought the desert was expanding? Looks like a very long wall doesn’t it? What exactly are they trying to keep in or out of the bloody desert? ….so many questions

  16. When I first saw that linear prison, it occurred to me that all this metaverse/virtual reality/digital twin stuff is to hide (from those of us that are left) the complete destruction of all life, as we know it. Everything, absolutely everything, they are doing, in order to, ‘protect the planet’, will actually destroy all life. Carbon zero = no carbon based life = no flora, no fauna. Blocking the sunlight = no flora, no fauna = no carbon based life.

    Everything they do has exactly the opposite effect to what they have indoctrinated people to believe.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that these psychopaths now really believe that they are gods…and plan to terraform a ‘new’ world based upon, I don’t know – eg silicon or something.

    Tikkun Olam is a Kabbalist/Rabbinic concept meaning, ‘to repair, improve or perfect the world/universe’, ‘bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created’…although they always leave by whom or what very vague.

    …or – the phoenix rises from the ashes of what it was before.

    In other words, everything has to lie in devastation and ashes before these batards can, ‘build back better’.

    F**k ’em. I’m going to do my best to stay alive. I’m not going to help them along…and, recently, my friends and family are beginning to wake up. Sadly, most of them have been needled – but better late than never.

    For what it’s worth, I believe that weather warfare and the poisoning of our skies is the biggest threat to our welfare.

  17. I can only imagine, who will live at the top with fresh air and trees… and who will live at the very bottom… in the dirt. It’s like every dystopian film you’ve ever seen and you’re right Hugo – looks crap!

  18. We are (mostly) all Human. We have our own worries, foibles, stresses, fears, likes and dislikes. We laugh, we cry, yet we are so much more than our fears and worries and individually and collectively we have the power to change things.

    Over the past 18months, restrictions, lockdowns and five close bereavements (some expected, some not), I can say I’ve had some pretty dark days. But it was small acts of unexpected kindness from strangers that would resonate the most and encourage me to go on. Often on days when I needed it the most, someone would smile, offer a helping hand, listen or chat. All done spontaneously, with probably little thought of what they were doing, but it would made such a huge and positive difference to my day.

    I now make more of an effort with people I don’t know. Who knows what they are enduring? Some may ignore me, but I’ve been genuinely surprised how most people respond favourably to a smile, a quick, kind word, or a thoughtful gesture and best of all it’s a lovely feeling back.
    It is, after all, what makes us Human, and strong.

    If, slowly and surely, we could do just one small act of kindness a day for someone we didn’t know, think how much harder it would be for our spirits to be crushed?
    And how much power could we really achieve if our souls sung as one?

  19. anyone know if jesus is gonna make his second coming before all the kids get jabbed??

    • Well…according to the Greek version of the bible…’he’ said that ‘he’ would be with them until the end of the age.

      And here we are, at the, ‘end of the age (of Pisces)’!

      So…no. There’s nobody coming to save anyone. We’re playing a game where only one side knows the rules…and it’s not us.

      • Jesus, being a Jew. Could be referring to Jewish astrology. Which is not the same as Greek. Christ did not observe astrology, he preached the old testament laws. Jewish astrology didn’t really kick-off until the Talmud.
        Also Matthew 28:20 uses the term “until the end of the world” and “Until the end of time.” Depending on your translation version.
        KJV which is close to Greek says “World.” NASB which is slightly more accurate word-for-word translation says “age.”
        Either way, we have been “in the last days” since ~90 AD when John wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine
        Ha-ha you again. “Not a Jew.” That’s just plain ridiculous.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine … We’re going to ignore all of Matthew chapter 1? There’s enough written proof for me.
        “Yashua Messiah” Which is the Hebrew version of the Greek “Iisoús Christós.” _Jesus Christ in English… He’s the long prophesied Messiah from the Jewish books of old. Foretold of by Moses, Micah, Isaiah, Daniel, Hosea, Jeremiah, Malachi, Zechariah, and more…
        If he wasn’t Jewish, he would have been under Roman law. Pilate would have dealt with Him completely differently. You can’t ignore scripture.
        I find you very abusive and aggressive. Especially since I am mostly quoting scripture here. ^^Earlier.

      • Or wait is it Yeshua Hamashiach?
        Either way that doesn’t matter. What does is His sacrifice. We’re back to Titus 3:9!
        Let us focus on the Good News.

      • @Artful Dodger Tell me what Matthew 1 says! And I am always ‘aggressive’ with lying ignorant morons – nothing personal, just The Truth business.

      • @Artful Dodger, 1 and 2 Timothy, plus Titus, commonly known as The Pastoral Epistles are forgeries, so not written by Paul.

    • Jesus isn’t coming , we were given the tools to bring the light to within us , we are Jesus , we are god , we have to fight this battle . No one is coming to save us , get knowledge and use it well .

      • @rockymarshmallow, So what has man been doing with this light for 6,000 years! He must have shoved it up his arse and forgot it was there! ROTFLMAO!

  20. Yes indeed we definitely are in the end of days now, so important that we stick together here. Xxx

  21. Prisoners exhibiting good behavior – I mean, residents with good social credit scores (aka walking the Line) – will be rewarded with all-paid vacations in the Metaverse. Live the Lie!

  22. INoticed this when reading the site
    No roads, cars or emissions, it will run on 100% renewable energy and 95% of land will be preserved for nature.

    95% of land will be preserved for nature…. 95% of what land?

  23. Smart prisons = prisons for smart people = COMMUNISM!

  24. And when your enemies inevitably attack…. LOL… They can use dumb bombs and take out your energy, food storage and water supply in one pass….
    Educating an Arab in Oxford is like painting a tree on a stone and expecting fruit…

  25. Just look at the Palm island catastrophe for future reference (if they go ahead) 🙂
    Saudis are having their money stolen by those they “TRUSS” lol…..
    UK going to follow suit? We’ll see….
    I’m with Joan of Arc on these issues lol…

  26. Pakmanistanis will hate it – no corners… 🙂
    And they would actually have to abide by Sharia in Saudi…
    Best they stay home and continue to subvert their hosts…

  27. The early flats were hailed as futuristic and cutting edge etc, now look at them

  28. Nothing to do with video but need advice would anyone still vaccinate there child from polio ie there first jabs

    • The polio jab killed more people than polio , polio was caused by bad sanitation and also a type of lead . When the polio jab scam started , polio had already all but disappeared , so NO , don’t ever take a chance with your child’s life .

    • No.

      All of these, ‘supposed’ polio strains can be traced back to ‘vaxxeens’ administered by ‘philanthropists’, in Africa.

      I allowed my little boy to be vaccinated with the MMR in 1987. I had reservations because, for any wee boy, only the mumps could, possibly, have been a threat to his, ‘future’, welfare.

      He was so ill afterwards that I thought he was going to die. I would say that he was not the same afterwards – but that’s anecdotal.

      When I was pregnant with my daughter, a few years later, I spoke with a friend of my husband’s family. She was an immunologist in the WHO and she told me the truth about the MMR.

      Incidentally, on the morning that my daughter was called (for her MMR) it was, suddenly, withdrawn. They found a problem.

      I, also, lost a nine month old niece, during the night after her third TDP.

      Given what I know now, I would not have had my children injected with anything.

  29. A panopticon in the metaverse. You’ll be able to fly for sure — at least in your virtual reality prison mind. You’ll also own nothing, yada yada yada…. 🙂

  30. Why worry about this? It will be sold to people with too much money who want to live there. Not for me!!

  31. Time for people to wake up and realise that the government is a crim syndicate that seeks to imprison and enslave you. In 2020, many governments around the world declared war against their own populations. Given the current state of affairs, I think that it’s time to consider the following questions: (1) What rightfully belongs to the state? (2) What do you owe to the government? (3) What are your responsibilities towards the state? (4) Before you render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s you need to appreciate what rightfully belongs to Caesar? And, is it time for us to take the initiative and decide unilaterally that we have decided to change our relationship with those who claim to govern us.

    • One big YES. My journey started with Freeman on the land and commercial redemption type stuff. Very long story short, I moved on to Bible study, and gave my life to Christ. I feel it’s time to put the two together and get free, both in the physical realm and the dark satanic realm. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand🙌.

      • @Catherine Interesting re the Commercial Remedy stuff. I, too, was involved about 12 years ago, through Winston Shrout, who is alleged to be in prison, but I cannot find out if this is really true, or just scare mongering lies on the part of the IRS and their fellow criminals in the US ‘court’ system.

  32. It reminded me of the movie High Rise. The ‘What time they take a crap’ part of the video reminded of the lyrics of Killing Joke’s song Panopticon (released in 2015) warning about what was coming. The album this song is on (Pylon) is excellent, and many songs openly discussed a lot of what we are seeing now in the world. Check out the lyirics:

  33. Reminds me of freemason Walt Disney’s “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” (EPCOT). It never really was a community, but it became a fair amusement park.

    As for NEOM, a giant 170km greenhouse in the middle of the desert, I wonder what the bill for air conditioning will be like.

  34. Digital Reincarnation is very real and being worked on by many. Check out the following article:

    Also Mormon Transhumanism:

    The only way humanity stands a chance is to ditch the smartphones and all wifi technology.

  35. Do you want to live to have a life where you are only a slave to the system of elites? What are you going to do about it?

  36. Isn’t this the same has;
    ZEITGEIST:ADDENUM documentary
    Are’nt they linked to Lucis Trust?

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