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  1. As far as I am concerned the control on the level described by Hugo is already happening…🙄🥺

  2. It’s all going at lightning speed wayyy too fast and no way I’d ever get an Apple Watch no chance and I bet they’ll make an emergency outta nothing like they did with schools locking em down for nothing the slightest thing it’s pathetic an folks gonna get seriously annoyed with these fake alarms n I remember seeing a vid about a yr ago about a alarm system down south with loud halers all over place screaming loud to public fuck that infact fuck all of it fucking apps for absolutely everything ffs by the time you’ve updated n checked all apps when ya wake up it’ll be time for bed again fuck that I can’t be bothered with that crap and an app telling you to breathe wtf and wtf is standing up every hour gonna do ffs seriously it’s control freak on steriods

  3. Thanks for highlighting these insidious traps the “smart guys” are setting up for our total control. What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? A lot of psychopaths.

  4. Godj almighty gave me my freedom when I was born thank u God almighty and SON of God Jesus v the devil and demons

    • Sorry that was meant for the Lucis trust video 🤦🏼‍♀️ My mistake 🌷

    • Thanks for posting this, Susan. I explored the info.

      The Lucis Trust LTD, incorporated in 19oatcake, with only the front page (containing no names or dates) of the incorporation document is published online – although, if the front page could be uploaded, there is no conceivable reason why the rest of it could not be. Then…if you want to know anything about it, from there on (up until a relatively few years ago), you have to part with £3 a pop.

      I found it interesting that they were allowed to drop the, ‘LTD’, or (I presume from the look of the word) the Welsh equivalent of, ‘LTD’…which suggests that they were incorporated in Wales.

      Also (and I forget the exact termination) they are operating in the category of, ‘other education’.

      I might go back and explore the, ‘people of interest’…especially the Bailey woman.

  5. Thanks Huge, for your insight so easy to be overwhelmed by the evil that lurks in the shadow’s.
    Let us remember if there is a Devil Satan the great deceiver , then there is certainly a God the great redeemer of our soul’s, who holds all the laws of Physics together and allows our universe and no doubt multi universes together!
    Satan is no match for God!
    The battle had already been won!
    When the time is right he will be bound and ultimately destroyed!
    What we have to do is 1) be aware and on our guard as you help us do.
    2) Don’t worship him, resist the devil and he will flee, he knows what’s coming.
    Thanks again Hugo, keep doing what you are doing.

  6. The line around the picture from Apple’s first logo that says “A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought alone” caught my attention. It is basically what it is like sitting and staring into a smartphone all by yourself. “Voyaging through strange seas” could be a reference from the “surfing the web” expression.
    Very interesting video Hugo and thanks for uploading!
    God bless

  7. The End game is nigh for all smart phones which is why 18 months ago I bought a batch of old school phones.🤣

  8. Do you remember when in China this year, chinese were out shopping in a arcade, and then all their phones started ringing, because apprently they came or near to someone who tested positive for Covid, it caused total panicpeople were runing out of the arcade for fear of being locdown in the building, because the Chinese Goverment had people on hand to close the doors in the arcade to stop people leaving,its going to be the same shit.

  9. I have an iPhone Hugo. I use it to listen to you. I’m not suckered in by their crap

  10. So we’re now not going to get any say in what contacts us on our own mobiles? WTF? They’re going further and further, faster and faster.

  11. If you rotate the apple logo a quarter of a turn you will defiantly see the reference to it being Adams apple

    • Wow and 8 becomes infinity… The source of the worlds problems and mathematics greatest con….

  12. This world really has become an exceedingly strange place over the past ten years or so. We seem to be living through a period of mass insanity, and I feel like the entire human race may be wiped out in a mass extinction event occurring some time during the next 50 years. Not as a result of nuclear war or a massive asteroid hitting the earth; but just something really silly – like, Artificial Intelligence coming to the conclusion that humans aren’t worth preserving and should just be deleted.

  13. I have an apple power-mac. I take photos (or used to – my activity was severely curtailed in 2020 for many issues stemming from one obvious reason) and the power-mac was the best, let’s say, ‘digital dark-room’, available. I haven’t really used my camera since then and I miss it.

    I have a, not very new but not old, i-phone – which is never charged. I don’t even know which generation it is. I never got into the habit of keeping a phone about my person. I don’t like them. They have always been tracking devices (even if it was just your own partner phoning you all the time) and they make my ear hot.

    But, here’s the thing. My (hand-me-down from my husband) apple lap-top died a couple of years ago. When we got to the apple shop, they had ‘the new ones’ on show…and, ‘the old ones’, on sale…so I got one of the last of the old ones. My son told me that they would make them obsolete…and that seems to be what they are doing.

    The battery died a few months ago (less than two years old) and had to be replaced at a cost of more than 400 euros.

    Then, the day before yesterday, I got an apple message saying that something needed access to my log-in key-chain password. It was all Greek to me so I shut it down, restarted…and it all went away.

    Then, miraculously, a few hours later, I read about a, ‘Security Alert’!

    Honestly, if the whole digital world was to collapse tomorrow (other than missing my photography – which can be replaced) I would breath a huge sigh of relief.

    • Looks like you bought Lemons!
      Learn to use Linux and open source software.
      As for photography it is an art and should not require endless retouching and filtering.

  14. The company called itself apple so why would they think others might confuse the logo with a cherry?

  15. Those Black Ukraine Refugees at fighting age that move and act like soldiers, turns out there UN Soldiers, I’m guessing they are being put in place ready for to go after US!!

    The fight for our survival is coming, it’s not to late and delete all anti convid / jab content and go get your jabs and take your chances and pretend to be a sheep, we are out numbered and out classed, personally I’d prefer to die on my feet fighting, so hell no, but it’s still an option for others.

    Something BIG is coming we are all thinking October area maybe November, all my none sheep are making plans and buying prepping stuff and being quite worried about what’s to come, mainly as we have no idea at this stage what’s to come.

    • “Better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees.” — La Pasionaria” La Pasionaria” (“The Passion Flower”) was the pen name of Dolores Ibárruri

    • There is also an EU, ‘Gendarmerie’…which is ready to go into European sovereign states. Check out the armoured vehicles that Britain and France have purchased in the last year or two.

      Also…all those arms that have been sent to the Ukraine (which have been admitted to have been lost within 30 minutes of having arrived) will all find their way back to the countries that sent them – but into the hands of all those disaffected young men from another continent.

    • @Turveyd…Sounds like you’re giving up already & it’s just starting. Sounds like fear, but there’s no fear if you trust in the Most High, the TRUE God of Heaven, the Creator of all things. Jesus said:
      “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

  16. Hugo, you missed the £66.60 discount on our electricity bills come October.

  17. This is a bit off-topic…but not really since everything is interlinked.

    The great vitamin deception/fraud. It’s quite long, but well worth listening to. It’s an interview with a questioning dietitian.

    Bear in mind that vitamin supplements were brought to you by the same snake oil purveyors as Aids, Covaids and minkypox.

  18. Congratulations, Hugo…. You are managing to invalidate you’re entire back catalogue!
    UK Alex Jones???
    Fucking religious bullshite! With an increasingly diminishing smattering of truth…
    Want to talk to a God? Sleep more…
    People need to believe in themselves and disconnect from ALL social media, including yours judging by your misinformation increase of late.
    Seriously consider the shite you are putting out of late, 666 999, get over it and return to objective analysis that originally attracted me to your content!

  19. I am running an iOS version of the end of 2019. Since Corona, I have never again updated my OS because I didn’t trust it anymore. I have zero covid bullshit branded in my phone OS. Many apps I can no longer download, but I don’t care, I only use my phone to “call” or answer calls and perhaps once in a while make some photos. I also bought an old Nokia, for as long as the 2G network still exists. If they ever force me to upgrade or buy a new phone that I cannot downgrade, I will live without a mobile phone. I am in the IT business and since Corona, my work disgusts me more and more. I have always loved programming, but as they force or this technical horror on to us, I want to change profession. I want to live a real life again, not behind my screen.

  20. Another great video Hugo what can I say there is definitely no coincidences as soon as I heard about that I definitely thought there was something sauce and also completely agree there is definitely a biblical element to this it’s quite plain and clear to see keep up the good work

    • Facebook/Apple are part and parcel of the EVIL WEF.

  21. The way technology is dominating our lives has reached an unhealthy level and is changing recklessly fast. Although once a software engineer, I never stopped to consider the diabolical implications behind terminology used in my profession, like deamon processes, the internet, and the worldwide web. The unveiling of so much evil since the advent of our contrived worldwide medical emergency simply takes my breath away, and I had considered myself a veteran of government and corporate conspiracy for more than a decade.

    The mantra of “we’re all in this together” keeps ringing in my ears realizing that the “we” are the “them”, the truth hidden in plain sight. The root of our problem is the fact that we have no representation, we are without leadership, and much of the population are effectively brainwashed. The grassroots effort required to curtail their vicious agenda to enslave us and murder the rest must be stopped largely through individual action by doing our part no matter how seemingly insignificant. The time is nigh. We need a universal sign, one recognized everywhere, attesting noncompliance.

    • ‘Deamon processes’ have got nothing to do with the Devil. A Unix (Linux) service is a computer program that operates in the background. It is similar in concept to a Windows service. Surely as a ‘computer programmer’ you would know this?

      • I wrote of its implications, my dear. Surely, you considered the context of what I wrote before coming to your conclusion.

  22. Thank you Hugo. You are on the right track. And those who mock and jeer will be saying they wish they had listened and taken note.
    Keep doing what you do and may the Great God of Heaven bless you and yours always.

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