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  1. Here in Germany the land Nordrhein-Westphalen has installed a hotline where you can report if someone has said something against LGBTQ or about racism.
    It´s the same technique. They want to stop people from speaking their mind and they want you to be afraid of everyone.

    • I’ll never ever be afraid to speak my I would avoid any body who’s a grass.

    • Racism works one way! As it was intended.. The establishment of Europe are all in lock step with the destruction of white Europe… Mainly christendom.. They hated Jesus and they hate us too!

      Make no mistake these devil’s know, what will send souls to hell..

      “Protocols of the elders of zion”
      Promote mass immigration
      Destroy the fabric of Europe,

      Introduce racism offences!
      To silence dissent.

      Promote trans perversion.
      As normal!
      Pit women against men
      Destroy the old order!
      Open borders! No sovereignty!
      We are all equal!!
      Abortion, destroy your own!
      But some more equal than others!
      Communism is a tool to destroy nations.
      The useful idiots are those of the left in all its forms. Who have infiltrated most institutions..
      Thus destroying God’s order of things.. Everything that is beautiful, good and true! Must be ridiculed as old fashioned…
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

    • Worrying but it would not work unless there was a video recording of someone saying the ‘offensive’ remark. If anyone grassed me for anything they would regret it.

      • These days everyone has their own personal recording device in their hand, so anything you say can & will be recorded.

        On the original point of the video up top, my water company (the only one servicing my part of the country) put in a smart meter, didn’t ask me if I wanted it & I had no way to refuse even if they had. I can now compare my water usage with everyone else around here, which means I’m now competing against everyone else in a race to the bottom of water usage.

  2. The nudgers actually derive *job* satisfaction from persecuting people. But minions, contrary to their delusion, do not breathe the power of their masters, and must be satisfied with flexing their social media bubble biceps. Those little betas need a prayer.

    On the *sustainable* theme, a similar initiative is being rolled out within social housing blocks, being installed with *bulk* water meters as a surveillance tool attached to the mains supply. *To detect leaks* (inc the 2 legged), is the stated goal.
    (Ditto the 5g surveillance network being run through social housing blocks. The IoT roll out is on steroids in lower income areas.)
    … So, when a building’s water meter reads its monthly ration capacity, the flow will be ?reduced/stopped.
    To control the people’s right to the Earth’s abundance of water.
    Individual customers won’t be cut off, the blurb says. No yet, but but the building likely will – and intentionally provoke tension & friction amongst *wasteful* neighbours.

    The evils never seem to get bored of their dull mal-contented natures. Destroyers can only destroy. Their misery loves company.
    How long before we are finally bored of their boundless generosity.

    • Hugo, your scenario reminded me of that situation some of us may have been in where you go for a meal, say 6 of you, and think you’re going to pay for yourself. Money is tight so you only eat a salad and glass of water, other people eat T-bone steaks with all the trimmings and wine and they are the ones to suggest you split the bill six ways!
      I imagine your energy bill scenario would be the same, money is tight and you freeze your bits off without heaters on and do laundry at 5am to keep costs down only to end up paying a share of the neighbour’s bill who has 6 kids, granny living in the converted garage and charges their electric cars etc.
      Having said that I am lucky to have great neighbours around me. Grassing is a huge no-no. But when you are the least well-off household in the street the scenario you mention is worrying! 🤣

      • Gina
        I bet your home is lovely
        Don’t worry what others have or think, enjoy what you have with your amazing kids

        Least the neighbours as you mentioned won’t snitch on ya … not
        like a good percentage of narcissistic people still do out here.

        Have great day Gina

  3. And you need 3x more 5g towers that a mix of 3 an 4 g hmm I see why we need to save energy… To power then fooookers

  4. Strangely enough we have had EDF installing new lamp posts and works under the road this week and the suddenly disappeared ?

    • Replacing the functioning streetlights with the 5g camera surveillance and weapon network; the hyperoptic cables running into homes to power the electrical system.
      And currently replacing the existing copper wired phone landlines. So all will be connected into the IoT. … Smart fridges to toasters to phones to TV to utility meters to the smart bulbs in your kitchen to the vaxseen’d (graphene oxide), etc.

      … A clip allegedly from a mobile phone repairer said there are no 5g sims contained within any phones, not this year’s versions – and that people are paying £200 extra for a marketing ploy. To pay-forward for companies’ future 5g infrastructure that won’t include phones.
      So, 4g devices continue to run on a 5g wifi grid (& hardwired) that will control all-powered systems (?)
      Are people therefore gaming & watching their downloaded films any faster than 4g … Are those trumpeted speeds of *x24 times faster 5g* that the advertising shtick has been selling us for real. Or another mask .. (?) What about the 6g *speed of light* that has already up & running in places since before the convid. The Loocifer light.

  5. I moved a week before the 1st lockdown. My street started a WhatsApp support group. I was doing shopping for people I’d never met and still haven’t! Came off the group when one started going on about the unjabbed prolonging their misery. I’d hazard a guess that I’m the only unjabbed in the street as they were proudly declaring their compliance at every opportunity. I’m screwed if they combine our energy bills as my neighbours love an electric car!

    • they can still catch it still spread it. their one’s thats killing theirselves.

      • My friends, she’s fully jabbed now he’s unjabbed both ended up in hospital 14 months with covid. They both have it again. Nothing like it was first time round so goes to show what difference being jabbed makes!

  6. It’s up the people to not comply and fall into their sneaky ways. smiles In some ways, these sneaky ways would surely wake up more people. Keep on sharing! Community is an awareness that will grow.

  7. If anyone wants to learn about the nudge unit and all the psychological tactics the gov have used to trick all the people who thought they were clever but weren’t really and got completely conned, read A State Of Fear by Laura Dodsworth.

  8. Here in the USA (Denver area), our energy bill every month tells us how we are doing compared to our neighbors, but not the neighbors usage in particular. In our case, it tells us we are consistently using 50% to 70% more than our neighbors, and in effect, telling us we are “bad people”.

    Of course, it does not take into account the fact that we are two individuals with regular weekly visits with our grand children, when many of the neighbors are single individuals. Also, we do most of our own cooking, while the single neighbors are big fans of having food delivered every day (not sure how they afford that, but okay). I also work from home currently, so naturally, we will be using more energy. Meanwhile, the “good” neighbors are burning far more fuel going to work, having food delivered, etc., no to mention the amount of trash that is generated. I could go on and on, but it is certainly ridiculous and dangerous the direction they are pushing us.

    I know the newer “Smart Meters” have advanced capabilities to actually determine what devices are being used in the home and how much power they are using. They can tell how many TV’s you have and how long they are turned on for. Do you use heaters, hair dryers, etc., and how much? Pretty scary stuff. Welcome to the Surveillance State.

    • Yes, we got the same mailing here in Connecticut. But it stopped about a year ago, people complained that it was a waste of paper and no one paid much attention to it anyway. Our household was always on the high end as well. Makes me wonder if they are reporting the truth as we don’t have electric heat or an electric water heater, we have oil.

    • Hi Steve
      Hopefully you having a ok day so far there in the US

      It’s not dissimilar here
      I know that people in housing & rented are often wrote to by landlords telling them
      “This year 9-10 people payed their rent on time this Christmas don’t get into debt” blar blar blar

      It’s sick & controlling communism of hard working good people
      Simple as.

  9. This government is evil, sick and twisted and most definitely best ignored! I live my life my way, and absolutely NOBODY has a right to interfere with that! My neighbours are lovely and kind, so I would never do anything to upset them. Moreover as a Christian I live to love my neighbours, that’s what we’re meant to do!!! To hell with this absolutely toxic and evil government! Just ignore them!! Have a good day everyone, and be extra kind to your neighbours!!

  10. Words cannot cover it.

    Absolutely lost it.

    My neighbours have a brain.
    They have better things to do than knocking on my door asking such Ridiculous questions.

    The government have lost it.

    Thank you Hugo
    Have great evening All

  11. I know Behavioural insights, very well.
    They are the direct cause of 9 confirmed #LoanCharge suicides as investigated by the OPC….
    Years of propaganda and bullshit from these pseudo intellectuals with useless psychology degrees…
    They were also part of SAGE and the propaganda pumped out during the pandemic to poison society at large.
    Dirty, vile organisation staffed by the lowest cretins we could produce.

  12. First up av still got a key meter but as of today am awaiting a new boiler since council Bastard broke it while trying to fix it coz no hot water for 2 days but m neighbours huh I don’t even speak to any of them and if anybody came to my door I’d get them fucking told for damm sure

    • Exactly blueangel

      Can’t stand noisy people me neither
      Get on&get gone!

  13. slk3339 so you know a couple that have got covid do ya??;how can they have covid when it has never been proven to exist???,suppose you class yourself as being AWAKE do ya??🤥🤥🤥…..oh boy 2 and a half years later and still morons believe in the ‘invisible enemy”🤣🤣🤣

    • In their defence they are saying the jabs are what’s making people ill with what qualifies as a convid-like illness, not a natural “virus”. The jibbies are what’s poisoning people.

      • Covid 19 is a made up diagnosis based on a positive result from a meaningless test. It can supposedly exhibit symptoms of a cold as well as no symptoms whatsoever, and loads of other non unique symptoms. Basically whatever you may have wrong with you at the same time you get the completely meaningless positive result.

  14. Hugo! Listen to this! The council in Stevenage sending the mp to give “Awards” (a piece of paper) saying thank you! If you have a garden to growing and asking residents to spot residents who grow or have a garden to send them a thank you award! I see this as doxxing people with gardens, them evil bastards.

  15. Maybe it’s all related to BUILD BACK BETTER!! The government wants to demolish old housing. Maybe it’s going to use energy as the driving factor here?!? Then rebuild tiny flats, even flats where you hot bed – share a bed in shifts! The cladding saga on Grenville Tower is I suspect also related to this agenda! Flats with dodgy cladding are not mortgageable – will the banks end up repossessing? I wouldn’t put anything past the corrupt government and bankers!,

  16. Also under Data Protection GDPA I don’t think Cos would be allowed to release individual data that identifies an individual’s usage without their consent. If it’s released it will all be lies to divide and conquer.

    The government is planning a central energy grid so will probably coerce people onto it with promises of cheaper energy for their “community”! Like with the foot and mouth plandemic 2001 – the government would only compensate farmers if they all agreed so there was pressure to agree for the sake of others. It’s all Evil mind games.

    If you want to see a documentary on the foot and mouth plandemic look for “Slaughtered on Suspicion” by Insight on home page. Excellent documentary and it has a lot of similarities to the convid plandemic.

  17. I personally do not trust my neighbours nor anyone else these days. I know virtually no unjabbed people and so many are just hooked to their bloody smartphones. Most may well be unwitting about what is happening but nevertheless, it is that which makes them a great danger to those of us who are unjabbed.

    Last month, I went to an event by a fairly well known radical speaker in the hope I would spot at least one local face that I didn’t know. Not so. Apart from literally 3 I already know, all others were from way outside my area. I am living in a conglomerate of virtue signalling and unwitting stooges! I keep myself to myself and divulge nothing…it’s called survival when you can see what’s coming down the pipeline!

  18. So foreignborncriminal people have been getting jabbed for a cold???!!! How utterly ridiculous is that!! I can remember a time when people were sensible and had a lemsip if they had a cold, and they didn’t make such a stupid fuss over something so trivial! I just can’t believe how gullible and stupid people have been this last nearly three years. Basically all you need is some cod liver oil capsules, taking one a day with a cold drink at breakfast time, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and everyone would be absolutely fine! Absolutely NOBODY needs these jabs which are so toxic and dangerous, just carry on as normal! Do everything to keep your immune system strong in the natural way, and you will be absolutely fine! These jabs absolutely destroy the immune system, that is partly why people get so sick. This October the government plans to get everyone jabbed with both flu and convid booster jabs, so that is a double whammy of MRNA spike proteins. A totally lethal combination, and my fear is that there will be people collapsing and dying in doctors surgeries after being jabbed!! Just ignore the government and live your life entirely as you have always done. Remember: your body, your life, your choice end of!!

  19. Stephen Barclay is a vaccine salesman who is taking his orders from Klaus Schwab. He is a health secretary who has no medical qualification or knowledge whatsoever, how ridiculous is that! Best to completely ignore this jerk!!

  20. Over the last two years we’ve all learned more about each other. Many people who I thought ‘sound’ turned out to be spineless cowards who chose to conform with bio-medical fascism. Many of these people behave as though the last two years never happened. They also get upset if they’re reminded of what they supported. Personally, I refuse to keep quiet about what they did, because by doing so, the chances of something similar happening again will increase. We need to be honest. A hard core of 20-30% have revealed their true colours, and they would make the same cowardly choices again in similar circumstances. I refuse to engage in small talk with people who supported my exclusion from society because I refused to take part in a medical experiment. I suspect that many of these cowards would shrug their shoulders at the prospect of their family members being shipped off to a quarantine camp.

  21. All this does is make me want to use more energy than I usually do. I’m gonna crank it up over the winter.

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