‘Lady’ In Yellow / Hugo Talks

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  1. When I saw your headline I first thought you were meaning Duchess of Cambridge at Wimbledon yesterday ! I though oh what’s she done lol. You make some great points though as always.

  2. Big yellow canary attention seeking narcissistic nutcase on steriods

  3. Amazing how many of them appear to be dwarfs.

  4. SADLY, it is all too common these days for MP’s to display Any Form of Dignity, either in the ‘House’ (where they are OFTEN seen to be ‘Baying’), or in Public Places!
    Seems to me, it is a case of the kettle calling the frying pan ‘ grimey arse’.

  5. Don’t laugh but I think she’s planned to be the next Prime Minister.

  6. Never heard of this woman. Obviously she wants to stand out in that vile yellow dress and of course the media had to be there to photograph her. I really can’t be bothered to pay any attention to these people. Just ignore them
    Thank you Hugo for all the time you spend sending out these videos to keep us informed. I am sure everyone on this site feels the same on how grateful we all are. 😀

  7. Forget Downing street. It`s now officially Sesame Street. And here we have………….Big Bird 🙂

  8. These people are running the UK apparently, but I wouldn’t even know them if I passed them in the street, let alone know their names – politics – show business for UGLY people.

    The Roman Empire has never ended, it continued for 2 thousand years through the Catholic Church. Look at the Vatican dripping in gold and statues all paid for from the donations of poor folk , I went there once and the first thought was – this has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.

  9. The colour yellow, whilst signifying some positive attributes such as – joy, happiness and optimism; also signifies – betrayal, caution, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness and deceit.

    So it would seem she chose the colour of her dress very well.

    • And with the blue brooch, she was nice and woke for current times.

  10. Heard bert and ernie of sesame street are fighting it out between them to be the prime minister…🤪…

    • In all honesty I’d go for Ernie over Bert but the Cookie Monster was my favourite.

  11. All this distraction, nonsense rubbish, when the real issues get buried. 1300 excess all-cause deaths this week alone. Bugger-all coverage by the media compared to this story about someone’s middle finger???
    Must be 1300 people got unluckly with cuckoo spit or something?

  12. This country is a joke the goverment is a joke and the jabbed are a joke…
    Broken britain…

  13. The gesture sums up the contempt in which the ruling classes hold the ordinary people.

  14. Just the kind of uncouth slag you need in charge of education! LOL No wonder so many of our youngsters leave school illiterate and innumerate.

  15. Sometimes the ones less experienced at being in the public eye forget they’re supposed to hide their contempt for us.
    That attitude probably displays how they all talk about us in private.

  16. Interesting to see Georgia Guidestones wrapped in a black cube… another clue?

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