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  1. How on earth do places like Benidorm cope I wonder, they must have spontaneous combustion happening on a daily basis!

  2. If you remember the temperature is always greater in cities due to roads and our crappy building letting out heat they absorb. So in reality the temp was 2-3 degrees lower. I’m bored of the lying, I’m bored of people forgetting we’ve not been far of these temps on so many ocassions. No one panicked, they popped to the local pools. Those have been gradually closed over the years and on these 2 days they closed the remaining, err go figure!

  3. Common denominator. Piss head with bbqs

  4. I work as a firefighter in the US. When Hugo mentioned it looked like trash burning on the side of the road, it certainly looked like that to me. These people think everyone is stupid. A lot of people do not know people in my line of work can tell what is burning by the color of smoke produced. At the point in the video where Hugo mentioned that, the smoke was very dark black. Dark black smoke is typically associated with hydrocarbon based products burning (gasoline, tires, plastics). Later in the video, the smoke is lighter brown color. The lighter brown smoke is more indicative of wood burning. The smoke alone tells me this was staged.

    • I do not know if I can edit my reply. Do not take my word for it. Go back and watch the video again. If similar stuff is burning, why is there thick black smoke and then later on lighter colored smoke?

    • That’s spot on I can remember years ago you could tell when people where We’re burning off copper wiring.

  5. all scripted again by the powers to be and blaming it on something that is fake anyway , everything is fakery at the highest level of fakery

  6. Hugo, you are one of the rare reliable sources. There is no coincidence with anything happening lately. Shame it costed people homes…

  7. I’ve just started to keep a horse at a stables. It is a massive farm. Huge. Piles of horse manure. Bales and bales of hay and straw. No fires happened. However someone did approach me a few days ago and ask if I had seen some kids on my way up the lane. They get a lots of kids trying to start fires. A big problem cos it’s a public footpath

    • What I found ironic was on the same day that London was on fire so was Birmingham and France big coincidence that? 🤔I mean it’s hot every year atleast somewhere yet there isn’t this many fires yet after 2020 now all of a sudden the heat is a big issue and the world’s on fire 🤣

  8. I saw bill Gates and klaus Schwab hiding in some bushes in London with a can of petrol and a big box of matches! They were sniggering and guffawing! Pair of dirty filthy stinking bastards!

    • I saw them too!
      Anyone else? Because I am going to have a talk with their parents.
      This behaviour is unacceptable

  9. I have said it many times before, I believe most these fires are started by the XR type people trying to prove a point. There is no climate crisis, and my opinion will never differ because I have studied the science.

  10. Incredibly stupid take Hugo. You literally appear to he a fool.

    • Not to me. It does indeed look suspicious to me, and certainly fits their agenda.

  11. To me, it looks planned.

    But I think that about everything these days.

  12. So the Sleuth Sherlock Hugo is correct again, that Rubbish lying on the Roadside looks very very very Suspicious to say the least and surely a Crime in itself ?
    I predict Coordinated operation to push the Agenda Scam.
    Elementary my dear Watson I hear you say. Well done Hugo . 🙂

    • There is much less grass cutting and litter picking now. I’m not surprised the amount of roadside fires are increasing.

  13. I forgot to add, in Australia, we have temps up to 50 degrees regularly in summer.
    The runways don’t melt, and stuff doesn’t just catch fire.

  14. I smelt a rat a mile away!! People don’t understand the length these scumbags will go to get there outcome! They had people right he electoral voting in America to swing the votes etc we are all facing a gang who gets what it what’s by any means an having the tv as there story teller! It’s laughable now! An the young ones are being brainwashed to thinking it’s too hot to wearing a mask in there own home! It’s all a joke an people are all bunch of pussies! Ignorant pussies that do what there told an believe every word the tv says!

  15. I never cease to be amazed by the lengths climate-change deniers will go to go to support their case. Eg.: a 40-degree temperature was ONLY recorded on one day – luckily, but the fact is it’s a record, which is alarming enough (48 degrees in the sun doesn’t count – temperatures should be measured in the shade).

    It could also be argued that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is ONLY going up gradually, as is the average temperature worldwide (no link there of course!), that glaciers and ice-caps the world over are only receding gradually, that sea levels are only rising gradually, that older people who’ve seen how the climate has changed in their lifetimes are not reliable witnesses, etc, etc…and that it’s all an elaborate and devious hoax thought up by globalists with an agenda! (There ARE ‘elite’, globalist bastards with ungodly agendas, like the ‘Great Reset’, but that is another matter).

    • Many independent weather watchers didn’t record a temperature of 40 so now you fall into the category of thinking the Vax is safe and effective because they told us so.

    • Heatwaves in 1976 and the longest recorded heatwave in 1911, it’s just plain old weather.
      As for C02 it was at 4200 ppm 450 million years ago at the start of an ice age and rose throughout the ice age over a period of 10 million years to 4500ppm. There is no correlation between C02 and climate in fact below 150ppm all life on the surface of the earth will cease to exist, C02 is plant food and it does not even give you cancer. The great extinction events correlate with periods of diminishing C02.
      You greenwash sycophants should do some real research and focus your activism on things that actually do harm the environment and consequently the plants, animals and humans that live within it.
      Useful idiots every last one of you!

    • I agree, they’re so worried about rising sea levels the UK govt have given the green light for a nuclear reactor to be built – right on the coast line. Must be using the same surveyor as Obama or Bill Gates who both have multi million sea front mansions. Maybe it will swarm around them, you know, like the parting of the red sea for the important people.

      • That is so bloody well said

      • Sea levels rising is another dirty piece of greenwash pseudo science. When a land mass is sinking AKA Greece, the sea levels appear to rise, when a land mass is rising aka Sweden the sea levels appear to fall.
        There has been no discernible rise in sea level in the 20th century, you can take Victorian era photographs of landmarks and compare them with modern day photographs, no change.
        But the greenwash activists are convinced by child like logic, and manufactured pseudo science, it is their MO and it make them look like just what they are, callous and stupid…

  16. Bit lazy these arsonists. Not one spontaneous fire in Leeds, Swansea, Manchester, Carlisle etc. All pretty hot places yet only ‘London Burns’. Getting tired of this charade.

  17. Far be it for me to HAARP on about HAARP but there is this technology, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, based in Alaska, that some have speculated about being used in Canada at the time of our freak heat wave last year; and for the nefarious purpose of silencing a Doctor doing research in Lytten B.C. on the dangers of the vaccine. This research carries a lot of scientific validity. So we know what happened to Lytten B.C. And now look at what’s happening in the U.K. The U.K. fires might not have such a technologically based inception, but it does show the willingness of the New World Order to work in any unscrupulous way that they can to secure a certain worldview.

    • Not everything is HAARP. This was a hot airstream from the Azores, which are a Portuguese island chain.

    • we have at least 2 haarp installations in australia, they are even listed by google maps as haarp 😉

  18. Well!
    I saw the sign flash up, and i do remember, late 1980’s/early 90’s, being warned (via MSM of course), that we were heading for a new Ice Age.
    I thought then, as I do now. If Climate Change is truly upon us (bear with me here), why has no one in authority made any connection that it just may be related to the fall out from: Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Bombs from continuous wars, Christmas Island, Nasa, Space shuttles, Satellites, space junk: the list is endless and nothing to do with us serfs having a barbecue or two, an open fire or a gas boiler.
    Plus, heard recently, that Musk’s driverless lorries are already in UK at docks, but have to be kept in storage for now.

  19. All the farm fields on fire will have houses growing on them next year.

  20. A government who suspects its citizens of god knows what , monitors 24/7 tracks trace, it does seem odd that a mindset like that doesn’t even question for one moment wether an organisation such as extinction rebellion could be the cause of such fire’s.

  21. There have also been fires in the North East of England. I passed the site of the fire in Sunderland on Saturday as the area affected is pretty much right next to major roads A19 and A1231. The temperature here on Saturday was around 23 degrees. It was a large area that was affected and it looked like a few farmers fields on fire not far from Penshaw Monument and the Washington Wildfowl Park as shown in the map: –,-1.4645951,3a,79.7y,187.82h,88.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1snnmT-q_anu_nUSyNeMu1SA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 The fire was not in the field immediately next to the road but in several fields around the middle area. As you can see there are no houses around this sight. Like any place we have had grass fires etc but to my knowledge I can’t recall a grass/crop fire as big as this. I can’t deny I became suspicious if it had been started deliberately with the planned food shortages and their elites evil plans to take control of farmland.

  22. If the shit they’ve been spraying into the sky on a daily basis for the last few months is anything like the stuff they sprayed before the fires in Australia a while back, then it is basically firework sparkler mixture… The same shit makes the clouds that should have brought natural rain disperse, so that when rain does eventually fall, it just runs off the very dry surface leaving the ground water level very low and the ground still dry… then it doesn’t take much at all to spark this off…

    • If that were the case, wouldn’t the whole country have practically gone up in flames, though?

  23. I wonder how many of the houses that were on fire had smart meters? Clearly the sky will fall in shortly

  24. I was in Perth, WA in 2005 in 42° C – a bit hot sitting outside for long, even in the shade (for an Englishman) but lovely down on the beach. No fires to be seen. Of course this is all nonsense – they must be laughing themselves silly in many other countries. How many of those fires were actually a threat to life and limb? They look like carefully-picked locations to me.

  25. Excellent one Hugo. So much for a record when it was 48 degrees in 1858 ! What a load of lies. Of course you will never get climate ‘believers’ like davidandrewstukins to agree with you. They have drunk the Kool-Aid and seen the new Jerusalem – which basically amounts to tearing to bits ‘heretics’ who disagree with their ‘Climate Change’ religion and taking away the freedom to travel for everyone except the ‘elite’ psychopaths. If the science is settled then why is it so politically driven and why do 900 scientists support the World Climate Declaration that ‘There is no climate emergency’ ?? Go to for more information.
    Also, it would be more helpful to the world to call for geoengineering to be stopped – ie. the aerosol spraying that you can see in the sky on a daily basis now. This is the cause of ‘heatwaves’ and is part of a coordinated campaign to get people to believe in the ‘climate emergency’ nonsense so that the ‘elite’ can take your rights away from you. Go to for more information.

  26. Lol. In Australia that’s a mild temperature. Our grass doesn’t spontaneously combust without some sort of incendiary. I wonder what would happen if suddenly all the TV and radio stations suddenly went up in smoke? Must be the heat wave!

  27. Well done Hugo glad it not jus me questioning all this, rather convenient all these fires on the same day…problem reaction solution..

  28. paul watson reports that these temperatures are taken near or ait airports, where temps are higher because of large areas tarmac etc, he also reports that temps taken for such things have risen by 50% at these dubious locations

    • It’s true, yesterdays record temperature was measured at Heathrow Airport.

  29. We are dealing with a SPECTRE type organisation that is now resorting to eco-terrorism to enforce it’s anti-human rhetoric. Look at all the food production factories that have mysteriously been set on fire or more accurately sabotaged in the past year and a half. These are acts of high treason and the people directly responsible embedded in these warehouses and production plants in advance, their masters can be found in the roles of the WEF, UN, Bilderbergers or under the guise of billionaire sponsored NGO’s (also well represented amongst the WEF ranks). Takes money to make money and the elite think and plan/plot ahead in terms of decades as far as their agendas are concerned, they are the only ones with that particular privilege.
    As for the rest of us, we are just sacrificial pawns in the bigger game and as long as we continue to sit on our arses we will never be able to reach our full potential.
    Here is an incomplete list of traitors by country (note the final three Tory PM candidates are all WEF affiliated and do not appear on the list):

    • And of course the media are there to sex things up and apply the behavioural insights psychology to create maximum irrational fear………..

      • Brilliant John,
        Well put 👍🏻

  30. Wildfires cused the house fires…

    Wildfires mean the surrounding countryside is on fire – this is in the middle of a built up area, there were no raging infernos around those houses. I think the explanation of the Police (arson) or the local guy (compost heap catching fire) make far more sense.

    Compost heaps are full of gas, even bales of hay can catch fire with no extra heat.

    It’s any old bollocks to push the climate nonsense. Sadly most of the country have bollocks for brains, so will probably believe it with no thinking required.

    • I don’t know that grass discriminate. There’s a lot of dry grass everywhere. I wonder why they didn’t go up in flames.

    • Theyre not wild fires but plasma fires that are attracted to electricity that’s why you see footage of it breaking out at powerlines, houses, flats and factories having been going up in flames everywhere in the world. Media is lying it’s not caused by climate change or a smoker throwing away a butt or a BBQ. Very little on the internet about plasma fires something to do with the heavy metals being released into the atmosphere every day globally and the affect on the earth. Also have to consider ionized radiation from electrical infrastructure too much for the Earths soil to cope with.

  31. Spot on again, Hugo. Exactly what I was thinking yesterday. Especially when I came out of my West London home yesterday evening to walk my dogs, it smelt so smoky it seemed as though the whole street was on fire.

    When we got to the park several streets away, I met a woman there who also commented that when she came out of her place, she thought someone must be barbecuing, but then she said we can smell the smoke here too, so it can’t be that. Street after street was the same smell of thick smoke.

    I thought, what are they up to now? I had seen the fake headlines of the fires, so I knew that this was more fearmongering. Frightened people are easy to manipulate, so it’s all about frightening people out of their minds.

    • Used to go to south of France as a kid 40 years back to see family.

      Used to see fire helicopters put out small fires in the distance on some mountain tipping a giant water bucket on it.

      No big deal regular occurrence.

      You can’t watch the news anymore without being bombarded with whatever their latest bs agenda is.

      It’s relentless sadly there’s always some rich kid idiot ready to glue themselves to the m25 and the bbc to report it to further whatever they are trying to sell.

  32. We have fires in my local woodland pretty much every summer.

    I didn’t realise it was climate change that was causing those teenagers to burn down the dry reeds.

  33. Probably worth looking in to but I wonder if these homes already empty

    • Probably empty houses in need of complete reconstruction. Decided to use it for a good cause.

    • My thoughts exactly, everything is so obvious when you sit back and look at it from a logical point of view

  34. It doesn’t take a genie to see they are lying and this has been orchestrated

  35. There are on average around 400 house fires in the UK every week but this is not news except when it is a very hot day. All they did was find the worst example out of around 60.

  36. Rubbish at the side of the road on fire had a lot of tyres in it hence the very black smoke.
    The planet also was far warmer in medieval times. Look it up.
    It’s all utter scaremongering, unfortunately people are falling for it.

  37. The hottest day on record since temperatures started being measured on airport runways.

  38. “You (They) are of their father the devil, and the desires of your father you wish to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him (the devil). When he speaks the lie, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it.” John 8:44

  39. has any one else realised that the rising climate (which IS real, but the why is the question)
    may benefit a MASSIVE land mass called russia, which may become habitable and farmable?
    the nwo/wef would not want that.

    when i was 23ish i noticed that we were not getting white christmases, and then i noticed that the snows came later and later every year.
    then i noticed the milder winters. now i notice the hotter summers.
    in high school a friend sent back a postcard from australia telling me it was 32c in the shade. i thought that was amazing how could you survive in that unheard of heat.
    but the other day was 32c in my living room, apart from being sweaty, it was fine.

  40. Very suspicious fires everywhere, including western USA. Must back up NWO shill Greta Thunberg’s “Our House is on fire” meme. Also note the burning house on the blackboard of the 2012 “I Pet Goat II” video.

  41. Heat energy weapons….see “Look out for Charlie” you tube…….

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