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  1. Telling people to stay at home, stay indoors is doing several things.
    One, it’s keeping traffic down. People aren’t communicating to, and from work. AKA – Climate lockdown.
    Secondly, it’s keeping people programmed.
    Making sure that the population is submissive to their government controllers, getting ready for what’s to come later this year.
    There’s more to it than just a heatwave.

    • I’m literally fed up to the max with this nanny state- like they really care about anyone- people were more at risk of taking the jib jab- and this was only for them to be able to go on holiday- to enjoy the sunshine- Have a day or two off work- head for the beach or the local park- take a nice picnic and have a fabulous time- we e got a long hard winter coming up

    • They can all fuck off…
      Goverments, brainwashed idiots…the lot

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself, Tony McNamara… Hugo’s followers are truly the business. Thanks, Hugo, for bringing the enlightened together on your platform Think about it… sudden swoop upwards of petrol prices… discouraging people to move around: lockdown by any other name. Airports and travelling public in meltdown, planes grounded… no one going anywhere, all by design: lockdown by any other name. You’ve gotta hand it to these Globalists, they are getting creative.

  2. Lineker, the paid off below then average ex Footballer Doom Mongerer ,I wonder if ‘gazza’ listens to him now ? 🙂

  3. Cheers Hugo. I’m off to the lake for a swim on this beautiful sunny day.

  4. I remember 1976. It was marrow melting hot through until September. In other words, this is nothing new. The maximum temperatures only last for a few hours.

  5. They’re so, so pathetic!! It’s beyond me! Why anyone would listen to these hyenas! Liars! Liars!
    Go out! And enjoy God’s given sun! Its
    Good for you!! Happy days lazing in the sun! Blue sky above! Oh what a wonderful life!
    Enjoy! Enjoy! Till your hearts content! Away with the merchants of doom!
    God bless!

    • @cuddledpunt So do I, three months of non-stop heat! not three days, over which these soy boys and faggots are frothing at the mouth.

  6. Ooo and it can cause blood clots – mmmm – what else is causing blood clots ? How convenient…..

    • “We must be ready for variants that evade the vaccine, as well as for the next pandemic, and other new diseases.”
      Matt Wancock

  7. I was going to do some washing and hang it out earlier, but between the fear of pegging it while pegging it out, and the clothes catching fire if I left it out too long, I decided to not do the washing at all and have a beer while waiting for the end of the world instead.

  8. People go on holiday to the south of Europe with the same temperatures or higher lying on the beach, for decades without any problems. Have the sheeple forgotten that already?

    • Plenty of people appear to be taking government advice and “staying home” today. The roads were quieter on my way home from work. Yet not long ago lots of them were getting the government injectable purely to be able to go abroad on holiday and chase the sun!

  9. The main difference between today and the summer of ’76 is that back then we had clear, azure blue skies without a cloud in sight. Today we get that horrible, wishy-washy pale blue, almost white sky, with ‘clouds’ everywhere

    • Is that due to global warming or the intentional crap they are constantly spraying (chem-trails) into the air?

  10. Of course some of the the weather reports and forecasts in the MSM are OTT fearmongering. However, a few things should be clarified: I was a 12-year-old in the summer of 1976 and remember it well – it was a long, hot summer but not with 40-degree temperatures; I was near Cambridge when temperatures DID touch 40 in 2019 (a record I think); there were various heat records broken in various parts of Spain, where I now live, in the heatwave of a month ago, and again now.

    Extreme weather phenomena like these, with heat records being broken left, right and centre, are becoming increasing common the world over and tie in with scientific data about global warming. I am more and more convinced that if an intelligent person refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of this, it is for ideological reasons.

    • There is much solar activity occurring, and climate ‘experts’ refuse to acknowledge the profound impact space weather has upon our biosphere.

      • I’m pretty sure all the crap they’re spraying in the skies is having an effect too

    • You can debate until you’re blue in the face about climate change. I think the big question is whether any of their ‘ solutions’ work or are intended to work. Much the same as covid.

      • You can debate until you’re blue in the face whether 2 + 2 = 4 or 5, or you can just use your fingers to count.

  11. these primitive psychos hate that the sun also shines for us for free!I love these days – the hotter the better☺️

  12. Living in Canada now and haven’t been back to the U.K. for a little while but with the heat wave we had last year there’s some speculation about that being created by the HAARP technology in Alaska to take out the Doctor in Lytten B.C. who was exposing vaccine injury’s on a very scientifically credible basis. The British heat wave at the moment, yeah, probably nothing of note to say about that; although I will say that if my head did explode from eating an ice cream with a flake in it, well, what a nice way to go.

    Check out a book called “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP” by Jeane Manning or a bitchute post by “The Amazing Polly” on the above subject matter if what I’ve said is of interest.

  13. Heat wave here in Germany but everyone is just chillin out at the open air pools lol. Much ado about nothing as usual

  14. It’s like a mini lockdown. There was not a cloud in the sky this morning – of course it was hot. This evening the clouds are all about – couldn’t the condensation trailing jets operate their Directed Energy Warfare {DEW} resources to produce clouds to order- as they usually do since about 2017?

  15. 2019 same temperature and nothing….
    2002 same temperature and nothing…
    This year….scaremongering…lies…actually same as the previous 2 years…
    All a anti climax like the so called unscientific proofed “pandemic”….
    Load of bollocks basically

  16. We could enjoy it more if the skies were actually blue… please address this situation. The chem trails are creating a constant haze and white blue they’ve sprayed so much. Everyone thinks this is normal. It’s not freakin normal. Please can you cover this as we can’t pretend it’s not happening… has all the spraying created the weather? Who knows (as Hugo would say)

    • Dane Wigington covers this on his YouTube channel. I will say it doesn’t look good if his research is correct.

  17. For goodness sake this heatwave is for just a measly 2 days and then it’s all over!! I think the agenda here is obviously another lockdown, and the government will use climate change as an excuse. I have to admit that I stayed indoors today, and will do the same tomorrow, but that is because I have serious health issues, and I have to be careful. Can’t afford to get sunstroke either, particularly at the moment as my poor husband has a broken leg following a nasty fall at the weekend! Otherwise I would gladly go out for a ride on my fabulous trike, as I love the sunshine like we all do!! I absolutely hate being stuck indoors, it drives me totally nuts, so looking forward to getting back out cycling again soon.

  18. Gary Lineker is a fud. He’s also a terrible pundit. Worse than Chris Sutton and that’s saying something!

  19. ChemTrails, there Terraforming the planet for an alien species, the jabs will allow a few that survive them or maybe there kids kids to survive on the planet still.

    That 80mile wide mega comet has had a course change and is coming nearer to earth, a comet can’t do this, here in 2030, Australia will be a deserted country by then, to become there home while they raise the temperature elsewhere to support them.

    Wish I was joking / crazy, getting pretty obvious to see, what’s going on here.

  20. If Gary thinks we’re making a huge mistake not dealing with climate change, I wonder what sort of action he would like us to take, specifically?

  21. Cheers Hugo. I still sometimes get caught up in the doom and gloom even though I know it’s rubbish. Thanks 👍

  22. It’s not a heatwave in and of itself that is the problem. It is that it is deliberately engineered using “heatdomes” ie ionospheric heating from the worldwide GWEN tower installations such as HAARP, NEXRADs etc. Then they are spraying the earth (rains down on us) with the aerosols that contain graphene oxide, barium, aluminium and all manner of other noxious substances. How often do you see a sky that should be blue just covered in filth with the sun hazed out? This has been happening for years but has been massively ramped up to fuel the “climate change” narrative. It is obvious also that the spraying operations, jab program and 5G are all designed to work together: cue the frequency manipulations of the junk they spray on us giving rise to all manner of so-called new cloud forms that never existed when I was a kid!

    Part of all this is the manufactured food shortage. It is shocking to see that even weeds at the allotments aren’t growing as they normally do at this time of year, even factoring in a heatwave. The drying out of vegetation is also really weird and the state of soil shows a peculiar dryness to it. Water is not maintained the way it usually is either. People are struggling to grow stuff this year and commercial food chains are being disrupted in every way possible- deliberately of course!

    “Extreme heat” is also the new excuse for not getting deliveries: yesterday, most of the refrigerated shelves in Sainsburys were empty- due to “delivery problems because of the heat.” An order from ebay (that didn’t need refrigeration!) arrived a day later than it should have due to “heat causing delivery problems!”

    It’s alarming to see how brainwashed so many are who can’t see the jaws of mass depopulation and cyborgisation of society closing in on us all. The most painful is for those of us who are awake and can see it: the local community has become a dangerous place to be in because of it!

    • I also would like to see Hugo cover geoengineering. It is a massive slice of the agenda that gets missed in many discussions on the subject. Dane Wigington has been trying to sound the alarm for years and has done very solid research and been a real trooper with a heart on the subject-

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