Canada Internet Outage Happened On Cyber Polygon Date / Hugo Talks

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  1. As always Hugo.. Appreciate your work brother. You are an amazing human being. Practical, honest & candid. Thank you for your contribution to mankind. God bless & stay safe🙏🏻🤗

  2. I’m sure it’s just another coinkydink Hugo, they’re as common as red buses in London these days! On a serious note, poor Canada does seem to be a testing ground for globalist bullshit. Wake up!

  3. Back to basics. Cash, books, write everything down. Print off things you may need.

    • I always write stuff down coz you can’t delete pen & paper

  4. Evil satanic freaks why does nobody have the balls to stand up to them it’s not that hard ffs I stand up for ( my son n me ) I fight those evil bastards – child – snatchers pc plod bastards council pedo freaks bent solicitors schools drs hospitals death dole you name it I fight with all of those evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic pedo scum 24/7 I don’t take no shit from nobody and am not gonna start now no way so if I can do it why the fuck is nobody else doing it oh yeah coz they’re ignorant that’s why so all the so called “ hard nuts “ have turned pansies running about in they’re frilly aprons of course pathetic little wimps

    • Always check to see what is your response, Blueangel. 🙂 The only shot in the arm we need – more power to your elbow!

    • Nobody is tough if they have become slaves to a pack of lies….
      There mentally weak…

    • everyone needs to fight back against these evil satanic freaks , and i mean everyone

  5. I notice they never even tried to explain what happened. That’s cause ppl are that brainwashed and are regarded as plebs so they don’t even need to bother saying why it happened. Just the internet is down and look at the mayhem

    • Even when wireless is down in shops people forget there pin numbers😀…
      Seen it happen myself and they cant buy anything😀

      • They could always use those strange metal discs and plasticy paper things to pay but nobody likes carrying those anymore!

    • they explained it, it was just an explanation no one should buy

  6. One huge cyber attack is planned when everything will go down, possibly for days. We have a new Quantum internet coming and what we are using now is being shut down for good. Be prepared and back up everything.

    • klloyd58
      Looking into “quantum Internet” as I had not heard of it b4 lol….
      and they say this it is the way forward- it seems it will definitely be in the pipeline. I didn’t think they could justify a cyber attack because it would undermine there whole digital/cashless agenda
      But they are saying quantum Internet is completely UN-hackable lol
      so a cyber attack would be the perfect excuse to start this new Internet format .😃

  7. Been badgered by EDF about a smart meter…
    Its a “goverment guidance” they said…
    I said “anything to do with the goverment they can poke it up there a@@e”..

    To think anybody with half a brain left would do anything this goverment asks in the uk after all the lives they destroyed over some bloody cold/flu rebranded under a false flag “pandemic” can get stuffed…

    • I got a card from my supplier the other day to tell me my smart meter is waiting in the warehouse for me to tell them when to come fit it & it can stay there till it rusts.

  8. Wow, thanks Hugo — I was planning on checking out that date, regarding Cyber Polygon, because I had remembered it taking place in July other years…. there ya go, just like I suspected. Thanks for the research and verification. Get prepared people.

  9. As a Canadian, I can personally say that people are slowly waking up to this. My Internet wasn’t down because it wasn’t with Rogers, but it was with many friends and family members. When I now mention the WEF (I told them that Cyber Polygon happened the exact day Rogers Internet service went down), they no longer think I’m a paranoid “conspiracy theorist”. I think some, even begrudgingly, now realize that what I was saying all along was correct.

    People need to seek alternatives and make contingency plans to doing EVERYTHING online. Any information and data in a “cloud” should be backed on a USB, make sure your business can make cash transactions, have pens, a receipt pad and pocket calculator handy. That’s the way it was done at trade shows in the ’90s so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work now.

  10. I could live without my iPad except I like to have contact with my son living abroad and I would certainly miss not being able to receive your videos Hugo. 🤦‍♂️Otherwise I use cash and no smart phone, no smart meter etc. I wonder what other countries will suffer in this way next with no internet. Can’t beat the old ways really instead of relying on new technology.

  11. trudeau is one of the elitist ass lickers 100% and canada is a elaborate testing ground for there agenda , so time for the people to fight back and save themselves from the satanic and evil bastards trying to force everything upon them

    • Even sunak and couple of other “candidates” for englands prime minister are wef members….
      How ironic…🤔

  12. I’m in Canada and for many months now have seen some businesses proudly display a WE ARE CASHLESS sign in their window. One business that I pass most days had removed it when Rogers went down. I was curious to see if perhaps they had realized the danger of not having cash in our world and I got my answer 2 days later when I saw the sign right back up.

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