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  1. to Ian Tompkins, I totally agree with you apart from one thing: there’s absolutely no such thing as covid! You are totally spot on with everything else though.

    • Corona Virus has long been the clinical term for the common cold or the flu. It was a stroke of genius to hi jack the condition, which annually took approx 600,000 lives world wide, and utilise it to promote their worldwide plandemic

  2. The Nightingale hospitals were nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt! Deadly pandemic and those “hospitals” were closed down cos they weren’t needed???!!!!!! My arse!!! Such a pack of lies!!!!

    • @Carolyn King< And a HUGE insult to her honourable name, for she outed The Germ Theory as a fraud:

      "Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another.

      Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves?

      I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent dog.

      Since then I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been 'caught', but must have begun.

      I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats.

      I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.

      Would it not be far better, truer, and more practical, if we looked upon disease in this light (for diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun-substantives):

      — True nursing ignores infection, except to prevent it. Cleanliness and fresh air from open windows, with unremitting attention to the patient, are the only defence a true nurse either asks or needs.

      — Wise and humane management of the patient is the best safeguard against infection. The greater part of nursing consists of preserving cleanliness.

      — "The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions."

      — Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, 1820-1910.

  3. According to the Daily Fail, the government are planning to roll out more booster jabs and also flu jabs in the autumn, being done together at the same time, one in each arm! A double whammy dose of spike proteins as the flu jab is being manufactured with MRNA technology just like the Convid jab, so even more people who have them will die!! They could collapse and die in the doctors’ surgery after being jabbed! Needless to say I will be refusing both, I’m steering well clear as I always have done with this toxic muck.

  4. We recently were on holiday in Ibiza were sunbathing around the pool and all of a sudden two ambulances sped past and attended to two people on the beach. We have never seen that before and have been to that area 6 times before. The sea was calm so it was fine for swimming

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  6. They probably have been all vaccinated for Covid

  7. It also happened here in The Netherlands a week ago. They say he died from the heat. The man was used to it, he came there everyday.

  8. Went on Google reading Martin Lewis account of the energy bill tsunami!about to hit us in October!his description,it will be on the same scale as the Covid pandemic! NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT THEN!

  9. I believe this is due to Italy much likened unto the ring of fire around the Pacific This has a very high potential to be Carbon monoxide
    Gas Eruptions & or Methane Natural Gas from underground

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