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  1. I swear, British English is degenerating into nonsense baby talk. “Oy wot mate you chuffed innit? Bojo a go go you muppet sod!”

  2. It makes no difference, he will be replaced by another moron.

  3. You’re very good Hugo. Even where we don’t fully agree I can see some common ground. Keep pushing back and warning people brother.

  4. What I would like to see, is the new Prime Minister tell the citizens of the United Kingdom that NATO, under the influence of the United States, is marching us to WW3 in Europe and, therefore, the United Kingdom will withdraw from NATO in an attempt to bring back common sense and reality to the warmongers.

  5. Thank you HT for that breakdown….it seems you took the words out of my mouth.

  6. We all new this was on the cards , I but he still gets paid to deliver his bull shit

  7. We all new this was on the cards , I bet he still gets paid to deliver his bull shit

    • He’ll certainly get his big fat non contributionary tax payer funded pension. Sunak and Javid will get their golden parachutes, Goldman Sachs or Deloitte or any other corrupt financial institution that promotes corruption and finances these political cuckoo’s…
      And as for the new chancellor Sheep Farm have a 3 hour deep dive on ((his)) dirty background.
      The only Tory with a modicum of integrity is Steve Baker.

  8. Don’t get too excited. It’ll be another incompetent puppet willing to play their part of doing and saying what they’re told. All a theatre as you rightly say Hugo, it should be obvious to all by now. Don’t comply with anything they want. We are sovereign beings and no-one has the right to try and dictate to you what you can or cannot do. We do not need their permission and can see through them for what they really are. Period.

  9. It is like an episode of the Magic Roundabout. “Time for bed ” said Zebedee. 🙂

  10. 2nd verse same as the 1st,a new image for the con club and we start again.with another puppet bullshitting the gullible masses.There is none so blind as those who will not see.if they gave a fuck about us, they would have made the growing and selling of tobacco years ago.but they do as they are told,because they are jobsworths who worship their pockets and there is a long queue of arse wipes behind them.

  11. Well said I don’t watch the news or TV thank u Hugo

  12. Excellent broadcast Hugo you’re one a few with rare perception to see through it all.
    And in going so you keep up hopeful. Thank you

  13. Same shit different mask all puppets wakey up sheepos well done Hugo again spot on stevie wonder can see what’s going on🙄👍

  14. Is this the beginning of the end or will he be replaced by an evil satanist with no gender but still following the NWO agenda with a new vigour.

    • If you believe the foreshadowing on The Undeclared War, episode 1 when the new PM is giving a TV address and mentions the Rules-Based International Order/System then – yes!
      Australia are pushing hard for it. They say the UN is a ‘force multiplier’ for their strategy.

  15. About time. Took away our freedom and rights. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • @Jason Grogan, It would appear that you’re not thinking. You need to get your mind out of the con-trick fantasy world of politics, for there’s only bad rubbish in politics, which means bad rubbish can only be replaced by bad rubbish or, worse, stinking bad rubbish.

  16. Every single one of them has attended that year’s Bilderberg meeting – since Blair (and possibly before – I haven’t looked that far back).

    Who attended this year? Tom Tugendhat and somebody else – I forget who.

  17. And now a summer of speculation to keep the masses occupied.
    Something else happened on this date too, remember?
    But to you Hugo. And all who read these comments and consume the content here.
    A question if you will.
    What are you going to do about it?
    The easily manipulated are too far gone. I had today direct experience of a hateful excuse of a human being. Blinded by the propaganda.
    And me, a humble man who just wants to be left alone.
    I feel no hate. More pity as I see the consequence of global political dogma.
    Often here it is decreed and announced that we are the many.
    But alone. We are only one.
    It’s okay to gather here and find a community, but tomorrow we just get our heads down and carry on.
    Idle talk is just that.
    We have all seen the world being brought to the brink of collapse. But when is enough enough?
    Nothing changes.
    Only the changes before our eyes.
    And that will be our downfall.
    Because doing nothing, in the face of what you know is wrong achieves nothing.
    Until the next post by Hugo talks.
    And that is just that.
    Keep pointing out what’s wrong while doing absolutely nothing about it.

    • “Keep pointing out what’s wrong while doing absolutely nothing about it.”

      Slight conflict there pal.

      • Please explain.
        What conflict?

    • ? Yes orchestrated 7/7 gregorian calendar and it was also 24/06/2022 by the julian calendar =666

  18. He wants to be retired permanently with a rope aounr his neck, like the rest of them.

  19. This is as you righlty stated a pantomine, same as with the events over the last two years, it seams obvious they are getting the next stage of action ready for a lockdown perhaps? Makes one wonder what they are really hiding and so afraid of?

    The real reason that maybe related to the natural disasters which have wiped out crops etc in Russsia and the Ukraine such as the flooding in Kiev watch the two preachers their footage shows the events that are happening. The sun is misbehaving and normal for this recurring period of time, this is a natural period of change and nature will take its course. Look to our ancestors who witnessed these events long ago and left clues to those events in the caves, the sun can be lethal to all living creatures during this time. Best as you said to store food and water etc.It is the natural course of the solar system and most important our sun going through its natural transition period that will affect the land mass on earth, We are the generation that will experience many of these events where the few people that will try and control the masses whilst the unpredictablity of sun’s effects reach earth and trigger the earths changes.that bring floods, fire, earthquakes and volcanos that will awaken all this is part of the process but famine and disease are also symptoms of these times. We all know that the sun is no longer that big yellow duster polishing the bright blue sky!:) We are heading when all is done for another glacial period if history is correct.. The tell tale signs are that the weather would go from winter to summer where spring and autumn are missed to eventually the summers will become shorter and the winters longer.

  20. No doubt the WEF will have his replacement lined up…
    They will need another puppet…

  21. Apparently Boris wants to stick around until October, and of course the reason for that is another lockdown and more booster jabs starting again! So people be prepared, he ain’t really going anywhere mores the pity. As usual, it’s all more lies, smoke and mirrors as It always is with scumbag Boris! He’s done a deal with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, and he’s carrying out their orders. As I said yesterday, he’s done a dirty deal with them, so he’s sticking around, he’s working to an agenda which is not for our good.

  22. 7/7, 77th brigade. 7/7 London bombings (probably their way of signing their work).
    They’re probably running the Boris show too.

  23. Your title is very cute. I used to love George Michael til I found out he’s gay.

  24. Anne you’re absolutely right, unfortunately there is most certainly going to be another lockdown. I’ve had a deep suspicion about this for quite a while now. As I said before, that’s why I believe Boris has been clinging on. He was always saying how he hated his job and complaining about being underpaid, that £150,000 wasn’t a big enough salary, and now suddenly he does a huge u turn and says he’s staying on until 2030! Clearly someone’s lining his pockets and pulling his strings, otherwise he would have quit months ago, especially with all that Partygate crap going on!

    • No lockdown has had any science behind it…
      How can you lock a country down based on swabs that dont test for infection or sickness…
      Its bollocks the lot of it😀

      • Even if the virus was real which I don’t think it was, it still didn’t merit a lockdown. Even by their own science if you believed them, it was a piss poor virus.

  25. Apparently Boris also wants to hold another huge party at Chequers in July for his wedding anniversary! Oh how I wish he and Carrie would just clear off!

  26. Too be fair ( hate the cunt don’t get me wrong ) but he wasn’t as bad as say Australia, France, Canada, New Zeland, Austria atleast he stopped short of forcing the jabs onto people.

    He knew it was BS, why he tried to hold out at the start, then got either leaned on or bought out, who knows.

    • He sat there on TV several times, and told people to get the shot, when he KNEW it would kill or maim them. Many people believed him, and have paid for it. The man is evil.

    • @Turveyd He’s a Turkish Jew and does as his fellow tribesmen, The Rothschild’s, tell him = they own him, just like Trump and Biden. However, he is Serpent Seed – the spawn of The Adversary – which means he’s as evil as you can get = more vile than vile.

      • You are far from the kingdom of heaven.
        Your hatred is palpable.

      • I think he pushed back against the Lock-down too much – Just look at The Cummings Show Trials – it was all about how BoJo screwed up the COVID response. Cummings: “You can’t see the queen face to face, you might kill her!” Does anyone think Cummings gives a sh*t about the Queen. Such a Royalist! Really?
        BoJo wanted to be the fun PM who delivered Brexit and everyone loved him, but he drew the COVID cards and he didn’t enjoy that hand. The next WEF PM will do exactly what they are told.

      • @David Mitchell, Correct me if I am wrong, but Mitchell is a Jewish name, is it not? If so, that would explain your satanic evil comment. Here’s a quote or two from members of your tribe:

        “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.” — Jewish Professor Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel University

        “I think that there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we (Jews) are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive. Every journey begins with a first step we must end the so called white race. What is the white race, define it for me. It’s an 18th century social construct designed by privileged aristocrats.”

        – The Jewess, Barbara Lerner Spectre

        “I am going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

        — The Jew, George Soros, in an interview with Germany’s BILD, September 2014.

        Now what were you saying about hatred? Let me know if you would like some more REAL HATE quotes, like those above, for I have plenty more!

        Psalm 139:20-22 (KJV) For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. 21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

      • @guyrockeee Tell that bullshit to all those business owners that went bust! Johnsonstein is a Rothschild tool 100%.

  27. Sunak & JabtheJavid are in the ‘running’s’ for the new ‘Hot seat’ at the No.10

    Great/NOT/ SMH

    Sunak & his tax dodging wife as England’s leader
    Or jav-jab,,
    Lord help US …!!

      • Hi

        Good comment.
        Couldn’t have put it better myself
        Thank you

      • guyrockee
        Please understand
        People have not realised obviously
        It’s been rigged since beginning of the blasted stupid affair began!

        If you vote then you
        only yourself to blame – for who you let run/ruin more of Our lives.

        Be vigilant …. Think,,
        Has not enough happened to see we are under attack by the English government.
        And other countries, their governments!

        I am 51 & Never voted
        Why should I .

        When all they do is lie, divide people & families , then destroying them people who voted for them ?!!
        and then your letting ‘them’ have a gay old time on becoming more wealthy from you voting them in
        why they are
        flying on private jets to exotic places,
        on the hardworking man/woman’s money of innocent people who slog they guts out Every day.

        Think about how
        you people
        let theses people run your lives without real concern for anything you do.

  28. Here comes Marburg with 88% fatality rate, was supposed to have appeared March area, so running late, but pretty predictable.

    Here we go again, 2 scientist’s agreed, marbrug is in the jabs and is activated by 5g pulse, so to late for the jabbed they’ll have to make it look like it’s spreading, guess forget monkey pox!

    To above comments, boris didn’t force, being better than frances leader still makes him a wanker, but we got off lightly so far, bet next 1 won’t try to fight it at all.

    • I read about the marsburg thing last year…
      Not had the jabs but alot of people i know who had booster shots are getting quite unwell now regulary…
      More so the jabs supress the immune system

      • Well it’s back after vanishing for a while, the book about it has been rereleased aswell recently

  29. You all seen the video??

    NATO troops going into Ukraine so WW3 is upon us. ( heard elsewhere )
    Diesel Shortages and anything heavy Oil coming in hard, on about fuel useage lockdown from Friday coming up the 15th, soon, rest of EU following UK
    Food shortages approx 2 months out aswell.

    Expecting all 3 so not surprised, 15th to soon, expected that in September, 6 weeks early.

    This is the real reason why why the rats are leaving, it’s because he had a few drinks, with people he was already at work with OMG get a grip people, for a virus that’s killed the same as Flu if not less every year, because it’s Flu rebranded, really who cares FFS!!

    • WEF wont allow a world war 3 as it would destroy there plans for 2030…
      But hey you never know…🤷🏻‍♂️…
      World is fucked anyway so probably needs blowing up…

      • Guessing WW3 might be part of the WEF’s plans, not nuclear ofcourse they can’t survive that, good way to kill a few billion of us.

      • Lol Paul

        It’s a big pile crap ain’t it

        I do smile at some the comments
        And you are right..
        it’s pretty Fecked up

        Have great evening

  30. I checked out for a while, but I had to comment here. Hugo is so refreshing and I couldn’t agree more with his advice. We just need to ignore these assholes all together and live our lives. A simple and bipartisan act of unification by simply ignoring all of them. Wow! What a concept!

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