Georgia Guide Stones Demolished! / Hugo Talks

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  1. NO permission was ever asked for nor granted to erect these so why were they allowed to stand in the first place?. We need a petition to prevent any further WEF/Masonic propaganda statements being erected and to take back control of our country once again. MAGA.

  2. Again like a lot of the UN/WEF agendas, there’s a lot of common sense within. I agree with a lot of the goals yet I’m totally AGAINST them, as an elitist group who have created the problems and stolen all the wealth and resources while dividing the people do not get to decide who loves in the oppressed new world

    • It wasn’t a deceipt if it dis not make sense.

    • You are falling for propaganda, anything that requires centralisation of power “for the greater good” is pure Communism.
      De centralisation and constructive co-operation is the human answer.

  3. …………….> SEMTEX

    Dont you love it … !

    • I have to admit that never having been a fan of the IRA when they were active, I’m now even less of a fan now that they are impotent. They should have blown the fuckers up months ago.

      • IRA were infiltrated and subverted a long time ago by British intelligence. Otherwise they would have targeted politicians exclusively all along and not conspired to murder people they did not know.

  4. If not a natural act, Power to the People 😊

  5. I hope the “rulers” are starting to see they’re about to get a damned good thrashing. All well and good when you’re big daddy control the media and banks – won’t save you from a starving person with a machette who hates you.

    • Just to explain what I mean here.

      People like Schwab, Gates, and the freaky little gay Jew – they *think* they are intellectuals with exceptional intellect, because they hang around with people just like them who all re-affirm their idiotic beliefs.

      But they are half-baked intellectuals who are, actually, quite stupid.

      The mistake they have made is to think of themselves as important people, and the other 8 Billion people on earth as statistics. Kind of like Stalin in reverse – one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

      So they think they are real people, the “statistics” in the spreadsheet are “hackable animals” – non humans, numbers and data that can be processed, killed and ordered to do what they, the real people, want.

      What they are missing, is that those “satatistical data” are real physical, emotional, strong human beings, who are physically more dominant than they are.

      They are also the ones who are losing everything, while the freaks and half-baked loons get fatter and richer.

      So when the SHTF, those statistics aren’t just going to recursively fold into a smaller and smaller number until they are gone, they are going to become more vocal, more agitated, and more violent until they take action.

      And while Schwab, Gates, and freaky gay weirdo have stuck their faces all over everything they can to laud up their own perceived magnificence, so everyone knows who they are, and what they stand for, they have no clue who among the 8 Billion pissed off people are likely to be the ones to kill them.

      So when the “statistics” can’t feed their children, and are seeing their lives destroyed – they have a number of very clear targets to aim for, and they will kill them all.

      I hope they are starting to realise that their categorising of people into “the useless class” & etc, while easy when you don’t have to face those people and can conceptualise them as numbers on a spreadsheet – it’s a very different concept when realtiy hits you between the eyes and you have 20,000 people armed with machetes who want to turn you into chopped liver.

      Oy Veh!

      • There locked away in there under ground bunker they will let the shit hit the fan people will be getting even more angry cos they know who is to blame but won’t be able to even find them then they will wait for dust to settle and then they will feed everyone they will stop the fight give everyone some to help get you back on your feet but only if u agree to one world government

      • Brilliant accurate comment!

      • ” the freaky little gay Jew ”
        Can you be more precise? There have been and still are a lot of them around (for example Adolf H. and Zelensky).
        Funny thing is that the so called “white supremacy” is basically the Jewish one. Inferior races and that BS. More deception.
        I’m afraid people will turn on each other first and not on those responsible.Globalist media outlets will make sure of that.

      • @A German expat: “Can you be more precise? There have been and still are a lot of them around (for example Adolf H. and Zelensky).”

        Looks like you have been delving into the disso garbage bin for your information!! Adolf Hitler a Jew? LMAO. Miles Mathis was it or aangirfan or Greg Hallett?

        “Funny thing is that the so called “white supremacy” is basically the Jewish one. Inferior races and that BS. More deception.”

        I never had you down for a libtard Commie shabbos goy, but it looks like I was wrong! And for your information Jews are NOT WHITE, nor do they see themselves as white!

        “Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism. Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.

        We must cease to consider ourselves to be part of the social construct of whiteness, despite all the white privilege that America affords us, privilege that eluded many of our parents and grandparents. Starting in this new year of 5776, we must teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.”

        – Gil Steinlauf September 22 2015 Gil Steinlauf is the senior rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C.

        “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

        — Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Jewish owner of The New York Times.

      • German expat – seriously, from the “hackable animals” and “useless class” you can’t work out who the freaky little gay Jewish fucker is? Seriously? I’ll give you a clue – Russel Brand has been hanging around with them, telling them how super sexy they are, etc – yes that bastion of free speech and righteousness, the ex-drug addled moron, and now freedom fighter for the “little people” with his “33” tattoo, in the middle of his “yeah lets fight the WEF” visited said freaky gay half-baked Jew retard and probably enjoyed being spit-roasted by them. If you can’t work it out you’re either playing dumb, or are dumb, or are working for them, in any case – that would make you – dumb.

      • Very true. They have truly earned themselves a genuine holocaust for the good of the entire species! By fire or machete the outcome will be the same. Their fake money will provide the fuel.

      • I would agree that, for the reasons you describe, they have underestimated the survival instincts and resourcefulness of people.

        I think that these people with the warped world-view are very few. It is also very misguided of them to suppose that everyone who has built up wealth (and is too financially strong to easily destroy) is in that club. While some of these might be swept along for a while, when most realise the full implications of the direction they are being guided in – they will not want this type of world. I think that well before we reach a point where all people are totally beholden to the system, there will be a backlash – and that it will be impossible to ‘break’ and steal everything from everyone who doesn’t want to go along with it.

        Economies are not separate from people – and as such can be as complex as people. When the official system becomes overly oppressive, they will find ways to operate more and more outside it.

        Are a group of ageing, deluded individuals who have been distanced from real-world interactions for way too long going to convince the world population to enslave itself? It would be a sad state of affairs.

      • There money buys them the best weapons unfortunately

      • Hitler’s father was a jew

  6. Once we have nothing and are starving things start to get interesting. I wonder if Gates and Co will be swaning around the globe at will for the boot lickers then?

  7. Perhaps they want the evidence out of sight as more are realising what all this is about?…
    Speaking to a councellor earlier and she has collegues that have had clients that have commited suicide randomly over all this…
    News dont mention that…
    Kids and all ages more than ever…
    I cant account for the believers in all this shit but truth is coming out now

  8. All looks intact to me…some psy-op maybe? And what if it was damaged? They will just use public $$ to fix it. To use a football term “they are running rings around us”.

  9. Maybe someone put these up as a warning to us all of what was coming. The person who arranged for these was very keen to stay hidden. Maybe it’s because he would have been killed if he was known? Just a thought…

    • No, certain societies have to signal their intent while hiding in plain sight it is just their usual MO.

  10. So the LHC is restarted on the 5th July, 2022, then the following day this happens!!!

  11. Sorry off topic but now I know what the 1922 committee were holding out for. They are all puppets. The guide stones destruction is for the ‘alternative’ narrative. Thanks Hugo and to all who comment

  12. Every night of the year, every year, Polaris can be observed through a small hole in the Georgia Guidestones, a hole that is permanently fixed and pointing towards Polaris, which never moves from being observable through it, while all other stars (celestial luminaries) can be observed in time-lapse photography, to be rotating at the same fixed speed around Polaris, with no parallax ever noticed in any of the never changing constellations, for all of recorded astronomical history.. all of which is yet another proof from the endless list confirming a level, motionless, stationary earth..

  13. Looks to be intentional — a psy-op. See Zach Hubbard’s breakdown — pretty hard to see how this was natural pushback. July 6 is 7/6. Today just happens to be George W. Bush’s 76th birthday, on 7/6. There’s a lot more:

    • More gematria evidence that this was an inside job.

      • Joseph, so we can conclude the Tike is a kike…… The JDF will have to do better 🙂

    • I don’t discount the information this ((guy)) is supplying he has some insider knowledge that he is sharing for a wider agenda. But I do not trust him. Ears tilting back, nose below ears. Nahhhhhhh……

  14. It’s happened, but possibly the ‘elite’ done it, to try and remove the evidence against them.

    • it can be right i thing the same.
      because since now it was standing , so why know it happens?

    • No, this is a typical Jew tactic to claim victimhood and get additional security and a rebuild at tax payer expense!

  15. I’d love to think this was an act of God… but more than likely another controlled psyop if the cretinous Sun newspaper are talking about it.

  16. The whole thing has now been flattened. Large excavator finished the job.

  17. The elites need to be dismantled just like their guide stones and the ideas that they represent. What did these elites expect would eventually happen.

  18. When the elites talk of perpetual balance with nature, you need to watch a film called “the mission” for historical reference.
    In modern times you are the Indians for perspective.

  19. Needed more dynamite! The job will be much harder to finish under the enhanced security at tax payers expense going forward.

  20. Looks like someone blew them up, hopefully a bit of anti elite sentiment and a few starting to fight back and say HELL NO!!!!

    About time!!

    CERN’s a distraction as always and not related.

  21. Saw something yesterday which surprised me in a way….
    A 2016 document with “covid 19” on it from the netherlands with the rockefeller name all over it for swab testings…
    “Covid 19” was not about in 2016 and never has been…
    Like them stones it seems to be pre-planned and written in stone you could say…
    It was a official document and probably still not make a believer out of a sheeple…😷

    • Do you have a link to this document? I am Dutch and I would love to see this document and spread it around!

      • If you give me email i can send it….

  22. If the CCTV footage of the explosion is genuine then there must be footage of those that rigged it for demolition … let’s see if that video appears.

  23. Isn’t there a time capsule under the description stone? Will it now be revealed?

    And another thing – why was the word, ‘pseudonym’, misspelled (pseudonyn)? It seems most unlikely to be a mistake given the scale of the project?

  24. Might be cern with their big bang, shame they didn’t all blow up, let’s hope there’s a proper earthquake to bring down the rest of them 🙏

  25. That thing about the global population being 1/2 a billion as opposed to the current 7.9 billion. Gonna raise too many eyebrows????

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