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    • interesting…does not “God” say…¶…You shall have no other gods before Me.

      8) You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heavens above, on the earth below, or in the waters beneath. 9) You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on their children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me,”…i find it interesting that the “G” in 3G, 4G, 5G, and even Trumpf’s supposed 6G…stands for “Generation”…I wonder how “God” knew of these super Powers that can be used to harm “men”?…”God” will not be mocked…or will “He”?…Jesus did tell the Pharisees(Jewish Leaders) that their “God” is a Liar…&…a Murderer from the ‘BEGINNING’ of “their” book called Genesis…read genesis again…and looking at Genesis chapter 34 will reveal just how Devious(Devilous) the “sons of Jacob” really are…the “fathers” sins are surely being punished at this Time…Death shall be overflowing in the day of Judgement, for not only is “God” jealous(of what?) but he is a Murderer…and very Vengeful!…we need to not be like “Him”

  1. As you say it’s all in open Hugo. They are not hiding. It’s the people who are totally brainwashed dont want to.admit it..

  2. So Charlie hired a piece of his land then ? Bets !!🤣

  3. Hugo , thank you as always

    When someone showed me that commonwealth games video
    first I thought ‘we are in a financial crisis’
    and they paid to put on all that satanic crap ?!

    Also the Wicca,
    what I read
    was that they built the Wicca
    then put live animals and humans inside and would set light to it as a sacrifice with people screaming for mercy inside.

    We are in 2022 and it’s like living in the Tudor era on acid!!! Ffs !

    Any were you have to ‘pay’ to see anything like this,
    it is/will be owned by theses big corporations so don’t bother.
    Same as fireworks events most are supported by rotary clubs.

    Corrupt world isn’t people!

    On a brighter note
    Have great day Everyone and you Hugo

  4. Love to hear your thoughts on crop circles… the big complicated ones, not the shit man nade ones.

    • Heligan. German has similar *heiligen* – holy, saints, blessed.
      Heligan says it’s had a manor on the land since the 1200s. The site likely has religious & pagan connections, given the mystical nature and history of Cornwall. And with local place names such as Herodsfoot …
      Wiki says Heligan is Cornish for *willow* (*weligan* in Old English). Willow is referenced in the Bible as a tool of celebration. Areas in Northern England have used willows instead of palms to mark the Lenten Palm Sunday.
      Later, willows switched from the positive to became symbols of lost love and despair, as in Shakespeare’s Othello.

      So the Heligan land has dedicated itself to defile the sacred space. It would be interesting to know who/what was the company decision to orient that particular spot, and what flowers will be cultivated.
      Halloween (Holy evening) will doubtless be on the calendar.
      The profiled individual involved in the restoration of Heligan reportedly also took the lead on the Eden Project. Subsequently beknighted, and called out (some) Cornish locals as “backward”. Typical of the blow-in.

      So the sigil is taken from the Tree of Life, the chakra diagram representing the organs of the human body. We know s@tanism inverts the positive (eg, stealing eucharistic bread for black masses with upturned crucifixes in out of hours church altars). What is the negative impact intended upon the mind & organs of the unwitting *initiates* ambling through the bucolic aisles, admiring the goats willow.
      Staff at the venue should be told what’s going on

  5. Azazel and Samael are two of the fallen archangels in the book of Enoch, one is prisoned in a mountain, the other under a dessert. In the talmud, azazel in hanging upside down, in the heavens. Samael is who Christians call satan, cause he’s the accusser. Azazel is the goat who all the sin of the world is decribed to In the book of Enoch, But in the Rig Veda, the Yama Yami story, the gods ( fallen angels) never had children with humans. There will always be contradictions in different scrolls, books, ect. What you see in the world today, is everything that the god from the old testament, the demiurg, hates or forbids. It want to loos like it’s a fight between good and evil. But thats all tricks, to keep you trapped. Read the nag hammadi scrolls, it explains everything.

    • Hi…finally some one who “knows”…I Am reading the Nag Hammadi…jesus Him Self tells us things that are written in these Books…There is Truth everywhere to find on Earth, we just have to dig for it…Blessings -john

    • On the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), one of two goats was sacrificed and the other, the scapegoat, was sent into the wilderness, bearing the sins of the people of Israel (Leviticus 16).
      In most translation of the Bible, the Hebrew word ‘Azazel’ is translated as the ‘scapegoat’ itself. In some others, Azazel is translated separately from the goat – eg: ‘the goat, on which the lot fell for Azazel’ (English Revised Version), and Azazel is interpreted as a place of desert hills outside of Jerusalem, or a being, to which the goat is sent.
      As to a being, the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks wrote: ‘According to Ibn Ezra (cryptically) and Nahmanides (explicitly), Azazel was the name of a spirit or demon, one of the fallen angels referred to in Genesis 6:2, similar to the goat-spirit called Pan in Greek mythology, Faunus in Latin.’
      And John Gill’s (a Baptist preacher, 1697-1771) Expositon of the Bible states: ‘Aben Ezra suggests, there is a secret or mystery in the word Azazel, and says, you may know it and the mystery of his name, for he has companions in Scripture; and I will reveal to you, says he, part of it by a hint, when you are the son of thirty three, you may know its meaning, that is, by reckoning thirty three verses from Leviticus 16:8; where this word is first mentioned, which will fall on Leviticus 17:7; “they shall no more offer unto devils”; and so R. Menachem interprets Azazel of Samael, the angel of death, the devil, the prince that hath power over desolate places…’

  6. I have looked into witchcraft and Druidism when I was younger, I live near Glastonbury and there were a plethora of books on the subject and I’ve got to say that for the most part, it’s a kind of religion for nature lovers and the highly imaginative, but rarely did I come across anything I’d call evil, in fact I’ve got to say that in most cases this new age sort of movement was highly against violence of evil or anything like that, touting the rule of three, ‘Ever mind the rule of three whatever thou doth comes back to thee times three,’ Some of the nicest most gentle and loving people I have ever met have called themselves witches and druids. But I don’t think you are wrong to be deeply suspicious, I think of it like this, the Christian church has had a very serious issue with peadophilia over the years, that doesn’t make your local priest a child molester or the congregation demonic. I’d say that a few extremely questionable people does not make an entire group bad but we are encouraged to think this way, (take the police force and BLM movement,) and encouraged to think of others in an us and them way, becoming ever more polarised and intolerant so we fight each other, not along side each other against the evil that is trying to destroy this world, not to mention how many groups start with initially good intentions only to have evil people infiltrate them and warp them into their agenda, like the Green Party members, who whether you believe in climate change or not, just wanted to save the environment, but are now little more than a puppet party for perverts. The promises these groups make can also be very enticing. Take ‘The Satanic Temple,’ for instance, my friend was a member of this group because of their tenets that framed them as a human rights activist group, these tenets sound great, only a depraved human being could find much fault with most of them. For example one of their tenets include the statement, ‘One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.’ Well shit, who watching Hugo talks regularly would disagree with that? Yet my friend rapidly became disillusioned with the group and now has nothing to do with them because they pushed masks and trans ideology which depend solely on distorting scientific facts to fit beliefs. I think we have to be super careful about seeing individuals as groups and painting a group by the actions of a few individuals, because this is exactly what we are meant to do. Instead, we need to start taking the names of those individuals who a blatantly just Satanic or deep state infiltrators of these groups so they can be held to account and not hide amongst a crowd spreading poison.

    • Try to preach the Gospel in Glastonbury town centre and watch the demons foam at the mouth. Satan will come as a peace bearer. The master of deception.

      • Nah, I’ve been into Glastonbury cathedral, (the most beautiful stained glass I have ever seen,) and people were handing out Christian flyers and no one was giving them shit as far as I could see, they were selling cake too, I bought some, anyway, maybe I should attempt it just to see what happens🤣 but like I said, some bad people in a group don’t make everyone in that group bad, we’re being encouraged to see shadows everywhere and not recognise kindred spirits because they are wearing a different label, it’s time to use are noggins and see individuals so we aren’t so easily manipulated into fighting each other.

      • Fair point. I did witnessed a preacher there who took a load of abuse. This was after dark though, everyone boozed up and brave.

      • @erinsade Wasn’t aware that there is a cathedral in Glastonbury. There’s one at neighbouring Wells, in Somerset, but not in Glastonbury.

      • Hi ya

        Yes it’s
        Glastonbury Abbey
        I have visited it & walked up Glastonbury Tor

        The cathedral is indeed in other place.

      • My mistake thetruthnotdoctrine, Glastonbury has an abbey not a cathedral🤦‍♀️ and the place I was on about with the gorgeous stained glass windows is Saint John the Baptist church, it’s smack in the middle of Glastonbury, it’s actually surprising how many churches there are in Glastonbury, I was looking up the name of the church I meant and there’s quite a few!

    • I can only speak from limited experience but in part I agree with you. In so much as there are good people to be found in all walks of life. From personal experience my mother in law was a wiccan and she moved to Glasto to be amongst like minded people. My husband had a strained relationship with her for years because although she was nature loving and peaceful, she was very self focused. Her friends seemed to have the same character as we noticed when we went for dinner with them. They were all on their own journey and focused on ‘Self’ improvement. Which made them (in our experience of their relations to each) other flakey and inconstant. She became a Christian five years ago and the difference in her personality is staggering. My husband at over 40 says it is like he has a new mother. She’s there for him in a way she never was before and she’s there for her grandchildren. She’s just one person but our experience is that although the new agers are peaceful, they aren’t focused on loving one another more than themselves, which has made a huge difference in our lives.

  7. You are doing a very good job in exposing them Hugo.
    Also, all witchcraft, sorcery, magic, etc is from the devil according to the bible. The evil people doing all those things probably know what they are doing but it is like a criminal or an addict. They will deny, deny and deny to the bitter end.
    God bless

  8. Your not going mad Hugo” but this is how Satanist’s perform rituals and sigils have always been associated with particular fallen angels in carrying out evil plans ‘and also flaunting ( showing off) their strong hold” as some other satanic monuments around the world are getting blown up and destroyed at present!

  9. Thank u. They are pure evil using People without them knowing

  10. Commonwealth games openly worshipping baal.. Full on statue of a bull.. Idol worship..
    Never watched it, but heard about it. I knew it would be satanic the BBC are so evil, people have no idea, what you’re dealing with.
    Full of sorcery and witchcraft their programmes are..
    “For many will perish for a lack of knowledge”
    I say to you all!! Heaven and hell, Angels and demons are very real and walk amongst us..
    Do not listen to the doctrines of men, they will lead you astray.
    With their pathetic interpretations of the gospels…
    Study! Study the gospels and ask for wisdom and discernment..

    “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”
    “How long will Scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge”
    I know some on here pretend to know Jesus, but they are far from him and do not abide in his word..

    “Blessed is the one who finds wisdom and the one who gets understanding for the gain from her is better gain from silver and her profit better than gold”

    “The wise will inherit honour but fools get disgrace”
    God bless!
    Christ is king of Kings!!

    • well said…¶…When the pearl is cast down into the mud, it becomes greatly despised, nor if it is anointed with balsam oil will it become more precious. But it always has value in the eyes of its owner. Compare the Sons of God: wherever they may be, they still have value in the eyes of their Father.

      If you say, “I am a Jew,” no one will be moved. If you say, “I am a Roman,” no one will be disturbed. If you say, “I am a Greek, a barbarian, a slave, a free man,” no one will be troubled. If you say, “I am a Christian,” the […] will tremble. Would that I might […] like that – the person whose name […] will not be able to endure hearing. …

      • …If one goes down into the water and comes up without having received anything, and says “I am a Christian,” he has borrowed the name at interest. But if he receives the Holy Spirit, he has the name as a gift. He who has received a gift does not have to give it back, but of him who has borrowed it at interest, payment is demanded. This is the way it happens to one when he experiences a mystery.” -Knowledge(Gnosis)

  11. I worked for a White Witch once upon a time, less the sorcerers apprentice but rather more his carer. He was quite the academic in regards to the occult and had made quite a name for himself in the literary world publishing several books. His career all went to hell late on though after finding himself the target of malicious allegations from a crazy ex lover which saw him become the centre of a very high profile court case in Scotland. The prosecution were ultimately made to look fools and their main witness fled the country when the trial collapsed. Not guilty was returned but the headlines in the Sunday tabloids ruined this talented gentleman. He sought anonymity back in England and solace at the bottom of a bottle. During one of his more sober moments between glasses of whisky we talked about what happened. I pointed to the leather bound tome of The Black Mass on his bookcase and asked him if he ever performed that ritual. Shaking his head and a voice heavy with regret he told me, “I did once but it never did anything for me”. He was well aware of the dangers of Satanism but was just too eager to please those around him and he ended paying a heavy price for it.

    • There is no such thing as “good” evil or “white” witches. That’s a fantasy. Of course his life ended sadly which has less to do with what other people did to him and more to do with his servitude to evil and the corruption of others consequently. Before you scream at me, I have known many supposed “white” witches, observed their ceremonies an lives. God Bless.

      • Why would I scream? I’m a Christian and the old mans flawed beliefs held no sway over me. He spent a lifetime devoting himself to the study of the dark arts and look how that turned out for him.

  12. Queen Elizabeth II is a Druid from the age of 20 yrs. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7343215/Druids-strip-Queen-ancient-honorary-title.html
    Is Queen Elizabeth Also A Duke?

    https://www.leicestershirevillages.com/is-queen-elizabeth-ii-head-of-irish-druids-society/The Duke of Lancaster of England is currently Her Queen Elizabeth II. As the monarch has seen it through 70 years of reign, Her Majesty regularly visits the Surveys at Sheena Castle, taking regular trips there. Even for a female monarch, the title Duke of Lancaster remains in usage.

  13. I spent years debunking all that is magic and felt tired and angry that vulnerable people were sucked in to the money matrix, but when you try to give natural remedies for little cash you are poo and don’t know anything.
    These people are scum who bully and cajole and can’t debate but throw mud till everyone thinks you’re stoopid.
    Keep doing what you do Hugo xxx

  14. Dear Hugo. Thank you very much for the information you give us. I’m from Israel. I have been investigating the Cabal for a long time. I studied Jewish Kabbalah. You’re really not going crazy, you’re in the right direction. The symbols you bring were derived by the globalist elite from drawings that appear in Jewish Kabbalah. I would be happy to help if possible. you are blessed. Uriel

  15. Its either the craziest psyop ever or we are being fooked over by the devil.

    I’m calling psyop.
    I think we’ve been primed to accept the devil could exist by all the nonsense on Netflix. There’s even a program called lucifer!?
    I think the bankers are using it as fear factor.
    It’s just my gut feeling and observations but it’s been spot on thus far.

    • … Is project Blue Beam (1994) the goal, or a psy op to keep us distracted …

    • Yes, Satan /Satanism is one of the most common covers used by the intelligence services because it spins people off down all sorts of intractable rabbit holes.

      • yea…the oldest “trick” is still being used since the First One in the Garden of Eden…the “First One” was “God”…Jesus did say that “He”, “God” is a Liar and a Murderer from the ‘Beginning'(Genesis 1:1)…is “He” not a “Jealous” God?…and did not “He” conspire to kill Adam??…Peace on Firm Earth & Flat Water -the apostle john

      • …¶…The Savior said, “Every nature, every form, every creature exists in and with each other, but they’ll dissolve again into their own roots, because the nature of matter dissolves into its nature alone. Anyone who has ears to hear should hear!”

        Peter said to him, “Since you’ve explained everything to us, tell us one more thing. What’s the sin of the world?”

        The Savior said, “Sin doesn’t exist, but you’re the ones who make sin when you act in accordance with the nature of adultery, which is called ‘sin.’ That’s why the Good came among you, up to the things of every nature in order to restore it within its root.”

        Then he continued and said, “That’s why you get sick and die, because you love what tricks you. Anyone who can understand should understand!

      • Woe, woe, how very terrible is this place.’

        …¶…3 And those men said to me: This place, O Enoch, is prepared for those who dishonour God, who on earth practise sin against nature, which is child-corruption after the sodomitic fashion, magic-making, enchantments and devilish witchcrafts, and who boast of their wicked deeds, stealing, lies, calumnies, envy, rancour, fornication, murder, and who, accursed, steal the souls of men, who, seeing the poor take away their goods and themselves wax rich, injuring them for other men’s goods; who being able to satisfy the empty, made the hungering to die; being able to clothe, stripped the naked; and who knew not their creator, and bowed down to soulless (sc. lifeless) Gods, who cannot see nor hear, vain gods, who also built hewn images and bow down to unclean handiwork, for all these is prepared this place amongst these, for eternal inheritance.”…

  16. You’re spot on Hugo,nothing is by coincidence. They just shove it blatantly in our faces cos they know that the majority are walking zombies. Keep on doing what you’re doing cos someone has to. Appreciate your work mate.

  17. Latest: Sam Gannon, 31, Emmerdale actor drops dead. Paul Ryder (Shaun Ryder’s brother), 58, drops dead. Dermott Donnely (Dec Donnely’s brother), 55, dies after “short illness”. For every famous person, how many are there in the general public? Every week I read the local obituaries I see those words “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” and the ages are getting younger. I’m trying my best not to have confirmation bias but a girl in her 20s dropped dead in my town last month.
    New normal, I think people are already desensitised to it and not asking why. Excess non-convid deaths still rocketing. Head in the sand syndrome? “Inconclusive” or “unknown cause” on an autopsy is not good enough.
    Meanwhile plans for mrna flu jabs and more convid boosters lie waiting in the wings!

    • yea…I Am seeing the same thing as You…¶…There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among the nations, bewildered by the roaring of the sea and the surging of the waves. 26Men will faint from fear and anxiety over what is coming upon the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

    • In Canada for example 6 doctors under 40 died suddenly within 2 weeks of eachother
      Dr. Paul. D. Hannam (July 16th)
      Dr. Lorne. E . Segall (July 17th)
      Dr. Stephen. W. Mackenzie (July 18th)
      Dr. Jakub. T. Sawicki (July 19th)
      Dr. Shahriar. Jalali. Mazloumn (July 23rd)
      Dr. Candace Nayman (July 27th)

      • Beg your pardon, many were under 40, not all. Even the 51 year old was marathon fit.

  18. The Druids are a representation of The Ancient Israelite Levitical Priesthood who backslid and went astray, and one of the reasons why Yahavah (God) punished Israel with invasion and captivity (circa 740-725 BC) – they betrayed their calling big time and led their fellow Israelites astray too.

    The true descendants of the Tribe of Levi are the Welsh, the Cornish and the Walloons of Flanders (Belguim)


    • still do not not “know”…but the True “God” has no name…for whoever has a name has been given it by another

      • no the Serpent is Christ in the Garden of Eden…the “God” who hates Christ called the Serpent the DEVIL…Christ is the Son of God…Jesus said to “go higher than I”

      • @jjirah11

        So when was Christ MADE!

        John 8:58 (KJV) Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.

        Exodus 3:14 (MCV) And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and He said, Thus shalt thou say unto The Children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

      • ¶ These are the secret sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded.

        1. And he said, “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”

        2. Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]” …- from the previously “Censored” Book called the ‘Gospel of Thomas’…who is called the “Twin” of Jesus…who is Mark?…and who is Luke??

      • @jjirah11 You said: “no the Serpent is Christ in the Garden of Eden…”

        Scripture says: Genesis 3:1 (MCV) Now The Serpent was more subtil (crafty and deceitful) than any beast of the field which the Lord God HAD MADE.

        I said: Are you saying that Christ was a beast of the field and that he was made? Now answer the questions!

    • is not “Yahavah”(Jehovah?) the “God” that Jesus told the Pharisees(Jewish spiritual Leaders) is a “Liar & a Murderer from the ‘Beginning’ “?(their book of Genesis chapter 1)…no small wonder the “San Hedrin(sp?) wanted Christ(Lie & Light) hung on a Cross for all to see and be warned…Christ(Truth) always condemns the Liar…”Thou shalt have no “gods” before “Me”, for I am a “jealous (Envious) “God”…the “jews” need to stop bearing false witness concerning the ‘Son of the True God’…Peace on Firm Earth & Flat Water -the apostle john

    • I Am sorry…the Word “jew” is a fabrication of the evil One…based on a different “Spelling”…changing one jot or tittle does nothing to change the True history of the True “Jeu”…I notice that You only reference the Books that You have been given from the Vatican…and the “Fishmongers” of the 16th Century “Londonites”…That is a Book that will Bind You…but cannot bind not True God’s Word…By The WAY…I Am a so-called “Gnostic’…just so You “know” who You are dealing with…Peace on Firm Earth -the apostle john

      • jjirah11 I couldn’t care less about any spelling changes – show me the word ‘Jew’ or any derivation of the word ‘Jew’ in the first 11 books of The Bible.

        Here’s a little clue to help your poorly informed confused mind!

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’. The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all…”

        — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3.

        If you’re a Gnostic then you’re a damned apostate unless you repent of your vile sin.

      • whatever we call our “Self” is what we “think” we are…Why calledst Me “Good”…there is only One “Good” …and that is God…now then…You may call your Self “Good”…and even “believe” it…but that does make in and of itself actually make You “Good”…if I say that I Am “Good” because I “know” it…and I Am a “son of God”…what does that matter to You and cause you to blaspheme Me?…you seem to Me to be a “Judean”, for which the slang term “Ju”, or “jew” derived from indeed…We both have very much yet to learn…Seek Gnosis and live, my friend…¶…Jesus said, “A grapevine has been planted apart from the Father. Since it is not strong, it will be pulled up by its root and will perish.”

        41. Jesus said, “Whoever has something in hand will be given more, and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little they have.”

        42. Jesus said, “Be passersby.”

        43. His disciples said to him, “Who are you to say these things to us?”

        “You don’t understand who I am from what I say to you.

        Rather, you have become like the Judeans, for they love the tree but hate its fruit, or they love the fruit but hate the tree.” …-Thomas

      • …Jesus said, “Whoever blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven.”

        45. Jesus said, “Grapes are not harvested from thorn trees, nor are figs gathered from thistles, for they yield no fruit.

        Good persons produce good from what they’ve stored up; bad persons produce evil from the wickedness they’ve stored up in their hearts, and say evil things. For from the overflow of the heart they produce evil.”

      • …¶…The Lord said, “Blessed is he who is before he came into being. For he who is, has been and shall be.”

        The superiority of man is not obvious to the eye, but lies in what is hidden from view. Consequently, he has mastery over the animals which are stronger than he is and great in terms of the obvious and the hidden. This enables them to survive. But if man is separated from them, they slay one another and bite one another. They ate one another because they did not find any food. But now they have found food because man tilled the soil.

        If one goes down into the water and comes up without having received anything, and says “I am a Christian,” he has borrowed the name at interest. But if he receives the Holy Spirit, he has the name as a gift. He who has received a gift does not have to give it back, but of him who has borrowed it at interest, payment is demanded. This is the way it happens to one when he experiences a mystery.”…

      • @jjirah11 Anyone who denies that Yashua Messiah was Yahavah (God) come in the flesh is an anti-Christ, and ALL Gnostics deny that Yashua Messiah was Yahavah (God) come in the flesh and are therefore anti-Christs – period – full stop – end of!

      • @jjirah11 “The Lord said, “Blessed is he who is before he came into being. For he who is, has been and shall be.”

        Scripture and verse reference for that nonsense.

      • Hi…this verse is somewhere in the Nag Hammadi Library Books…look for it Your Self…¶…”And now listen! God and the Father, even the Lord, created man subsequent to the gods, and he took him from the region of matter. Since matter is involved in the creation of man, of […], the passions are in it. Therefore, they continually flow over his body, for this living creature would not have existed in any other way except that he had taken this food, since he is mortal. It is also inevitable that inopportune desires, which are harmful, dwell in him. For the gods, since they came into being out of a pure matter, do not need learning and knowledge. For the immortality of the gods is learning and knowledge, since they came into being out of pure matter. It (immortality) assumed for them the position of knowledge and learning. By necessity, he (God) set a boundary for man; he placed him in learning and knowledge.”…

      • …”Concerning these things (learning and knowledge) which we have mentioned from the beginning, he (God) perfected them in order that by means of these things he might restrain passions and evils, according to his will. He brought his (man’s) mortal existence into immortality; he (man) became good (and) immortal, just as I have said. For he (God) created (a) two-fold nature for him: the immortal and the mortal.

        “And it happened this way because of the will of God that men be better than the gods, since, indeed, the gods are immortal, but men alone are both immortal and mortal. Therefore, man has become akin to the gods, and they know the affairs of each other with certainty. The gods know the things of men, and men know the things of the gods. And I am speaking about men, Asclepius, who have attained learning and knowledge. But (about) those who are more vain than these, it is not fitting that we say anything base, since we are divine and are introducing holy matters.”…Peace on Firm Earth & Flat Water -the apostle john

      • @jjirah11 So apart from The Prophets and Patriarchs, how were people blessed when they had no opportunity for salvation before Yashua Messiah came?

      • “He brought his (man’s) mortal existence into immortality; he (man) became good (and) immortal, just as I have said. For he (God) created (a) two-fold nature for him: the immortal and the mortal.”

        Looks like you’re a servant of The Serpent parroting the same lie he spewed to Eve: Genesis 3:4 (KJV) And The Serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

      • Eve received Knowledge(Gnosis) from Christ, the Instructor, and told Adam who “believed”…&…”knew”(knowedge of) the Truth, not just, or “unjust” Doctrine of the LORD God(elohiym), W.H.O. are a plurality of 7 “powers” of God(not the Trinity)…and “we” who are the children of the Living Father also “know” that “God” hath truly said the “My people perish for the Lack of Knowledge:(Gnosis)…Adam became a True son of the True God…the reference to Seth is to be understood as the “son” who replaced the slain boy named Abel…Seth is the first True son of Adam & Eve…the “Savior” of a fallen world…Jesus Christ taught this Truth to His inner Circle of apostles…the Savior has been called many names throughout the Ages…Jesus is but “One” of the names for a ‘Son of God’…PS…Solomon, despite his “adulterous” behavior, also was “saved”

      • …¶…The Revelation which Adam taught his son Seth in the seven hundreth year, saying:

        Listen to my words, my son Seth. When God(again Elohiym) had created me out of the earth, along with Eve, your mother, I went about with her in a glory which she had seen in the aeon from which we had come forth. She taught me a word of knowledge of the eternal God. And we resembled the great eternal angels, for we were higher than the god who had created us and the powers with him, whom we did not know.

        Then God, the ruler of the aeons and the powers, divided us in wrath. Then we became two aeons. And the glory in our heart(s) left us, me and your mother Eve, along with the first knowledge(Gnosis) that breathed within us. And it (glory) fled from us; it entered into […] great […] which had come forth, not from this aeon from which we had come forth, I and Eve your mother. But it (knowledge) entered into the seed of great aeons. For this reason I myself have called you by the name of that man who is the seed of the great generation or from whom (it comes). After those days, the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since that time, we learned about dead things, like men. Then we recognized the God who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. And after these things, we became darkened in our heart(s). Now I slept in the thought of my heart.”…Seek in order that ye may indeed Find…and Christ does command His True followers to search with our whole Heart(not just with our brain)

      • @jjirah11, Are you saying that Eve (the rib) had preeminence over Adam, whom Yah created? And where does it say that Adam and Eve were saved, which means where does it say that they ate fruit from The Tree of Life? I want Scripture and verse to back this up!!

      • I will not give You the satisfaction of dismissing the Truth that I will post because you will not accept it unless Your Bible contains it…but “hear” goes…¶…They took Adam and put him the garden, that he might cultivate it and keep watch over it. And the rulers issued a command to him, saying, “From every tree in the garden shall you eat; yet from the tree of recognizing good and evil do not eat, nor touch it; for the day you eat from it, with death you are going to die.”

        They […] this. They do not understand what they have said to him; rather, by the father’s will, they said this in such a way that he might (in fact) eat, and that Adam might regard them as would a man of an exclusively material nature.

        The rulers took counsel with one another and said, “Come, let us cause a deep sleep to fall upon Adam.” And he slept. – Now the deep sleep that they “caused to fall upon him, and he slept” is Ignorance. – They opened his side like a living woman. And they built up his side with some flesh in place of her, and Adam came to be endowed only with soul.

        And the spirit-endowed woman came to him and spoke with him, saying, “Arise, Adam.” And when he saw her, he said, “It is you who have given me life; you will be called ‘mother of the living’. – For it is she who is my mother. It is she who is the physician, and the woman, and she who has given birth.”

      • …Then the authorities were informed that their modelled form was alive and had arisen, and they were greatly troubled. They sent seven archangels to see what had happened. They came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him, they said to one another, “What sort of thing is this luminous woman? For she resembles that likeness which appeared to us in the light. Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast her seed into her, so that when she becomes soiled she may not be able to ascend into her light. Rather, those whom she bears will be under our charge. But let us not tell Adam, for he is not one of us. Rather let us bring a deep sleep over him. And let us instruct him in his sleep to the effect that she came from his rib, in order that his wife may obey, and he may be lord over her.”

        Then Eve, being a force, laughed at their decision. She put mist into their eyes and secretly left her likeness with Adam. She entered the tree of knowledge and remained there. And they pursued her, and she revealed to them that she had gone into the tree and become a tree. Then, entering a great state of fear, the blind creatures fled.”

      • …And I said to the savior, “What is the forgetfulness?” And he said “It is not the way Moses wrote (and) you heard. For he said in his first book, ‘He put him to sleep’ (Gn 2:21), but (it was) in his perception. For also he said through the prophet, ‘I will make their hearts heavy, that they may not pay attention and may not see’ (Is 6:10).

        “Then the Epinoia of the light hid herself in him (Adam). And the chief archon wanted to bring her out of his rib. But the Epinoia of the light cannot be grasped. Although darkness pursued her, it did not catch her. And he brought a part of his power out of him. And he made another creature, in the form of a woman, according to the likeness of the Epinoia which had appeared to him. And he brought the part which he had taken from the power of the man into the female creature, and not as Moses said, ‘his rib-bone.’

        “And he (Adam) saw the woman beside him. And in that moment the luminous Epinoia appeared, and she lifted the veil which lay over his mind. And he became sober from the drunkenness of darkness. And he recognized his counter-image, and he said, ‘This is indeed bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.’ Therefore the man will leave his father and his mother, and he will cleave to his wife, and they will both be one flesh. For they will send him his consort, and he will leave his father and his mother … (3 lines unreadable)

      • @jjirah11 You won’t give me the satisfaction, or any answer, because you can’t, and you can’t, because you’re full of lying satanic Gnostic shit!

      • “Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.”

        (21) Then he said, “Thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the wise and learned and revealing them to children. Yes, Father, this was what you wanted. (22) My Father has given me everything. No one knows who the son is except the Father, or who the Father is except the son, and the one to whom the son wants to reveal him.

        (23) “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. (24) I’m telling you that many prophets and rulers wanted to see what you see, but didn’t see it; and to hear what you hear, but didn’t hear it.

      • Jehovah is a Liar…&…a Murderer from genesis chapter 1 verse 1(‘Beginning’)…you may call “him” “Yahuvah”…or whatever…no difference

      • @jjirah11 Looks like you’re the only liar here, and the word is Yahavah, or The Elohim, not Jehovah. YOU are the Jehovah worshipper!

      • Oh!…very well…if You are correct, then I will gladly adjust my set…Now, if You look at Genesis chapter 1:1…You will notice that …¶ In the ‘Beginning’ “God”(Singular) created the Heavens(plural) and Earth(singular)…then, in Genesis chapter 2:4 it says…¶…This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God(plural) made them….and so we(plural) can see that something important has transpired…LORD(Jehovah) God(plural) has taken the place of the Singular God(Yaldabaoth)…so the ‘Elohiym'(7 powers of “God”) have become the “communicators” with mankind…”God” has entirely left the tragic Scene…”They” are what we(Gnostics) call the “Archons”, with “God” being the “Chief Archon”…”They” are the “Powers & Authorities” which Jesus Christ warns US about, and says that we “wrestle with”…we can not fight against “God” who is called “Ariael” by US, the Perfect, as “He” has been bound in the Abyss by the Power of “His” mother, who will remain nameless at this point by Me…”God” also has some known aliases such as “Samael”, and “Saklas”…whichever name that “He” will go by when “He” returns to the Temple in Jerusalem, is anybody’s guess at this Time…perhaps “He” will come as the “AntiChrist and call “Himself “Jesus…It will be exciting to see how this all works out for “Good” in the End of this Age, which some call the “Great Reset”…Peace on Firm Earth and Level Water -the apostle john

      • @jjirah11 “Oh!…very well…if You are correct, then I will gladly adjust my set…Now, if You look at Genesis chapter 1:1…You will notice that …¶ In the ‘Beginning’ “God”(Singular) created the Heavens(plural) and Earth(singular).”

        There’s no ‘IF’ about it! I am always correct when it comes to the Holy Scriptures – If I don’t know, I remain silent.

        Genesis 1:1 refers Yahavah (God) as the Hebrew ELOHIM which is PLURAL of the Hebrew ELOAH or ELOHA the singular, so Yahavah (God) IS NOT SINGULAR! The Yahavah is a Duality of Yah with Yah, and later known as The Father and The Son

  19. I don’t know if, per chance, this all has to do with – August 12th 2022 Full Moon — August 14th Sun-Earth-SATURN alignment – August 27th New Moon – could all be prep for Halloween?

    • …¶…There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among the nations, bewildered by the roaring of the sea and the surging of the waves. 26) Men will faint from fear and anxiety over what is coming upon the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”…

    • Yeah on those dates they will be running through the symbol naked and chanting spells, if only someone could set up a camera to catch them in the act.

    • That sounds quite likely to me. The coming Age of Aquarius involves Sun, Earth, Saturn and Uranus.

      • … And when He shall open the third seal, the light of the sun shall be withheld, and there shall not be light upon the earth. And when He shall open the fourth seal, the heavens shall be dissolved, and the air shall be thrown into utter confusion, as saith the prophet: And the heavens are the works of Thy hands; they shall perish, but Thou endurest, and they shall all wax old as a garment. (1) And when He shall open the fifth seal, the earth shall be rent, and all the tribunals upon the face of all the earth shall be revealed. And when He shall open the sixth seal, the half of the sea shall disappear. And when He shall open the seventh seal, Hades shall be uncovered. “…

    • not only Hollywood is what it is, MSM is Hollywood, GOV is Hollywood, WAR is Hollywood, NHS is Hollywood
      It’s unbelievable that Jooish/Phoenician globalists force public services constables, doctors, nurses, armed forces to participate in this CIA/NSA/MI5/MI6/Mossad theater. They call them drills but I reckon it’s just a perfect opportunity to take some good shots that then can be used in fake events before CGI cannot be distinguished from reality. If you are on their payroll it’s harder to resist.

  20. Speaking about the Satanists, Freemasons.
    As a Christian I don’t deny that supernatural influences and backs these Intelligence criminals.
    But considering the West is pretty much leveled by the globalists in terms of spirituality there won’t be any push back, inquisition or religious trials but burning people at stake is a specialty of the Protestant sects not the Catholics like Hollywood taught us, stoning is the specialty of the Muslims but they learned this from Joos.
    I reckon if there are any religious trials in the West is going to be AGAIN STAGED by the Intelligence like Alex Jones trial or any other televised fake trials in the past.

    So for a “reasonable” Westerner the best if not the only is to see these evil people simply as CRIMINALS and name things as they are: LIES, THEFT, EXTORTION.

    • As soon as you dethrone Jesus Christ this immediately exposes you to diverse world of ancient Phoenician, Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek/Roman pagan gods but also the imaginary influence of superheroes and gods straight from Hollywood e.g. Jedis, elves, heroes from the Avengers, mutants from X-Men etc.
      It’s all to capture you imagination and Hollywood does a great job.

      • No it’s not all a Jewish plot. (The video you ink to repeatedly says that the Illuminati is a Jewish conspiracy.)

      • @Susan Well clearly it is. 1) The Jews were behind Cromwell and financed The English Civil War. 2) The Jews were behind The French Revolution through the Freemasons (The Illuminati) 3) The Jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and all confirmed for us by this Jew:

        “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.”

        — The Jew, Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.

        “The Jews ate the English nation to its bones”

        — John Speed, English cartographer 1552-1629

        “In 1770 the money lenders (who had recently organised the House of Rothschild), retained him (Adam Weishaupt) to revise and modernise the age old protocols designed to give the Synagogue of Satan ultimate world domination so they can impose the LUCIFERIAN IDEOLOGY upon what remains of the human race, after the final social cataclysm, by use of satanic despotism. Weishaupt (founder of The Illuminati) completed his task May 1st 1776.”

        — William Guy Carr; “Pawns in the Game”

    • yea…there is always a gradual decline in Religions of all types…where did the “jews” come from?…the Abrahamites?…The sons of Abe did not even obey their own Law which reads as “The oldest “son” shall inherit the Farm”(or sumpin’ like dat)…so a new Law had to be created which changed their “Religion”…and on & on it goes…We, who Jesus would surely call “Christs(pl), will do well if we only change our “beliefs” based on True Gnosis…This is what is called “having the Mind of the Father”…which is CHRIST within…-Peace on Firm Earth & Flat Water -the apostle john…however “Religion” is a matter always of “Free Will”…and only a free “Free Will” seeks Truth, which makes US free indeed

  21. Many people who saw that “Bull” commented on how it looked like a Devil. What no one mentioned, was that Bull-Fighting is no longer acceptable, so why celebrate that vile sport and why call a place a Bull-Ring? It is actually unbelievable in this Woke day and age that people didn’t question it. What actually were they supposed to be promoting – cruelty to animals? Of course, you’re right Hugo – do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality.

  22. I noticed, the other day, that Rishi Sunak was a partner in a hedge fund called, ‘Theleme Partners LLC’, who were massively invested in Moderna – right from the beginning. It immediately jumped out at me.

    Is it just a coincidence that ‘Theleme’ is the French spelling and pronunciation of ‘Thelema’? His partner’s name was Patrick Degorce (a French name) – so I think, perhaps, not.

  23. You’re doing a great job Hugo. You are, for the most part, always right. Keep informing those who want to know and exposing the evil. Don’t wait too late to acknowledge the Saviour of the Holy Scriptures and allow Him to lead you into all truths. And to all those who have not yet accepted the True Messiah.
    Stay well all. Blessings

  24. No doubt in my mind the world is becoming more evil as the populace falls more and more under their spell. How else to understand these last two years and their current campaign to hijack humanity through injection, breaking our connection with our Creator, and transforming us in Satan’s image.

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