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  1. If you Purchase from any of these to companies then you are Complicit in the Corrupt Agenda and you are going down a very Dark path.

      • People have a choice it’s either Walmart or Amazon. But seriously I agree there’s like nowhere else to shop The only place like go is to Walmart and if they don’t have it at Walmart I bought it on Amazon there’s no other places to buy from… Occasionally China Bay

  2. Not just about greed, either… more about control. They are using their staff as guineapigs, trying out tech that can then be refined before it is rolled out on the masses…

  3. Pets at home staff are now wearing headsets…. with microphones
    NEXT ?

    • Hi
      So do homebase I noticed

      This tho Hugo has mentioned
      is energy harvesting for one
      And ‘monitoring’ of course
      The electric from the device could also affect the heart or blood?
      Who knows?

      It’s complete madness what ever is going on.

  4. Agree that they’re trying out tech at Walmart & Amazon, but they’re also collecting data for AI & the future robots who will be doing the jobs — not even the patented, injected, hybrid (formerly humans) will be in most of those positions. So far, robots have advantages, but no genuine adaptable flexibility in decision making, response, and movement. However, if workers, today, are providing the learning tools with the movement data for AI, and reactions are monitored, AI robotics develop more “human” skills, over time, once absorbed.

    BTW: For humans, the electromagnetic tracking and controlling elements are already being developed inside the human body and brain — along with life/death controls, for anyone who has taken injections. However, it appears obvious that many injections are needed, if the hybrid survives, to actually control (not just monitor) a patented human/hybrid (that the patent holders now own as determined, or so they think, in previous U.S. Supreme Court decision(s) development.

  5. Amazon was on one of the WEF charts as being one of the places for buying things…
    People still dont know what the WEF is even now🤷🏻‍♂️…

  6. I quit my job last year when they
    mandated the shot and I recently
    saw where the company was
    hiring again for the position I held. The first requirement listed for the job stated must participate in our safety management system.

    I wasn’t familiar with what a safety management system was and began researching. It appears they could be implementing something like Amazon and Walmart. Depending on the system used it looks like some of these devices can take your temperature, record who you have been near and for how long and close of a proximity.

    They give your manager real time data about your heartbeat, temperature, location and movements. How lovely the manager will get data sent to them that tells them how long it takes you to drop a deuce in the bathroom.

    This will all be sold to the employees as being for their health. How it will cut down on workplace injuries and it will help with covid spread if someone registers a temperature they can have them leave work immediately and contact tracing will be convenient since the device uploads who you have been near.

    From what I researched if a company implements a safety management system and you witness an infraction you must turn the person in or that will be a fireable offense if you knowingly withhold what you saw. It will force you to be a snitch if you want to keep employment.

    The future is here and it’s not pretty.

  7. It’s a jew world after all, it’s a jew world after all.

    • BEZOS is not jewish…. As an antisemite, you should know that.

      • anti semite…you are so funny..they arent semites…they are Kazarian edomites/canaanites

    • Jeff Besos is not jewish and as a seasoned antisemite you should have known that. He is a far left liberal that sides with the Chinese to get the cheapest goods.

  8. It’s hard to get people to consider boycotting Amazon because they can get what they want to buy cheaper than anywhere else and that wins (especially in current times with people counting every pennies). The Prime delivery is insane too, I mean people can order something at night and have it delivered the next day regardless of what day of the week it is etc. People get addicted to convenience sadly.

  9. I am not sure leaving amazon and finding another job is necessarily the way to go as this also plays into their hands as any future employee’s will probably have to agree to these so called safety measures in their contract of employment. I think as Hugo suggested to NHS staff with the jab mandate hold your ground and say No and let them sack you if enough people say no they will not sack you as was the case with the jab mandate for the NHS. Also if possible do a bit of agency work on the side then if they do sack you then at least you have a backup. That said unfortunately I’m sure they will try to bring a jab mandate back to NHS workers weather this is for a new variant of the many millions of variants of Covid 19, monkey magic poxs, polio or some other insilico virus. They will of course have to increase the pressure and fear so that more of us give in so the behavioural insights team will no doubt be working overtime. no doubt they will be using all their psychological and behavioural techniques to get amazon employee to agree to these body monitoring devices.

    • Schwab clearly has stated the wef wants everybody jabbed every year…
      Sunak is part of the wef so my money is on him being picked by them for englands prime minister

      • Hi Stuart

        Sunak- it be a disaster.

        And I agree your right
        It’s planned.

  10. Just wanted add bit off topic of this video.

    But yesterday someone contacted me to share their concerns of a scene they had saw,
    They arrived at Tesco to do a shop
    walking to the door area they saw a woman was laying flat out on the floor with some staff in a right state trying to walk a gazebo thing to put over her as it was scorching hot
    The person who was telling me this obviously doesn’t say to much because it looked quite serious and staff were trying to attend it etc
    so they went in done their shopping
    After 30 mins or so shopping & 20 mins having a coffee in the cafe there , they came out and the woman was still lying motionless on the floor ?!
    No ambulance had raced to the woman? she had
    Just been left laying there for nearly a hour, because the person said they were about that long after things they had done inside

    So now people it seems are dropping in doorways
    And worse no ambulance or help is sent?!

    It’s awful
    I felt sorry for person telling me
    as it upset them.

    • Sadly, I’ve got a story to add to this. My new neighbour said she was driving to work and the car in front stopped in the middle of the road, the woman driver got out, and keeled over.

      My neighbour went to see if she was alright and thought she was having a stroke. Another car pulled up and a woman who is quite senior in ICU came over, then a GP appeared. The 2 NHS workers were discussing between themselves whether the woman might have recently got a jab BECAUSE THEY’VE HAD LOTS OF PEOPLE PRESENTING WITH THE SAME SYMPTOMS AT HOSPITAL AFTER A JABBING.

      So the fuckers DO know what’s going on, but are saying FUCK ALL about it.

      They are a DISGRACE.

      Imagine my horror when my lovely neighbour then said she had the first 2 AZ jabs and felt seriously ill afterwards….. but has gone and got a Moderna booster….. so she can go on holiday.

      The human race truly is in a race to it’s own extinction through it’s own stupidity.

      Jabs to kill people, remove healthcare to kill people, and now food shortages to kill people. The great reset sounds just fucking dandy.

      • Hi ya

        Yes it’s becoming very clear that people around us
        after theses AWFUL jabs are getting worse and seriously ill
        I am sorry to hear you to had to hear such upsetting thing’s to.

        It’s disturbing for us because we new the score!
        As you said most people have gone and Ruined their lives because of a feckin holiday!!

        It’s more frustrating than sad for me because I did try so desperately to warn the people I know who are suffering and dying,
        i have a good family friend now a vegetable! oxygen starved to the brain from a stroke, with no recovery- At only 50 odd! & a grandad.

        Now people contacting me with things they are seeing that are extremely disturbing
        There is No turning back for them now either.

        The fear the government’s put into people has really become apparent now and that’s proven by our comments we are having to share here.

        Keep strong yourself
        Keep busy & smiling best you can with your wife,

        We tried to warn people always remember that, you like me & others here … tried.

      • People are architects of their own demise by going along with the programme and kidding themselves that somehow things will go back to normal. There is no normal anymore

    • Really worrying stories folks. I must say I’ve been thinking for a while what if someone has one of these “events” (stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, seizure, SADS etc) at the wheel of a car or truck. The lady did well to stop the car and get out for help in this case. And the lady at Tescos, imagine being with an unresponsive person waiting for an ambulance that doesn’t come! A lot of accounts being heard of people having an emergency “event” at home and calling an ambulance but dying before it comes. Awful.
      It’s interesting to hear that the nhs staff were discussing the jibbies straight away as a cause of the stroke. If WE know, THEY will know, they can’t not see the correlation.

  11. Oh no Janie that’s absolutely terrible and terrifying too! These lunatics are clearly trying to kill us all off. So horrifying to think that if someone is taken ill that an ambulance won’t come! This just gets more and more evil and sick by the day. I’m sitting at home feeling really scared, trying to keep calm. All we can do is look after ourselves as best we can to keep well.

    • Hi Carolyn
      Bless you x
      It was very upsetting to hear
      And I dread to think how long the poor lady did actually get left there?
      I mean a hour is a long time and in the heat as well.

      It’s awful Carolyn
      But please stay strong won’t you
      Enjoy each day best you can
      We are probably going to hear many of theses stories now unfortunately and sadly.

      I wish you well & hubby
      I hope you are enjoying your music as much as you can
      I find music really helps xx
      Lots hugs Carolyn xx

    • Even worse to a degree…
      In the uk the queen has given a George Cross medal to the NHS for “vaccine” roll outs and there “service”…
      The same medal i may say my great grandfather got for taking out a german nest single handidly in WW2…
      This whole build up to the global reset is sick and twisted and rotten right through…

  12. Body movement was reported to contain the ability to generate crypto just imagine .. Injuries Nah spying on the work force more like…

    • Yes I think Gates of Hell has patented a system to earn crypto from body movement (work). Digital feudal slavery.

  13. Thank you so much dear Janie, bless you too! I’m so sorry indeed to hear about the horrors at Tesco with that poor lady! Absolutely unbelievable that no ambulance came to her aid, I have to say that I’m struggling to process that! I send you a great big hug darling girl. Hubby and I are fine thanks. It’s so good to be at home together, and we’re sticking together throughout this horrific time, even though we don’t agree on what is happening at the moment, and he’s been jabbed, whereas I’m a pureblood! Anyway one great thing is that we’re back at church together again, and I’m thoroughly enjoying playing piano and the church organ again. I’m having a fabulous time re-learning the organ, spending time learning some wedding anthems which are beautiful but very tricky to play!!! It would be wonderful if I could play for a wedding, I have to work hard to be good enough standard of playing first though!! I also had a go at playing my flute again, first time after my surgery, and it was wonderful to discover that I can still play!!! Yay!! So I take comfort from my music in these insane times. Take good care my dear, and have yourself a good day. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Thank you Carolyn for a lovely comment
      thank you.
      You are a great lady.

      I am so pleased you and hubby are just ‘getting through’ best you can.

      We must stay strong & keep smiling no matter what theses Loons are throwing our way …

      Have fabulous weekend my dear friend to xx

  14. So glad I had the sense to flatly refuse the clot shot! These stories are truly horrifying, and we are living in absolutely terrifying times people! It’s really like something out of a horror movie, like a nasty film on TV! How can people be so blind!!

    • Hi Carolyn, in truth it’s just a repeat of the Book of Jeremiah re the House of Judah (Britain) and their invasion and captivity by the Babylonians. Their idolatry was child sacrifice and useless idols made of wood and stone, our idolatry is abortion (child sacrifice), democracy, the media and the NHS. We’re as Godless as they were and He’s not happy.

  15. Absolutely right Stuart, I saw that article about the Queen too! How sick is she to ask the nurse “are you still alive?”!!! She clearly knows exactly what’s going on too! Evil old bag!!

    • She made front page news with her runny nose and false positive test😀….
      She dont give a shit for the people of the uk…
      That lot of freeloaders got £100m out of tax payers last year…
      Hope she enjoys her new hat that i will in someway helped to pay for…
      Far as this country goes its gone now…
      They hand out medals and titles to any tosser that dont deserve it bar a few maybe…and let in anyone from a boat on the beach…
      Bye bye uk👋🇬🇧

  16. At this point, I think there are really only
    2 basic types of people left: those who see what is happening and are taking precautions, and those don’t. Oh, a third category: those who SEE it but don’t care. They are the worst ones.

  17. Well said Julia. What’s happening is absolutely tragic, and so totally avoidable if people hadn’t been brainwashed. It’s like some kind of evil cult! We’re the sensible and informed ones here, and we absolutely must stick together, standing firm for what we know is right. Welcome to you dear Julia, and I will keep you in my prayers.

  18. All health and safety is in place to protect and indemnify employers.
    But you a right, Hugo, the only way to stop the total takeover of small and medium businesses is to bloody well shop at them and boycott, the mega corporations who make the backroom deals with politicians and the WEF to ensure their hegemony over nations and further the anti human globalist communist agendas.

    • Using Spiritual beings to fine tune replacement robotics.

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