China Want You To Be A Prisoner in Your Own Home / Hugo Talks

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  1. Video not working YouTube no stream & tap to retry doesn’t work

  2. HT@ I agree that we should ditch smart phones but that is not going to happen. No way! People will give up their right hand before they ditch the phone. Exaggerated to make my point but trust you get my jist.

  3. China can bugger off & do one they’re prison planet long ago basically they’re fucked and they can fuckoff if they think that shits gonna be comming here fucking no chance

    • They bring there compliance with them when they come over to the uk…
      I see them regulary wearing face nappys even in hot weather…
      Fuck em i say…
      They can suffocate and choke on them…

      • Thing is the Chinese etc
        say they do Anything that they are told
        for a peaceful and prosperity life,
        spiritual if want put it like that u know.

        I agree with yourself Tom.

        Why’d would anyone want to live under tyranny & suffocating yourself on a daily just for
        ‘being-good’ !

        Makes no sense to us because we know it’s just communist instructor’s who scare them into this mind set.
        I often used to observe Chinese and other countries near china,
        how doing what they’re government told them was easier
        Not really for ‘spiritual reasons’
        because let’s have it real,
        what truly ‘connected spiritual’ kind of individual wants to spend their hole life in Fear & poverty ?!!

        Controlled by power hungry people so badly
        they ‘believe’ it’s because they will ‘be Saved’
        From what?
        Dying of exhaustion, being under paid/over worked,
        Family’s to feed,but can’t because food, fuel prices so high & to top it..
        Ridiculous – ridiculous bills to pay,

  4. The Compliant will fall on their own Swords , I have Four tenants around me that have been compliant throughout. 🙂

    • The mindset is stuck with them now….the brainwashing has worked…myself i dont avoid them but i actually feel sorry for them…
      Its like a person being trapped in there own mental prison…
      They will keep having jabs and doing what there told but i respect the people that do the opposite because they have freedom of thinking…

  5. People will start killing the politicians if this insanity keeps up and it will be the soldiers who will start the killing of them as it was in France in 1789.

    • @SaSa, Jewish Freemasons were behind The French Revolution, so-called. Their descendants are the very same who now give the orders to our soldiers.

      “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.” –

      — The Jew, Isaac Disraeli, 1766 – 1848, the father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.

  6. I am from the Netherlands and can tell that the farmers will most probably give their power away to a new controlled opposition political farmers party, and most of the demonstrations are led by the ones the farmers are fighting against, and their are many agent provocateurs.

  7. Bloody chinks are evil….
    Lets track them for a cold…🤧

  8. This is a 100% true story.
    Years ago a company i worked for brought in a guy for what they called `time and motion data analysis`. He sat there and timed every little thing people did during work time and i mean literally everything. Stapling something , writing a signature , walking to the cupboard , licking an envelope , making a coffee etc. Of course this was just for the poor office staff. The managers were exempt. The staff were getting pretty annoyed being followed around all the time. The fun started though when they handed out the daily personal forms to everyone to fill in. This was supposed to be for activities during work time that he couldn`t track. The answers he got back for toilet visits were hilarious. The project was supposed to last 3 months. It lasted just 2 weeks.

    Moral of the story. Look at it as an opportunity to wind the buggers up have a damn good laugh at the same time. And don`t hold back 🙂

  9. Went out in Nottingham on Sunday and didn’t see anyone wearing a mask. Went out again on Monday and saw three people wearing them – all Chinese. It was the same last Friday – I spotted a couple and they were Chinese too. Honestly, when I see a Chinese person these days who isn’t wearing a mask I feel like going up to them and shaking their hand.

    • I live close to two university cities and noticed Chinese students regularly wearing masks long before covid. The Orientals have been brainwashed for years

      • Chinese wear them for smog over there etc….
        Not like they help in any way…
        Its just a bit of uniform for them like us wearing clothes etc…

    • There bringing back the useless retarded face diapers even though they dont work😀…
      I say “wear it and suffocate all i care”…

  10. Facial recognition is here in the UK already, I saw the cameras in action my local Asda 2 weeks ago, co-op staff are wearing body cameras, Tesco is cutting back on the use of cash.

    • Hi ya
      I noticed this a while back I try using a til with a human still
      They even trying make that difficult with not many til open
      I also don’t use fuel pump to pay.
      Guess we can All just keep doing what we can a .

      And I noticed Asda staff wearing masks again day so ago??
      Didn’t know they wearing cameras thanks for that info.
      All for ‘their protection’
      if were to ask why SMH!

      Nosy mad world we live in.

  11. If people are getting themselves tested in the first place that shows they must believe this nonsense.

  12. China’s public are born and breed subservient generations upon generations. Regarding uniting and saying “no” passive resistance is at an end. There is no peace without freedom, any genuine effective passive resistance has since been at an end.

  13. How can I follow you if I didn’t have a smartphone or internet

    • You can follow him on a laptop or a tablet is not saying never use a smartphone but just don’t have it glue to you I have a smartphone but when I go out I don’t take it with me I’ll leave it at home and I don’t download apps.


  15. I like how you explain, very clearly👍🏻😊The Chinese are very malleable, and they will go for it. Now they will act based on the mentality of people.this «scary virus” will definitely not work in Russia, they will probably go into martial law there. supposedly because of the current Europe, people will probably be stuffed with climate-propagand….etc

  16. Had a friend say today her partner has a cough and runny nose…
    They used them swabs got a positive😀…
    I said well you have a summer cold…
    But they will of course think its “covid 19”
    When it isnt…
    Swabdemic new wave coming up…

  17. China is the prototype for the future as a society of subservient slaves…
    Thats whats happening anyway or as i call them “subservient sausage suckers”…

  18. In China they actually MAKE people do these fake pcr tests, they ring their doorbell every other day and they have to run downstairs quickly and do the test at the door. It is INSANE !!! This is abuse of a very high order. Very humiliating also.

  19. In China, people die in prison or get sent to concentration/hard labour camps from where many people never come back. It’s easy to say, stand up to them but life is very different over there. People are dispensable and if you rock the boat even a little, you disappear.
    My friend from China who was an English language teacher, came to the UK to work. He was deported by the UK police, sent back to China where they shot him dead. Dissidents die there. Always have done. Still do.

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