Amazon Workers Go On Strike! / Hugo Talks

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  1. Amazon have the perfect answer for this, in their opinion anyway, ROBOTS DON’T STRIKE!

    • See the sign at the back? “Earn the trust of others”. Really? I haven’t shopped with this company for couple of years and don’t intend ever doing so again.

      • You know that most of amazon’s stocks comes from small businesses that are trying to expand, little stock on amazon is actually amazon’s stock

    • …cue Musk’s driverless vehicle fleets in the warehouses awaiting the *green* light

      • how is the shopping going to get from the driverless vehicle to the customer that lives in a block of flats?

  2. Tilbury a stones throw from me across the water . Many get on the Ferry from Gravesend to go across the water to do their slaves day .🤣

  3. unfortunately strikes never work and Amazon being an eager participant of the WEF and ‘great reset’ plans, all employees will be replaced by robots as soon as they can do it. WEF have it all planned out and available online for everyone to see.

    • Amazon is on there chart with all the other nasty surprises for the brainwashed try and work out….

  4. The only striking they should be doing is the striking of matches as they ignite a bonfire of books to burn the whole place down. Don’t know if Bezos will even be aware of what’s happening from his billionaire space jolly funfair ride. Maybe if they set enough of them on fire he might get the message, like space smoke signals. Must have been the injuns.

  5. Im surprised there are that many employees still. I thought they were replaced by robots already in the the warehouses. They will be replaced in the very near future.

  6. When a monster company like this only offers you a small 35p payrise, especially now when the cost of living has sky rocketed, it tells you want they really think of you.

  7. I did a little calculation.
    Wages have been stagnant as inflation has steadily increased due to economic mismanagement and quantitive easing cash into the elites back pocket for at least two decades.
    There are two options to deal with the fallout from greenwash and the failed attempt to clear the ground for great reset via plandemic and managed decline.
    1. Devalue the currency (as has been going on for two decades via inflation) and the poor pay the cost while the elite become mutli billionaires from the fiat and move into trillionaire status.
    2. Wage inflation of between 650 and 1500% the cost of the perverse failure in policies dictated by the elites then gets shared. You know the much lauded propaganda theme for low hanging fruit – “fair share” well, time they were on the receiving end of their own product!
    My vote is a BIG number 2!

    • “Economic mismanagement?” —> The actions of the ideologues seem hypocritical only because you are projecting a motive toward them, that they do not carry. You think they are making mistakes; they are not. You think they made the wrong assumptions in their policies, they did not. You think they are screwing up the economy, they are not; at least not according to the plan they have!

  8. I wouldn’t be suprised if this was also a setup. Last 2,5 years we’ve seen many protests, I always thought, ah, finally a protest about the covid restrictions but then after reading: no, its about money. And this protest is the same. Perhaps it is stages to create delivery problems. Our country is changing into a third world country (NL), a lot of stuff is unavailable these days.

  9. It’s the buyers from this company that should strike.

  10. My son works for a very well known telecommunications company and they went on strike over last weekend. The workers have all become ‘unionised’ – which should (in theory) be a good thing because they have real grievances.

    Unfortunately, they don’t realise that the Unions were infiltrated decades ago and that they are being agitated and manipulated to add to the chaos.

    Even my son, who has his head screwed on about almost everything else, doesn’t believe me when I say that.

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