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  1. Warn you agsinst acts of terrorism! Does that mean they will warn us when the UN! The economic forum and the government it self is doing something against us sovereign beings?

  2. Kids are switching to dumb phones and buying separate camera’s now, not so daft as we thought these kids.

  3. Spot on Hugo..valid points..I weaned myself off my smartphone by downgrading to an old brick

  4. Had this in nz for years re: tsunamis etc but was also used for lockdowns. No way of getting out of it. Horrific noise when the f’ing thing goes off

  5. It’s playing now.
    Haven’t used a smartphone in years,thank God.

  6. I paid for my phone so I should be able to choose what is on it. Time to go back to the old days without one.

  7. Thanks for the heads up Hugo. Ditched the ‘smart’ fone years ago when saw all this coming and manage better without it. It would be a shame if the system was hacked to make it go off continuously so it would have to be scrapped.

    • Good point. Klaus Swab is reported as saying that by 2030 there will be no external phones, as they will all be internal. … Hence the vaxsin campaigns.

  8. I see endless pranks being played out in crowded public areas where subversive groups set off
    a fake alarm warning with a message to leave the area immediately. Perfect for the long queue at a busy supermarket checkout or for the kids who find themselves on a surprise school day trip to a vaccination centre.

  9. Is it the newer Smart Phones that have these features? I have a iphone 8, I’m even thinking of getting an iphone 4, just the basic phone. One of the things I do is LEAVE THE DAM THING AT HOME. I treat it like a land line. I think I will go back to the land line and get a flip phone.

    • The UK Govt plans to get rid of landlines, just as most public telephone boxes have been phased out over the past 20 years.

      • Landlines are being superseded with separate hyper-optic cable installations connecting direct to the internet.(And provide wifi in the building upon activating the pass-code.)
        … So there are home landline phones, but all will be internet powered phone calls that unfortunately are vulnerable to electrical *outtages* – and will no be longer the independent copper wired landline phones that worked during electricity fails.

        That said, the internet landlines are plugged into the socket, are not wifi, and cannot track you out & about, as per the smart phone.

  10. We’ve had this in Canada for a couple of years ok. Usually for amber alerts, we had a tornado warning on it last week.

  11. We have had this Alert in Romania for like almost 2 years or less. I don’t remember the dates exactly. Anyway, it acts like a trigger in most cases. I remeber when i was in the mall, and all the phones went off at the same time and it can really scare you becase you don’t understand what is going on. It also happend when i was at a restaurant because of a thunderstorm. I also happens at the mountain and it tells you there is a bear there( all of this is just sone to get you in a stat o panic.
    Anyway, it its the same in every country, you can deactivate that shit from the carrier setting but you have to search really long but i can be done. I have deactivated mine during the pandemica when they would give you a message that there are a lot of infected people around and you should stay at home. Hugo is right, they are training us like dogs. Cheers to everyone.
    Ps : unrelated, if you get to watch the new series, Sandman on Netflix, just look at the very last scene at episode 10 and you will see somenthing interesting for who wants to see.

    Great day to all ! Stay strong !

  12. Hugo has been warning us for well over 12 months to ditch the smartphone!

  13. So glad that me and my family emigrated from the UK to live in Finland in March 2020. I firmly believe that the globalists main goal this winter is to create an inflationary depression. I also suspect that they will try as hard as possible to stoke up hatred within society by playing different groups off against each other – classic cultural Marxism. I think that these smartphone alters will be used to warn people of rioting. Atomised, multicultural societies are more likely to self-destruct than places like Finland, where outside the Helsinki region, most people adopt the same cultural norms. Plenty here we should be doing in the UK

  14. I travel a lot for work, so I need it for now. I hope I can change jobs soon & not need one. I too leave mine in the car when on break or at home when I don’t need the satnav. Hope I can get rid of it soon🙏

  15. But also, will those old phones be supported?
    Maybe by that time we won’t need any of this mess.
    Come quickly Messiah🙏

    • Why don’t you curtail your wait and go and meet him……

  16. I life in the Nederlands and have a simpel old one …the have it to .

      • @Colin furr, I believe smart phone batteries have their own antennae, so are still trackable whether in or out of the phone – you better check it out!

      • Smart phone batteries aren’t removable, not since the last few years. A Faraday wallet is useful to block signals when out & about – and retrieve texts and (missed) calls when convenient.

        The quality of these wallets (copper lined) varies, and their viability needs to be checked every few weeks by calling/texting the phone placed inside the wallet to test that the blocking is still effective.

  17. Of course you can turn your phone off, . I need to have one as it’s the only way I can keep in contact with my family as everyone is scattered all over the place! Obviously I need to know that everyone’s ok, as we hardly see them. I do have visions of this alert system to say Red alert go get your jabs!

    • Do you really need a Slave Phone to keep in touch with your family Carolyn? Why can’t you do that with a Dumb Phone that just does phone calls and texts?

      • they are all addicted to phones and computers

    • @Carolyn.
      If you have a wired computer at home, use the phone software available such as Zoom.
      Speak/see them by calling up their PC or their phones.
      No smart phone at your end required.

  18. I’m wondering whether the telephone service provider would need consent to provide this ‘alert system’. I’ll be writing to my own and asking whether this is the position and if so, make clear I do not consent.

    • @Teresa. See my comment above. Phone providers set a precedent in 2020 at the start of convids, when they supplied all phone numbers/(?)names for the govt to text public service announcements on staying home/not going out.

      The pretext of *health security* took priority over individual privacy.
      Big brother doesn’t do consent.
      It would be interesting to ascertain the legal and lawful position of the provider with regard to the customer – given that you have a contract with them as phone provider – not the govt. The (emergency) Coronavirus Act 2020 was in effect from March 2020. That Act expired in March 2022 after its 2yr tenure.
      What statute the govt could use for their phone *alerts* w/e from Oct isn’t mentioned in Hugo’s video, but there would have to be some statutory power. Phone company customers did not give consent for this breach of confidentiality, neither implicitly or contractually.

      Maybe you could update what you find out to commenters on here (?)

      • In Scotland they voted to keep the emergancy powers as part of law.

  19. I was wondering what happened to Darius only yesterday. Now I read in the news today that he has dropped down dead at the tender age of 41! I must be jinxed.

    • Just checked this and yes, another sudden adult death. Rest in peace Darius the Grt. In the world of TV talent shows, his confidence certainly was.
      The noughties: who’d have thought they’d be the good old days. The world pre 2001 definitely was.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine – Darius Danesh was a singer and West End theatre star.

      • @ thetruthnotdoctrine Maybe Darius was before your time? But he was certainly big in his day.

      • And the King of Persia was most certainly before my time 🙂

  20. A Faraday bag can help if you want to take your phone with you but don’t want to be tracked. Blocks the signal. Cheap on ebay.

    • Some wallets block signals; others don’t. Some are police-issue and better quality. Check before use. After a few weeks they do need re-checking to ensure the copper lining hasn’t worn.
      (Call the phone inside the wallet. A ringing sound means a new wallet is needed.)

      • Funnily enough, that thought occurred earlier. … Figured there will be a run on hammers soon enough.

        For those with access to only one comms device, the Faraday option can be of help – until the hammer is no longer optional.

      • Well… it must have been about 6 years ago now. I possessed (in reality, was possessed) by a ‘smart’ phone given to me as a hand-me-down. It was taking over my life. I might as well had it glued to my hand or chipped into my brain. One day, I’d had enough. I took a lump-hammer to it. Smashed it to bits. One of the most liberating moments of my life. Now, when I do need to be in communication with people, I take around an old Nokia, taped together with sellotape as I’ve dropped it so many times. It doesn’t even have a camera! I recommend this action to everyone. So satisfying.

  21. The govt *alert* stick started with the mobile phone providers supplying all customer phone no’s to the govt in March 2020 at the start of the convids – for the public to receive daily reminder texts, telling them to go out only once per day for one hour max – and be home by 6pm. And the “all in it together” worshippers complied to the invisible commands.

    … *free for everyone* aka forced on everyone. And the *alert* screech won’t stop until you hit the accept button. A clocking in/out govt verification to stop what you’re doing and confirm exactly where you are. The system will recognise your face via your black mirror screen. (Cover the front camera, if you use a smarty device.)

    Expect the *alert* to stop you leaving your front door – for your *health* and to keep you *safe*.
    …Is there an *alert* we could use to save us from the State ..

    Btw, do the geeks addicted to their work in the field of silicon ball & chains actually not realise they are shaping their own chains also … *Thinking themselves wise they made themselves fools.*

    • The phone companies just send a ‘broadcast message’ to all phones. On some phones you can turn them off. It has got nothing to do with Boris Johnson been given your personal details.

      • Surely thats illegal I never consented to be spammed with gov bullshit?…I might call my provider and grill them

  22. France did this a couple of months ago. Anyone who refuses to see that all ‘Western’ governments are doing the same things at slightly different times is not worth saving. In fact, at this point, they are collabos.

  23. Time to get rid of the smartphone which is just as well coz I need a new one but i’m going back to the good old days. Im not having no government sending me alerts and telling me what to do

  24. Picks up her vintage Nokia.


    The language of freedom. The only alert i need is to see what my balance is.

  25. Conditioning humans to the noise of the alarm has echoes of MK Ultra Mind Control

  26. I can just see it now.

    BRRING BRRING BRRING – GOVERNMENT EMERGENCY: URGENT WARNING – There is a he/she/it/they/them person in your vicinity using inappropriate gender pronouns – Immediately access the nearest Government approved nuclear blast tested trigger proof safe space for your own protection.

    What a crock of utter shite.

  27. Won’t play for a while, BNT going down a lot recently, bet having issues forced on it 🙁

    Just an alert, might be handy to see, “stay in jabbed people are turning to zombies ” or ” The rapture is upon us, go to your nearest 5g if not called upon yet ”

    End of the day, if your not having fun with this madness, then your doing something wrong, try to enjoy it 🙂 keeps you calm and thinking clearly, might save your ass!!

  28. Haven’t we seen this already in some disaster movies? Everyone’s phone goes off with an alert at the same time? I can’t remember which ones. Part of the pre-conditioning.

    • ‘Back in the 1950s and 1960s, students went through “duck and cover” drills in anticipation of a nuclear bomb blast. Today, students in K-12 classrooms and some universities go through regular school lockdown drills. Lockdown drills, required in most states, are a response to school shooting events that have occurred over the past few decades.

      ‘The NASUWT has had concerns for some time that the advice given to schools around lockdown procedures is inadequate.’

      ‘All staff and pupils need to know how to respond in a lockdown situation. To provide more appropriate guidance, the NASUWT has partnered with Guarding UK, one of the leading public security companies, to develop specific guidance for schools.’

      ‘RMBC Lockdown Procedures – Guidance for Schools
      It is advisable that all schools should have effective lockdown procedures and that
      they are regularly tested. This guide is intended to be used both by schools which
      already have lockdown plans, to inform their development as necessary and by
      those schools where no such plans currently exist.
      This document is not an actual plan but guidance to help you formulate a plan for
      you own premises.
      Lockdown procedures can also be known as ‘sheltering in place’, and this may be a
      more suitable term to use with pupils.
      This document can also be downloaded from the RMBC Risk Management Website’

      • There is a threat to schools from a terrorist/extremist weapons attack.
      • Presently the threat is LOW.
      • However, it is LOW threat not ‘No threat’ and therefore schools should have a contingency plan and
      procedures in place to deal with it similar to fire procedures.
      • Unlike Fire Procedures, which in most cases means evacuating to an external assembly area, this will most
      likely require ‘Invacuation’ to a safe area(s).
      • Perhaps better described as temporary refuge areas, these are places that are safer than staying where you
      are and safer than immediately evacuating.
      • The attached guidelines will assist in the production of a contingency plan and provide advice on the
      development of procedures

      ‘When might invacuation or lockdown be necessary?
      Most of us automatically picture terror incidents or unprompted attacks when we think about lockdown.’

      ‘It’s true that this sort of incident would necessitate invacuation or lockdown, but there are other situations in which it might also be implemented.’

      ‘Invacuation might be required if:’

      ‘There is local air pollution due to a nearby fire or chemical release.
      There is a dangerous animal (usually a dog) in the grounds.
      There is an incident or civil disturbance in the area that might affect the school.
      Lockdown might be implemented if:’

      ‘There is an aggrieved, disturbed or intoxicated person trying to gain access to the school (this could be a parent or a stranger).
      There is an intruder on the site.
      There is an internal threat from a student.
      ‘Invacuation or lockdown could be triggered if there is an urgent imminent threat, or as a precaution because of a threat in the vicinity,’ says Adam.’

      ‘Another UK School goes into Lockdown’

      As another school in the UK goes into a lockdown situation this week, ensure that your staff and pupils are protected with the ability to broadcast a customisable Lockdown School Alert via your Class Change System.’

      ‘It’s been reported yesterday that Stockton Primary School went into partial lockdown, following an anonymous call made to the school during which threats were made to kidnap or harm pupils. The call was later confirmed to have been a hoax, but the school implemented their lockdown procedures in order to safeguard staff and children, and a small policy presence attended.’

      ‘School goes into ‘lockdown’ after police incident outside
      A primary school was put in ‘˜lockdown’ after an incident by its gates.’

      ‘Manchester school in lockdown as police respond to ‘gunman warning’

      ‘Stoke-on-Trent school goes into lockdown and police called in ‘knifeman threat’

      ‘Esher school lockdown: Parent says ‘a lot of children were freaking out’

      ‘Armed Surrey Police officers descended on the school after a “suspicious phone call” was made’

      etc etc etc etc.

      Evacuation, invacuation, lockdown, protected spaces
      Published 2 November 2020

      ‘Arizona police Taser two parents as they try to enter locked-down school’

      ‘Police fired a stun gun at two Arizona parents as they tried to force their way into a school that police had locked down after an armed man was seen trying to get on campus.’

      search this phrase ‘lockdown drills take a toll on school children’

      BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — Pharaoh Payton is a third grader in the Buffalo Public School system and said he’s never had a school year without lockdown drills.

      “When they make a lock down drill, I get a feeling in my head there’s that there’s a shooter or something bad happening,” Payton said.

      “The lockdown drills, to him, feel just like a fire drill,” Payton’s mom, Synta Adams said.

      Payton’s mom said he knows practicing what to do in case of an emergency is important.

      “He just never knows when it’s the real thing,” Adams said. “So, he takes it very seriously.”

      Payton said he feels safe knowing how to hide properly.

      “We would either hide under a table, hide where there’s cover or under a desk,” Payton said.

  29. Yes, they instituted the same here about a year or so ago. A phoney pretext of amber alerts. Think they used it once for that. But of course the despot and his crew were given all phone numbers.
    So now we have Stats Canada doing medical research. They sent out “a survey” to “occupAnt”. Asking not only personal info but asking for body fluid samples. Supplied gloves, vials etc; for blood, swabs etc. when not returned they telephoned demanding iit be completed and returned. And how did they know it was me. Same as the census last year. Nothing is anonymous.

    • Yes. They tried calling me so I blocked their number. It is called contracting.
      Then when they couldn’t reach me by phone they tried by mail.
      I was going to return to sender the envelope, but I just left it along with the other 100 pieces of mail agencies try to elucite a contract from the public.
      Gov never use to be able to contact you this way.
      They’re desperate. Their time is short

  30. They mean the opposite to everything they say, quite literally.
    If you can’t live without a SMART (Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology) phone, then you already have serious mental issues….

  31. The colour coding could be of concern to anyone living in Poland….

  32. I have already got this on my Android been on since last year I blocked notifications on it it was making an annoying noise most days so I blocked it.

  33. i don,t have a mobile phone,i,m not that important.i get by with my laptop and landline,quite comfortably.

  34. Too true I am incomplete without my bible I don’t need phone no voice trust in holy bible KJV bible

    • KJV bible is distorted by the Phoenicians who were behind the Anglican Church from the start and maintain control of it to this day. Check Nicky Gumbel – “practice” faith but in a way that does not disturb Phoenician Jooish sabotage of the society. Joos made enough money on the West, but in the process made enormous bubbles and debts so it’s about time to shift gears and serve these poor Gentiles Communism 2.0 to keep them preoccupied with poverty, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, pornography etc. and total surveillance Jooish Bolsheviks in USSR could only dream about.
      I bet the hell will break lose and Nicky Gumbel will still be smiling. There is a point when it’s pretty clear that a Christian community does not work because it has been taken over and/or sabotaged by a hostile element (neutered by Holocaust agenda for instance).
      Whites (English, German, French etc.) all have to apologize for racism, slavery and Nazism but in reality the Joos are the biggest racists, were (Barclays) and are the biggest slavers (now called human traffickers) and Nazism has been funded by the Jooish oligarchs to boot up Israel to satisfy Jooish Zionists but also flood the world (Eastern Europe, China etc.) with communism to satisfy Jooish Bolsheviks.
      How is that?

  35. The clue was in the advert. “Keep your software up to date”
    Don’t update and it cant be installed.

    Probably already in the current updates waiting to be activated. Why else prod you to update.

    I’m sure the clever ones will also know how to remove it, via a dodge app that will probably just suppress it.

    • The idea to force people to update their OS is already in place. It’s in Windows. You have to restart it at least once a month. Besides there is a hard stop when some systems say: this does not work with Android X or this version of a web browser and you are forced to upgrade otherwise you cannot do your work.
      You can get away with it for much longer as a home user but the support for older Androids will eventually cease at some point and then all the apps will refuse to work. I think the future is to accelerate the software development to the point your phone has to be updated daily.
      If you look Internet providers remotely control your home router and update its firmware whenever they want but they usually do it at night.
      So Phoenician Internet companies already sit in our living rooms – I hope these devices cannot listen what we say but Alexa and smart phones do listen.

  36. USA governments initiate alerts at will for years now.

    • but do you trust these alternative operating systems unless you are one of the developers who maintain the code?
      Many common communication apps now throw errors or won’t work because the device is rooted. Then you have to find some workarounds to make it work. Common folks don’t have time or patience for that.
      I found these devices to work the best with stock firmware but then you are at the mercy of a particular corporations but most if not all report to Phoenician AI Cloud.

  37. people desperately look for their phones because in many cases it’s their brain e.g. a calculator.
    The whole idea is to make people more and more lazy and as you rightly said people didn’t need them 25 years ago but many of them did depend on pagers.

    Hugo I think you should do some research and find a simple phone (not Android) that can do a wireless hotspot.
    This would allow to decouple people from their smart phones which does both – calls/texts and more advanced stuff (Whatapp, Facebook crap etc).
    Then they could carry a plain phone or if need be use a tablet and use mobile Internet from a hot spot that’s hosted on your plain phone.

    People won’t stop using their smart phones because you say so.
    Most of them are addicted to them and you have to treat them literally like addicts.
    The other half use them for work or need some of the apps for work e.g. for 2FA.
    By the way some banking apps or maybe all of them won’t install on the Android tablet, it has to be an Android phone. So as you can see they make your life harder if you want to decouple.

    I think it’s hard to disappear from their radar completely but it should be relatively easy to make them only see 50% or less of your activity.
    In the interim what I would also encourage people to do is to set their smart phone to turn off in the night so the Phoenician corporations track you only during the day, then you can switch it off after work and see if you can cope.
    Not to use a smart phone at work is probably the hardest but people have to be taken of smart phones like drug addicts of their drugs.

  38. Another great video again Hugo warning us on the dangers of what the government have got planned for us going ahead this autumn/winter when they see safe do we know exactly what they mean and generally mean the opposite it’s no surprise to me either that some of these countries around the world I’ve been doing the same thing as that’s part of the rapid response mechanism that Theresa May started on when she was in government all this is about is to get people in snared in the digital trap and also for surveillance on us

  39. Well will not affect me….ignore this nonsense….is not the first time discredited itself with false information

  40. Quite apart from smartphones being critical to the NWO, they are also an absolute environmental disaster. The mining of materials for components is causing devastation. Further, it is an abomination that many phones now don’t even have an “off” button. This means you are calling your nearest celltower for service 24/7 and meanwhile, irradiating yourself, your loved ones, your whole neighbourhood and all the animals and plants within the vicinity. Birds are falling dead from the skies, animals, plants and insects are dying in droves. Bird death is being falsely blamed on bird flu, yet another psyops. Please read Arthur Firstenberg’s newsletters

  41. Probably the reason apple are telling people to update there phones now to stop scammers, then you got it on your phone👎

  42. They aren’t tracking your phone it’s done through the same the towers its a small modification to the text messaging system.
    When the cell phone system was originally developed they had 256bytes to communicate between the tower and the phone they later realized they were never going to need half of this so introduced texts(SMS) it used have of the original tower to cell protocols bandwidth the emergency messaging service is a new Idea were they can send a message from the tower to all phones connected to it by changing the first char of the message to A specific non displayable ASCII chr the updated phone will know it’s an emergency message & not a txt.

    UK Government don’t currently have the resources to track every phone all the time. Your cell phone provider will be tracking your phone all the time though as will your phones OS provider (Google(Android)/Apple(iOS)) the government can subpeona these records if the suspect you of something. If you go to protests the Police often have Fake cell towers setup to capture your phones info. Make sure you take the battery out of your phone while at these protests as turning your phone off wont help they are never really off. Governments got wise to this that’s why all modern phones can’t have their batteries removed.

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