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    • Thanks. This Sharia-pariah is dirty as hell – note the name Theleme, as in Crowley’s Thelema. Dark daze ahead for whitey; especially wombmen and children. Next FMG will be ‘lore’ but also note how the Trans-A-Gender has silenced protest against the savagery of Islamic hatred of women.

  1. The trouble is Hugo , people are stupid , unbelievably stupid from what I have seen down here in Kent. 🙂

    • I do know what you mean, but thankfully there are some of us in Kent that aren’t. In fact there are loads of us with our heads screwed on. We are out there and aware!

      • Sometimes I wonder what beautiful world the likes of Shane obtain their ‘superiority’ – Golders Green, I guess.

    • Given The Duke and Duchess of Kent, it wouldn’t be surprising as Kent was the fall-out of East End’s underclass. But you can say the same of anywhere as we do not have airplay given to those who have deprogrammed from the hypnotic drones of ‘me-jah’. Jabbed to death as children and schooled into moronity, it’s a wonder any of us have managed to retain the sane.

  2. The Boeing 777 has been involved in 31 aviation incidents / accidents as of September 2021. Adding 7+7+7=21. This year marks the 21st anniversary of 9/11.But of course that is just purely a coincidence.

    • Let’s not omit the London 777 ‘events’ either (7th July 2005) or the preceeding holocaust of free-range heritage breeds of cows and sheep in the Spring BSE ‘pandemic’. Caused by vax injectables with biolabs like Porton Down and Darpa in the thick of it.

      • A genuine holocaust, but no one pays reparations to “cattle”

  3. I used to like Martin Lewis, I guess I was blinded by the bullshit, I see through it now & see he’s a real piece of work.

  4. Do you know anything about the two Chinese exchange scientists removed from the high security Manitoba lab in Canada?  Last summer Trudeau was suing the Governor General over release of information in this regard and the opposition were demanding it be released, then nada. Doesn’t anyone think it was a bit of a coincidence they sent bat virus samples to Wuhan mid 2019? Henipah. Trudeau changed his tune pretty dramatically when all that was breaking. I’ve often wondered if he was being black mailed in some way. 

    • That’s all ‘National Security’ is, a blackmailer’s treasury. That’s how Blair’s pederast Gov. was blackmailed into bombing Iraq – Dunblane!

  5. Hugo, you mention the jewish gematria and the jewish kabbalah and there it stops, as usual. No explanation about international Jewish power, their behaviour, their agendas like the Jew World Order.
    Why is that ? Are you afraid ? What do you have to lose? Take an example of Harry Vox Unsafe_Space on bitchute. Please watch his latest two videos.

      • The own, corrupt and destroy whatever they want because we are too stupid, lazy and cowardly to fight them.

      • @Moira Oh yes and they even tell us, but no one is listening!!!

        “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that…I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

        — Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3rd 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael Radio.

    • As a too-well versed student on this ghastly subject and its advocates, I think to be fair to Hugo, one would need to dedicate the entire focus on these entities as every single wrong can be traced to the same sources; why preach to the converted? One can only exspend so much energy to ‘da chosen ones’ and their half-wit half-brothers, Slamists before becoming seriously sick. Hugo’s uploads are too brief for such content which can easily be located elsewhere. He doesn’t focus on the despicable deceptions of the aforementioned via Vatican and RC either which spawned Slamism in the first place and is run by those same deluded ‘chosen’.

      • @PavlovsBitch Unfortunately, when it comes to (((The Tribe))), not many here are converted. So here’s my contribution for the day:

        “Islam is the broom of Israel” — Rabbi Rav Touitou

        “The messiah of Israel will only come when Christ, Europe, Christianity are totally defeated. Therefore I ask you, is this good news that Islam is invading Europe? Yes, this is great news!”

        — (French speaking Jew) Rabbi Rav David Touitou

  6. I used to be a teacher. During my career I noticed that, essentially, there were three types of teacher. Type 1: the good guys, teachers who went into teaching because they were subject enthusiasts. Type 2: lazy teachers who went into teaching because of the holidays; they were the first out of the door at 3.30pm at the end of every school day. A very high proportion in this group came into teaching after doing something else. Type 3: control freaks who were attracted into teaching because it gave them a chance to impose rules on others. Most in this category ended up in ‘Senior Management Team’. Unsurprisingly, these people were very keen on mask wearing rules and other ridiculous aspects of COVID theatre. Remember, it’s all about control!

    • Nigel it’s worse than that; remember ‘Margaret Hodge’ (Oppenheimer, City of London, Crown or Corona Corp) scandal in Islington Council’s schools? A plethora of ‘gay’ teachers or leechers. Now they’re all pushing LGBTQ trans on the little ones and ‘OFSTED APPROVED’ means ‘great chicken and pizza’ delivery system.

      • Hoge the dodge, paid 15,000 in tax on a family metals bonus of 1.5 mil in 2012 or thereabouts!
        Then the dirty cunt goes for “tax avoiders” to cover her dirty Jewish tracks………
        And all subsequent chancellors played the same game.
        Osborne introduced the retrospective LOAN CHARGE under tax “evader” Cameron.
        9 people dead on police record and countless others who killed themselves uncounted for due to 20 years retrospection has ruined freelancing and contracting in the UK, and now you have no one to fix your energy tech because the best of us left the country largely in the hands of third national apprentices.

  7. I’ve always avoided direct debits. My dad once had 60000.00 drawn out instead of £600 and his account was blocked by the bank for days until it was rectified.
    But either way there is common sense – if you pay for something before you get it, it’s harder to negotiate.
    If everyone came off direct debit now, then at least those of us who have also said no to SMART meters could refuse to pay to get the prices down. We know the price increase excuses are bollox and they can’t switch of thousands of individuals from the network (that’s probably what the SMART meters are for) and the courts couldn’t deal with all of that anyway, if it ever went that far.
    So ditch your direct debit and your idiot meter unless you want to be financially raped for years to come. What’s the benefit in ‘saving’ 5-10 quid and 2 minutes of time a month when playing by the system allows them to keep increasing your prices? If people had resisted we may not have got to this point.

    • So did I and I agree with you but did switch to DD after years of waiting in que on the phone and distracted by looking after an incompetent neighbour. I shall consider switching back, thanks for the reminder. They’ve installed metres for water at source of supply underground on council estates – ‘orrible places with the dumbest bunch of mixed races known to man.

    • See how easy it is to concoct the 6,000,000? A huge fraud. Just a few naughts on a screen, easy slip, a typo-negative!

  8. Hugo, you are a fraud? Anyone who asked legitimate questions, lies of omission, you ban! You remind me of UK critical thinker. He was brilliant controlled op, one of the best.

    • Nuff said; there’s too much of this about. The enemy within, the Shabbat Goi.They’re really pushing for the Red Terror ‘party’ as jusual through the Unions who were never good news anywhere they’ve operated. Soviet Union, UN. Spawned by The Fabian wolves in sheeps clothing, Labour pushes that working for the corporates is a good thing whilst they keep wages down and cream off settlements unknown to the workers they represent; then they charge dues! It was the impoverished workers sent to gulags and murdered through exposure, starvation and sadism of the usual culprits. They destroyed individual negotiation for the self-employed skills and who could forgive or forget that ugly penis-faced traitor who sold the Welsh miners down the swanney? Scargill went on to a very cushy number in the European Parliament with undisclosed salary whilst the miners were starving to death. Never belonged to one; self righteious parasitic slobs.

  9. RE : Kate McCann fainting, nothing to see here. There’s a few clips lately from around the world of presenters collapsing in front of the cameras mid-sentence, it’s totally normal! Besides, Ì’ve started seeing a lot of obituaries now with those words “died unexpectedly” and “suddenly” of a few people only in their early 50s. Yesterday I learned of a young healthy lady in her early 20s about to take part in a YMCA production near me dropping dead unexpectedly. I’m starting to think those around me are getting desensitised to it, although they are upset, they are not even inquisitive regarding the possible cause! Is it normal for healthy young people to drop dead unexpectedly? It wasn’t until now.

    • Lol I saw a MSM leader stating “taking a shower can cause heart attack” – wait until they discover HMRC, the leading cause of death in the 40-60 year old professional range, fucking dirty extortionist shit merchants………

  10. You do realise Crowley was shite! A created puppet by players and he just another little gobshite to slam a twist.

    • Indeed he was: the perfect sacrifice for ritual would be a young innocent boy around 8 years of age, blonde and blue-eyed. The Creeply Crowlyites brought their brethern up from the abyss through ritual sexual torture and murder. The Torah god loves the blood.

      • And they were all financed by ?????
        ((( )))

    • He went to Malvern College, an expensive elite school that looks like a recruiting ground for the intelligence services. James Jesus Angleton, one of the founders of the CIA also went there.

  11. Yes, we’re refugees from mainstream sewage which is so highly toxic my gut lurches at the sight, smell and sound of it. Most people imagine this is ‘entertainment’ but time is tight too tight to focus on this spy-ritual toxin. Alzheimers: lack of saturated fats – vegetable oils, polyunsaturates. Coconut oil is A-OK as is the ghastly lard. Also aluminium in air, fillings and cooking utensils. They even put sawdust in ‘food’! Look at them: deformed freaks looking demented. Martin Lewis is a Robbin’ Hood, see?

  12. I remember some shitty friends trying to induct me into Satanism as a teenager in the 1980’s – the usual bullshit, Crowley/Levait books, promises of easy wealth and sheep skulls, I told them to fuck off, I’m not gay and do not engage in sex magic faggotry.
    Roll on 30 years and it is HMRC and the state trying to fuck me with retrospective loan charge bullshit, I joined a net salary scheme FFS, now HMRC wants to extort me of 300% of my gross income from ten years ago!
    System is run by cretins for cretins.

  13. Turns out new symptons are hair loss and low libido…😀 its so stupid now its fakeness is coming through😀…when are people going to wake up🤷🏻‍♂️

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