Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Bill Gates Supermarket Up in Flames πŸ”₯ / Hugo Talks

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  1. I live close by, not a lot about it in the national press but the local paper is saying the fire was possibly caused by a short circuit in the electric cars that are stationed inside the building….should keep the green mafia party entertained for a while…..

    • A brand new Ocado facility was also badly damaged by a fire allegedly caused by automonous vehicles,
      How do these places get insurance?

  2. Fantastic!!….lt won’t make a dent in ‘his income streaming….BUT…let it be a warming to these ‘so called elite’…the little people will never forget….revenge is nigh…

  3. Insurance job by Billy Gatekeeper? Nobody wants his synthetic meat

  4. It’s a double edged sword! Gates will be insured and people may go hungry or prices will increase even more. Probably an inside job to further the Hunger Games and try make ill Gates look like a victim

  5. Done by design to increase the speeds in which food shortages happen.
    This will see prices increasing too, the only people to suffer, the general public, again.

  6. A Pic Nic distribution centre has burnt to the ground…………News Update.

    Police are now looking for two individuals , one 8ft tall and the other 3 foot. Eye witnesses describe them as wearing brown furry costume suits with green hats and ties. The taller one shouted “Hey Boo Boo , let`s go get us a Pic Nic basket”.

  7. We do have a nitrogen-minister in the Netherlands called Christine van der Wal. She is the sister in law of one of the board members (Bouke van der Wal) of Picnic that received 600 miljoen euro from Bill Gates. Could be a coincidence right? Or it could be what corruption looks like.

  8. ‘They’ want to decrease the amount of nitrogen being used, then why not get rid of all the elites golf courses that use nitrogen fertiliser for their fareways and greens.

  9. It looks to me like flames of fake food, worms and crickets.

  10. In my option it is so Billy boy is in the news as no one is talking about him . This leach feeds off peoples energy.

  11. Is everyone smothered by the web of bluelight signalling machine news (just turn off your internet to see what reality is) or what? Talk about missing the obvious!!
    Its like watching the coal miners whingeing because evolution did not need humans to work in the dark and get covered in filth anymore.

    If the world is “evil” and “cruel”, then one begins with freeing the lower order – animals. It is 2022, we do not need to slaughter animals to survive in our environment anymore – what do you think that is going to look like on the surface!!! What is the biggest commodity of control in the world? FOOD. So which is the biggest industry to support the “puppet tyrants” taxation given to the government? People then have to keep being a slave to get money to buy the food. WHEN ALL THE FOOOKING WHILE FOOD GROWS IN FIELDS, THERE ARE MILLIONS OF FIELDS IN EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Saltwater to cook your free potatoes? The fucking SEA! There’s loads of it. Humans have got very confused thanks to the internet for pumping out too much information.

    How do you bring down governments? You remove the source of complex energy connections that feeds their regime. No need for coal -bye bye miners, no need to slaughter animals to survive (we eat food to aborb energy – more and more of this energy is arriving in the form of cosmic ray spikes and uv light from the active sun.

    No more slaughter of the lower order of species to eat it, and that reflects from “above” and human life ends up not being cruel anymore.

    No need for farming industry, bye bye farmers.

    A child can see that…..

    So-called awakened ones – you are the reflection of being asleep, because keyboards and cyberspace OWN your mind now… the proof of that is if you try and go offline – see what happens to you, the withdrawal is worse than heroin….

    So who is who in this game huh?

    External anger is because of an internal failure to fix the giant reflection on a miniature scale in your own life, which guess what? It starts to decay the giant reflection.

    You have enough intelligence to know what to do with this information, and if you don’t, you will insult due to inability to accept your own failures…

    A truther? You cannot get more truth than that which I have just written. The world doesn’t like it does it?

    • We are reclaiming our land by taking it off the farmers… fields are for vegetables for food, for us to eat, for free. Farmers steal the land and then own the food and give governments of the world fortunes in tax….

      • Mr P.
        A cultish, childlike understanding of science, agriculture, nutrition, symbiosis and socio economics.
        Utterly indoctrinated and a perfect example of Dunning Kruger!

      • John Davies, you have just shared with everyone your inner nature. That which you perceive outside of you is purely YOUR perception, thus that which you see, is your inside reality. Everything you see is a centrally focused mirror image reflection of a projection of an aspect of your inner core reflected in a magnified or contracted form. Do you know anything about non-image forming opsins, and the importance of vitamin a in relation to what lies behind what you see? You are a human of the Earth variety, you are far from understanding who we are or even allowed to have the slightest idea of what is ACTUALLY happening – for a very good reason. The outside world is the outer shell, depth is contained within, and is an infinite resource. If you understood how prime numbers are actually sets, you would be able to look down and see inside everything 3D, as I can. That which you point out is that which you are. If you could see inside 3D like we can, you would rule the world like we do….

      • If we told you all what was really happening you would shit yourselves…

    • Eating meat is cruel. So what? Lots of animals do it in the wild, so it is part of the natural order of things. You sound like the sort of daft vegan fanatic who forces his pet cat to eat vegetables and stay indoors all the time in case he or she goes hunting and murders a bird – or a mouse or a rat. In other words, you are not fit to keep a cat.

      • I think we have sufficient intelligence to know that our animal friends have an instinct to hunt, and certainly require, cats particularly, to eat meat, whereas humans do not. There is quite a difference between animals on a quick kill and humans eating products of farm animals reared in cruel conditions. I choose not to eat meat and have not done for 40 years but my pets do, and they hunt although catch little, in the garden. I am balanced enough to see the difference.

      • I don’t have a problem with some people choosing not to eat any meat, Kim. But if everybody does it, I think the reality would be that your pets will not get any meat to eat either unless they go out and catch it themselves. How do you feel about this synthetic meat Gates is selling?

      • I eat meat…. its not about cruelty to animals, its human cruelty to humans, USING animals as food. I am not a vegan, because I have no agenda. I see that which is, from the view of outside looking in, which is how you see the shape of things, rather than their contents. Wisdom cannot be argued against, because it is a product of that which is. And we have five cats, that eat meat – so it is more likely you are revealing YOUR inside thinking on the outside than anything to do with me, innit :-D. If you agree with the phrase “truth hurts” then truth, would hurt. Thus your reply – it didnt “hurt” you, your reply is a deflection of the truth, meaning you do not want to absorb it because it forces you to alter your awareness setting. That doesnt make you wrong, or bad, or intelligent or stupid – it is just something to observe and think about, innit… thats how we evolve, one at a time…

      • I eat meat sometimes, rarely, but I am mostly vegetarian because my hunger sense has changed in the last couple of years, I have had no taste or smell for the last 7 months, but it feels evolutionary rather than a medical thing, for whatever reason. I will have a big mac sometimes, I follow no dietary morals or ideas that anyone should be this way or the other. There is only ONE eternal truth for human beings. Becoming your true self is the hardest job in the world, therefore there is only one mission. I think we are all aware enough by now to have observed who we are NOT. Which is the whole point of this current universal collective understanding of reality. Its all going to change, which is why 1. the world doesnt make sense, and 2. why it never made sense before it didn’t make sense. Its all about ideas, shapes, sequences, structures and the pattern they create. Reality is deeply complex, whinging about what is happening on the surface doesn’t change anything – it helps to bring to light things underneath the surface, but we can only ever do what we can, with what we have, where we are. If everyone did that, everything becomes synchronous with the thing that regulates our heart beat, our hormones, our light capture, neuron settings, dna instructions etc etc etc. At the end of the day big shit is happening. Ask yourselves what is bigger than everything you are looking at? Im not talking about God and religion, just look yourself and see what engulfs everything we believe in, or should I say what will take it all away. – the size of the magnetic filaments hanging off are massive.

      • @Mr P “I eat meat…. its not about cruelty to animals, its human cruelty to humans, USING animals as food.”

        You’re full of Godless crap.

      • You are in the minority and getting smaller. You feed plant food to animals then eat the animals. I eat the plant food directly. Grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, roots etc etc etc.

    • We are allowed meat eating until the Kingdom ~~~ ! 1Timothy 4 :3 ~~~

  12. Gates invested 600.000.000 I’m guessing he probably owns the place.

  13. Maybe it’s to create a need for tighter security around soylent green distribution centres.

  14. Probably started by an electric vehicle fire, spreading to the other electric vehicles, just further proof that electric vehicles are more dangerous and worse for the environment than conventional vehicles. You cannot put out these lithium fires and the toxic fumes are lethal to life, unlike the output of a catalytic convertor from a modern ICE.

  15. This is getting predictable by the day, if not the hour, it seems. So Bill and Melinda Gates have got money to burn. How not surprising.

  16. It’s good because healthy food is not that combustible but food in mass produced corporate packaging is very flammable.

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