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  1. So tragic that this has happened. Darius was such a lovely young man, really down to earth and you never heard of him getting into any trouble. He dearly loved his family, and was devoted to his parents. He was a really good guy, and I just can’t believe that this has happened. We don’t know whether or not he had the jab, but of course that is very likely. Rest in peace lovely man, the world is a very sad place without you. XXX

    • SADS and SCDS (sudden children death syndrome) are at significant numbers earth-wide. Not talking about it won’t stop it from occurring. Public figures are just that public figures. Don’t idol worship, that’s a sin.

      1 John 5:21
      21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

      • Hi Laura here again Hugo as a registered blind Lissner I’m doing this message by dictation so not sure if the last message I tried to put up actually went on just to say completely love your channel and agree with most of the things you’re saying sometimes I think that the things you’re saying I think that I would see as well deafly Emma like-minded souls and agree with most of the comments are in place to park by the listeners keep up the good work ego

  2. “Have some respect”, … sorry mate, fuck that, now I am NOT giving any respect. They died because of the poke, we all know that! These sudden “adult” death, are not that, you gotta be a developed adults. If you’re now a zombie than your time has come. DON’T ASK ANY PITY FROM ME, I AM GLAD YOU’RE CHECKING OUT, ENJOY HELL!

  3. It’s obvious that none of the commenters are Purebloods, they’re in denial, it could be them, they’re scared….hoisted by their own petards.

  4. The Twiter comment from the guy who said people speculating that his death was vax related have “the critical- thinking processes of a spoon” is unintentionally hilarious!!
    So…genius, how well have YOUR critical-thinking skills served YOU up until now? Go on, I’ll wait…..😂🤣😂🤣

    • These zombie comments get a lot of likes though… obviously from the jabbed, in denial that it could soon be about to happen to them.

    • Most people tend to engage with things exactly as they are spoon fed to them.

  5. The angry and triggered reactions from people on Fakebook and others are probably from bots to stear the public opinion.

  6. The Mail online has just reported this……
    Darius was a resident at the Berkman apartments very close to the famous Mayo clinics at St. Mary`s Hospital. Although not yet confirmed if he was receiving care at it , most of the residents staying at the apartments either work at or are patients at that clinic. I did some more checking and it seems the clinic treats rare or seemingly incurable conditions and deals with a lot of celebrities.

    • I forgot to add something else very relevant. The Mayo also treats patients for cardiac issues and does epilepsy monitoring.

      • My Daugher a senior Cardiac MIR Radiographer in London….staff are being rota’d 7 days a week now…12 hr shifts too….

      • I think your daughter`s expertise and care and that of all of her colleagues are going to be in very high demand for quite a while. They are doing an excellent job.

  7. If his death was said to not be suspicious then surly not finding a reason for it is very suspicious or should be

  8. An autopsy will provide the results, BUT will the truth ever be known publicly?
    IF it is the vaxx, the authorities aren’t going to admit it!
    Any that works in the medical sector will tell you this.
    People don’t die for no reason, there’s always a cause of death.
    If a person doesn’t have any underlying illness, they don’t just die!
    Buy people of all ages are randomly dying since these vaxxes have been made available.
    Numbers of cardiovascular illness is increasing, but Doctors won’t say its anything to do with the vaxx, it’s more than their jobs worth!!
    The best thing to do in my opinion, if you’re unsure, don’t get vaxxed!
    It’s that simple, or risk becoming another statistic!

    • Exactly…..Denmark Health Authorities have made a full statement….they will NOT..continue with jabbing…(it is Not a vaccine) for any young person under 18 years of age…..REAL is co ming out…..

  9. The delay with Darius is in contrast with Taylor Hawkins where they seemed to have the toxicology report in record time to suggest it was drugs related. There is no way he would have taken enough drugs to kill himself before going on stage. In every concert video he is a completely tight drummer which wouldn’t have been possible drugged up but we are expected to believe he did that this one time?

  10. You are correct Hugo….a deep rooted fear now within those who have succumbed to the ‘experimental toxins’…..chickens /home /roost spring to mind…..RIP Darius…

    • Leading cause of death 2021/2022 .. Unknown .
      And SADS Is Sudden Arrythmia Death Syndrome .

  11. So sad so many young people dying of unexplained deaths

  12. They know the cause of death but they don’t want to say. The silence is deafening. The jabbed are already dead they just don’t know it yet.

  13. Considering SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome – has been very strongly connected with vaccines then it doesn’t take much to see a possible connection with SAD too.

    • There´s no such thing as SADS it´s just another mumbo jumbo name made up tov cover up the real cause of death. Unfortunately most people just believe all thegarbage that comes out of the mouths of so called health experts and the media

  14. There’s a Queen song that covers this perfectly.

  15. So if there was a chance that he was murdered, would these smug idiots say not to bother looking for the murderer as it was disrespectful to the family?

    • That’s their logic. I know if it was my family member I would want to know exactly what caused it. I would not be fobbed off with no answers by a coroner like so many seem to be.

  16. Wondering what people think of the strange death of Anne Heche? Considering we are told she was trapped in a burning car for an hour, was shown being taken on a gurney in what appears to be a body bag and then sits up trying to escape with no signs of burns etc. Why were firemen taking the gurney to the ambulance and not paramedics. Why was she pushed back down and shoved into the ambulance asap without any care or attention. No sign of any medical equipment to aid her on the scene. No-one would be alive after sitting in a burning car for an hour. Then she apparently dies from severe anoxic brain injury! She seemed well enough to sit up with some force/speed in the footage. Very odd indeed. Also no hosepipes on view to put out the fire…..

    • This is a deep state hit.
      All they would have to do is use cheap radio equipment to extend the key fob to gain access to the car, once inside they can hack the car’s software system or install a hidden dongle and VIOLLA!
      Note how Senator Jackie Walorski’s car apparently veered across the highway, days earlier (hacker roadtrip)? Hackers demonstrated the steering hack at low speed all the way back in 2015, but at high speed the driver would have no time to react.
      Seems to be Chryslers and German cars most at risk, perhaps this method was used to murder Lady Di also….
      Once a modern car is hacked, the driver is no longer in control….
      Girl in room 13 was probably the straw that broke the camels back. When it comes to the deep state/elite a person crosses the threshold between the cost of liability to the group and the cost of assassination of the individual and they rarely choose the former…

      • @John Davies, I appreciate your view, and know that the bastards take people out, but what’s in it for the cabal with his death? It’s not as if he was a high profile antagonist rocking their boat.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine she is a woman an actress and was filming a docu about child trafficking!

  17. You are correct Hugo, those accusing people of speculating that lovely Darius died due to the clot shot are afraid for themselves and are in denial! Rip Darius, fly high 🙏

  18. Sadly, it’s a massive case of programmed cognitive dissonance. RIP Darius, tragically gone too soon.

  19. All that have had the venom of satan need prayer to our healing God We and the victims of this deceit should ask God to clean there blood of this devils juice . Lord I cry out for mercy . Let these people know that this is not from you and are condemning themselves to hell.
    If you regret having this shot
    Pray to the Almighty. He will save you if you repent and have a contrite heart. ! Hallelujah thank you Lord please protect and bless all who read this .. !

    • Yes I would ask the question to his family- was he was innoculated with the CV19 depopulation eugenics toxic clot shots. Go to the Vaccines Advers Event Reporting System (VAERS ) website for the USA and get the truth to how many people in the have died from these jabs. Also remember less than 1% of the USA population who have had adverse reactions or died from these jabs will never report them to this system because they don’t know if it’s existence. I pray that Darius’s family get justice if he was innoculated because many doctors /coroner’s are too scared to admit these CV19 death shots are causing catastrophic harm, injury and death to all who took the innoculations.RIP Darius, gone too soon. 😭❤️

    • @Mark, Did Jeremiah’s prayers save the people of the House of Judah, or did they get slaughtered in their thousands, with remainder going into Babylonian captivity?

    • One reply to his tweet says she’s been reporting the ‘anti-vaxxers’.
      Daisy Shylass
      Replying to
      I’ve just reported two accounts on here for banging on about some awful stuff about it. 😢 These people wouldn’t know respect if it walked up and introduced itself.

      While another wants social media platforms to take action and shut people up…. like they’re not already doing that!!!!
      Replying to
      I am fighting a lone battle on FB. Arseholes using it to spread vaccine misinformation and the jab as cause of death. Social media companies need to sort their houses out

      While this person put the ‘spinless’ label on the wrong party.
      Replying to
      Social media can be fantastic at times… and then there are times like this when the spineless hoofw@nking bunglec*nts come out to play with their blancmange spanners and total lack of accord. Grinds my gears.

      • That last tweet you highlighted stinks to high heaven of Brigade 77. Schoolboy mentality for underdeveloped adults…. Must have veered off the approved playbook responses.

    • Twitter is 99% Brigade 77 Shillbots!
      Anyone with an opposing view is cancelled and kicked out of the Communist echo chamber.

  20. they are all sick sadistic bastards and I got txt today saying that I’ve beten in contact with somebody who’s got covi and to order free test huh fuckoff wtf bullshit I tried to reply fuckoff but it wouldn’t send and I sware if any of those covi bastards come near me with any of that covi crap I’ll stick it do fae up they’re arse they’ll never sit down ads in & they’ll think twice about txting me again & no I haven’t downloaded no fucking apps those bastards have got blood on there’s hands and they’re gonna fucking pay for it big time murdering satanic bastards can fuckoff

    • You must have given them something or else they wouldn’t be able to contact you .

      • WRONG!
        They can track phone numbers, phone companies supply customer details.
        No “App” required, no evidence required either under “emergency diktat” .
        I like Blue Angel’s attitude. Time these agents of the Nuevo Communista state begin to disappear.

      • My wife has had messages to get the shot, and she has not been to a doctor in years or given her number to anyone.

    • Have a close look at the link they give you. I had one of those messages a while back. Most likely a scam, I don’t think the web address is legit.
      Same with the phone number.

  21. I hate touchscreen plus I’m going through serious hard shit so fucking spelling is the last thing I care about

  22. I don’t think we should speculate just ages us look bad if we’re wrong, we’re blaming every death on the jab, just like them blaming every death on covid, could just as easily have been drink or drugs does anyone know if he was jabbed ?

    • No, but being in the theatre industry and his air travel to America it’s highly likely. Plus apparently he took part in a jab promotion.

  23. Didn’t know the guy but send condolences to his family…
    The question to ask is whether he had the jabbadoo as that is the big elephant in the room when we hear of so many young men and women dieting before their time, like all the footballers have heart attacks!

    • I used to date Darius and have been extremely upset at his passing. I can say that he never took drugs ( like Taylor Hawkins) wasn’t a big drinker and didn’t even smoke. His lifestyle in general was heathy. So his passing will not be able to blamed on these things las was suggested in Taylor Hawkins autopsy report. The police have also stated that there was no self harm or foul play. He was however staying at an apartment in Rochester which is connected to a hospital called the Mayo clinic hospital, and this hospital specialises in heart and neuro treatments. I have no idea if he was there for treatment or totally unconnected to the hospital. But Rochester is a strange place to be if it wasn’t for hospital treatment. So it is possible he was having some tests for heart issues ( which we all know are connected to the jabs) or even for brain issues because he suffered meningitis in 2017 after accidentally drinking water from the Thames during a charity event. He almost died. But that was a considerable time ago now.

      Also when families make statements after the autopsy report they don’t always divulge everything. So even if it turned out to be vaccine connected we may never be told.

      What the world does know is that a assumed healthy 41 year old man doesn’t die in his bed for no reason.

      The reason the conspiracy theorists ( meaning those who belive in Covid and a pandemic 😂) are bound to be triggered by this and comments about the vaccines because he was just plainly wayyyyyyy to young and by all accounts very healthy so something is amiss. And we are seeing these types of stories more and more.

      If I had been stupid enough or had been co erced into those jabs I would be getting very worried by now. And of course there’s nothing these individuals can do to remove it from their bodies. I feel like they’re all ticking time bombs and if it’s not their weakened hearts that will kill them it will be blood clots, or infertility will affect their life paths.

      Whatever is released about the autopsy report we all have to remember that there is a likelihood facts could have been omitted.

      Either way the truth will come out in the end about all of it , and we all just have to watch it unfold and pray that those of our family and friends won’t be affected .

      • You using Taylor Hawkins ( A Legend, Daddy, Husband, Friend, Drummer God and more) name in your comment extremely disrespectful.
        Maybe after today’s news you should rethink your comment/opinion….

    • Oh boy…..l have just shared Medical Doctors from all Continents of the world saying differently!….They are putting their reputations/Licence/careers on the line…HUGE worry/divide…

    • Ouch….The ‘show goes on’ …quite shocking indeed…l have just shared a message from 40 Medical Doctors from all over the world…they are saying….STOP THE SHOTS….the damage is great…nobody is talking about it….

    • @grouchoone1195 – Nice of them to think of the convenience, get your booster jab and buy your last meal in the same location!

  24. SIDS and SADS funny how they use almost the same acronym. Maybe they might be caused by the same thing?

    • OH yes, do you remember the articles in 2020 about the sudden downturn in SIDS….?
      Infants not getting their vaccines on schedule resulted in lower mortality, nothing else needs to be said. Occam’s razor…..

  25. Spot on with the self righteous and smug observation.
    Same cunts who chastise people for being “rude” when talking about enemies who are actively trying to destroy them and their families on multiple levels….
    Are these useful idiots or paid shills?
    70% of these Facebook and Twitter comments appear to be from bot accounts, who controls these bot accounts? Well, that should be pretty obvious by now.
    Any human sucked in to a robotic world belief has forfeited their right to be treated as adults. and are essentially a liability for the rest of us..

  26. Sam Gannon, Emmerdale actor was only 31 died suddenly this month too!

  27. Spot on again Hugo
    But that’s why we are not getting through to the jabbed they are scared and who can blame them they don’t want to face death that’s very understandable to be fair
    And that’s where the powers that be win they knew that would happen

  28. In comparison, The GB news youtube clip with Dan Wooton about Darius’ death is full of speculators!

  29. Look up John O’Looney on Rumble who is a funeral director. He and other funeral directors are having difficulty embalming the dead because fibrous matter is growing in veins, arteries, heart blocking blood flow and thereby killing the people. He said the death numbers in the UK started by clearing nursing homes out giving lethal doses of sedatives to residents and calling them all covid deaths. In the US they said those 60+ were at highest risk and deserved the shots first. Like countries Social Security or Pension Funds are near bankruptcy and they are trying to stave off collapse by offing these people that paid into the system for years. Henry Kissinger once said once you can no longer pay taxes you become a useless eater of feeder and it becomes time to cull the herds.

    • Picked up on John O’Looney…a Funeral Director in Milton Keynes….he might not be on the Internet now…but quite revealing….and the off the scales use if Medazoline..in Care Homes….

    • Dean, Yes John O’Looney (unfortunate name for someone so credible) has belling calling out the scam since 2020. It’s always worth listening to what he says.

      • John O’Looney’s surname is actually an anglicisation of his family’s originally Irish surname… when he first came on the scene, his family’s Irish surname was given, they made the point that ‘O’Looney’ was simply that Irish name anglicised.

        People who ridicule him, on the basis of his name, do so as a result of not being aware of what I’ve just said, here.

    • Ohh most definitely that is exactly how these demonic people look at us, we are no longer of use to the state, but rob them of all the money people have paid into their pensions all their working life’s, it’s utterly disgustingly & barbaric😡😡😡

  30. One way to establish whether the speculation about causes is a conspiracy is to find out whether anyone who ‘died suddenly’ had not had the Covid injections.
    If I had participated in the experiment, I would also be slagging off anyone who raised it as a possible cause of SADS.
    I’d probably be terrified and gaslighting all the questioners

    • An experiment with zero patient follow up, zero patient data and zero integrity.

  31. Self righteous indignation or plain old BOTS.. There is nothing more natural than inquiry and if those whom have lost the ability to inquiry whether critical or other wise then give your head a wobble.

  32. because they hate us, who were strong and did not pour this poison into themselves. Secondly, they are afraid (many regret) themselves that the same thing will happen to them and try to drive away these thoughts.

    • Not a single Vaccine Free person wishes they’d had the vaxtermination jabs……millions of sheep wish they hadn’t. 👍

  33. No wonder people can’t see through such obvious nonsense as this, because the education system has become utterly corrupt. Kids don’t stand a chance because the education system has become utterly corrupted. I’m posting this on A Level results day, but how many know that our educational system has become utterly corrupt? The elephant in the room is dyslexia. Did you know that dyslexic students get 25% extra time in their GCSE and A Levels? Did you know that you need to spend £2000 on an educational psychologists report to be diagnosed with dyslexia and thus get the extra time? Did you know that some private schools hire educational psychologists to maximise the number of students who get extra time? In some private schools, up to a third of the students get extra time because they are apparently dyslexic?? What are the costs to society of the dyslexia fraud? https://odysee.com/@nigelwatson19:3/The-Dyslexia-Scam:7

    • Yea I believe you not only that they fine parents for non attendance they have no right you do that
      Parents just sit back and take it

    • Some of the dumbest people I know were “high academic achievers”.
      Some have Phd’s, but all are happy to be pigeon holed and assume authority despite their total lack of ability to think for themselves critically or question approved narratives.
      A** = 100% compliant, plastic thinking.

    • I tried.
      What is relevant or interesting about it?
      I gave up after 10 minutes or so of mind numbing tedium where nothing was said.

      • It is interesting because I thought that BBC hired some actors but they didn’t. They produced what they planned and even if legit people were there had no impact on the end result. That is how bad MSM is.

      • From what I saw they all opposed the jab from the standpoint that the pandemic is real. The fact that it is made up is being systematically erased from all awareness. Every truther/activist/commentator criticizes or opposes the response to the pandemic while acknowledging it’s real. This ensures it is cemented in as unquestionable fact. This is leading us towards living in a permanent pandemic state with ever increasing medical procedure requirements.

  34. I reckon they will surely abuse the virus thingy (they displayed in the left upper corner).
    I think maybe the sick lords have noticed that social media and MSM have not inflicted enough distress on people so they have to resort to this emergency alert crap so anyone even those who are semi-unplugged from the Matrix will be bothered about viruses in Autumn 2022.

    Also sick lords have noticed that their corporations (a lot of them Chinese) have not sold enough electric cars, solar panels and Lithium ion batteries so they had to show us what a monopoly in the energy market (they hold) means and ramped up the prices of oil, gas etc. If you look closely these price hikes do not follow the market prices – they are totally made up, arbitrary.
    If Rothschild can set the price of gold daily why do you think he cannot set the price of other important commodities? Especially if he probably owns half of the worlds mining, excavation and drilling.
    It’s not only Rio Tinto but the exploitation he carries out via his communist pawns in China, Russia and other places.

    • I agree with you about the solar panels. There has been a sudden flurry of installations where I live, and I commented to my wife that was this the aim of the price rises to scare people in to having them fitted? We have had a salesman at the door with ‘free’ panels on offer. We decided against it.

      • Good for you. ANyone considering “free panels” should first watch the 80’s movie, tinmen 🙂

  35. Hugo, these triggered and angry people are Intelligence bots not real people.
    The idea of Twitter was to put the public between two Phoenician armies of Nazis and Commie bots.
    It is to create this hostile environment so no real person of influence can flourish and leave everyone with this bad impression, how bad, meaningless it is to share opinions and futile to make any impact on the Internet. You only have a chance if plugged in to one of the agendas.
    By the way BlackRock gives ESG scores are decides which business lives or dies.

    • I wondered the same had notification of it being uploaded but not there!

  36. I know we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead but Darius was full of himself and also had had a violent temper. Back in his student days he was fined £300 for breaking a fellow student’s jaw across from the student union.

  37. Spot on Hugo! You can almost hear the hysteria in the texts!

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