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    • Thanks you have answered my question in that video link, electric meter being ordered tomorrow.

  1. We have just been told our meter will cease to work in 2023 and we need a smart meter. That’s Scotland.

    • That sounds like BS from your energy supplier. ‘Standard’ meters can’t/won’t just ‘cease working’, they’re just trying to bully/coerce you into getting a smart meter installed.

    • I’ve recently become, ‘Trailer Park Trash’, in Scotland. I can’t recommend it enough. Alison, if you, still, have a chimney piece – open it up.

      If you are in a built up area (suburb)…leave.

  2. I have smart metre for 3 years I don’t check it thank u Hugo lways read the Bible KJV bible best one

    • …and most certainly avoid the ‘New World Translation’ which is specific to Jehovah’s Witnesses and their erroneous teaching as to.who Jesus truly was and is, The Same, yesterday, today and forever.

    • Yes, if you look at the tariffs on the Octopus site (if you can make sense of them) those without a ‘Smart’ meter are lower than those on a standard meter. We turned-down ‘free’ solar panels the other day, as I had a feeling we would have to have a ‘Smart’ meter to make the system work.

      • Sorry folks. I’ve just read what I posted and I cocked it up. Those with ‘Smart’ meters have a choice of lower tariffs than those on a standard meter, according to the Octopus site. (This company seems to have acquired a lot of clout since it started as a small company. I see it is quoted in a BBC interview, which immediately makes me doubtful).

  3. SMART is an acronym going back to computer technology from the 1990’s. It means System (or Self) Monitoring And Reporting Technology.

    • I always thought SMART stood for Stealth Military Armaments Residential Technology 😀

  4. Well if it ceases to work in 2023 then you’ll get free energy, yippee, cause they are not allowed, by law to simply cut you off. What a lot of bs. If I were you I would contact ofgem to make a complaint about what ever company sends you a bill. As we all know, they are not suppliers of energy, its the national grid. They are simply the middle men.

  5. 5 or 6 million eastern Europeans, along with tens of thousands of ‘dinghy people’ unecessarily settling in the UK over the past few years…imagine the increase in energy demand…

  6. I have a pay as you go meter. And for about 3 months it’s constantly fucking up and telling me I need to ”call help” Every time I call them they try and get me on a smart meter. Had a boiler service the other day and the guy was saying they’re all doing it as they want everyone on smart meter!

    • … order followers make for successful tyrants. Every time. They don’t ask, is this right or wrong. They don’t respect the decision or the will of the person in front of them. … Is the utility worker’s conscience tied to their commission-target for every meterised weapon they get installed.
      … Electricians can just as easily report back that the customer declined. Jab/jobsworths are in the firing line also, though haven’t figured it yet.

  7. We seem to be living in a society of endless threats nowadays. How many ‘threats’ have we had since the plandemic began? And they just keep coming… from all sides. It’s phenomenal and looks to continue LOL! It’s so obvious now that they are determined to make us poverty stricken slaves. This is yet another part of their trying to force the net zero carbon agenda nonsense on everyone. The government could drop these insane ‘green’ policies any time it wanted and alleviate instantly the economic suffering they are causing and give a real boost to the economy and turn things around, but they don’t intend doing that because they are under the spell of their WEF puppetmasters. Know thine enemy! Just say no to anything ‘smart’. I’ve had two or three ‘offers’ to have a smart meter installed so far and just refuse it. We have the real power in numbers. There are always ways round it. I’d rather go back to using candles and alternative ways of living and destroy their sales profits than accept this. They only care about profits and control. Never buy or use anything portrayed as ‘SMART’! They will not win. Stay strong.

  8. I’ve been getting text messages from British gas telling me that they are coming to fit a new smart meter and to pick a time for them to come, I have already caught an engineer who bluffed his way in to check my meter then proceeded to install a new smart meter until I saw what he was doing and stopped him, when I told him to leave he tried to tell me that I didn’t have a choice and by 2022 it would be put in weather I wanted it or not, As I said they are still trying but I won’t be getting one, stay frosty.

    • Then they will just put the smart meter on the hydro pole instead and you will have no say in the matter.

    • Tell them that heart pacemakers & heart problems are at risk from these smart meters. The EMF affects the heart rhythm, and fatally. Utility co’s are aware and would put customers’ lives in danger, and thereby break the law if they don’t desist. They are a company (corps) and you are not. Their co rules apply only to govern themselves, and to you only if you comply with such rules. Ditto govt regulations
      Criminal coercion and bullying.
      Their gloves are off. Do likewise.

  9. I’m sending this video & some scrernshots of stuff to octopus with question…..
    What you say about this ?
    Explanation please
    Them sent me e-mail about thier bullshit & bollocks energy prices rising & blameing Putin & Ukraine…..
    I reply’d with a barage of stuff about the Global Leaders of Tomorrow & the Young Global Leaders them will not like & good……
    Load of bullshit sick to death of thier fake fuckries & illusion crap

    • Octopus say that their electricity is from 100% renewable sources eg: Wind power, solar power, but the price to us is going up 100% because the cost of gas has risen. Their standing charge has also risen 100%. Something does not ring true here. When we were first married, we lived for five years without electricity. Unfortunately, the house we are in now does not allow us to do that, and I’m too old to move! If any of you out there have a garden big enough for a wind turbine (it doesn’t have to be massive), living without mains electricity is quite feasible.

      • Same Bullshit Gas prices Blah Blah Blah – Putin Blah Blah Blah – Ukraine Blah Blah Blah – Bollocks ………..

        TRUST NO ONE !…………………. From 2021 – Octopus Energy Valued at Almost $5 Billion After Latest Investment
        (Bloomberg) — Canada’s top pension fund is investing $300 million in Octopus Energy Group in a deal that increases the U.K. energy supplier’s valuation to about $5 billion.

        The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is making the initial investment with a view to increase funding over time to help drive the transition away from carbon-emitting energy sources, the companies said in a statement. The deal will give CPP Investments a 6% stake in Octopus, according to a spokesman for the energy supplier.

        The announcement comes months after Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management LLP bought a 13% stake in Octopus for $600 million. It also provides a confidence boost for Octopus as the U.K. faces an energy crisis — with more than 20 gas and electricity suppliers having already gone out of business — and puts its value near to that of Centrica Plc, the U.K.’s biggest utility.

        Octopus owns wind and solar farms across Europe and sells green electricity services to over 3 million customers in the U.K., where it’s the fifth-biggest power supplier. CPPIB’s investment will help Octopus accelerate the transition of its assets globally and expand generation of renewable power.

        The deal is “a perfect example of how investors can work with leading tech-enabled energy companies to digitally disrupt the global energy system and support the evolution to a low carbon world,” said Deborah Orida, CPPIB’s chief sustainability officer.

        CPPIB’s assets under management grew to C$541.5 billion ($426 billion) in the quarter ended Sept. 30 from C$519.6 billion in the previous three months. The fund returned 3.8% in the quarter net of all of CPPIB costs.

        Octopus has customers in the U.S., Germany, Spain and New Zealand. In March, it acquired a 2.8-gigawatt portfolio of renewables assets across Europe worth 3.4 billion pounds, aligning its business with larger international suppliers such as E.ON SE and Electricite de France SA that combine renewable generation with customer supply.

        “Innovating new ways to accelerate investment into the renewable energy revolution is vital to delivering governments’ net-zero goals, and the CPP Investments-Octopus partnership is globally significant,” said Octopus Chief Executive Officer Greg Jackson.

        (Updates with additional details throughout.)

        ©2021 Bloomberg L.P.

      • “Octopus say that their electricity is from 100% renewable sources” – well they would say that, it is their justification to charge you more. But when you switch supplier, no-one comes along and changes the connection to your property by plugging in a different cable. It’s just marketing bullshit, Octopus don’t produce electricity, they just buy it at wholesale cost and then resell it to their customers. There is a supply of electricity that comes to your property, it all comes from the same place, there is no real way of knowing if your supply is “100% renewable”.

  10. Remember that it was the fossil fuel company’s that came up with the carbon footprint scam so they could switch the blame for them distroying the environment onto us.

    • Fossil fuels have not been classified as hydrocarbons by all in the know. There is a view that says fossils are found some 16k ft below the ground’s surface.
      The chemical liquid we know as oil is from far beneath the earth’s crust, and drawn up from beneath the surface at 24k ft below. The volume isn’t known (being undeclared), and as such could neither be called finite, nor rationable.
      … A cat amongst the climate pigeons, if it grew legs.

  11. As soon as they mentioned that they wanted to spend millions of pounds installing these meters, which will result in us using less energy/them making less money, it was blatantly obvious that it was total bollocks

    • The pester-letter tells you the meter’s *free*. It actually costs approx £300 (price from a couple of years ago), and thar cost is spread out over successive bills/months.
      … So the customer pays for their own tormentor.
      Ditto the convid shots, and all war munitions used against the people, for which the people pay, always.

  12. Peak times: whenever you flick a switch – aka your personal usage.
    Off peak: when not in use – aka sat in the dark with a blanket round your toes.

    *The rule of [the] 6*: the maximum no of govt-permitted persons in your UK home during l’down (whilst 100s had no problem traipsing round the arrows in the supermarket) – to become the *rule of 30*: the 30 minute interval that you’ll live by – that they’ll likely Reset their clock to. Your 30-minute data & price update to the cloud (that microsoft version that little Harrari told his WEF audience all about). If you let them.

  13. I moved to a property where a smart and water meter were installed (neither of which I wanted).

    Law says I cant get rid of the water meter, but did eventually got shot of the ‘smart’ meter; though have to say, it took over ten months of constant hassling.

    Engineer eventually called to replace, said the directives re smart meters were all coming from the Government, not energy companies.

    Check though, your own energy company’s small print, as I read that If your meter is faulty/needs changing, they now have the right to replace it with a smart meter, and you can’t insist on like for like.
    Forewarned is Forearmed!

    • … via the govt, via the EU via the UN.

      Smart meters are a risk to those with heart pacemakers and those with heart problems/arrhythmia. The meter’s electromagnetic current can force the heart rhythm out of sequence, fatally. Utility CO’s are aware of this and do not refuse a request to have meter removed on such medical grounds.

      Smart meters run on 2g or 3g.

      E-vape cigarettes have also been proven to be of similar risk to users of pace makers. (A recent medical report is available online to search for.)

      The electro magnetically conductive graphene oxide in the convid jabs would be of concern amidst the increasing rollout of 5g wifi frequencies.

      Smart meters are sufficiently conducive to start fires in homes that are beamed with microwave frequency DEWs, as per the *wild fires* that de-cant residents from rural areas into 5g *smart* cities.

  14. Yes, smart, meters, T.V’s, phones, watches and all manner of ‘smart’ devices all for our ‘convenience’ for ‘safety’, ‘climate change’. The intention to phase out land lines, going cashless, constant ‘threat’ of climate warnings. The Plandemic, jabs / digital passports. The cons of the UN,W.HO, W.E.F, E.U and the M.S.M. The attack on food production around the world. I’m astounded but at the same time though not surprised that the masses don’t see the connection between all these polices or events. The con is too big to contemplate for most even if they think something is not right or know what’s going on. We are all being lured in to the sheep pen to enjoy the all digital (‘smart cities’} saving the planet by eating bugs. But such luxuries will only be permitted by our ‘social credit score’ if we comply to their absolute rules. ( Look at China!)

    • 100% true every word slaves to the control system . All satanic everything in front of our eyes people don’t even look up @ their sky to see the great climate change as they call it . Lines all satanic over their heads geo engineering Haarp controlling our weather killing our land & us with their poisoning chemtrails nothing but toxic spraying on us like bugs & people say what a lovely sky I give up with the masses

  15. This site is really interesting and informative: (I have no connection with it). On a cold night, when there is no wind and demand is high, it’s scary to see how reliant we are on gas. I did a search yesterday to see how much electricity is wasted in the UK. It seems 54% is lost between the generator and the consumer. That wasn’t the waste I was looking for, it was how much was wasted by consumers. Does anyone know why there are no wind turbines across the south of England?

  16. I had no choice get one when my old meter just died.
    I didnt want it so its here tucked away in utility room

    No matter what you have they will still do what they want with prices and telling you when you can use your electric. We have just ride it out and trust God noone else is going be there for you.
    I have a great family we know what is coming and just have to take one day at a time.

  17. It seems the word “SMART” is not such a ‘smart’ word anymore.
    “Decepticons” Lol…Love it!
    Thanks Hugo.

  18. Quick Latin lesson:

    Vatis = divine/prophetic
    Can = serpent

    The Vatican = The divine serpent.

    I believe the ancient Zulus called them the “chitahuri”, which roughly translates to “the talkers”.

  19. You are right, Hugo… I lived in Florida (Ormond Beach) where essential home air-con systems are at the mercy of a fragile power supply. The power company said, in a roundabout way, ‘No accept SMART meter? Fine. We will just hike up your energy bill till your eyes water’. If these chiselling UK power companies decide to limit the supply at prescribed times, play them at their own game? Cook dinner/bath the kids later… or earlier? Run ‘em ragged with your kitchen routine. Let’s use our imagination. Hold the line, folks… Resist. Deny. Do not comply.

  20. Dear Hugo. I changed my energy supplier few months ago and they sent me a letter that mu metrr is smart again! I replied I never had a smart meter they said it was installed in 2017! I didn’t have a clue. It wasn’t withy permission. I want to go to ombudsman but running out of energy 😫

    • You just need to ask the company to remove it, they did for me for free about half year ago.

  21. SMART is also an acronym for Secret Military Armaments in Residential Territories

  22. I have had the Grand Children with me this week Hugo but still keeping up and sharing when I can 🙂

  23. search ‘Load Shedding’

    ‘All about control’

    ‘Behavioural change, reliant on human intervention, works well. However, it takes time to implement and is difficult to manage. Removing loads, whether on a timed basis or in response to certain environmental changes, whilst doing so automatically, will achieve much greater savings than manual input.’

    Trying to persuade people to turn off their lights is hard, people seem to want to cook and keep themselves warm. Turning the electric off for them is much easier.

    Have a look how many countries are already doing this now under the cover of ‘infrastructure failure’

  24. 4 main threats to our existence meaning us the normal people experimental jib jabs , 5g that can pin point the jib jabbed Chem trails what are they spraying us with , and cashless society which means whoever is left standing they can control and enslave the sheep need to wake tf up at least 80% of them or we all fubard we may be the resistance but it’s like banging your head against the wall trying to get through to the thick fks keep up the good work Hugo

  25. Another informative video Hugo and love the definition on smart as usual the exact opposite what can I see anyone who has one of the smart meters is completely crazy and I think most people on this page know that it’s just so they can try and alter peoples behaviour patterns and unfortunately the masses will fall for this

    • Yeah, the word SMART lures people in and makes them think they’ve got something cool and the current thing. I own nothing smart, just a brain.

  26. My meter has stopped working and in a dilemma,as don’t want a smart meter.
    I thinking of installing a meter myself of my choice but don’t know if this is illegal.

    How am I supposed to know if the previous owner replaced it before, I mean they haven’t been round to read meter since I’ve lived here so who knows why the serial numbers don’t match to their records. if you get my drift. ??
    I suppose the kWh reading would have to tally up with previous meter.

    Anyone know if you can install you own meter legally, by a qualified engineer of course.

    • Hi Dobi, Yes it is perfectly legal, via a qualified engineer, to fit your own meter. See the clip Mark Tomlinson posted on this thread earlier from SriLankaCs old youtube clip. You need a gas certificate if gas is changed. Lots of groups on Telegram are doing such. The billing agents are in some cases, forcibly refitting their own meters but in general people are being left alone. However the mass movement doing this, has led to things like DONTPAYUK (which is agenda linked), with obvious intent to promote mass action, which will lead to a change in Bailiffs powers perhaps. Your mileage may vary though.

  27. Well, Hugo, we both know what SMART stands for. I laid it our in previous comments that you did not bother to read. So, I am out!
    You and Brand New Tube are a part of the system.
    I have no worries about being hacked as my identity and connection details were created with treachery in mind!

    • Check out video link at bottom of chat, I have read articles on this before and this confirms what I have read before.

  28. Enforcing smartmeters is a nightmare for people who have to live in rented accommodation and are electrosensitive. At my previous flat, I moved in not knowing a smartmeter had been fitted, actually unbeknownst to the housing association individual showing me around. [I stated at the outset I needed a place with no smartmeter!]. I already had a long history of CFS etc and my health worsened after moving in. I inadvertently discovered there was one from a customers services agent in the water company, so told them via letter about my health situation and they replaced it with a dumb meter.

    Now four years later and another place with the same HA and water company, the latter are trying to force me to have one. I have wasted countless hours since February writing letters trying to stop their plan and pointing out they agreed to change it at the previous place in response to my health situation but they are ignoring it and saying there is no proof! Of course, I now can’t get “proof” because my health is better without one! I sent them a notice of non-consent and they replied to some points on it, their main one being that the studies into the harm done by EMFs are irrelevant because most are from the states and claiming their’ technology is different, which of course it isn’t!

    To be honest, I am terrified about this as I am very electrosensitive. It’s why I have no wireless, no mobile phone of any type and just use one hardwired device. Most doctors have no idea about electrosensitivity either and are often called quacks if they acknowledge it.

    I just don’t know what to do as I am very poor and buying a place is not even a vague possibility. Does anybody know if a “Notice of Non-Consent” stands as a renter? Does anybody know how I can successfully stop them?

    • Nobody can force you to have a smart meter installed! It is not a legal requirement, I refused several times, EDF resorted to dirty tactics to try to force me so I blocked their calls, ignore their letters and demanded they replaced my existing key prepayment meter that they broke during a ‘power cut’ with an identical prepayment meter. They tried to tell me they no longer have those meters but I stuck my ground and told them I would purchase my own meter to be fitted by a qualified engineer, they came out that same day and installed the meter I demanded. I have since received a brochure through my door fron National Grid informing me that energy can be purchased directly from them at a much reduced rate, it explains that whoever your energy supplier is they have to go to National Grid for your energy, cut out the middle man, I’m sure you can find more info online! In the mean time, I keep warm with good old fashioned hot water bottles, a fluffy throw and extra layers. I won’t be giving the energy thieves my money,

  29. Hugo must be some sort of clairvoyant.

    Plans to enable households to get discounts on electricity bills if they cut use at peak times are set to be announced in the next two weeks.

    The scheme would allow people to save cash if they avoid high-power activities, such as cooking or using washing machines, when demand is high.

    It is understood the service is likely to apply to homes which have smart meters installed.

    There are hopes it can be put in place this winter, with energy bills rising.

    “We are developing a new service that will be available for consumers to benefit from across this winter and will be announcing further information soon,” a spokesman for National Grid ESO – which will run the scheme – said.

    It is understood the company’s proposals of how it will work, such as how money will be paid back to customers, are expected to be revealed in the next fortnight, with consultations taking place with energy providers and the UK’s energy regulator Ofgem.

    It has been reported that rebates for minimising the use of goods such as tumble dryers, dishwashers and games consoles during the peak hours of 17:00 and 20:00 could be as high as £6 per kWh saved.

    National Grid ESO previously told the BBC the service is “not about energy rationing”, despite fears over supplies, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affecting oil and gas supplies to Europe.

    The typical household energy bill is forecast to reach £3,582 a year in October.

    That is when the price cap – the maximum amount suppliers can charge customers in England, Scotland and Wales for each unit of energy – goes up again. It has been forecast to rise further to £4,266 in January.

    • ‘It has been reported that rebates for minimising the use of goods such as tumble dryers, dishwashers and games consoles during the peak hours of 17:00 and 20:00 could be as high as £6 per kWh saved’ £6 a KWh! Wow! Just wow!

      • I wouldn’t be too much a stretch of the imagination for ‘peak hours’ to extended to say 22:30 which is when most people turn off the TV and head for bed. And back to ‘peak hours’ in the morning. Imagine of cost of putting an oven on for a couple of hours to bake a spud 😀

      • Yes, I do apologise for posting a link to an established unreliable and untrustworthy source but it was the only reference available (at the time of posting). Although I still think the article contains a smidgin of truth since it does fit in what is already going on in Ireland. And being the BBC (and the rest of the fakestream media) they have to ‘spin’ this as a way of ‘saving money’. Yes, you will ‘save’ money if you sit in the dark and cold, unable to boil a kettle never mind cook a meal instead of paying an extortionate £6 per kWh for electricity.

  30. So we are going to punished for driving at peek times including electric cars,
    and with regards to the electric, hardly anyone will get the discount,
    1 no cooking
    2 no computers
    3 no boiler. heating or water
    And god knows what else will be included
    We are being controlled by the elites,
    People need to wake up.

  31. Sorry having trouble finding link to help me so I can find out information how much the cost would be for me to remove my metres/electric gas
    I am 67 old don’t know how to work Internet even on here can’t find the video that everybody is on about so I can then have
    If not too expensive buy my own metres and electrician
    which also hopefully it’s not too expensive
    I can’t afford £249 a month which is what I’m paying for last two months since moving here
    Bloody hell, this too much for me on a fixed
    What is also wondering if they can send me the link and any other information because two more of my neighbours are interested in doing the same thing
    Cheers Kelly

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