Bank BACKTRACKS On Cashless After Public OUTCRY / Hugo Talks #Ireland

52 Comments on “Bank BACKTRACKS On Cashless After Public OUTCRY / Hugo Talks #Ireland

  1. Even now I don’t give my custom to the supermarkets or other retailers who I believe took steps too far during lockdown, so despite this bank back tracking, think I’d be inclined to close account and open another elsewhere anyway just for considering going cashless.

    • Exactly, we still need to boycott places that backtrack. They shouldn’t have had the idea in the first place.

      • 💯 Lewis great point

        The banks hold lots of Our monies
        So how dare they say how they ‘control’ how we use it

  2. See …the more people who won’t take anymore of this Insanity!!!
    we will get somewhere.

    Good on ya Ireland , keep fighting back now ,me homeland

    Thank you Hugo

  3. Hold your Cash at home in a safe and deal privately with only those who deal in cash. Create a sub community away from the evil, elite banking cartel. We need ultimately to create our own cash system.

  4. Just got back from my morning swim at the Lake. A dirty great big sign on the bridge above the M25 saying ‘Climate emergency’. I could see the fixings securing it to the bridge and don’t believe some random person put this up the way it was secured. Be interested to know if anyone else has spotted this crap.

    • Hi ya
      It should of said Samatha ,

      “Climate ‘CON’ alert!”

      • I’m thinking of going back and adding ‘is a hoax’ to it. It’s on the bridge where people from stand in the park do their yellow board protests so I doubt it will be there for much longer.

      • Lol
        You just sit back Samantha & ‘watch this space’ as saying goes
        as yes it won’t be there long

        Have great afternoon now.

  5. the people have the power together we all brother’s nd sister’s they are nothing thank u Hugo and people of Ireland well done

  6. Nice one Hugo , but in my opinion this is a testing ground, just like Australia, New Zealand , Canada For this to work 100% the whole Financial market needs to crash and it will unfortunately and then they will use that to implement the plan. It is written ,we all know that. Keep up the superb reporting.🙂

  7. Nice one Hugo , but in my opinion this is a testing ground, just like Australia, New Zealand , Canada For this to work 100% the whole Financial market needs to crash and it will unfortunately and then they will use that to implement the plan. It is written ,we all know that. Keep up the superb reporting.🙂

  8. Cash is King so they say. We are the Kings and Queens , not the banks.

    • This wont be for long before they introduce the micro chip so lets enjoy our freedoms and enjoy our money while we can.

  9. Thank you Hugo for your daily reports, and continual efforts to expose and oppose totalitarianism.

    Peaceful resistance is our strength, as this demonstrates beautifully.
    Collective non-compliance.
    Not hatred, fear, fighting and anarchy.
    Let’s all continue to keep faith, hope and love in our hearts and spread the word, gently guiding those those around us.
    Silence our thoughts and send the Pure White Light of Love out into the field, to everyone in the world – including (and especially!), directed towards the would-be oppressors.

    Darkness cannot exist in Light and Love.

    Peace and Love to all here at Hugo, stay strong <3

  10. @Janie Actually, that’s not true. We are unsecured creditors outlined in the their bank act. That is why they can do bail in’s with our ‘funds’. Once we make a deposit into their bank it is theirs. I only deposit what I have to pay bills and only leave what I can afford to ‘lose’ if there is a bail in. I am more invested in hard assets now. Since I learned if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. That goes for everything in this world. If you have a broker to handle your finances, look at the root word. Broke. Most people I know invest and lose money. Initially, bc they take all their fees upfront. They mismanage more than they manage. The whole system is corrupt and needs to be destoyed but the next one will cost us our very souls if we opt in. Don’t opt in. Give your life to Jesus and it becomes a non-issue.

    • Lori you have lost me??
      Not true on what?
      I don’t know what I commented for you to say ‘not true’


      • 💯 Lewis great point

        The banks hold lots of Our monies
        So how dare they say how they ‘control’ how we use it

        HI Janie,
        I was replying to this comment. MOst people don’t know they have these statutes that allow them to do anything they want which is the situation we now find oursleves in. All of the things they have accomplished have all been done behind the scenes. However we can deconstruct everything using their black’s law dictionary, a criminal code and the act which are at all 3 levels of gov. – that is why the ‘law’ swings back and forth it is open to interpretation daily. Versus God’s law-Thou shall not kill.-hahaha

      • Ok lori
        Cheers for clearing that up for me
        appreciate it.

        I pay most my bills by cash.
        So I understand your comment.
        I don’t have money to invest
        I just ‘pay as I go along’ you know what I mean.

        All the best now.

  11. Yes-closed main account. I kept the other for bills only and withdraw funds daily if there is anything left over. I run on cash-yet, I found in a store a cashier shamed me by saying no one uses cash anymore? I looked at her and said ‘I do’. I won’t shop there again. I vote with my dollars and that store is now off the list.

    • Lori hi

      What an extremely silly woman for being so rude.
      She obviously is like so many others,
      full of fear & no guts to stand up for herself ,
      so being fearful back to others makes her feel better, how
      Very sad.

      Good for you giving her the middle finger lori

      • She had sh33p mentality for sure. Chirping away the official narrative. Lost and sold out to the establishment. Ready to mask up and pull up her sleeve for her fall 4-10 boosters bc she is a ‘good person.’ I know, so sad. Stupid sh33p.

      • Lol

        is to good a word for theses people anymore lori

        I do bump into a few me-self

        It’s more embarrassing for them than me!

        Potty world .

      • Potty world- roflmao 🙂 cheers Janie.

      • Welcome lori

        Have great week now

  12. Off topic… but have you seen that video of the thunreds of dead cattle laying dead in a n Americian desert.

    • Hi
      I been following a guy and his son in America
      About lake mead drying out & the hoover dam
      I think they mentioned so much stuff like you have mentioned is being seen across the US

      They must have poisoned such a vast amount of cattle?

      • Radiation poisoning (inc corona virus) causes sickness: flu symptoms at the mild end, and painful death at worst.
        (5g wifi masts interact with the convid injections.)
        A sufficiently charged DEW (microwave beam) will kill instantly, especially on open lands with no protective cover. The animals have no chance against these invisible attacks.
        Last month a news article reported that a Court in France ordered a cell tower next to a farm be switched off.
        The farmer had complained that 15-20% of milk production had dropped within 2 days of the mast being switched on. And that 40% of his 200 cows had died overnight.
        A sensible decision by a Judge who doesn’t want to contribute to famine in the region.

        In the longer term, radiation poisoning causes cancers.
        Note the media surge in reporting cancer rises, particularly bowel cancer (the UK GP campaign this year sending out test kits – unsolicited). And collecting DNA in the process. … DNA has a unique identifier, an electric fingerprint frequency, and it is via this frequency that people are being remotely targeted (allegedly) with Voice to Skull communication that puts ‘voices’ in their head (to then be diagnosed as requiring poison schizoid drugs). The ‘voice’ commands take control of the mind with such nuance that the person thinks the thoughts are their own.

        In the hands of evil, these non human tools are silent killers that most people have yet to become aware of.

      • I’ve only recently seen the video of the cattle which happened last year apparently. I’m still not sure weather it is legit of just a cgi psyop to scare us..?

      • the military was used as Guinea pigs,
        many of them poor men/women now suffer with chemical poisoning.

        So I guess there is absolutely no worries in the minds of the ‘Loons’ behind it all,
        that they are now just happy flooring out loads of poor animals as well !

        World is sick place.
        Nothing surprises me anymore Cde.

  13. I know I said I would not post again but this is for those people who still believe viruses exist and is extremely important to understand. Science is something designed to remove your belief in God by con-vincing you they have all the answer and making you question why would a loving and caring God create ‘killer viruses’ and diseases?

    Berlin, Jan 17th, 2020

    Diagnostic detection of 2019-nCoV by real-time RT-PCR

    -Protocol and preliminary evaluation as of Jan 17, 2020-

    Victor Corman, Tobias Bleicker, Sebastian Brünink, Christian Drosten
    Charité Virology, Berlin, Germany

    Olfert Landt, Tib-Molbiol, Berlin, Germany

    Marion Koopmans
    Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Maria Zambon
    Public Health England, London

    Additional advice by Malik Peiris, University of Hong Kong


    “We used known SARS- and SARS-related coronaviruses (bat viruses from our own studies as well as literature sources) to generate a non-redundant alignment (excerpts shown in Annex). We designed candidate diagnostic RT-PCR assays before release of the first sequence of 2019-nCoV. Upon sequence release, the following assays were selected based on their matching to 2019-nCoV as per inspection of the sequence alignment and initial evaluation (Figures 1 and 2)”

    My translation
    As no virus has ever been isolated we went to our computer database of in-silica ‘virus genomes’ (theoretical computer generated genomes for viruses no one has EVER isolated) for ‘SARS’ and ‘SARS-related’ ‘coronaviruses’ and created the RT-PCR ‘test’ to detect ‘covid’ BEFORE we had even made up the in-silica (theoretical computer generated) genome for covid 19.

    If you want to educate yourself and others to the deception watch this truthful video, Dr. Poornima Wagh an amazing and brave woman giving you all the evidence you need.

  14. I used to be with AIB years ago and felt they treated me with a degree of contempt even then, as if I were a bloody nuisance, so I fecked off from them!
    I’d advise customers of any bank who tries to pull this stunt to open current accounts with their local Credit Unions, as most CUs offer them now. Unlike the greedy Irish banks, CUs don’t charge banking fees and you don’t have to pay for the privilege of lodging or drawing out your own money!

  15. Hugo, as always what you say makes a lot of sense.
    However 🙂 I just want to give my 5 cents.

    I agree with the fact that the “elite” is outnumbered, it’s not 1% but 0.0001% so about 7 thousands people including family members of these powerful families and there is not many of them.
    1% is 77 million people worldwide which is impossible to make this number of people effectively conspire against 99%
    However you have to know that these powerful Phoenician Jooish families that intermarry within the family (cousins) and between the families so their power does not deteriorated from century to century.
    These families have perfected the ways of putting people against the wall.
    It is cool if they can demoralize people just with consumerism, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and pornography.
    But if their reign is threatened they have a bunch of aces up their sleeves.
    If the above does not work then they can cause chaos on different levels. Disrupt the world trade what they did with COnVID Plandemic.
    They can disrupt to such lengths that people end up cold and hungry and this changes a lot.
    They know that if they lower the living standards enough, make people like animals they can rule with impunity with ancient Egypt, Babylon or Rome “bread and circus” regiment as a prime example.

    Lastly don’t forget an old recipe for kolkhoz that as we speak they want to implement globally or at least in all these Jooish future smart cities: London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc.
    Any Christian or Joo who thinks that Joseph was some sort of a hero should knock his head harder or change the medication.

    Overall well done Hugo!

    • UK Goverment Conservative ,Laber ,Library its a F~~king Sh~t. Freemasons Nazi Jews Saton! I want the People, not the Prime Minister,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The People, not the Queen,,,,,,,,,,,, The People, not God and Saton,,,,not Thor or Zuse or Hindu or Buddha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The People, not the Nazi Jews,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(The People,Jews not Nazi Jews: ) that is ok! The People, not the Freemasons We Want The UK People we need White, Black ,Brown ,Yellow ,Red,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The PEOPLE, The PEOPLE, The PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Great piece as usual and a true vision of the power of the people once they are awakened. Maybe we need to highlight the utilities pending price increase in August and all agree to only pay what we can. It worked with the Poll Tax. Maybe if enough people stood up to these greedy companies and said enough is enough then the prices won’t rise as expected. Thanks again for all your insightful clips.

    • Hi Chris

      We should all just not bother really
      It’s become a total scam
      at all Our,s expensive !

      I agree with you
      Time for people to really stand up

  17. I bank with AIB here in Northern Ireland and I am currently in the process of moving over to the nationwide. Backtrack or not, I am leaving them for even thinking of doing this.

  18. I’ve been trying to educate my mates for ages now but they think I’m crazy so much so that I’ve given up on them and don’t bother with them anymore, I don’t think any of them will ever get it until its too late, makes me sad how brain washed they are. I even tried to get one of them to watch a short film to educate him and he said that he doesn’t have to as he reads the papers. What can I say 🤡

  19. So true Hugo & so so simple in theory. Unfortunately the npc’s are not interested. Whether this attitude stems from a massive increase in numbers of “know it alls”….who knows, but it seems to me that all they care about is having a 5 bedroom house( when theres only 4 of them)2 overpriced Audis/range rover/merc on the drive, foreign holidays & silly eyebrows on the mostly over-weight women…..and all gor a posting on arsebook/instashit etc etc

  20. I know I’m late to this party, but I can’t resist rejoicing in victory, nonetheless. Yes, there is always hope! Ah, the feel of a successful pushback against the Beast System. How sweet it is! Absolutely, we need to disengage from the digital world and reengage in the real, physical world. Noncompliance should be the mantra of the day. God bless you, Hugo!

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