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  1. My Smartphone to me is this.. Quite simply put, it’s a useful tool to have and carry around, but the moment it becomes a REQUIREMENT to do anything, IT’S GONE, because I know the truth and my eyes are wide open.

    • Likewise, though never had one or a desire to want one. I make do with a bog standard mobile to make calls and send text, though admittedly I have an iPad but only use it indoors with wifi. Never purchase data. The minute I’m not permitted to have a paper passport is when I’ll either not travel abroad or perhaps even attempt to make a legal argument about the position. Perhaps others would to? 🤔

    • The problem is that it’s always easy to say ‘I’ll use it but just for this one thing! And this other thing!’ The more things it replaces, the more dependent you become on it. Don’t hide behind excuses.

    • @jesusfreak1963 The question you should ask yourself is this: Would Yashua Messiah have a smartphone if He were here today in the flesh? The correct answer is a no-brainer!

  2. Don’t be surprised by the number of useless eaters in this world blindly following orders. I have had enough of them and despise them for making everyone who are sane suffer for the past 2+ years.

    The whole point of Gates & Co. wanting to reduce carbon footprint is to reduce the number of them in the end. They are doing God’s job ridding the weak and stupid. If anyone disagree, they can tell me why God would let them take it.

  3. People will never stop using their smartphones. I tried to talk to several people about it, especially during the protests against the corona-measures. People there think they are so aware of what´s going on. But as soon as I told them I haven´t a smartphone and why, they start making cheap excuses; claming they only use them for certain things or are only using the casts-off of their children (as if that makes any difference!). They don´t want to be without them because that would mean they are no longer a full part of society, and some things would become difficult or even impossible. And yes, that´s true. But resistance isn`t for free! I´m afraid it´s hopeless because people are not willing to pay the price.

  4. Yep it’s the 10seconds everyone takes to get through customs that’s the issue, not the lack of pilots due to health issues mainly heart attacks.

    As posted before, there putting Spyware on ALL devices to search for Pedo’s, really it’ll search for anti woke talk, anti government, anti well everything full on 1984, they didn’t say the time scale for this role out but it’ll happen and nobody will notice / care.

  5. Hugo, are you familiar with the concept of “mass formation” (hypnosis/psychosis)? A Belgian clinical psychologist, Professor Mattias Desmet has been doing very interesting research on mass formation. It explains so much of what’s been going on. According to his research, 30% of the global population are under mass formation hypnosis while 40% just follow the MSM narrative for social or other reasons even if they sense that things do not add up. That doesn’t leave many people who are aware of what’s going on, does it? There are several articles and video intervies available with Mattias Desmet.

    Huge THANK YOU for what you’re doing!

  6. The Asleep don’t care Hugo, they have chosen their path and we have all chosen ours. Let’s concentrate on our Futures as a Community to support each other when the Shit hits the Fan.😉

  7. Max Igan (The Crowhouse) & David Icke have also been telling people to get rid of their smart phones..Him, David Icke and Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) have also been reporting on the scamdemic and the agendas of total control since Day 1.. All 3 banned from Facebook, Youtube & Twitter.. of course..

    DAVID ICKE on the COVID hoax :

    • David Icke has no credibility with most people, this is intentional. So he is able to completely discredit things with most people by revealing them as true. That is the role he plays.

    • @davidjcaron Wakey!! wakey!! Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) is a stock market speculator and Icke is a shabbos goy Jesuit gatekeeper.

  8. The only person who constantly tells people to ditch their smart phones that I know is Max Igan. Is he controlled. Possibly. He does have some very far out ideas on things that will make your head spin.

    • FFS Max Igan controlled.
      He has been calling out this tyranny for twenty years. Beyond parody.

    • Max is poorly researched (IMHO) but he does get some interesting content but as always question everything !

    • I feel like I lost respect for him when he left Australia and fled to Mexice…i just thought it cowardly

  9. They certainly emit toxic radiation, massively contributing to the executive dysfunction affecting everyone.

  10. I treat my smart phone like a land line. It stays home. If I was to travel anywhere, I would shut it off and put it into a metal box and leave it in my luggage. NON trackable.

  11. I don’t have a smartphone because: I don’t want to be connected to the internet 24/7, I like my privacy, I don’t want to be tracked, traced, spied on, and I don’t want to pay for it.

  12. Smart phone is the tool. Wifi is the infrastructure – without which their nwo cannot happen. Broadband is limited to the plugged-in computer device. But it’s wifi -the hermes harbinger of the EMF – that they really cannot do without. … Especially the cell masts perched high in every triffid street light, all those chopped down trees that won’t obscure the 360 eye

  13. The bullshit about cash passing “infection” got people onto more contactless payments….
    All this contactless crap and phone scanning there social media toys with a phone built in is comical…
    There so reliant on the bloody things they cant think for themselves…

    • Today I’m pleased – paid everything in real cash! Didn’t realise I had enough lol. Felt awesome.

  14. Young people in Sweden are already willingly being chiipped!

  15. Hugo says, “if your phone was toxic and it was emitting dangerous fumes you would get rid of it fast enough, right? Well, it does give off toxic fumes in the form of harmful electromagnetic radiation. With the advent of 5G, our phone can now serve as a target for a turret style machine gun like operation which shoots pulsed electromagnetic energy at an intensity capable of making you uncomfortable to outright killing you with great enough exposure.

    We’ve reached the point where the liability of owning a smartphone outweighs the benefit. Mine is history. The time has come for us to realize the threat technology represents and treat it accordingly and please think twice before accusing me of thinking like a Luddite. Peace.

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