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  1. i sincerely hope u do a reply video to the current bitchute video tryna have a go at you mate, not for retribution, just for the dry british comedy that you are excellent at

  2. It’s been in front of our eyes all these years but we are only now seeing what the Agenda is . All planned.

    • The numbers spelled upside down say asshole, boobs, hellish….

  3. Also the words, when the numbers are turned upside down.

  4. The pinball scores also read upside down. I Have not figured out the top left one, beyond BOO ASS,
    the top right says HES ILL
    Bottom left says HEL ISH
    Bottom says ASS HOL

  5. Any thoughts on the new car advert that starts with a girl on a skateboard?

  6. The PINBALL numbers read upside down.

    TL: BOO BSS (Boobs)
    TR: HES ILL (He’s ill)
    BL: HEL ISH (Hellish)
    BR: ASS HOL (Asshole)

    • That is a great observation. I was just trying to figure out what those numbers meant as well.

  7. It also has a plane with a chemtrail coming out of the back which turns into a ghostly figure.

    • Yes! I zoomed in on another image of the cover and the plane also has a vicious mouth painted on it, a grim reaper with sickle on the side and the pilot is giving the finger!

  8. They are all slaves, the proles have more freedom of choice for now. Was it worth selling their soul? I think they will always come to regret it eventually in this life and the next.
    Thanks Hugo and to all who comment.

  9. I think the ‘3 pillars’ were actually the Georgia Guidestones, now demolished. Once again Hugo you are pointing out the reality of these monstrosities.

  10. The left hand picture with the graveyard is from the Lancaster Catholic Martyrs at Lancaster Castle , England. During 1584 – 1646 15 Catholics were executed for their faith. The bottom picture of the city skyline is from the twin towers in New York. The picture on the right i`m not sure of. Notice on the bottom left it says `game over`. M&M is also wearing a tracker bracelet on his right hand. And his finger to the right is touching the 3 wavy `electric` neon lines. The sacred 3 symbol of MU represents Earthly waters.

    • Sorry i meant in MU the sacred symbol of 3 wavy lines represent Earthly waters.

  11. Hugo’s message to the world’s celebrities, “It’s game over. Only the very stupid look up to you now.” Well said! Case closed!

  12. Hugo, if you flip the image upside down, those numbers spell things out like “hellish” and “boobies”

    • Ha! Also, “he’s ill” and what looks like “asshol”.

  13. I think you’ve missed the biggest image of all Hugo, that’s Anton Levay isn’t it? High priest, leader of the church h of Satan

    • I’ve zoomed in on another image of the cover and it’s eminem digging the grave ??

  14. Under the 6 (middle right) it says CR3DIT with a 3 for an E. Also bottom left it says GAM3 OVER with a 3 for an E. So thats two more 3s.

    • If you zoom in on the clasp of the tracker bracelet he is wearing there is also another 3. And the man in the graveyard has 3 fingers showing. He does look rather like M&M as you say. It could be. Apparently the album has 3 new tracks on it. I zoomed in on the house on the right. On the door there is a number 19946. On the 19th September 1946 Sir Winston Churchill gave an address at the university of Zurich. It was to do with the Franco-German reconciliation and the establishment of a European organisation as conditions for peace and liberty throughout the continent. In the speech he talks about a united states of Europe !

  15. I always remember a clip of Lady Gaga on the Jonathan Ross. She was talking about things like her homosexual thoughts and he reacted with “Good Lord!” She rolled her eyes in disgust and quickly covered her right eye!

  16. Far as signalling goes i know a brainwashed retard when i see one猾

  17. I just noticed something else about the cover. All of the 4 high scores have red and white pills underneath them.

  18. On the right , the soul is leaving
    Soulless human or perhaps would be correct to say zombies

  19. Hugo you’re 100% celebrity time is ticking away, when it’s game over for these prostitutes of the establishment think of the retribution they’re going to face, in this life and the next, was it really worth it? Let’s face it anyone can be a celebrity, if you’re willing to sell your soul and the establishment can pimp you out to the brainwashed, braindead flock, but have faith there’s enough like minded souls we’re going to win this battle but what awaits us after they can’t keep us entertained with their propaganda anymore? And for that very reason we never need to worry about the internet or power going off for any longer than a few days at a time
    All these ‘secret’ signs and bullshit they’re always seen doing? Are they signaling to each other or us and if its to each other, well they need to come up with some new hidden signals cause I’m afraid, your fucking busted, not so secret anymore and may that be their downfall
    Their only function is to normalise the un-normaly, I mean their very thing is worshipping, you know who , if that isn’t fucked up, I don’t know what is? But it is laughable ain’t it, can you imagine sitting down trying to have a conversation with one of these clowns? “So you worship lucifer?” You’d just burst out laughing, you can’t take that serious for feck sake. Next question would be “ok, so tell me about it, what’s it all about?”, “first rule about selling our souls, we can’t talk, about selling our souls”, get to fuck you idiot, I’m offskee
    I don’t see the celebrity thing, they’re there to entertain you, in whatever form that takes, that goes from the very best, to the absolute dregs they try pawning of as entertainment and maybe some of them you could have a chat with, if they were standing in a shop queue or something but their shit stinks just the same as mine do, they’re just another person, nothing to be idolised!

  20. Can’t stand that hypocritical degenerate eminem.

  21. In that old series “The Prisoner” with Patrick McGoohan, wasn’t that the way everyone on the island said goodbye? “Be seeing you” and holding something the ok hand gesture up to one eye? That show was full of conspiracy and psy-op crazy stuff, doesn’t seem so crazy now.

  22. I’m devastated l don’t have a diamond or one of these nuggets to twirl around in my fingers and hold it up.

  23. When you rearange the letters from ” curtain call two” it spells ” I want Ra to cull ” just one c is left .

  24. Hugo you should change the proportions a bit.
    Talk more about death from vax and what the Phoenician globalists are up to. More about economic, financial side of things.

    You seem to hook up more on the satanic, witch, peekaboo club stuff which is just a distraction.
    People who are behind these Intelligence clowns are from rich families and they souls were sold at the get go.
    Brendon O’Connell explains it very well:
    These people are first and foremost CRIMINALS that should be put to justice the rest is just distraction not to prosecute them because they are evil, satanists or whatever because “the end is near”. It’s immobilizing.

    You mentioned Eminem who is from Mathers. Miles Mathis wrote an article about his links to old US protestant powerful settlers. I cannot find it but you can search on his website.

    • This is the 33rd comment. Clearly a Luciferian distraction

    • Basically Eminem is not what we think based on his fake biography. Most if not all celebs have fake biographies, it’s not only to fool us but for their own protection and protection of their assets.

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