⚠ WARNING 🇮🇪 Ireland Banks Going Cashless! / Hugo Talks

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  1. To many sheep will just go along the same as the jib jab the Irish and most of UK I’m afraid are thick as shit and don’t understand what’s going on

  2. This is the way. In the uk they are closing braches down. It will come soon. But will the sheep react. I doubt it

  3. That geeezer from BIS needs to get off his jack and start doing some exocise! Control freak!

  4. Immediately take all your money straight out NOW!

  5. Any bank that has no cash is a bankrupt bank. Prepare for them to take your money

  6. The Economist 3/26/21 : Everything is under control.

  7. Check out “Ronald Bernard” and his story about his time working for the BIS.

    They are pretty much just an international criminal enterprise.

    Who really like kids.

  8. if they were going to make good use of all this big data then vaccines and statins would be outlawed tomorrow

  9. Ireland complied to every corrupt rule that the ‘Cabal’ issued so not surprising is it.

      • There is a savings bank called Kingdom Bank..it is a Christian bank.

      • Try the Co-operative Bank. It’s an ethical bank, which means they don’t invest in unscrupulous companies.

    • 1996 GLT Carol Moffett Carol Moffett F Managing Director Moffett Engineering Ltd. – Business Ireland Europe
      1996 GLT Denis O’Brien Denis O’Brien M Chairman Island Capital Ltd. – Business Ireland Europe
      2009 YGL Damian Gammell Damian Gammell M CEO Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetraenke AG Business Dublin, Oxford Ireland Europe
      2012 YGL Niall Dunne Niall Dunne M CEO polymateria Business Chief Sustainability Officer, BT Group Ireland Europe
      2019 YGL Nora Khaldi Nora Khaldi F Founder and Chief Science Officer Nuritas – Business BioTech Ireland Europe
      2001 GLT Antóin Ó’Lachtnáin Antóin Ó’Lachtnáin M Journalist, author, Co-Director Digital Rights Ireland – Business Law Ireland Europe
      2008 YGL Aaron McCormack Aaron McCormack M COO Vodafone North America – Business Tech CEO of BT Conferencing (2007–2011) Ireland Europe
      2007 YGL David McWilliams David McWilliams M Broadcaster, writer and commentator McWilliams Productions – Media Dublin, Bruges Ireland Europe
      1993 GLT Paul David Bono (Hewson) Bono M Co-Founder ONE campaign – NGO Lead singer of U2 Ireland Europe
      2006 YGL Caroline Casey Caroline Casey F Director Kanchi Disability Foundation – NGO Ireland Europe
      2007 YGL Siobhan Walsh Siobhan Walsh F Strategy Adviser CyArk – NGO Concern Worldwide USA Ireland Europe
      2018 YGL Leo Varadkar Leo Varadkar M Politician Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment of Ireland Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leader of Fine Gael Political & Government Ireland Europe
      2021 YGL Sinéad Burke Sinéad Burke F Writer, disability activist, CEO Tilting The Lens – Social entrepreneur Ireland Europe

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  11. True. My thoughts entirely. I feel many generations of wealth will vanish due to pure ignorance and trust in a system they did not even suspect was corrupt, plus they have managed to inject them for good measure too!

  12. Soon life will be a living hell ! This time it’s not just the Jews going into captivity, the world has abandoned God Our Creator, so the world is becoming enslaved! The globalists are trying to compete with God, and they are winning because they’ve almost managed to delete God from all of societies’ hearts and minds! Sadly it’s going to take this vile enslavement to occur before people repent and turn back to God. Until that happens God will allow this as he did in Hosea 4:1-3,6 and why shouldn’t He, we turned our back on Him! He is our only chance of release from this coming living hell. Unfortunately most are too wrapped up in selfishness to care in this ‘me, me snowflake hurty words world’. They are going to wake up with a huge bang in time! Keep praying for your own protection and that of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, also pray for our release from what will become a heinous situation. NWO book is online free if you search! The globalists want a world that will put Sodom and Gomorrha to shame, and our children are their goal, as it hurts God YHWH so much more when they defile our little ones. May God be with you all!
    PS. Oh and don’t forget to pray for our enemies, Ronald Bernhardt (on YT) was a globalist puppet in one of their many evil fiscal clans, but he couldn’t do the evil they asked of him on children, he repented and changed his ways, all glory to God, so praying the evil ones will repent does work if enough of us do it!

    • Shaking my head at all those bemoaning the lack of God then reveal how and why blindly. The entity you worship is a Golem ruling the deserts of scorpions and snakes. It’s the wrong direction. The New Testament Father is not the murderous yarway of the Torah or their desert rats. He and alla are twins as momad and moses. There’s only one answer to this mess, return of the heart and womb centred loving Mother/Father before the invasions of rapists and their beastly priestly vipers. Billions are enslaved to their destroyers.

  13. Thanks Hugo and in related news, controlled-opposition shills GB News were promoting the mark of the beast – right hand microchip payment system – at the weekend.

    For want of a better example for the sheep as to why it’s an appalling idea [most will believe the lies about convenience], if this goes through, future muggers will no longer request your wallet in return for not harming you. No, they may simply chop your hand off to access your new central bank digital currency.

  14. What people don’t realise is that the government will eventually have complete and absolute control over your money and the banks ,if you don’t do as you’re told or you’re a naughty boy or girl ,your money stops and if they think you are overweight so you will only be entitled to two burgers a week if you try and buy a third it will be rejected, if you decide to buy a blue dress and the government wants you to wear red you won’t be able to buy it, this is the beginning of 1984 the government will not tell you the cons only the pros

  15. This is the same AIB that the Irish tax payer had to bail out when they were destroyed by the 2008 crash. They have repaid us, by stabbing us in the back.

  16. “You vill eat ze bugs” said Klaus Schwab from his slobbering mouth, as the meat juices from his fillet steak dribbled over his jowls.

  17. A Bank without Cash is like a Pub without Beer.

    Actually, it’s far worse. Because a bank really only has one core product. So, anyone who works behind the counter in an AIB bank is now out of a job

    • Alladin is the A1 beast running the show. No human intervention necessary.

  18. Credit Unions are in every town in Ireland. These are a great alternative to banks.

  19. Anyone who for whatever reason either cannot or decides not to transfer their business to another bank. The following may be of use to you. This is the web page from the AIB Bank web site listing all the branches that are going cashless , the ones who are not and where the nearest post office is to each one. It also includes their official explanation for it and a section of `Customer Q&A`s ` about it.

    Personally i wholeheartedly agree with Hugo and everyone else. Get your money out and do it now.

  20. We are different from China here in the UK. Our oppressors have to live closely amongst us here and they have already pushed their luck to the limit, look at what is happening in Sri Lanka, if things get any worse or more restrictive in the UK these politicians and bankers will need 24/7 armed guard, and then it only takes one guard to go rogue and it’s curtains for them.

    • They already have their armed guards mostly from foreign lands who have zero loyalty to the British,so I doubt they will go rogue

  21. The good news is that your CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) will also be valid Off-World should you choose to visit the Alien Home World when you gain sufficient Social Credit Score points.

  22. It’s all ones and zeros, money doesn’t exist until you owe it..

      • The credit union is owned now by GLOBAL ELITE….they have taken over.
        I took my money out

      • They own the credit unions now too

      • I’d second that Laura! I love the CU, it’s helped us out a fair few times.The fact they now offer current accounts is a great help!

  23. Wish I could vote and leave a reply on Hugo Talks, but when I click on the like, it does more or less nothing. Certainly doesn’t count my vote. I have obviously subscribed or else I wouldn’t be getting this email. What’s the deal?

  24. To be truly free and prosperous nation, a country needs to accomplish several tasks:

    Cut the financial parasites free.
    Issue its own currency.
    Abolish all income taxes.
    Rely on the wealth generated from direct currency control, indirect taxation and tax on corporate profit only.
    Live within the means of GDP.
    Vastly reduce the size and expenditure of central government and decentralise power to the regions.
    Focus entirely on nation building and ditch all globalist ties.
    Invest in real education and innovation.

    There is not a single political party with the guts to present such a manifesto.

    Voting will not solve the crisis caused by decades of hidden globalist agendas and planting of quislings in the arts, media, legal, NGO’s and political circles. This is the reason why head from one crisis to the next shedding wealth at every juncture.

    • @John Davies You forgot two crucial things: The Abolition of Democracy, and life imprisonment for political lobbyists – corruption.

  25. When a bank becomes cashless, there ceases to be justification for a brick and mortar branch. All part of the profit maximising capitalist process.
    Cashless branches are stage 1.

    stage 2 would logically be a centralised processing center with humans, probably from a nation where they can pay lower wages.

    stage 3 would be replacing these humans, partially using AI,

    stage 4, full AI.

    Minimal workforce, maximum profit divided unequally to those at the top.

    All from money created out of thin air by those with the exclusive power to do so.

    It’s a game you are never going to win.

    Don’t keep your money in the bank. Use cash wherever you can.

    • This decision by AIB to go cashless was reserved three days ago because of public outrage. The ATMs were to go also leaving businesses and customers with no cash

  26. In Canada, Roger’s “went down” and everything was “cash only” at 60-70% of stores. Some credit cards and cash only for a few days.
    UBI is being proposed and will be coming soon in Canada. In 2020 there was the CERB which was just a money printing bubble. In 2021 they called it a different acronym. Continued to print money. Encouraging people to stay at home. There are jobs, and no one wants them because they get free cash for testing positive with the scam PCR/Rapid flow, after altering their DNA.

  27. Prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus to scupper their plans…

    1/ May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face!

    2/ May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans!

    3/ May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements!

    4/ May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness!

    5/ Lord, I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

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