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  1. Yeah I thought it was odd how they didn’t show anyone setting the explosion…. Surely if you are trying to find the culprit you would want to show as much detail as possible to the public so they can help identify them right ?
    Don’t get wrong, I’m glad they are destroyed as they were not attractive and the guidelines they conveyed were obviously tied very close to what the WEF and UN are pushing currently.
    But something doesn’t feel right and your gut instinct is never wrong.

    • Yeah, I can’t fathom this at all. Showing the culprit setting up the explosives (if that is what actually caused it) would be the first thing to do. This makes no sense.

  2. Maybe it was a Directed Energy Weapon D(J)EW that blasted the devils monument!

    • lol hadnt noticed that homonym/homophone yet, cheers.

  3. Direct Energy Weapon, as used on 9/11.. this time to get rid of a monument which provides constant irrefutable inconvenient proof that earth is proven level and motionless.. due to the hole on the stones that pointed to Polaris every night of every year, which disproves the heliocentric theory scientism religion cult, designed to enslave and deceive us all..

    Here is the 1 Bitcoin (Minimum) Globe Earth-proving challenge for charity, if anyone would like to fail it in total embarrassment, same as all before them..

    • What about they reached their goals therefore no gudestones are needed anymore?

    • Flat earthers are too dumb to examine the scientific empirical evidence. Yet they get fooled by the three cup routine every time. Lack of critical thinking skills and poor science education is to blame. I’ve tried to debate with them in the past and it usually immediately turns to ad hominem insults, so I don’t bother wasting my time any more. It is very much like the Father Ted sketch about perspective…..

      • Ha-ha! Father Ted. Funny show!

    • Butterflies frisk in the air, but oceans glue on a round ball spinning and turning at light speed. Every non mind controlled child will understand that’s impossible.

  4. Youtube is messing with your channel. I was subscribed but, wothout any action by me, got unsubscribed. I clicked the Subscribe button and set notifications to “All” but when I revisit your channel, the subscription has been removed, leaving a red Subscribe button. I posted this comment on your video but it got deleted!

  5. Hugo, your own video is 9min 11secs. Just saying!

  6. 2022 and such 1980s quality video… setup for sure.

  7. Is it stonehenge next . ???? ET phone home . They will be importing red Indians to America soon oh hang on no they tried to destroy there spirit in the 1600 s . American history a brief pamphlet one A4 sheet of how to destroy the spirit of people . Good show America you goons .

  8. speaking of numbers, you enquire “targeted weapon of some kind” with completion right on 3:33, and the video is 9:11 long. 😛 numerology is fascinating

  9. after i commented on this video being 9:11 long etc, when the video reloaded, as it does when u comment mid stream, the video now says 9:10 jejejeje. but i d/l it and it says 9:11 there. wack!

  10. Just like the towers – dodgy video showing very little, then in with the diggers to remove the evidence as quickly as possible.

  11. I want people like Gates, Bezos, Shwab, Zuckerberg, Musk being blown away. Puppets of cabal.

  12. The ‘truthers’ in the US are saying Scotus has overturned the 2020 election. They say the justices are under protection and the announcement that Trump is to be reinstated will be made soon.

    If true, which at this point who knows truth from psyop, I say this is just the next step in the NWO plan. I believe Trump is a part of the problem and not the solution so things will still be moving along in the direction the elites want but people won’t see it since Trump is who they think is going to bring it all to an end. Just more deception.

  13. Much to their dismay.. God popped out at cern & not the de vil? 🤣🤣🤣

  14. if the light which is shown increasing in size immediately when they blow down was lightning it wouldn’t still be there still shining on the cctv after the impact. Lightning does not linger! Would need to check in detail the position of the specific light shown and it’s electronic capabilities. If it’s connected it must be more than a normal floodlight and I’d need to see the complete video cctv footage (unedited) for a considerable period from beforehand. IMO, it’s most likely an inside job.

  15. Just need the UN HQ to get hit by a Meteorite for the full house….

  16. If I knew that the area is covered by CCTV and I was going to attack it at night with, say, a bazooka or other projectile, then the place I’d position myself prior to firing would be under the light, since it would mean no one could see me – the light would shield me from being picked up by the CCTV. I think that’s what has happened.

    • That’s why the area with the light “lit up”.

  17. But what is the ultimate truth they wish to keep from us?

    • The ultimate truth is not what you think. “They” do not know the ultimate truth. “They” have a contorted version of the ultimate truth of what +1 dimension of reality would be, and so over time things build up from a previous state into extra dimensions of space. An idea in one person’s mind is 0D, when they tell someone else that idea becomes a 1D line. When they map it out in its entirety from start to end point, it becomes a 2D area (square) of reality in spacetime. When they execute actions in line with that ideal it creates people, structures, systems from it, automatically. That is the so-called “witchcraft”. You must remember that one thing has been building upon another until the human species reached a 4th Dimensional view of everything. The only human beings who have attempted this system of mapping have been the entire occult tradition in all its formats. That was the only thing that existed for us all to evolve towards. But as Evolution does, any kind of threat to it is halted by itself. The universe works like an algorithm that runs all options until they exhaust themselves and continues with the ones that don’t. What you are all seeing is the distorted, twisted version of the REAL 4th Dimension, because the existing energy in this system is being reformed back into its original pattern. That will look like the tearing apart of all known EXTERNAL reality, and you will be left with yourselves and the outside world, but in very calm and peaceful conditions. As you will see. The Sun is the boss and it knows precisely when to release the necessary explosions. Humans have no control over anything, only their own imagination, or not.

  18. Sure a lighting cause in that second the street light on the side of the stones, got lighter

  19. England is about to get worse with a new prime minister….
    Wont get better thats for sure

    • Guardian using the headline : “The 33 hours that brought Boris Johnson down”. That pesky number again.

      • Yeah and another story said the queen had been given another $33M (£27M) of taxpayers money.

  20. You pinpointed the 3 questions I’ve been asking, Hugo: Why is there so much media coverage for something that has always been dubbed a conspiracy theory?; If it was an explosive device as they’re saying, where is the footage of the device being planted?; why was the site demolished before any investigation could be carried out?

  21. It is and interesting point that has been made, that as with 911 there is no investigation and strait in with the diggers. The architechs and engineers for 911 truth made this point, no forensic investigation or enquiry at the site of an explosion??? dodgy to say the least.

  22. It could easily been blown up without anyone setting foot on the property by using a drone from a car parked out of view. I have been there and one thing that was weird and eerie was one tablet was in an unknown language and rumors of strange satanic tales.

  23. Seems pretty plausible to me that they were removed by those in power who’d finally had enough. After all if everyone was pointing to them as evidence of the depop agenda with the figures “written in stone” as it were, best just to blow the bugger up and get rid of the problem in a flash

  24. Never trust a public figure who can’t cut, brush or spray their hair. I already seen this a million times. One politician goes out and another idiot fills the void. Never trust or listen to any of them. They talk like a jumbled box of rocks. Live your own life and be free of their ugly b.s. words.

  25. Did you deliberately time the video to run for 9:11?
    Because if you didn’t it shows the numbers could indeed be bizarre coincidences.

  26. Please note, this is ritual and represents the breaking of the seals.

  27. A comment and link were available in comments 2 days afo. The infr action in the link was a lady (Barbara …, I think), she was discussing revelations and the opening of the seals. It was a good video but seems to have dissatisfied from the comments? Anyone know the link?

  28. Another fun tidbit about Kandiss Taylor: Her campaign was surprisingly well-funded; one of her “Jesus, Guns & Babies” campaign buses was often parked at a masonic restaurant and business in Atlanta called “Star Cafe & Star Coaches.” She got a shockingly small portion of the vote — 3% — seems off, because she got the John Oliver/Stew Peters/Mike Lindell media boosts and I know quite a few people who voted for her… I did, too. (you shoulda seen the other “choices.”)… So, now she’s collecting legal notarized affidavits from her voters to “challenge the fraudulent election results in court” and demand a hand recount… I could think of a few others on the Cui Bono who’d want to get their hands on such affidavits. I certainly haven’t sent one in myself, nor will I.

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