Supermarkets To Become MONEY LENDERS For Poor To Buy FOOD / Hugo Talks

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  1. Totally agree Hugo. Instead they should have come up with the tip s to show how to cook your own food from a few ingredients etc to save money.

  2. I foresee problems here as if there are not already enough

  3. I wonder if one of the condition for the loan is you have to be fully up to date with your snake oils

  4. ‘Please, sir, I want some more.’

    The store manager was a fat, healthy man; but he turned very pale. He gazed in stupified astonishment on the small rebel for some seconds, and then clung for support to the shelf displaying the stale bread. The assistants were paralysed with wonder; the other customers with fear.

    ‘What!’ said the manager at length, in a faint voice.

    ‘Please, sir,’ replied the customer, ‘I want some more credit.’

    The master aimed a blow at the customers head with cosh; pinioned him in his arm; and shrieked aloud for the security guards.

    You could hear a pin drop, when Mr Bumble rushed onto the shop floor in great excitement, and addressing the gentleman at the Customer Service desk, said,

    ‘Mr Limbkins, I beg your pardon, sir! this customer has asked for more!’

    There was a general start. Horror was depicted on every countenance.

    ‘For MORE!’ said Mr Limbkins. ‘Compose yourself, Bumble, and answer me distinctly. Do I understand that he asked for more, after he had eaten his allowed credit dietary allotment?’

    ‘He did, sir,’ replied Bumble.

    ‘That customer will be hung,’ said the gentleman in the white waistcoat. ‘I know that customer will be hung.’

    Nobody controverted the prophetic gentleman’s opinion. An animated discussion took place. The customer was ordered into the Debtors Prison and was never seen again.

    • A marvellous parody, over food glorious food! Bravo! Seems it will be cockroaches, milked out of a canister afterall too!

      “Who will buy this fantastical reset, chemtrailed skies with Sun you never can see, who will dare stand, in triumph defiantly, and wrap all these treasonous ones in nooses, all strung up in a tree for me?”

      Well, I can hope can’t I?

  5. Tyranny! Tyranny!
    Order out of chaos, divide and conquer! They create the problem and pretend to be the white Knight!
    Who wants to help you!

    All of it is evil to the core! Interest, usury! paying to the Jewish bankers all our lives!
    They’ve used( equality, human rights, diversity) etc to give away our homelands to all comers..

    Hitler kicked the Jewish bankers out of Germany and printed the deutche mark, usury, interest free and Germany thrived!! He knew who the bolsheviks were Jewish communists..
    Why do you think we have endless propaganda, on our TV screens, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, because the leftist hate him..

    Pretending to be” oh”so caring! Why do you think the leftist (communists) embrace all the above? To disposses you of everything!

    The evil white man must be destroyed by every trick in the book! They own all MSM!
    To brainwash the stupid goyim! To embrace their downfall!
    Jesus warns us in the gospels of who they are.!
    (synogogue of satan)
    they are of their father the devil there is no truth in them..
    The modern day bolshevik bankers(pharisees and scribes)
    “Sportsmen and women kneeling for their own demise ” BLM Marxist ideology! Anti white racism is everywhere, in the guise of anti racism..
    Enoch Powell, was right the blackman will hold the whip hand over the stupid goyim in the future.. All our institutions are anti white racists..
    White male, heterosexual Englishman, everything is stacked against you!! In your own homeland!
    We are too far gone as a people now, they’ve had free reign for over 100yrs..
    We forgot God! At our peril and the commandments.

    And embraced the commandments of men!
    Reason, logic is out, emotions, feeling are in.
    Truth has been thrown to the ground… Our history rewritten to suit diversity!
    We live in a matrix! Where nothing is real, but lies, lies, lies, pretending to be truth!!
    Christ is king!
    God bless!

    • He didn’t kick the Zio Banksters out.. the Zios where part of the Nazos They paid for hitlers war..they paid both sides always comming out winners.

      Same as our voting system doesn’t matter who you vote for you’ll get who the globalist cabal instal. Both sides controlled, win win for the cartels, always.

      • Yes I used to see the world through the lens i was taught to at school: world politics & history of “good guys vs bad guys” then one day I suddenly thought… “What if that’s completely the wrong way of looking at it. Maybe that’s not the actual reality. What if they’re ALL bad guys?” After that, everything made much more sense. In private, they themselves call it “The Great Game”.

    • Black people are being used to destroy white people. When we have done their dirty work, they will next destroy us. Unfortunately, blacks are so excited to have money and power, we can’t see the abyss is waiting for us too. This is evil and satanic. Long in the planning.

      • @Reenee, Agree 100%! well done for speaking The Truth:

        “We (Jews) intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negroes ruled over by the Jews.”

        — Jewish EU founding father Coudenhove-Kalergi from Praktischer Idealismus 1925

  6. If these scum bag arseholes had brains they would be seriously dangerous! If people haven’t the money to buy food, where will they find the money to repay the debt once they have spent it on the food?

  7. Total non compliance is the only way out of this corruption but I fear the weak will fall sadly 🙁

  8. The mission creep to being totally owned by the psychotic parasites pretending to be a Government.

  9. I just ended up on the Martin Lewis site, while looking for info on complaining to Octopus Energy. There was a box at the bottom of the page which said: Iceland to offer loans for food. (Caution – this may affect your credit rating). For gawds sake, if you cannot afford food, why would you be worrying about your credit rating?!* As another comment said on here, non-compliance is the only answer. Do not give them an inch.

    • Not a fan of Martin Lewis myself. He shills for more ‘help’ from the government to combat the cost of living crisis, but never explains where’s the money coming from to finance the extra government spending he’s calling for?? In effect, ‘experts’ like Lewis are pushing for more money printing to finance more government ‘help’ schemes. This will cause inflation to accelerate, making the cost of living crisis even worse, not better. Lewis’s advice is analogous to trying to put out a fire by pouring more petrol on the flames #Inflation #costoflivingcrisis

      • All that is really needed is throw governments out, install a complete new one with 100% of the people replaced. Use government only for managing police, roads, health and thats it. No more hidious amounts to cult-member-friends in the form of NGO’s, no more money to themselves, to companies of friends for failre projects, etc etc etc. You will find that 10% income tax (and no other taxes) will be more than enough to run a country. An honest country that is.

  10. Sad what humiliation they bring people. but there are also good observations. confrontation. have you noticed? the more they stick crickets and chemical meat, the more people leave to live outside the city.the more they push our lives online, the more people leave social networks, psychos with their own hands open people’s eyes

    • Yes and I’ve been noticing more & more people like me not using those unmanned computerised checkouts but instead just waiting in queue for checkout with a human on a till. And more people using cash too.

  11. I see Prince Charles is supporting this. His popularity is in the toilet. This is just another ploy to gain peoples trust. Don’t fall for it people.

  12. 16 Tons and what do you get?another day older and deeper in mister don,t you call me cos i can,t go, iowe my soul to the company store.

  13. Nobody in this country should be hungry. Some supermarkets donate lots of food to charities that distribute them among homeless charities, day centres, etc. Not sure if Iceland belongs/donate to any of those charities. In the South we have Fair Share charity collecting from supermarkets and distributing to various groups. There are also food banks everywhere. We just need to be more observant of the needs around us and help where we can. There should not be the need to get loans for food!!

    • Foodbanks are at the bottom of the food-chain (no pun intended 🙂 ) The next stop is the tip. Foodbanks save supermarkets on waste disposal costs.

  14. More brilliant commentary.
    Thank you, Hugo.
    The best way to get self-sufficient is to have land to grow your own food, drill your own water source, etc.

    So how do us normal people from landless families acquire land without debt? It’s a catch-22 if you try to do it on your own. You have to band together with other Bible-believing families and pool resources…

    Or, you can go looking out in the sticks for some kind of benevolent landlord who’ll let you live on and farm his unused excess acreage….

    The high medieval-style serfdom model is much better than than global digital serfdom.

    • We could get strength in numbers… Example: 500 ordinary people pay £100 into a pot makes £50,000 to buy some rural land as a co-op. Share our time in labour needed to tend the livestock & grow clean crops on that land… just a thought?

  15. Supermarkets throw food out every day but they want the customers to buy food for the foodbanks???? It’s a scam to make you pay for more shopping. Supermarkets are not benevolent.

    • The food that is thrown out (especially bakery) serves its purpose as it keeps the shelves full. Empty shelves are not a good look. Gaps on the shelves always look bad. The freezers in my local supermarkets are mostly empty and it looks awful. Some companies at Christmas time employ staff to keep there display stocked up rather than allowing it to deplete until the store shelf-stackers replenish it. I know this because I did this job when I was a student.

    • Yes. And they are engineering situation where people in desperate position of little money and needing to feed family have their hand forced to turn to the “help scheme”. Help? Helping themselves more like! Since if you use “help scheme” then only place you can buy food from is THEIR supermarket/ big store. Thus they gain advantage over local small shops, butchers, bakers, greengrocers etc and steal their trade. causing local small businesses to struggle even more.
      Also “two birds with one stone” because it acts to condition the “unwashed masses” to accept less choice in everyday lives. “Let us help you into slavery”. big supermarkets want monopoly over food more & more so later down the line easier to bring in next step of carrot vs stick to further train your behaviour with regards to not buying meat, milk, cheese, butter! Hand in Glove with The State.
      Actually this is step two & three in Pavlovian training program since Govm already been conditioning the poor in last ten years to be demeaned enough to accept food banks (step one). Nobody ever should have accepted them. Should’ve yelled “No! It’s not Victorian Britain or Angela’s Ashes! we want change- not do-gooders!” How degrading to accept a bag of food where you don’t get to choose items in it. Subtle deliberate psychological demoralizing. Only prisoners & pet dogs don’t get to choose what they eat for dinner of an evening. wake up, Free Men & Women, get up off your knees and get angry! Fight back! be resourceful & self-relient! Join together in numbers to form grassroots “peoples co-ops” and “friendly societies” to bargain deals directly with traders at local Farmers Markets! Help ourselves! We don’t need no charity from The State or Big Corporate, thanks very much! In fact, we are pointing the finger at them as cause of our strife!

  16. Martin Lewis is another one. He shills for more ‘help’ from the government to combat the cost of living crisis. And where’s the money coming from?? ‘Experts’ like Lewis are pushing for more money printing to finance more government ‘help’ schemes. Like trying to put out a fire by pouring more petrol on the flames #Inflation #costoflivingcrisis

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin Lewis joins the House of Lords at some point. Lord Lewis of Money Saving Towers. I can’t be bothered checking but I believe he is already an Order of the Garter, Knight of the Realm, something of that ilk.

    • another fecking Joo working for other Joo oligarchs. I was impressed with him years ago because of the Money Savings Expert but this only looked legit when the economy was on the rise after 2008 crash. Now it’s a parody.
      The sick lords hold a monopoly on the energy market, this is the problem. Asking for more government support is a joke coming from a guy’s mouth who we considered a capitalist. But he never was a capitalist just another actor working for the banksters.

  17. You are SO right Hugo. I saw the same here in the Netherlands, today on a TV show (normally I don’t watch TV) it was about middle class people that couldn’t get around anymore, not just poor people. A shop manager got interviewed, he couldn’t get around anymore with 2200 a month. They were pushing to the conclusion that also middle class should get subsidies. Of course, to make them dependent on the state. So first they are robbed by the state every month (with insane percentages of tax on all kinds of things) and then, after the state steals so much that the man cannot get around anymore (which is criminal), then the state will give you a little of your own money back but only if you’ve been a good boy. Had your shot? Don’t shower more than twice a week? Not eat meat? It became so clear to me: it won’t take long before they have crashed our country. Completely. Countries will go bankrupt one by one after most ppl are destroyed.

  18. You Vill Eat Ze Bugz – Klaus “fat breeches” Schwab.

  19. Another informative video Hugo what can I say only just heard about this but definitely true try to bring about economic crash that all of this going to happen so they can bring in their plan universal basic income and the digital currency what can I say you can definitely see the great reset is on its way we just need to keep out of all of it

  20. I reckon soon these people on loans and UBI will only be able to pick food from designated shelves.
    I think at the same time the quality of food will drop drastically. The food on those shelves will be glowing from all sorts of plastics, herbicides.
    But I reckon it’s just in the interim. I reckon they prepare themselves to a rather hard stop.
    I don’t think they can fine tune the Babel Tower anymore, it’s going to go.

    • Yes, colour-coded shelves where you can only purchase one of each item, and many of the shelves are off-limits.

  21. Spot on this time I think hugo, remember you will have nothing and they will be happy. Start with the poor then hike up the interest rate so most loose their homes and get them on the ubi as well, then it’s all down hill from there.

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