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  1. Anything with the word SMART is not smart. It’s a trap. Get rid of all Smart items. Just ditched the Smart TV. Working on getting rid of the Smart Phone. Will get rid of all Smart Meters next.

  2. Can’t stop laughing at the Desperation to get compliance 🙂

    • Moira – I am wondering if you wrapped your smart meter in aluminium foil they would be unable to get any information from the meter. Just a thought!

      • Know your enemy, tread carefully when trying to influence a ‘smart’ meter they can have built in protection. A blocked signal may result in a switch off.

      • Ignore the video posted by Loccie below – if you skip to 4:50 you will see “Big Clive” is a Fat Gay intelligence operative and not to be trusted…. Way out of his depth…. Noticed disinformation in his other videos in the past and stopped watching his content. I see from this example nothing has changed.
        He is simply not qualified to talk about telecommunications and should stick to his fairy lights.

      • John Davies

        That is interesting, how does he get away with it? he shows the circuit board on an public video channel where anyone with knowledge can look at the board and comment on his errors or lies. I know he talks down about ‘conspiracy theories’ and I am sure that can annoy people but the information that is available in the video is still enough to warm you not to get a smart meter.

        Now I accept this is just one ‘smart’ meter and it is old but the things I see inside tell me, and he himself explains make it possible to switch off your meter remotely, allow monitoring of your energy usage and ultimately means they can alter your tariff on the fly to force you to abide by a green energy policy.

        Can you please point out the errors in the video so I know what to look out for in the future?


  3. yet they want people driving electric cars & upping petrol prices to push people into that, clearly they don’t want you doing either.

  4. The first gen models of Smart Meters, SMETS1 were likely fitted before 2019 and SMETS2 second gen after that. Does anyone know whether the first gen models have the capability to relay the usage time data as per Hugo’s video?
    The roll out and upgrade of these things is often out of a tenants control when the meters are situated in a box outside of the property and installed whilst you were not at home. This will all be a bit of a moot point after we go dark when Uncle Vlad hits us with an EMP and don’t expect any support from Truss when things go to shite either. Hmmf! ‘Support from Truss’, worst MP, best oxymoron.

    • SMETS1 used a company specific sim card to communicate with the supplier who fitted it, prior to 2018 this meant that if you changed supplier the new supplier would not have access to the sim card on the meter and once connection was lost the meter defaulted to a dumb meter. In 2018 the government went into consultation to stop this and negotiate a solution.

      ‘A number of energy suppliers are installing SMETS1 smart meters, using their own data and communications systems to provide smart services. While SMETS1 meters support accurate bills and near real-time energy consumption which enable consumers to realise the benefit of smart metering, consumers may lose smart services on switching to another energy supplier.’

      ‘While SMETS1 meters support accurate bills and near real-time energy consumption’

      This sentence would suggest to me that if they can monitor a smets1 meters in ‘near real time’ then they can adjust the bills on the fly with a flexible tariff. Further to this the government is putting pressure on suppliers to ‘update’ smets1 meters onto the DCC allowing them to be universally accessible, failing that they will have to ‘upgrade’ smets1′ meters to smets2

      ‘The government’s long-standing policy for resolving this issue is for all significant populations of SMETS1 meters to eventually be operated via the national data and communications provider, the Data Communications Company (DCC). However, as energy suppliers are not required to make use of a DCC SMETS1 service there is a risk that the benefits to consumers of an interoperable SMETS1 service are not delivered in a timely manner.’

      ‘In recognition of this, we are consulting on proposals to require energy suppliers to enrol SMETS1 meters in the DCC, or failing that to replace them with SMETS2 meters, within a specified timeframe. In addition, a proposed new back-stop obligation would require energy suppliers to replace any SMETS1 meter that is not enrolled with a SMETS2 meter by the end of 2020.’

      ‘SMETS1 meters were the first generation of smart meters, which energy suppliers started to install in 2013. They were fitted with the same kind of 3G sim card that you could find in a mobile phone, so they could update the supplier at set intervals.’

      The problem was, if you changed supplier, many of these types of meters stopped sending automatic readings.

      I know this does not fully answer your question but always remember you can buy an approved ‘dumb’ meter and you can pay an approved installer to fit it for you. Just remember the ‘smart’ meter is the property of the energy supplier and you should keep it just in case they want it back.

  5. Hugo, I have a feeling that the population to whom you aim do not or are not subscribed to your e-mails. It could be said that you are preaching in the desert.

  6. Electricity is not the be all, end all of power. Most people don’t even know what it is.

    Check out Edward Leedskalnin and his work on magnetic current. It’s a game changer.

  7. F*cking bypass the meters the gastapo, the government and friends over in the energy companies can’t do anything without making them appear even more vindictive and much worse in the view of the public! F*cking bypass them electric and gas (carefully)!!! I am tried of tell people. And don’t fall for the political traps that have and are still being laid!!! Passive resistance at an end and if people are afraid to actually fight for what they hold dear the then maybe they have enough courage to bypass a couple of meters!

    • This seems a much better idea than that silly ‘don’t pay’ nonsense. As you say providing you know what you are doing and are careful. It is certainly preferable to freezing to death.

      • It f*cking is Sarah, “don’t pay” or the least one from that leading financial “adviser” prick tell people to pay but then make “complaints”. While the complaints are going through there still ripping you off and people will freeze to death this winter because of this orcastrated inflation by the GOVERNMENT and there FRIENDS that run the energy companies! It’s not hard to bypass those meters! I know at least one person who HAS done it 😏, just look on YouTube for “electrical bypass”! You’ll find the top vids are meters because it’s the exact same procedure. F*CK THE GOVERNMENT, THE ENERGY RACKETEERS AND F*CK THE GLOBALISTS!

  8. Ha! So they wheel out Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer to convince us all to go “Smart”. Sneaky tactic, using property “experts” the masses have watched for over a decade to establish instant trust and familiarity when pushing another agenda.

    • Yeah Phil Spencer, the failed bankrupt “businessman” who, after banging on about property for 2 decades and being “one of the countries leading experts” he went bust.

      Forgive me for kicking the twat in the nuts if I ever see him in person.

  9. Class Civil War is coming soon, they want us dirt poor with nothing, living on crap and we’ve got to fight back.

    More preparing us for War with Russia, but there claiming russia has ran out of everything including troops and needs help, so doesn’t add up as always.

    Expecting something BIG around October, we all are, but what ?? no idea, why else ramp censorship through the roof.

    No Smart Meter, My phones not had an update in 2 years so I’m fine 🙂

    • 1st objective or maybe 2nd after leveling the Waddesdon Estate with top Rothschilds inside should be to assemble a decent fleet, hunt down and sink all the Phoenician super-yachts in existence. The boom on super-yachts among these criminals is not a coincidence. The economy was already suffering but they kept buying bigger and more autonomous vessels because they know that the shit they are behind is going to hit the fan and for them it’s better to be at sea when it happens.

  10. New York, Public Service Announcement setup for when they get nuked and the national guard training near NYC in strict blackout night vision only with live Ammo, which they’ve never done before and storing a lot of munitions aswell.

    Expecting NYC to get nuked, so fits in perfectly, possible Alien Links, Fake or real ?? that’s what the guard and training for they think

    Going to be an interesting next 6months isn’t it, I expect something big in October / November at this point.

    • The ones at the top want all of us gone, the only chance we have is if we get rid of all of them.

      Since we can’t win them I would, sadly, welcome nuclear annihilation from Mr Putin, because if we’re going to go, let’s at least make sure those fuckers go as well.

      If I’m going to die, I’d rather die knowing they died as well, rather than me dying and them sitting there sipping champagne and chomping on caviar and fillet mignon and laughing and snorting at our demise.

      They are happy to sign our death warrants with an uncaring imperious flick of their wrist, but the mere thought of them clipping a toenail would fill them with dread.

      I’m prepared to die for the future of humanity as long as their destruction is assured.

      Fuck them all.

    • I wonder who the Israeli’s will point the finger at this time for their treachery???

  11. Yes you got another informative video and agree with a lot of comments on the page but what can I say other than that I’ve heard disincentive before in relation to the chippy jab and they going after the seam attempt here to trailer the masses in to doing exactly what they want likewise I’ve also heard that something may possibly happen in October November particular for the next few months not really sure what it’s going to entail and how it’s going to look we had to keep strong and keep the faith

  12. What’s going on with Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin? I’ve seen similar stuff like this happen before. Who is leaking these videos, and why? Marin was a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Finland’s Prime Minister, and in that order. From time to time, the people who decide who our leaders are going to be like to humiliate their puppets to show them who is boss.

    • Well what can I say Nigel I was wondering the same myself doesn’t seem to make much sense is definitely starting a bit fishy

    • Some time ago people (or should I say bots?) shared a video of Jacinda Ardern smoking pot. It could also be that it was a CGI.
      They have files on all of them if not the technology is available to make a fool of anyone. In worst case they plant the evidence and arrest – job done.

  13. Those Refugees in hotels all over the uk and Australia, all fighting age, fit looking men are UN soldiers, be afraid very afraid.

    Uk government just placed order for 75million worth of Ration packs guess the UN soldiers when the planned civil unrest hits need to be fed lol

    New York being prepared for a nuclear bomb strike, national guard training near new York, stricky blackout night vision only live ammo and loading lots onto trucks, with no lights, what’s that about?

    Got a bad feeling about this!

    • Remember that nuclear weapon does not exist. It’s all fake. International war theater.
      They just reboot this bullshit because they want to reboot Cold War 2.0
      They need Cold War 2.0 so Communism 2.0 can spread.

      It could be that rather than using the fake virus (heavily disfranchised) they come up with radioactive fallout thingy and lock people up in homes based on that.
      Read Miles W. Mathis – I don’t agree with everything he says but he has done a great job exposing the Phoenicians and their Joo World Order with BBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and Hollywood

  14. Yet another one to add to the suspicious deaths list. It is well known that these guys take drugs to thicken their blood, but still…

    ‘Cyclist Rab Wardell dies two days after taking Scottish title

    Rab Wardell turned professional earlier this year at the age of 37
    Mountain biker Rab Wardell has died in his sleep aged 37 – just two days after winning the Scottish championship.

    Wardell won the elite men’s title at the Scottish MTB XC Championships in Dumfries and Galloway at the weekend.’

    Sorry, but I can’t find a more trustworthy and reliable source:

    • A follow up on this sad story:

      ‘Katie Archibald has spoken of her devastation following the death of partner Rab Wardell
      Olympian Katie Archibald said she tried desperately to save her partner Rab Wardell as he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest in bed beside her.’

      Super-fit young men don’t just suddenly drop dead. There are only really one of two conclusions that can be drawn: 1. Either he was taking illegal drugs and I would assume that had been clamped down on since the Lance Armstrong ‘doping’ scandal. 2. It is odds on that he was ‘vaxed’ and if he was I know what conclusion my money is on. And if it the ‘vax’ heads really should be rolling over this.

      Again most sincere apologies for the link to a shady organisation:

      • @Sarah – the list is growing, this list is just from this month alone: Sam Gannon, 31, Emmerdale actor, sudden death. Darius Campbell Danesh, 41, entertainer, found dead at home. Rab Wardell, 37, Scottish Cross-Country Mountain Bike Champion, cardiac arrest in sleep. Ben Benn, 30, Halifax rugby player, sudden death. Molly White, 20, West Belfast Footballer, sudden death. Paul Ryder, 58, found dead hours before festival gig. Dominic Oscar, 19, West Belfast Boxer, sudden death.
        Paul Ryder had known underlying issues, but the rest…fit young people in their prime.

  15. Totally agree with you dear Sarah and GinaW. When I saw the headline in the newspaper this morning about this poor cyclist, my immediate thought was the poisonous jab. I saw on GB news last night Mark Steyn interviewing a young widow in her 30s husband was killed by the Astra Zeneca jab. He only had 1 dose and died at the tragic age of 32, and he was a father of two very young children. I’m a pureblood, and I’m jolly well staying that way! No flu jab or anything will be going in my body! I will keep taking my cod liver oil capsules and focus on my diet and exercise. That’s the best way forward, by the most sensible and safest way to go!! Sadly all my dear family and friends will be having booster jabs etc., getting sicker all the time, and I can do absolutely nothing about it. I worry about them all the time, have to keep them all in my prayers. We’ve all got to stay strong and keep away from those jabs. May the Lord bless everyone here and keep us all safe. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • What else can it be if no the jabs? I am almost certain that drug use can be ruled out since Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France wins. Cyclists are now tested to the nth degree. You can rule out general heart disease/failure since if that was the case he wouldn’t be able to peddle the length of himself. He has also being cycling since he was a kid. So what brings on a sudden cardiac arrest just as these ‘vaxines’ are rolled out? I am genuinely puzzled and curious. And neither do I believe in coincidence. Maybe Dr Shillary, if he reads this site, can pop on to explain.

  16. You’re absolutely spot on right on the money dear Sarah. It could only have been that poison which caused this poor guy to die so tragically. Oh how I wish someone would have the sense and courage to stop this awful jab roll out, but I fear that it’s going to carry on for a long time yet as far too many people are getting seriously rich out of it. So tragic for this poor guy’s family and friends.

  17. Can anyone suggest an alternative to smart meters? We have an old one and had solar panels installed about 6 years ago. We generate so much that our meter runs backwards and we can’t give an accurate reading to our energy supplier, so they are estimate and charging us ridiculous amounts.
    Any help greatly appreciated 👍🏻

    • you could put in an additional check meter (digital) take a picture of date time installed and you can use that to show actual use.
      hope this helps

  18. I really do wonder whether these tv actors are plain ignorant to what they are promoting or just sinister and who believe they have a place on the Ark if the globalists plans were to be realised. If the latter, they are truly disillusioned.

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