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  1. Time the well poisoners were slung back down to hell where they slithered from.

  2. Reduce food farms, burn food factories to create shortage pushing up prices. Polluting rivers to reduce supply and leaving people one less escape route to get free food when they can’t afford to feed their families.

  3. Is it just me or did you not mention what the cc was? I did not see it on screen either. Calcium carbonate? Or….? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  4. Food shortages everywhere the elites killing everything and everyone they will kill themselves out of control

  5. A similar die off of all the fish happened here near us in the uk years ago and SEPA refused to publish the results publicly as to what toxicity caused it so no-one could find out. It also happened many years previously and they said then it was caused by a lack of oxygen in the water during a severe dry/heat spell.

    • Funny things is they are pushing that story in Poland at the moment…
      My view is that this is deliberate sabotage in both cases.

  6. My guess the initial story was true with high levels of mercury, but then that was scrapped in favour of something to blame on climate change.

  7. I think whatever the cause of this you have to look at the overall message/outcome. One of which could possibly be …β€œThis is a problem we will increasingly face as we move into a world affected by climate change. Pollutants that are out there are more toxic because they are present in higher concentrations during drought conditions,” said David Taylor, a professor of environmental change at the National University of Singapore.
    β€œWe are in this strange period now, where we are beginning to see, more and more, not just the direct effects of climate change, such as droughts and storms, but also the knock-on effects of climate charge.”

  8. I feel so sorry for these fish, can’t help thinking how they died and if it was a painful death. I hate these damn WEF member industries, blaming us when they are the bad guys. I SO hate them.

    • “It’s OK to eat fish, cause they don’t have any feelings…”

    • Jesus taught us not to hate , no matter what. Pray for them , and mean it . They have to answer to God themselves for their evilness, if they are not genuine when or if they repent , they will answer in the most horrendous way .

  9. There have been reports of dying fish in all kinds of places over the last two or three years. And all these stories about masses of birds suddenly falling dead from the sky in America. In my opinion itΒ΄s all deliberately manufactured; as well, as all the burning woods everywhere.. They want to scare people out of their wits.

    • Birds falling out of the sky has also been linked to the roll out of 5G…

    • Exactly..all propaganda going well..specially with death jabs

    • Yes, I was going to say… There have been rivers of dead fish in India/Southeast Asia for many years “Rivers of blood” too.

  10. I’m in Poland. This year hasn’t been particularly hot here. There have been much hotter summers in the past with no fish die off.

  11. No doubt ‘thetruthnotdoctrine’ will be along to enlighten us, but I’ve wondered whether the extensive worldwide fires over the past year, are associated with Revelation 8…

    • Hi John, Always happy to be of service where I can to those with ears to hear and eyes to see!

      Revelation 8:6-7 (KJV) And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. 7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

      As far as I know this event, and all those that follow it, have not yet occurred, whether they be symbolic or literal. For me, much of Revelation still remains a mystery, so I tread very carefully when dealing with it!

  12. We know what’s happening and it’s sod all to do with Climate Control, sorry..I meant Climate change.

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  14. The Fugger’s (m. A bourgeois German family of bankers and venture capitalists. who’d have guessed that!) are hitting the people on every front possible. If you’re taking the wise move to prep for shortages do make sure this includes water too. Water filtration that will remove viral(?), bacterial and chemical contaminants is a must along with a large supply of bottled water. The 3% rule states you can survive for three weeks without food but only three days without water. Unfortunately prepping won’t save you when the hordes raid your home so be sensible because the best move may ultimately be the one where you have to leave all your possessions behind if you value the life of yourself and family. Maybe if we had a photo of Hugo to pack in our BOB, imagine the likeness of John Conner from ‘The Terminator’ movie and mankind’s last vestige of hope from a murderous artificial intelligence? ….nope me neither, I’d much prefer a picture of Crystal from ‘The Hunt’. Fugger.

    • It is already being done. And the food. How ’bout that air? Jahwohl.

      • How about that air? Geo engineering is the main cause of all this weather pish. They are controlling the weather to stop food being grown and to destroy the areas that they plan to build stupid cities for the incarceration of the human population, those that are left that is. See ” the dimming ” on geoengineer.org , it is frightening.

      • It was rhetorical. I answered the question right after. “Jahwohl” It’s German.
        I have read too many patent’s. I know what geo-engineering is. I’ve watched “The Dimming.”
        Sub 2.5 micron particles of toxins like aluminum, mercury, Strontium-90. Calcium Carbonate is another popular one. Sulfur oxides and salts… The classic “Coal fly ash.” Can’t look up, without seeing it. The sky is purple, green and yellow, like an oil slick, at sunset! Totally normal! πŸ˜‰

  15. We humans are now the fish caught in the old style fish trap. There have been many thousands of seabirds washed up dead on the coastline of west Argyll, Scotland. Most (probably jabbed) are blaming Avian Birdflu (AI) for this catastrophe but 5G electrification/irradiation may well be the problem. Check Arthur Firstenberg’s 2022 study on the denigrated seabird (Sandwich Terns) colonies in Texel, NL where new antenna erection correlates with the mass mortality.

  16. This is a case of eco terrorism, just like the wildfires started by arson.
    Swiss funded extinction rebellion traitors???
    I’m in Poland at the moment and the word is the Mercury story is just that, invented by German newspapers.
    They have found several barrels dumped in the river which may be the cause, also other rivers have been attacked in Poland via the same method, but the wildlife deaths there are being blamed on low oxygen and (((climate change – hot weather)))… Additionally people are being warned not to let their dogs drink the water from the river after vets only just managed to save a dog who allegedly drank from the river.
    These are deliberate chemical attacks and whatever the agent is, it appears to be highly toxic.

  17. In north east of England there was apocolyptic levels of dead crabs and lobsters washed up on the beach (Tees estuary and surrounding area). They are yet to find the cause, DEFRA has closed the investigation! Then bird flu (highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) on the Farne Islands off Northumbrian coast is thought to be “unprecedented” and has spread to Grassholm Island off the Pembrokeshire coast.

    • .. both coasts east & west. And what’s the betting on everywhere in between.
      Watch out for *unprecedented* levels of whateva upon our feathered friends.
      They need local protection.

  18. First there was SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Then came SADS for adults. Now we have SFDS for fish. SIDS and SADS seem to come from injections. Maybe Poland dumped a bunch of unused C19 juice into their river. Perhaps someone should check the fish for myocarditis and blood clots.

    In all three cases the authorities say “Sorry, we have no idea what is going on.”, which is a sure sign that they are deeply involved.

  19. If food did run very short we’d only be able to get our hands on wild birds, fish, or other animals to eat. The cattle are being killed all over the world (and chickens and turkeys), the wild birds are being dropping from the sky, the fish & marine life are being killed, how long before they tell us there’s a deadly rabbit flu so we daren’t catch wild rabbits either?

  20. I’m Polish and so is my hubby. We discussed the topic this morning after seeing your film Hugo. The current govment in power (for 2nd cadency in a row since 2015) is inconvenient for the EU and the globalists – most houses in PL still use gas/coal.
    Last time the government lost majority in the parliament, was after an ecological crisis. Maybe this is a way to kick the current party out? As you say, everything that is happening is part of a plan…

  21. After a few months of rest wnere nothing happened and the sheep thought all was fine, it’s really coming on hard and fast isn’t it.

    The next 6 months are going to be fugly, start preparing people and harden yourself up to the cull of us will pick up speed fast.

    Censorship of us and those prison’s well there for people who speak out, the time for fighting is gone, it’s to late, they’ve played us and we’ve lost πŸ™

    • Correct! I tried to warn people yrs ago, when it all started with covid. Even my own family wouldn’t listen and had the jabs (brothers and sisters..
      People cannot comprehend how evil these monsters who hold the power over us are, its too horrific to contemplate their hate for us! They have been playing us for decades (left, right) up, down etc.
      Their minnions of the left, Liberalism, feminism, communism all tools to destroy us.. Divide and rule!
      And the simple sheep play along everytime..
      They own governments and media wholesale so they can spew their poison!
      Christians will be thrown in prison, any dissent against the narrative and you’ll be hunted down!
      Judaism is bolshevism is communism!!
      Two wars we fought our cousins (Germans) for the bolshevik bankers..
      Holohoax is the biggest lie of the twentieth century and if you question it! You’ll be thrown in jail!
      Still the dumb sheep! Haven’t a clue! Been played like a fiddle!
      “If you deny Jesus! You deny the father and son! And there is no truth in you! People have the spirit of the anti christ! For there is no truth in them”
      Just look at leftists, marxists
      They deny truth! Man, women! There is no other!

      Things are detiorating fast, they are killing the birds, fish in the sea and blaming it on climate hoax!
      They think they are God and can control the heavens and the earth!
      God laughs at their stupidity!
      “O dullest of people, Fools when will you be wise ”
      “Do they not know? God made the heavens and the earth and all things in it”
      “Nothing was made that was not made by his hand ”
      God’s judgement is coming on the wicked.. So they are accelerating the destruction, they know their time is short..
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

      • How do You Know that God is a Man?
        How do You Know that Your God is THE God. There areMillions upon Millions of people who will disagree with you!
        I take exception to the idea that there is ‘No truth in me’. There are TWO Genders, Male and Female – that’s True!

        Finally, I do not follow any religeon – Man made concepts – a form of control!


      • @polycarpust Yah (God) is not a man – Yah is Spirit. Yah created man, and then came in the flesh as a man, and was called The Son of Man – 89 times. Oh and Yah has no religion!

  22. I don’t know about the fish but I do know what started two of the fires in France. The first one, south of Bordeaux, was started by an electric vehicle catching fire (not the first in/around Bordeaux). It was exacerbated by the ‘green’ administration at the Prefecture in Bordeaux refusing to allow the fire-department/forest management to maintain the traditional firebreaks because of re-wilding lunacy.

    The gov blamed the second blaze on a pyromaniacal fire-fighter. It should be noted that most fire-fighters in France are volunteers and thousands were (and still are) excluded from the service for refusing the injections.

    It is also curious that the forests affected in Aquitaine and Brittany were already earmarked to be felled to make way for giant solar farms – against the wishes of the local communities.

  23. I don’t see anything new about this apart from that one minister and a person responsible for Polish rivers have been fired by the PM.
    It looks like 2 weeks have been wasted and still no conclusion what was the cause.

  24. How can you not identify a metal acurately. Photospectrometry is highly accurate as all metals, be it mercury or cadmium etc emit their own spectrum of light! I smell a fish here.

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