Tesco Tattoo QR Clubcard 🤮 / Hugo Talks

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  1. Lost for words! What a complete tit! Wait till Tesco stop the savings like they have done so many times in the past!

  2. What a fucking moron.

    Thanks Hugo, for once again drawing our attention to brainless Britain. Guess this guy fell out of the stupid tree at birth, and hit every branch on the way down.

  3. He had to go to an assistant, but they’re getting rid of all the assistants, that’s the whole point.

  4. The funniest thing watching him trying to scan his QR code and failing!!! Bet he thought bugger, waste of time, always got to go to a check out now!!

  5. Would be nice to afford to choose where i shop, but £5 a week goes far in tesco.
    Can’t say ill be tattooing on qr codes though.


      One of the main “innovators” of the capital, Deputy. Mayor Sobyanin Maxim Liksutov spoke about the further stages of the construction of a biometric concentration camp in Moscow, using a system with a purely national and sovereign name Face Pay (payment by person). According to him, among those who actively use this payment method, 88% are very satisfied (however, I decided not to disclose what percentage of Muscovites do not use it). And therefore – more biometrics and identification of citizens, less cash and non-personalized tickets, because the people of the capital allegedly only ask for this!

      ✅read: https://katyusha.org/oczifrovka/absolyutno-udobno-inn..

  6. HhahahahhahahahhhHhHhhhaaahahhahaha a must get hahahahhhahahahhah

  7. Tessa Cohen = Tes-co. = Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda/Walmart all in the same Club destroying ndividual enterprise and freedom, same as chain coffee ships who don’t make profits on the coffee but in property and destroy all the local business encouraged through the town planning boards in every GUV council… Whatever became of The Monopolies Commission? The English Constitution? Time to tune into the Big Boss, The Head Honcho.. For decades I’ve sensed the ‘fork in the road’ where the good separate from the bad and the ugly regardless of consequences.. Blackrock controls everything now.

  8. His next tattoo should be……….

    \ 0 0 /
    = – – – C U T H E R E – – – =
    / 0 0 \

    • That was supposed to be two pairs of scissors btw but the text screwed up 🙂

  9. I reckon this is the start of something…people will want them done now😀

  10. Sounds like a stupid stunt dreamed up by the Tesco PR department via a ‘woke’ ad agency? Seven kids, eh? (that’s a good idea with food shortages coming…). And he’s checking out a ‘nutritious’ packet of biscuits? This nonsense screams ‘set up’. Thanks, Hugo: made me laugh.

    • I agree. They do keyring club cards anyway don’t they? Stick it on your house or car keys. If you go 3 times a day like him you would have a keyring or keep the card in your car or wallet/phone case or whatever. Instead he’d rather spend 4 hours sitting in the tattoo parlour forking out for a tattoo! How many offers will it take to redeem the cost of the tattoo?

  11. An old classic “Tesco Vs Denmark!” https://youtu.be/0PSyiRXIEyc

    This plonker has took it to new heights Hugo! The normies will lap it up too, even though it does not even scan properly!

  12. He probably had to spend way more pounds getting the tattoo done than he will make on any offers and club points!
    What a prick! Pun intended.
    And typical that it’s Grotesco…every little step towards owning you helps…

  13. The world is full of Muppets like this moron, that’s why we are where we are now.

  14. He should have his children taken from him if he’s that dumb!!! No tattoo on this body!! Never!

  15. I dislike any tattoos on a person body anyway. One with a barcode is much worse. This reminds me of that qoute in the Bibles book of revelation- the buy or sell without the mark and I’m not even reglious. But a bar code is also symbolic of someone owns you, like cattle. I’m sure they’ll try make it look cool and envy though for every teen idiot that wants to be part of the crowd.

    • It was religious people that killed Jesus,
      God calls us to follow him not man (religion).
      You don’t need a building or anyone to find God he will find you if you search for him we have to be filled with the holy spirit pray to God for him to come in to your life and to let you know who he is keep this pray up for a month he will answer if your heart is genuinely seeking him

      • Read the scriptures correctly plz. No religious people killed Messiah because He gave up his life thru His own free will so people like yourself could be saved. If He could turn water into wine, perform miracles & cast out demons, I’m very sure He could have saved Himself but if He did that ….. you would not be saved!!!

      • @Debbie, Nonsense, the Jews killed Yashua Messiah, and they were VERY RELIGIOUS, so Steven was correct! And may I recommend that you heed your own advice and read The Scriptures!

        John 18:36 (KJV) Jesus answered (Pilate), My Kingdom is not of this world: if my Kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, THAT I SHOULD NOT BE DELIVERED TO THE JEWS: but now is my Kingdom not from hence.

  16. I’m not buying this. I think it’s part of the psy-op.

    I have no doubt that there are idiots out there who would do this – but it would have to be suggested to them. So perhaps this is predictive programming or a behavioural ‘nudge’?

    My first impression, upon looking at this guy, was that he was Eastern European looking.

    • …and he just happened to have his own camera crew following him that day.

      • …and the story is he kept forgetting his clubcard, but it’s on his phone, so how does he pay for his shopping? If he uses his debit card or cash wouldn’t he have his wallet on him and wouldn’t he keep his clubcard in there? If he uses his phone to pay his clubcard is on that. The whole story makes no sense.

  17. There should be an additive in tatoo ink. Something that will cause SADS, myocarditis, immune destruction. I reckon they already have the ingredients.

  18. it’s just amazing why he didn’t do it somewhere on the cheek, otherwise he might forget that the tattoo is under the sleeve, on the forehead is also not the case, the cap can be on the head ….😂🙄🤢🤮

  19. It’s sad but it’s true. I’d love to be able to support my local shops and artisans, but unfortunately, with 3 kids, and the price of living skyrocketing, I have to save everywhere I can. It’s like we’re stuck in a trap🤔

  20. I avoid loyalty cards like the plague – they’re just big brother data gathering tools – if you have one, cut it up and bin it.

  21. I’m not up for dating full stop but if I was in the look out for a man to date, I couldn’t even consider dating anyone with one of these tattoos, or who has worn a face nappy, and may still do, or any man that has bought into the ‘pandemic’.

  22. Thick shit brainwashed sheep will want this….
    God i am sick of them…
    Hope they choke to death on them jabs…

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