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  1. Melissa Ciummei has a post on fb today re the very blatant trails turning this morn’s blue sky to grey. i’ve never seen quite so many/it go quite so fast.
    very dis – spiriting. reminds me of doris lessing’s novel ” the rep for planet 8.

  2. Missing the ‘cool down’ part you used to put on the end…

  3. You never own your house. You never own anything. Everything is owned by the CROWN Corporation. The government is a corporation. No-one has to pay a mortgage or any bills. It’s all a con since our fraudulent Birth Certificate. We are all dead entities lost at sea from the age of 7. Mortgages are illegal. RESEARCH IT.

    • Can we de-register our homes? I recall second Ben Wallace MP announcing that digital IDs were the way forward with property transfers!! Isn’t possession 9/10ths of the law? There must be a common le way to reclaim our property??

  4. I agree with Hugo about mortgage enslavement but I have to ask what is the alternative? Monthly rent is very often more than a monthly mortgage payment. You have to live somewhere so what’s the alternative?

    • Approx 2ys ago the U.K. government changed the legislation and now, for the first time ever, banks can reposses a property and rent it back to the people who had the debt, the mortgage.
      There is going to be a massive land/property grab by the bankers.
      Why are there so many bankers in government?!?
      Now the removal of the debt limit will facilitate this even more.
      The market is heading for a massive crash and inflated interest rates.
      A social credit system will be introduced as their solution!!!

    • Slightly off the mark with this one hugo. Even if you have a mortgage, YOU are the owner of the property, the lender has what is called first charge.

      • @Bob Sorry to burst your bubble, Bob, but you own nothing – all you own is a piece of paper called a Title Deed or a Freehold and even that is Registered with The Land Registry. Once something is registered you have given it away, so The Land Registry now owns your alleged property on behalf of The Pope and The Vatican.

    • I absolutely agree having rented for years. We were subject to substandard accommodation owned by landlords who never fixed anything but kept putting the rent up. We couldn’t have pets and we could be kicked out at a moment’s notice. Having two children to look after the security of a home, even if we have a mortgage, has been wonderful. A lady I know with three children is currently living in a leaky caravan because her landlord sold her house and they can’t afford anywhere else (but they have to stay local for work.) If only we had family to live with on a big plot of land debt free. I know two extended families who just added space to their houses to accommodate grandchildren, spouses etc. We don’t come from families with those resources. They have us caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  5. Getting as many people tied to a mortgage ASAP makes sense, when you think back to that leaked Canadian letter. It said, debt forgiveness will be used to take all people’s possessions from them. So like a mouse trap, the thought of owning your own home is the cheese to lure you into a life of owning nothing. They can’t use debt forgiveness if you have no debt.

    • The first time i read that document Bauhaus the first question i had was `how are they going to achieve it ?`. It is all about reversing the social debt shift. Going back several decades ago i think most people around the world used to rent , not just property but domestic items too. And that was in many parts of the world. But here is the thing. Although commonplace , it was still considered very much a bad stigma and a taboo subject if you had to resort to the use of loan sharks and pawn shops. Then that debt status started to shift from taboo , to acceptance to fashionable. Owning your own home was suddenly all the rage. You could pass it down to your children. Your social status was elevated. There was safety in bricks and mortar. There is that S word again. Then once that was accepted the lower borrowing , shorter term version started in the form of credit and store cards. And gradually over the past few decades that has evolved into longer terms such as 2 or 3 years and then with zero interest. To the point now where `not` having personal debt is actually now a bad stigma. Debt shift complete. Of course they have had to make it as enticing and easy as possible for people to get it. This is why for years people could get tens of thousands of pounds from several lenders seemingly without much problem before the zero interest was brought in. And now we are going to go full circle again. You will own nothing because you will have to pawn your estate in exchange for your debts to be wiped out.

      I know a lot of us have already read the document from Canada. But i think it`s always worth re posting it for those who haven`t.

      • They will allow access to the equity you have in your home in CBDC – “you will be happy” part

  6. Hitler had the right idea. He gave every German worker an interest free loan to build a new house in the 1930’s, no mortgage needed. If you had a family he let you have the house for free. That’s how to build a nation and give people a head start in life.

    • he too only was “controlled opposition”.. he was one of them..

      • The way the war fought out and how it ended, I very much doubt he was one of (((them)))

      • I’m hearing the ‘Hitler was a good man’ narrative a lot lately. I do believe he was most likely controlled opposition like any other political puppet, as with the people who tell me otherwise.

      • National socialist Germany offered interest free mortgages that would last no more than 10 years On a single salary,to increase the “volk” that had been destroyed in the years previously,for every child born in too that family, 25% was written off and having three children cancelled the dept.This and many other things were achieved,by simply cutting out the parasite banker.

      • Too true. That’s what government are created to do, ‘build em up to destroy them or kill them with ‘kindness’. It’s so tempting to swing into ‘Hitler hero’ mode given the lies told about Germany and the appalling genocides conducted by the Red Regime allies on the people but it’s wishful thinking. Like the NHS being a thing of ‘national pride’ yet only a means to exploit from womb to tomb.

    • The economic structure was large part down to “Gottfried feder” this was not a movement of one man,it was many great minds coming together.

      • Very short-lived with a terrible price tag attached. Most Germans were displaced, and those who were not suffered the humiliation of being forced to give up part of their home to the victors; basically living as unpaid servants. In war, any property can be taken or reallocated. Iraq had a good gig going for its people by gifting a non-repayable amount for acquisition of an apartment on marriage with generous financial gifts for each child born, in addition to direct deposits into every bank account for oil profits. No Rothschilds banks, tut tut. In y.UK the railway consortiums own huge tracts of land so anyone at anytime could find themselves requisitioned.

  7. Luckily I sold my house years ago and am clear of Debt . 🙂

    • The mixed relationship agenda is everywhere in the West in order to destroy the white race. I wonder (((who))) are behind it ?

  8. yep im hearing what you say, but with the councils not building many homes, then your left to rent those who dont want you having your own anyway???

  9. I don’t see a mortgage as debt. If you didn’t have a house that you own, then you have to rent. Why hand over your hard earned cash to a Land Lord. Never made sense to me. It’s a mind set. Just my opinion. Love your show Hugo!!

  10. Well done Hugo, don’t forget the banks/building socs only want your signature to access your Birth Certificated Treasury Account, so they can lend your own money back with interest. China property boom has gone boom, and the banks are in big trouble.

  11. This is completely true! But if you really understand the system.. going find out who’s money they use to buy the house for you in the first place hahahaha! Il give you a hint… it isn’t the bank. When the world finds out about how the whole system works.. there will be hell! We all need ti refuse all of this an return to sovereignty! True freedom. Start learning now as it can maybe save you from this bell we are being dragged further down. The more we wake up the more power they lose an that’s why all this is happening.. it’s all being rushed before sovereignty starts unravelling all there polices an illegal bullshit!

    • There will be hell? I doubt it somehow, it seems the more Satan shows his perverted games, the less people care and burry their head in the sand even more.

  12. So what is the choice? Pay some other cunt’s mortgage by privately renting. Try to get a council house….. no chance anytime soon. Besides, if we are to own fuck all and be happy by 2030 or whatever year it is, does any of this matter. I’d be more worried about the abolition of private property rights than the well known crookedness of usurers. If you are a working person, you are going to get fucked over one way or another.

  13. Stop worrying, our unelected overlords have our future all taken care of, in fact they are right now putting the finishing touches to a brand new luxury apartment complex in Wellingborough. This gated community promises affordable one and two bedroom units, 24 hour security, free healthcare at the Pfizer Clinic, there’s free BBC iplayer and 5G connectivity which allows you to go online and expand your mind with any of the WEF approved courses or maybe you’ll prefer to improve your fitness in the Octagon Gym or just take it easy and relax with residents in the landscaped grounds of this beautiful paradise we call Shangri-La. You maybe wondering how could I afford all of this? Well they have given this a lot of consideration too and you’ll be able to pay for your stay with a weekly digital credit allowance that they’ll provide for free (terms and conditions apply), yes you heard it for free! Honestly they really have thought of everything, get this, even in the event of a death of a loved one they don’t want you to feel burdened during such a difficult time, so you’ll be happy to know that all cremation services will be carried out totally free of charge at the carbon neutral crematorium next door. Ooh! I almost forgot, all of your dietary requirements are provided without charge, hot cooked meals will be delivered to your door by the Steak Grillhouse and Carvery located nearby. Unfortunately children are not allowed at Shangri-La but don’t worry I’m sure Klaus Schwab has a solution.

  14. This is the same type of predatory lending that created the housing crisis in 2008. Wash, rinse, repeat. The rich get richer the poor get poorer.
    I suspect Bill Gates is buying up all the American farmland to eventually turn it into preservation land. I’ve heard there are plans for us plebs to be contained in smart cities. Once all the land is deemed preservation land, in the name of climate change of course, the general public will have very few places they will be allowed to go outside of their smart cities.

  15. The money that is lent is fictional and created out of nothing. You pay back with interest!!!

  16. Dear Hugo. I don’t think I’ve missed a single one of your videos since everything kicked off, I’m a huge fan, but your target here is slightly off. The REAL scandal wrt mortgages is that they are created out of thin air, and that banks then have the audacity to charge you interest on the debt that they have just created, despite not actually being deprived of the use of any of preexisting assets eg granny’s savings. It’s entirely new money. “The mechanism by which money is created is so simple that the mind is repelled” – JK Galbraith. The private banks’ near monopoly on the CREATION of money (not total as a result of recent government QE measures) gives them effective power over the development of the economy, who gets a loan and who doesn’t. If you are in control of a nation’s economy, you are effectively in control of that nation. Please explore this issue in at least one of your videos. The Creature From Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin is a good place to start, and the Positive Money campaign and website are also worth exploring, for their attempt to draw the public’s attention to the profound iniquity at the heart of our monetary system (although I suspect they are a limited hangout). I tried to get Russell Brand to look at this issue but he won’t because he’s a limited hangout. I’m hoping you’re not but we’re about to find out.

    • Positive money have excellent videos – 97% owned and banking 101. But they’re shills pushing the green Agenda21 economy.
      See bank of England q1 report 2014 on the creation of money in the modern economy

  17. What’s with the race mixing agenda, it is on almost every single advert on tv there in your face
    Do a google image search for “happy white woman” and tell me there is no agenda.

    • …check “happy Asian woman” and “happy African woman”.
      … And whether people notice or not, both groups are identified by their roots, and by place. On that basis, “white” should read European. Not to be discriminated by colour, and rendered rootless; an amorphous mass of nothing-in-particular homeless. Because the other groups certainly don’t have that disenfranchised indignity put upon them.

      • @Cde Yes they actually changed an article in the U.N. charter,in protecting indigenous peoples,they took away “whites” from this!taking their home,
        But there is something far deeper,and much harder to explain.But I will say this,The son denies the father and the father in his slumber,has forgotten who he is.
        “Let us first call ourselves for what we are,we are Hyperborean” Friedrich Nietzsche.

    • Just done a search for HAPPY WHITE WOMAN, and blimey, I didn’t think it would be that blatant and in yer face!!! How can anyone think this is normal and without an agenda!!?!!

  18. Oh, and it’s a black man with a white woman yet again.

    • They don’t look real. He’s not ‘quite black’ and she’s not ‘quite white’; a CGI happy fantasy couple kind of Afrasian. This is the mix they deem best suited for their aims. Boris Johnson’s dad Samuel Johnson wrote a ‘fictional’ book on ‘The Marburg Virus’ and when interviewed stated regards population numbers for the UK ‘around ten million would do us nicely, maybe 25 million at a stretch’. Sterile, chipped and inhumanely compromised, bright enough to comply but too dumb to think of an alternative. 25 million UK population is target shown in Deagle Report by 2025. What wouldn’t they do to keep their ‘privileges’?

      • Yes, would agree, predominantly black man, but mixed race, and the woman predominantly white, but not the full package. Hugo did a video on this topic about a year ago, but can’t find the link. Can’t recall the title either??? Anyone????

      • @Pete E this may interest you On many of these subjects,I’m shore you’re aware of the word “trans”being used alot,I believe they are using the 7 hermetic principles to create an 8th I call it “trans truth” it appears that the law of “gender” as to say the plug and the socket is involved on every level of existence which then “generates”a third,like a man and woman creating a child,but this goes for chemical\hormones,like say putting women on the pill,creating an imbalance and then this goes through to the male in say the water supplies,of cause this has nothing to do with biological sex but how we generate thoughts,feelings,etc,The real “toxic masculinity” is being generated from women and the opposite from men.Another example is the black mirror itself,men are in fact the gravity,which is seen in the animal kingdom,such as birds,the males are coloured and display themselves to attract,where as females are quite plain in comparison(As they are always sort after) and here is where porn comes in,the exact opposite is occurring,young men are playing the role of the female and thus begin to generate thoughts out of balance with their nature,on the other women are pushed more and more into sexual clothing and both sexes are getting this at a younger and younger age,the same can be said of mixing with over people’s,it just isn’t in our nature,for most and would have little effect,if it was not pushed,again creating a “trans truth”I believe it is in revelation something about the 8th coming from the 7.anyway Sodom and Gomorrah.

  19. Next will be get a free jab with your new mortgage😀…..

    • Or you will have to be up to date with the ever growing vaccine schedule to get any credit at all.

      • Absolutely correct Rob. A person`s continuation in the vaccine program is mentioned in the leaked document from Canada.

      • It’s all the new digital control technology that makes this possible. Boris Johnson spoke about this at the UN assembly in 2019. He said all that was needed was for something that would make people accept it all being implemented. Shortly after, the pandemic hoax started.

  20. Part of the Satanic plan is for people to own nothing, so after the sheep have signed up for their shiny new prison cells they call a homes, interest rates will rise massively and the sheep will be bankrupt; but do not worry, just sign away your future ownership rights for everything, and let the state look after you: Universal Basic Income, Health (bad) Passport, Social Credit Score.

  21. i really cant see how anyone can know how they will be able to keep up the mortgage repayments in 25-30 years time,if some machine has been invented to do your job during that time.

    • @longshot53 You don’t understand. WE create the ‘money’ (credit) when we sign the Mortgage Application form, which they steal and make out that they are lending us the ‘money’. They then add insult to injury by charging us interest on the ‘money’ WE just created, that is, OUR ‘MONEY’. A signed Mortgage Application form is a PROMISSORY NOTE and should be treated as CASH! no different from the DEBT NOTES in your wallet.

      • You’re right. They denied for years they created money from thin air. Bank of England q1 report on the creation of money (almost) says so. Google it, it’s there to see.
        That’s the huge fraud Hugo..WE are tricked into creating money for them to lend us.

      • @Robert MERRILEES, Yes, ALL BANKING IS FRAUD, with the principal criminal BANKERS being so called Judges sitting on THE BENCH = THE BANK!

  22. They did this in 2007 right before the big crash, to make it easier for the rich to sell to the poor, then buy back later after the crash when Liz gets in and raises interest rate to 7% and bye bye houses….


  23. I think we are all mostly aligned, I dont think complaining any more about the system is very productive to each other, perhaps now we should be talking about action.

  24. Hard to have too much sympathy because these people’s willingness to borrow stupid amounts of money artificially boosted the demand for housing (the more people are prepared to borrow, the more they can pay, which manifests itself in higher house prices). Over the last two years we’ve all learned more about each other. Many people who I thought ‘sound’ turned out to be spineless cowards who chose to conform with bio-medical fascism. Many of these people behave as though the last two years never happened. They also get upset if they’re reminded of what they supported. Personally, I refuse to keep quiet about what they did, because by doing so, the chances of something similar happening again will increase. We need to be honest. A hard core of 20-30% have revealed their true colours, and they would make the same cowardly choices again in similar circumstances. I refuse to engage in small talk with people who supported my exclusion from society because I refused to take part in a medical experiment. I suspect that many of these cowards would shrug their shoulders at the prospect of their family members being shipped off to a quarantine camp. Am I being too harsh?

  25. Hugo. However the vast majority of people cannot afford to buy a house on the market and wanting to buy a house is not about greedy. when you live in hell hole places like a block of flats and you know you cant afford to rent out a detached house, a mortgage works out much cheaper. The big question is what can you do?

    As for the ‘mixed couple’ photo, the dude is not even black. He is mixed and everyone who has travelled around the UK know that it is a false representation plus you can’t force anyone to do anything that they don’t like. Attraction and the human mind does not work like that. You folks don’t really understand that they want people to give animals and ‘aliens’ the same status as humans amongst other things plus the alphabet people get a big push up. Two humans in a photo of opposite genders is the least of your worries.

    They don’t want you to re-produce at all as they need to find a way to reduce the world population to 500,000,000. A sure fire way is also to have people saddled up with so much debt like mortgages that you don’t want to reproduce anywhere. Nobody is re-producing that much any more. If they do, it is more likely older people and they normally have just 1 or 2 children.

  26. Video is not about Mortgages – Same as the Vax was/is not about your health. If that makes sense to you you see the issue ! ==> Debt is the currency of slaves

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