They Are PLAYING YOU Like A FIDDLE 🎻 / Hugo Talks

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  1. I will say Alex has said exactly what you’re saying. He was against digital currency for the longest time. But yes he has dived in now.

    • Alex Jones interviewed Aaron Russo who said the the ultimate goal was to have digital currency so that if you protest they can switch it off. And now 20 years later he’s promoting digital currency! This is very strange.

      • It wasnt until really quite recently. I think he started buying in not long before the crash started happening. Saw Farage promoting bitcoin etc just before the crash aswell. Bet theres a few people lost some pennies buying in just before a crash because of him lol

  2. I think you are correct Hugo , if he wasn’t part of the system then why is he selling his book through Amazon ?
    In effect he is supporting the Corruption, plenty of other sites to sell his Bullshit on 🤣

  3. Cheers Hugo though I suspect that many of your followers are now more discerning about who they listen to and with Alex Jones in mind, people like him that are constantly advertising their bullshit ‘patriot’ products aren’t a reliable source of information as, among other things, they’re in it for the money and happy to exploit people to get it.

    But others like UK Column News, The White Rose and Daily Expose ask for legitimate contributions to help fund them, so they can keep bringing us insightful reports.

    So my tip for avoiding the shills would simply be…if they’re heavily promoting merchandise like fucking ‘freedom socks’…”so you can stamp all over tyranny”…avoid like the plague!

    • They all have an agenda, UKC is sickeningly pro CCP…..

  4. U will probably find that if you want to get a new phone in the future these apps will already be on it so you don’t have any choice about having this tech or not, stay frosty. Oh one more thing, I see our gov are doing the same thing as Holland trying to get the farmers to give up their land for a chunk of money and are making it illegal for them to sell food directly to the public!!!

  5. Brilliant video as usual Hugo. I’ve been trying to wake people up to the fact that they are following controlled opposition for a while and it’s received with as much hostility as when you speak the truth to a zombie. People always want to hope that there’s someone coming to save them. Sorry, there’s not. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. Either the government sheepdog or the controlled op sheepdog will herd you to the same abattoir. Glad that more and more “Truthers” are seeing it.

  6. Remember the so called alternative Novavax covid vaccine for people who don’t want to take the safe and effective regular one ?

    • Robert Malone has an alternative vax in the works called RelCoVax. But yet, somehow, miraculously, he’s on our side. lol

  7. Same thing with Gab Pay, drill into the small print and it is being backed by a Jewish clearing house!

  8. Whether it’s by EMP weaponry or a huge Carrington Event this corrupt financial system will eventually come to an end. Read Forstchen’s novel ‘One Second After’ for a taste of things to come.

    • Be EMP hidden as Carrington Event, why there preparing you for the up coming Carrington Event with BS news articles, or they’ll simply switch the power off and claim damaged LOL

  9. “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it”. VERY few it seems. I guess that when platforms like YT censor even comments, we can never know how many folks are like minded.

  10. I 100% agree! It’s so refreshing to get your insights on what’s happening. Several months ago I ran across a woman who has similar views when someone sent me her video called An Inconvenient Reality. I think you and the folks who watch your videos would really get a lot out of it. She doesn’t post much (once every couple of months), but when she does, she has done a very deep dive and lots of research. Keep up the good work! I really like your perspetives and look forward to each of your videos. My eyes are wide open now! THANKS!!!

    You can see more of her videos at

    • Thanks Kelly, I’m about half way through that vid, it’s interesting.

  11. David Icke’s website has also promoted crypto currency which I find incredibly strange.

  12. I find it strange when people defend David Icke because he’s been calling this out for years. He was doing arena shows. Do people really believe he’d be able to do that unless he was controlled. Of course not.

    • The cabal’s mode of operation is to always warn the victims first. It is up to us to do something about it. If we don’t, we are giving them permission to proceed and sure they will.

      • I agree with you entirely when other Alternative Media like those made by Reiner Fuellmich. Yes would appear that he has been photographed in the past with the evil globalists but the camera can lie or perhaps at the time he was unaware of the 2030 agenda. He & his team have already recorded several legal successes to prove whose side he is on so thank you for reinforcing my beliefs.

  13. What SB and AJ are controlled opposition!!
    Beyond parody

    • I don’t think they really are. Alex Jones will likely be bankrupted with his claims of Sandy Hook.

  14. I was watching Dr John Campbell entitled “Radiation Risk To Europe” I watched as I was sure he would be the best person to give advice 🙄 yeah right, he was scare mongering, saying we had to watch out for a possible nuclear attack, radiation could possibly reach over here and how it would be a good idea to have iodine supplements at hand but, he said, the only thing is your Dr will more than likely not prescribe them, and I thought, hold on, who bangs on about iodine, who sells Iodine supplements, Alex Jones of course, my list of people to trust I can now write on my little finger, yes you are right Hugo, they are well and truly playing us like fiddles and taking our money in the process with supplements and books 😑 People, don’t part with your money, look after yourself and family first, you and they are more important.

    • Dr Campbell… I knew he was in on it when he said – ‘natural immunity is important but remember, not all things natural are good, for example SNAKE VENOM.’ Being from the North of England, as he is, snake venom low on my list of natural dangers. But considering the theory that it is in the manufactured virus (snake venom makes you lose sense of taste/smell) I thought that his analogy was very telling.

    • Plenty of iodine at the coast: in the sea air & sea weed. Strengthens cognition, calms & de-stresses; boosts health & sleep.
      Sitting & watching the waves is free.
      A riverbank or lake are great relaxants if the coast isn’t reachable.

      Just being outdoors in the green (and going barefoot) will *ground* and reduce the excess electricity in the body, and produce tranquil well being – and a comforting foot massage walking on the grass.
      No charge (excuse the pun).

  15. Is it not possible that some of the Alternative media were possible linked to the evil elite before they were aware of the long, prepared agenda now being rolled out amongst the general public. Some of those you refer to have produced proof that have been used in courts in order for some of those damaged/killed people via the jabs to be awarded ” Damages” or are these testimonials also lies? Maybe these scientists, doctors, lawyers & interested parties seen on the Alternative Media are using their previous links with the globalists to remain active digitally while attempting to save humanity. You can not be the only honest chap on the media assisting the Awakened Ones to give us all a chance of a future. Beware not to destroy the hope given on some of these platforms to those who are battling to see a way out of this horrendous nightmare. Your videos are very good & enlightening but what more can you do to stop the evil that is being inflicted upon us other than what you are already doing. Thank you Hugo

  16. Hugo: I find some of your claims and insinuations bizarre to say the least. To suggest that the internationally acclaimed German lawyer Reiner Füllmich, who since 2022 has been ceaselessly working to bring to justice the individuals and corporations behind the ‘Corona scandal’ (his words), is somehow in bed with Steve Bannon and the main exponents of the Great Reset is a case in point.

    • Reiner Füllmich talks a good talk who has he sued? What massive case has he won about the COVID hoax? None he is a typical all talk and no action guy. Keep believing and go back to sleep!

      • Try bringing cases to court. The whole judicial system is compromised in every country when you find that out you will understand

      • @ John McHugh — Yes, and Fullmich knows this as well, which is why I believe he’s no better than Q or any of the other “hope” peddlers — stringing people along with false hope so they’ll become complacent.

      • I’ve been following them but also wondering why nothing seems to actually happen for real just saying not doing. I’m not sure what I believe yet.

  17. Who here thinks Dr Mike Yeadon is genuine? In the same way the jibbied get cognitive dissonance about their jabs being harmful, I get the same feeling about him possibly being controlled opposition. He has gone quiet of late (his predictions of jab harms have come true) but I heard he has fled the country?

    • Mike Yeadon has had to leave the country and gone into hiding but he is still ready to testify with regards of the risks of the jabs. He is still on the right side of this evil battle

    • By the way, I’m not putting any faith in any man to save us, but there are still good people out there trying to fight for what’s right and call out the wrongdoings of the scum at the top/raise awareness.

      • I thought Dr Yeadon had moved to Florida… the last I heard/saw, that’s where he was living.

    • He’s had 30yrs working in the vaxsin industry. And said he was at medical school with, and knew, Patrick Vallance. (UK Chief Scientific Offcr – and one half of the chuckle Bros on the TV nightly 5pm roll call of *cases* with his other half Chris Whitty.)
      And Yeadon had sold his independent vaccine research co for millions – which prior to convid would have seemed like just another savvy business choice in his line of work. Nothing to see there.
      … However, the encouraged perception of vaccines BC (before convid) has altered – and what you may ponder of people in that industry will depend on what you think of vaxsins in light of convid. And the lid has lifted on the history of such injections.

      … Yes, he did come out early on to say the covid shots were unnecessary .. and then dangerous … and then that “your govt is lying to you”, from Florida, to which he said he had fled. Which all seemed forthright and heroic in the midst of the media frenzy to inject the world, and the risk to those who speak out, particularly within the field.

      However, what didn’t sit too comfortably was him (in the same sentence) saying that whilst no one, especially children, should be given these mRNA shots and the long term effects being unknown – that it woyld be ok for the over 70s and indeed may be of some small benefit to them(!) But definitely not for the over 60s – “because I am 61”.
      He said it on film.
      Make of it as you wish.

      Of course no one works within the pharma industry unless they’re of it; or sets up their own business, or makes millions from its sale without permission to do so.

      Dr Robert Malone, the self declared “inventor of mRNA vaccines” (back in 1987, and an eager young scientist to have joined that research line of lab coats – since retired – and superseded by younger keener lab coats) came out some 6mnths after the shots roll-out and advised strongly against their use in humans.
      Though he later revealed he’d had the covid – and subsequently x3 booster shots(!)
      And thinks they’d be ok to use in flu injections.
      (Moderna was reported in the media as being contracted to produce flu shots for the UK in autumn last year, if the article was correct.)

      … *Cognitive dissonance* does seem to affect not only the least informed & confused among us – but seems to reach even those professionals in that very specialised field who really ought to know better.
      And do they …

      • Thanks — Also, Malone is developing his own covid vaccine called RelCoVax. Maybe that’s why he’s discouraging people from the competition, ya know?

        And Yeadon says a lot of what we want to hear, but then that part you mentioned gives him away. Once a big pharma exec, always big pharma. Same with these ex-CIA or MI-5 or KGB experts. Fool me how many times?

    • Some interesting stuff there, thanks. Dr Yeadon just seemed the most genuine and appeared to be sticking his head above the parapet more to say what he said. Nothing obvious to gain, not selling any books or treatments on the back of it. But like I say, no man is our hero and nothing from their mouths can be taken as absolute truth.

      • He promotes the covid lie as true, if that doesn’t tell you all you need to know you may as well register for a repeat prescription of paxlovid.

      • Hey

        Just had look
        Seems it’s been pulled
        I tried to watch
        It wouldn’t allow?

      • Thanks Andy. Interesting. I’m merely at the “observe, don’t absorb” stage in this stuff now.
        The link works for me Janie. Take care x

      • Cheers Gina x

        I think it’s because I don’t have BNT

        Cheers now

  18. I didn’t know who Alex jones was!
    Until on here.

    More & more people are getting it finally Hugo
    It’s not going to be easy with winter slowly approaching but we all know it’s
    turned into
    ‘them against us’
    It has been for years.

    Keep striking people! Whoop lol
    Thank you very much Hugo
    .. I hope everyone ok and doing best ya,s can…
    .. I wish All a happy evening

  19. An important video, Hugo. Glad you also highlighted Alex Belfield the other day. He and Russell Brand are perhaps the two biggest UK online shills. The most convincing one seems to be Neil Oliver, He’s not an actor as far I know, but he should be! Please concentrate on the UK shills rather than the US ones. You can only really fight a battle in your own country.

  20. The Powers that Be have to control both sides of the narrative and in order to do so their controlled opposition had to be put in place decades ago. This adds to their credibility when claiming “I’ve been talking about this for years”.To understand their tactics they use something called HOPEIUM.This is how it works ….”In Psychology, the only time a human will violently rebel is when they have no hope, This is why politicians gift what they call ‘HOPEIUM’ to the destabilised collective. HOPEIUM is a hope based narcotic that extinguishes rebellion energy in the slave camp. The politicians attack, then apply some hopeium and then the cycle is repeated frequently to keep the rebellion energy at bay….. until the targeted population perishes from this psychological manipulation that is often called ‘ a death by a thousand cuts’. Reiner Fullmich, The Great Barrington Declaration, the Hart Group …could all come under this umbrella. They conveniently keep the truther community distracted whilst their plan steams ahead.

  21. Everyone wondering who is gen an who isn’t! Don’t you all get it? There all got one thing in common! Your attention on any subject, arguing with the man or woman next to you or the ones online. It’s all a new show but they have infiltrated online now, no longer just on tv. They get you on any channel online now.. stealing your time and having you enslaved on your phone. Disconnected to them all an find what you love in this world before you waste any more energy on the lot of them. Search positive things an move on with your life’s.. I’ve been following this shit for under three years an where has it got me? Stressed,, down, all the negative vibes. Well I’m out lol

  22. I so agree with you. Thank you so much, so many truthers are being divided over this circus and bunch of clowns. They think they’re joining dots but it’s their dots. Main problem being Trump, they just can’t get to grips that he isn’t the saviour. Once they do the rest falls apart even though it’s obvious without knowing that. Wtf do you do, only now it’s bloody gb news. They give you a few truths and all of a sudden they’re spot on with it all. No, half hour of watching that crap and I worked out their agenda. Trouble is people need to think there’s a rescue plan and only we can do that.

  23. These sick people seen to have thought of everything so annoying can’t trust any of them so hard to get people to realise must be so frustrating for you Hugo like to us it’s in plain site but why r so many people not seeing this they just go along with all the new rules the show just gets more easy to see as days go on turn your TV off get out more try not to listen to the freak show hang in there Hugo so many great videos thanks

  24. Fantastic,I agree 110% Hugo, Loved your last Video (showtime) which you described very precisely and accurately exactly what I’ve always felt to an extent with Bitchute etc/alternative news channels: They’re exactly a mirror of society-left/right-Parliament etc and completely in line with how they want us to sit on one side reliant on these ‘psyop stars’ and letting normies be more embroiled in Mass formation! Yeh very cleverly put together, but then again their think tanks and so on do meet every year to discuss social/cultural evolution! #Club of Rome Bilderberg, WEF Tavistock etc

  25. A bunch of people on the internet think that comedian Bill Hicks faked his death, underwent minor plastic surgery, and emerged as Alex Jones.

  26. Please expose that vampire face ‘Dr’ John Campbell.

    • John Campbell flips from side to side very confusingly. One minute he is pro vaccination, then he discovered the Pfizer Documents released by court order showing major lack of safety data & over 1290 serious adverse effects and now is pushing for MonkeyPox vaccinations possibly without researching either the need nor the safety aspect of them. Check it out for yourselves & endeavour to spread the word of the risk of this double dose of the SmallPox vaccination to those who already have reduced immunity caused by the covid jabs.

      • Nothing confusing about it at all. JC is a dangerous shill. Most of his views are from bots.

      • Yeah I scrolled through the comment section on one of his vids once and it was the same 20 or so comments repeated over and over.
        He always promotes the mainstream garbage without question.

    • Perhaps Hugo’s been infiltrated by the elite & this video is just to make those doubting the governments science put a spoke into our belief there is hope that the real truth will be proven through honest research made by more qualified professionals than those employed by the governments over these vaccines & the long standing agenda that has led us to this evil situation.

      • If I had to chose between Alex Jones or Hugo it’s not even a close run thing .
        AJ was calling out tyranny whilst Hugo was still at Primary school…

      • Alex Jones just put a stop/or would like to put a stop to anyone questioning any false flag, or hoax event.

        And, honestly…how many people here think that any of them are real?

    • You keep following the MOSSAD puppets pauly…..
      It would appear Brigade 77 is recruiting from the LHS of the IQ bell curve.

  27. Coke or Pepsi? – They do not care which you buy as long as you buy! They own both.

  28. Everything apart from your own personal life is controlled. Everything. It’s always been that way. We were just too busy to notice.

  29. Here’s a quote from Manly P Hall – a famous 33° Mason

    “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men. They shall then know truth and, more than that, they shall realize that from the beginning truth has been in the world unrecognized, save by a small but gradually increasing number appointed by the Lords of the Dawn as ministers to the needs of human creatures struggling co regain their consciousness of divinity.”

    Chilling…but the language of symbolism is becoming apparent – actually, it’s being blatantly obviously, stuffed in our faces…and the veil is falling from our eyes…and we are learning the truth…and it’s not the world according to these mongers of deceit who consider themselves to be disciples of the Lords of the Dawn.

    It’s quite the opposite. It’s us against them. Host versus parasite.

    • So true. And whilst researching Reiner Fuellmich I discovered he was listed on The Crimes against Humanity Tour. And if you search for ‘’ please look at their events page. It’s virtually the same symbol Hugo was talking about in his Lost Gardens of Heligan video.

  30. Well done hugo , great observation on the control opposition aspect . I notice with great interest how many of equal contributors to the comments section acknowledge this modern conviction of interests but refuse to equally acknowledge previous psychological convictions by the same ruling elite , religious scripture if a ‘ amazon ‘ prime example … nobody needs to consume themselves in all the nonsense . Humans have many different personalities and they are present in every one . We are all easily capable of becoming happy or sad , everything has its opposite . Acknowledging both sides of the divide can be the only way through the middle …

  31. I mean cmon maaan… The mouths on legs are still free. Jones was fined hundreds of millions of dollars. Just a circus. Bannon keeps the drones happy …

  32. It’s all so sickening, and I agree with Hugo, it’s all getting so obvious. It’s the same conspiracy plot reconstituted over and over and over and over again. It’s so monotonous, so predicable. The only real surprise is how it is that so many are falling for it. Peace and God bless.

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