Ireland Farmers Offered 💰💲 To Cull Cows / Hugo Talks

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  1. There’s a good meme on whatsapp and telegram showing a cow in a green field on one side, air pollution from fossil fuels on the other, with the caption “Imagine the amount of propaganda it took to make people believe cows are the problem.”

    And of course, no-one is allowed to call out and talk about the world’s #1 polluter without a likely visit from the MIB.

    Fucking clown world Hugo, as you’ve often said.

    • Thing is that this meme is still perpetuating the anthropomorphic climate change myth – CO2 is not and never has been a problem. The times when there has been the most CO2 in the world are the times when the world was at its greenest and most productive. Cutting CO2 is also going to cause crop failures, but is really mainly about taxation and control. Wait until everyone has a carbon credit score on their phone and won’t be able to travel if they’ve exceeded their quota…

      (By the way, I’m not saying that air/water pollution isn’t a problem, but it’s the corporations who need to be controlled, not the people…)

      • I agree Al, CO2 to my understanding at least, plays a minuscule impact role in on the changes to our climate. Changes in the solar system are having much greater impact on these cyclical events and, despite many record-breaking hot days over the last 20 years, the planet is actually set to cool. We also know that they can manipulate weather patterns through various means and yes, absolutely the corporations that need to be controlled…certainly not people or farmers. But I’m preaching to the choir I know! Will the sheep ever get it???!

  2. So we have food shortages all people Ireland took in need all there stock and more

  3. Farmers are way more important than politicians…how about £5000 to cull a politician

  4. Worthless, printed (digital) FIAT money is the route of all evil. It has zero intrinsic value yet controls everything, an illusion.

    Try eating or milking your imaginary money once you’re hungry and thirsty.

  5. This is a joke, farmers cull their cows every year anyway by selling them to the meat industry.

    • Cull completely. As in no more cattle. Ever. As per U N agenda 20/30.
      … So eat grass, as did the dying in the *famine* of 1847, when the potatoes didn’t grow (a frequent problem in damp climates) – but everything else did and got exported (with the child labour-mined tin & copper for the industrial monster). Oats, barley, wheat – all chugged eastwards for the crown corp.
      Cows did eat grass then too, but their rich produce didn’t reach the starving humans. Nor did the relief supplies from the US, as ships were refused anchor and had no choice but to abandon mission.
      The *joke* is enjoyed by Who, exactly .

      • You’re right that sounds exactly what’s being planned again without the excuse of potto blight.

    • This has been happening for years in the name of TB. When they tell the farmer that all his cows have to be killed because one or two have tested positive for TB what do you think happens to the carcasses? They go into the food chain but the farmers are paid only a percentage of their actual value. So who is making the profit there? The government!!

    • You clearly did not understand the content of the video or the implications therein.
      Poor you.
      Now, if you purposefully misunderstood, then $20 in your back pocket for a failed propaganda coupe.

  6. Farming is a way of life.
    We give glory to our God by the way that we treat the animals and we serve our brothers and sisters who need food to sustain an healthy life.
    Stop the stupidity!

  7. Without cows in fields, where’s my Kerrygold butter gonna come from? On a side note, at least the empty fields will enable farmers to grow loads more bugs to eat and also provide space to build more homes for people from Ukraine.

  8. Total insanity, Hugo, but, surely, all part of the Globalists’ long-term plan? Those who don’t die from the jabs can always be starved to death? And farmers have already been ‘paid’ to rip out their crops… that’s what Set-Aside was all about: a dodgy ‘incentive’ scheme by the EEC to persuade our farmers to take their arable farmland out of production. I lived in a house on a sheep farm in the Welsh hills and saw, firsthand, the hard-working farmer struggle to make ends meet, even with subsidies. More recently, I have tried to have a meaningful conversation regarding Government-directed farming policy with a friend who is a dairy farmer… he just looks away and changes the subject! Farmers are running out of reasons to keep farming… and he knows it. Good to expose the insanity of this issue, Hugo. Thanks.

  9. Follow the Money, and all come from the Corrupt WEF.
    Welcome to ‘The Great Reset’ where you will own nothing….
    absolutely nothing, but will be happy.
    ☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉

    • I rather see a vast majority of people gone than animals personally…
      People offer nothing yet animals do…

  10. Farming is a necessity in any country, its obviously a way of introducing laboratory grown meats

  11. You missed the point, when the cows have all gone all that will be left is banks full of cash and then they will confiscate that. GAME SET AND MATCH.

  12. If you actually believe CO2 in the atmosphere is causing “climate change” – which I don’t, and they think that killing animals is a good way to reduce the CO2, well…. there is one animal that there are 8 Billion of, and not only do they breathe out CO2, they drive motor cars, burn fossil fuels, and create a lot more CO2 than a cow. So if people agree with killing animals to reduce carbon, then it’s only a matter of time before Kill Gates & his cronies start telling us how much carbon we could cut if we only “cull” a few billion of that particular animal. Or just starve, freeze, or nuke us instead.

    • This is alredy happening. Remdesivier is the solution to a “Good death”. What happened to the old folks in the care homes during the lockdown. They were euthanised with remdesivier and we were told it was covid.

    • Clearly you have no idea about how much C02 insects produce.
      The argument is moot, C02 is in no way harmful to either life or the environment.
      …And there’s more
      1Kg of locusts consume 1Kg of food every day.
      1Kg of Cow consumes 87grammes of food every day.
      Cows are 12.5 times more efficient at providing us with protein!


    Interesting study from 1996, showing how the US could ‘own the weather by 2025’.
    Inducing droughts, is one such scenario mentioned.

    Plus, my old fashioned mercury barometers at home have always been more accurate and predictable at reading the weather then anything, yet for the past week, they have all been turned to ‘rain’.

    So, we have (3) barometers turned to rain, a sky full of dust and grey clouds galore, but still no rain…..
    If you have any old barometers, go check them too.

      • EISCAT, Doppler radar, NEXrad, chem trails, cargo ship bunker fuel, etcetera

        – geoengineeringwatch : go to patents and documents
        – the truth about chemtrails via
        – via

      • Why do you think there’s Droughts everywhere ? They’ve BEEN controlling the weather since Vietnam War, only they got better at it. The HARRP antenna Aray in Alsaka was PUT there because it was close to the Pole and could be more efficiently used. What they do is direct HIGH ENERGY at the Ionosphere, Heat it up to Extreme Temperatures, which then Changes the weather patterns around the world. It’s easier to focus the energy beam being that close to the pole. There’s never been recorded history on Droughts lasting as long as they now are, simply because they didn’t have the HARRP until the late 80’s. Need a Drought in South America ? just refocus the beam .. need a drought in California ? just refocus the beam .. need massive rains and flooding in Pakistan ? just refocus the beam …. are you getting it yet ? And now they have Space Based Weather Weapons which are up in geosynchronous orbits, where they can continue to bugger up the weather any where on earth. The United States and the other nations actually signed a UN Treaty over the use of Weather as a Weapon, but these days, who follows the law. Just ask Klaus The NAZI, Bill Gates, the Eugenics King, who uses children from third world nations, and homeless people, to test their ” Death Shots ” on … Just wait until that PSYCHOPATHIC NUT CASE Yuval Noah Harari, a Jewish Freak, who wants to implant chips into everyone’s brains, so that the people no longer have independent thoughts … These Globalist’s have REALLY PISSED OFF THE PEOPLE and the People ARE waking up, though not fast enough for MY taste. But think what’s going to happen when the people refuse to eat Cricket Pizza, Meal Worm Burgers, Maggot Sausage or Synthetic Beef !! … Meanwhile, Klaus The NAZI, Bill Gates, and that handful of Self Annointed, Self Appointed Elites get caught treating themselves and their closets friends, to Real Prime Rib, T-Bone Steaks, Eye of Round, while everyone else is eating ” Synthetic Beef or Bug Food “.
        Yes People ARE Controlling the weather. It’s so they can control the rest of us. Don’t tell anyone … but the Globalist’s and going to get their due … swinging and kicking from new Rope !! for crimes against Humanity, and Global Genocide !!

  14. Of course they will take the money,that’s the way it has always been in Ireland but what they don’t realise is the money will be worthless when the whole shit show is gone cashless and you can’t eat money.they would sell their souls for it.why not stand up and fight like the dutch farmers for once in your lives.

  15. Giving us £66 per month to cover extra energy costs then ramping up the interest rate to take that away and penalise anyone trying to own a home,

    It’s all coming in pretty hard and fast isn’t it, hyper inflation, Taiwan heating up, interest rates, this crap to remove our food sources.

    People at work, getting noticeably more down and grumpy, work all month, get paid and it’s GONE, it’s getting to the why bother stage, suicides are going to go through the roof when the weather turns shit.

  16. Ok cull your cow now claim your 5000 then what you think you can just go buy another to raise then sell again for 5000 i don’t think so.
    Don’t fall for it thats 5000 a cow for life then what this will not end up a good idea.

  17. Brazil will increase their national herd as Ireland decreases. So, we will import cheaper beef of lower quality.

    • Like Coal, you will end up paying more for an inferior product.
      Energy security and food security SHOULD be any decent government’s priority.
      This is just proof you have a click of traitors in your midst,

    • Brazil is actually decreasing beef production, but upping exports, thus starving their own people… I wonder what the cost of transporting beef from Brazil to Ireland is? (not only financially, but in terms of “carbon footprint” too – nothing makes sense any more, when will the cattle wake up?!)

  18. No one mentions how disgusting it is to just kill sooo many cows…I’m not a vegan or anything ..but they are god’s creatures too..

    • Yes i agree. Always the animals that suffer.
      I hate what this earth has become.

  19. We are killing cows cos they fart.. like all animals ..
    This is utter madness, killing healthy animals eat insects 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  20. ……Meanwhile in China and India 🙂
    Actually in China areas around coal fired power stations experience greening from the slightly higher levels of C02, it is after all plant food.
    Funny the greenwash propagandists never talk about particulate emissions or mercury that can actually be harmful yo human and animal health…….. They don’t give a f**k about the environment really…

  21. I’m surprised by the comments that few have recognised how this increases the food shortage long term as well as immediately.
    No milk, no beef, no breeding.
    Let them eat cake!

  22. Its another way of reducing food which is what they want also to be eating bugs eventually is what they want while they feed off the land of Bill Gates that he has bought no famine for him and his minions

  23. Indeed, in the Netherlands they are already busy taking away farmers’ farms. You can take what we offer you and otherwise you just won’t get a permit for anything anymore, with the end goal we will just expropriate you.

  24. To reduce the cows does not only mean less meat, milk and butter, but they would have nothing to manure their fields with, so soon there will also be shortages of grain and vegetables too.

    • I’ve been dehydrating vegetables (like leeks onions carrots mushrooms), making confit of chicken, duck and sausages (preserved in animal fats) and making butter into ghee for around a year now. All these things will stay good to eat for a long time. My new neighbour is making biltong (dried meat).

  25. I think we need to start culling our stupid politicians and their wicked advisors and controllers. Or at least put Billy Gates in prison for the rest of his unnatural and confiscate all his ill-gotten gains.

  26. They treat us humans like cows, and here’s what they think of cows. It’s more than just an enslavement strategy, they want most of us dead and they’re now bold enough to do it en masse. How sad to realize that most of us behave like cows queuing up in their chutes leading us to slaughter. Not this cow!

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