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  1. They’re all going in the end tho aren’t they ?

    • Totally agree ….all planned all puppets

  2. They will all be cast aside just like us and the thickos don’t realise it! They think they will live an eternal life.
    The end is near. We must triumph over adversity. We must win this world war!

    • Yes, I have been saying this for some time. If they successfully get rid of the plebs, they will be next. Their greed and lack of basic common sense fail to realise this.

    • Only world war people are gassing about is WW3 which is bollocks as the WEF wont let it happen because it will fuck up there longterm reset plans…
      Most folk have surrendered to this scam pandemic and if they was needed in a real fight for survival they would just lay down for it….
      I call them subserviant cowards…

  3. They have played their part for in the chess game of one world order so let’s see the next step.

  4. Yep, there Million/Billionaires so they’ll leave and head of to Island Elite+ and live a great life.

    Very VERY SOON, Boris has to leave ASAP aswell at this stage, hand over everything to Labour, then it’ll be Labours fault when it all blows up economy wise, Jab deaths ie Millions, have to start kicking in over the Winter aswell, so they’ll want out by then.

    There is to much going on, right before they all go on there summer 6week holiday aswell I guess!!

    You need a LOT of Vegetables to live off even for 1 person. ( my stupid kid, wanted to spend £5 of fertaliser for 1 potato plant FFS )

  5. Once the global governance kicks in from wef/who they will be gone anyway….
    Either that or sunak has finally worked out what a bunch of scum bags his ex work collegues really are…
    Especially that lying fat toad johnson..

    • Sunak the “hycsos” banker has smelt a rat has he.lol

      • Probably not but who cares🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Your 100% correct…
    They are all under orders and work for the beast…
    Thing is imagine how all this political crap eats into their kiddy fiddling time.
    You gotta take a step back and laugh.
    The whole earth will be under martial law (they say it’s all civil war)
    Ignore them
    Turn the TV off and as you say
    Stop being told what to do.
    When people ask me what I do I say “i don’t cincent)
    Hugo i 🙇‍♂️and tip my 🎩

  7. You read comments on YT and the mainstream in general and it’s beyond belief that people STILL trot out that tedious left/right, Team Boris/not Team Boris garbage. For Pete’s sake, these Satanic Freemasons should be facing charges for murder, not writing letters and quitting jobs. I actually think that the Pincher business was just the parasites’ way of mocking us, given his surname. Vote Johnson, get the WEF. Vote Starmer, get the WEF.

    • @Adam “Democrats (Labourites and Liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Conservatives, Tories and Neo-Cons) are Trotskyists”

      — Eustace Mullins

      “When I was in my 20s I was a Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, revolutionary Bolshevik and I had opinions roughly equivalent to Mr Cleverly’s Conservative Party now – which has become an extraordinarily left-wing party since then.”

      — Peter Hitchens

    • No, they are implanted globalists performing the elite agenda. Communists need their useful idiots!

  8. Spot on again Hugo.
    Just a changing of the guard.
    Watched a livestream of this on pootube earlier and everyone delighted that they are on there way out and Bozo will be following.
    They will only be replaced by other system serving tyrants taking orders from their masters.
    Its almost sore to watch the vast number of people that still have faith in the political system when its rotten to the core and will never change because it’s not designed to.
    Peace out brutha

  9. All these political creatures are just empty shells, like so many walking corpses, they are dead from the knees up – whited walls and whited sepulchres as Yashua Messiah called the evil Pharisees of His day.

  10. No Hugo, They resigned due to the 2019 LOAN CHARGE scandal overhanging their financial affairs and the hypocrisy inherent in their handling of the matter!
    Wiping out 100K hard working families, while they get away scot free for following the same protocol!
    Yes, they and HMRC have turned working freelance into a crime. Let us not forget the architects, Mel Stride and George Osbourne..
    A (non crime unproveable ) punishable by penalties that amount to over 300% including forward and back interest and IHT on “alleged” net income with no recourse and no proof!
    These people are dirty bastards in every sense of the word.
    Working people using “their” schemes are thrown under a bus and extorted beyond capacity!
    I fucking hate them all!

    • BTW Brexshit was based upon elite tax evasion.
      Loan charge was created to criminalise legal tax avoidance.
      The key word is RETROSPECTIVE!
      There is no legal precedent!

  11. So Bojo has pledged another billion for ‘arms’ in Ukraine, taking money from Wales and Scotland to achieve it. If these ‘arms’ ever materialise, they will go the same way as the rest-destroyed or in the hands of the Russians. Bojo sat there on TV, telling people to get The Shot, KNOWING it would kill or maim them. He has to pay.

    • Of course he knows exactly what the shot would do. Time for a change of player on the pitch to ramp it up. While they skip town. Borus and the planned kabinet of foreign mercenaries have never stopped smirking; the ingrates wear their hatred of this island nation on their ugly dials for every camera call. Who would want to inhabit their infested shoes got with blood money. It shouts loudly of the differences in cultures – Christian none of them are, and it shows. They disregard the most fundamental universal law to do no harm. Didn’t Wishi washy get his US green card citizenship just before he took the job to destroy the currency … His dodgy business is named after the house of their old dark side hero, A Crowley.
      The dark side is where they’re at, and where they will remain into eternity; no getting away from what they’ve done.

      Fleecing money from the people of Wales & Scotland is more of the MO in the wood panelled House. To pay for the *new ‘heavenly’ Jer.usalem project*. Billions into the kriminal kha.zar koffers to make the now vacant old stomping ground UK.rain a nano digital Silk Rd hub for the krooks to hole-up and persecute the remnant of the West.
      They’ll need workers to construct it, as they don’t. Building trades should realise they’ll be digging their own graves. Again. Steer clear.

    • And he never had the “jab” or was in hospital with “covid”…
      He had a sore throat with a false positive test😀…lying wanker he is anyway

  12. Boris already has his exit strategy in place, It’s the BJ BJ scandal that’s about to rear it’s ugly head.

  13. Nah !
    Merely spring-cleaning his team… Boris ain’t going nowhere

  14. some extortionate redecorating charges for us to pay for when number 10 changes hands

  15. is the shit really about to hit the fan,or are the rats just making way for another bunch of tory arsewipes as they slide out of the back door saying it was,nt me?

  16. Wasn’t Sunak bleating on about the biggest tax reduction the other day? He was cutting NI contributions. Isn’t this your state pension? Wouldn’t this reduce pensions in the long run? Not seen much about this. Can’t believe BoJo is still hanging in there. He is like a cancer on this country.

  17. It is no different with us in the Netherlands. The government has submitted their resignations in connection with the Allowances Act, so they are in fact resigning. But see here they are still sitting there, handling current affairs as it is called. Don’t there have to be elections? No Rutte has already said it himself I am stronger than now stronger than ever, they can not just send us away now. What a country.

    • Netherlands like the EU in general has been totally subverted. Government today is a Cuckoo’s nest of malign individuals planted in the nest to remove anyone with a shred of integrity and push the agenda of the elite. UN agenda 21, 2030 and 2050 are the blueprints hiding in plain sight. These blueprints have no room for us, they are down sizing the farm because they think that technology can serve their needs more efficiently and without complaining….

  18. Well at least it makes a change i suppose from the endless daily drivel about Holly Willoughby or Elizabeth Hurely`s new shoes or skimpy bikini or whatever with the “and doesn`t she look so cute” headlines. It`s just another distraction everyone. Right back to my prepping. Erm , beans , rice , fish , check………

    • Stopped watching that rubbish and other rubbish many years ago. Unsubscribed from the TV tax over 2 years ago. Never looked back. The TV has mesmerised the many, unfortunately, leading us into this hell.

  19. They won’t resign here in Ireland they are the most arrogant bunch of bastards who keep getting away scott free with all the lies and corruption because the sheep here haven’t the guts to stand up for themselves they would rather turn on each other over a hurling or football match.

  20. Maybe they will join with Tony Blair to make a new party before the next election?

  21. Undoubtedly all planned and agree all 💩 “They can stick their new world order up their arse…”.

  22. That was my impression, those 2 rats ard running from drowning ship using this scandal as an excuse like Mat Wancock did with phony sex scandal. NHS is ruin and tge economy is almist as bad as health! They know and we know it.

  23. Thanks Hugo for informing us of all their lies. God help us all.

  24. I think the reason why Johnson won’t resign is that he’s being bribed by either Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates or both. I think they’ve bribed him with millions of pounds, that he’s up to his neck in filthy deals with evil globalists, that he’s done a deal with them and they’re saying he can’t resign. Maybe Carrie has been whispering in his ear too! Put it this way, he’s definitely not staying out of love for his job or his people. Do people remember Dominic Cummings saying how Boris put on WhatsApp how he hated his job and wanted to quit to make loads of money! Boris was always complaining that his salary wasn’t big enough, that he couldn’t manage on £150,000!! So what’s suddenly changed!!! Someone’s paying him off with millions, that’s why! Otherwise when his whole party and the British people want him gone, his position as Prime Minister is clearly now untenable, so why else would he cling on? He’s working to an evil agenda and is determined to see it through. We all know how he’s obsessed with the jab roll out, getting everyone spiked with the poison! What do other people here think? Am I on the right track here?

    • Yes Carolyn. I was just saying the same to my wife. (Who was half-listening!) The next idiot who comes in may not be so pliable. We have the idiot from Holland trying to take farmland. The idiot from Ireland creeping around in Ukraine. It’s all connected.

    • Hi Carolyn

      Its corrupt as Norm!!

      Like it’s been for Years!!

      Take care yourself & hubby
      Have great weekend All

  25. Totally agree with everyone here. I’m staying right here with you guys because you’re the intelligent and awake ones!! We’ve all got to stick together here in these horrifying times. I keep everyone in my prayers. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  26. See bojo is off!
    That’s nearly all them,
    being the cowards they are what can one expect lol !

  27. All this is smoke and mirrors so msm fill the air waves with this nonsense instead of wots really important, as I don’t watch the news I didn’t even know this until just now, Boris has got to be next or I’m not as with it as I thought I was, cheers hugo.

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