Russell Brand’s Mate Wants To Shutdown All Animal Farming IRELAND / Hugo Talks


94 Comments on “Russell Brand’s Mate Wants To Shutdown All Animal Farming IRELAND / Hugo Talks

  1. What a creepy, agressive smug this guy is! Who does he think he is! For thousands of years humans live this way and now all of a sudden we can’t even eat eggs in his crazy brains? Well let me tell you smug: I DO WHAT I WANT. Nobody tells me what to eat !!!!! I’m going to have chicken in my backyard AND buy lots of meat. What a total CREEP!!!!

    • Funny enough, most people who work in slaughter houses are creeps (how could they not be)
      It sounds to me like you are too !!
      What kind of cunt condones the horrific slaying of innocent defenseless beings ……!?

  2. What a Fucking Wanker this bloke is.Talking total Bullshit.Sadly the Sheep will believe every word.

  3. I got sent clips of this arsehole garbling on about Boris and the corrupt government. Not a word about the jibber jabs. 🤐

  4. That vile creature, Monbiot rubbished David Bellamy about 10 years ago on TV, claiming the data Bellamy had got was from a website written by a convicted fraudster, although that was a complete lie – Shame Bellamy was stunned by such a claim, as he didn’t think to challenge Monbiot on the matter.

    • @Lek, Monbiot is just a Jew who does what Jews do best – LIE!! for their father is the father of LIES!!

      John 8:44 (MCV) Ye Jews are of your father The Adversary, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    • David Bellamy was literally cancelled off the face of all ms media, and was substituted by Attenborough by the BBastardC.

  5. Not an interview, that was clearly scripted. How many times does he need to say “one of the greatest causes”? Most people interviewed would list the causes to save time repeating the same phrase over and over to reduce air time and get everything across. Clearly a paid shill with a script, anyone else would have been rushed off the screen with the “out of time” excuse.

  6. I’m I the only one who understands the difference between agriculture (growing fruit and veg intensively, so as Monbiot says is destroys the environment both on land and aquatic life from run off from chemicals) and animal farms (cows and sheep grazing in pastures – which actually strengthens topsoil and is a self-fertilising practice)? Or have I missed something? Or are they now calling ALL farms agricultural – a bit like they call parasites and bacteria (which do exists and can cause disease) and viruses (which are mythical) under the heading ‘germs’.

    • Viruses absolutely are mythical love your wording with that. Nobody has ever isolated any viruses. Even Enders who supposedly isolated measles didn’t even isolate it as they added multiple amounts of new genetic material first. Chances are what we view as viruses are merely bad bacteria and pathogenic bacteriophages.

  7. Total rubbish. This guy doesn’t know difference between dogpiss and ‘ fossille fuel’ , which is by the way the second most abundant commodity next to underground water. Fissile fuel was renamed that by Rockefeller but fact is it replenishes faster than it can ever be finished. Oil fuel was named fossille fuel’ to atach a label that it’s an expensive commodity to fool people and enrich the oil barons. Same shit they promote with the farming. Grain and vegetables farming repllenish oxygen faster than we can use it. Do your own investigation ! Fuck these clowns

  8. Well iv’e been saying Russel Brands dodgy for years, as for that pustule filled pus ball named George, well… someone needs to drop him into an oubliette. Job done.

  9. I knew the presenter; Miriam O’Callaghan, was one of the elites, but not shocked that she is a total sellout.

  10. An Indulgence? What about people with disability? With polymorphisms in enzymatic conversion processes? Are we just going to force them to do something that makes their pathology worse? How is that vegan? The delusion is unreaaaaaal

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