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  1. Funny, yesterday or the day before, I uploaded a video about CERN on bitchute and, a guy who “allegedly” went down the rabbit hole, so my question is why is this information is suddenly released? What are they trying to tell us?
    Be afraid, we have the power? Is that it? What do you think?

    • I haven’t been online in a bit. I didn’t even hear about this cern portal crap. I saw a whole bunch of ufos the same night though and someone said to me oh they switched cern on today. Probably some kind of bluebeam type crap. Who knows. By the way, they haven’t “done” the experiment. This thing runs continuously for years at a time. I don’t recall how long this one is claimed to be going for. Possibly a decade or more? I can’t check now because I will lose this comment. And at an upgraded voltage higher than ever before. It is likely in my opinion that it serves multiple purposes, including even its stated one.If they can find out some new stuff they can weaponise it.No doubt there is also a large occult element too.Which may be directly related to the scientific resesrch and also may be unrelated and just happen at the same site.Circles are used in magic all the time of course.

  2. By the way for what it’s worth, CERN is the largest bandwidth consumer in the world, now other “countries” are going to develop their own CERN like China, Korea and other nations, I believe Turkey is also a forerunner, so, now for this is for those who believe in God and believe satan is the one pulling the strings, if you don’t believe please refrain from making toxic remarks.

    CERN is the gateway of communication between humans Jinn in order to create a magnetic field which will allow them to connect (us) to the satanic grid where no escape would be possible, except suicide.

    As I said, you don’t need to believe what I am saying, just take it on board and keep an eye on the ball, the particle collider was just a cover up, it has nothing or very little to do with physics.
    There are 6 major gates to communicate with evil Jinns or demons, this technique was used for centuries by sorcerers and wizards but it was very localised, now they are doing to be global and no human will be able to escape it.

    Now compare this with the Christian Book of revelations (Anti-Christ) and Islamic Dajjal (The fake Christ)
    They will connect it to the dome of Rock where Solomon’s books were buried for centuries.
    There are too many details and intricacies to mention. But before you dismiss it as nonsense please take a moment and research it for yourselves.

    Nvwadohiyada (Peace in Cherokee language)

  3. The workers dancing in that ritualistic Shiva style is very creepy.

    On a different note… has anyone else heard a UFC fight questioning the Gilane Maxwell narrative in a press conference and how no names have been mentioned on the pedo list. I’m not into ufc nyself but it’s refreshing seeing a public figure speak out.

  4. Maybe the 2 planned Distraction resignations announced today are part of the Sordid plan 🙂

  5. You did do the tunnel.Hugo with lots of the coverage of that utterly bizarre, creepy satanic ceremony.

    And I agree there are no white hats – who are “they”? – coming to save us. It’s a psyop too.

  6. Lies for sure, it takes months to go through the masses of data that it collects to spot anything, that was scripted, why is the question.

    The Q people are just nuts there to make us seem crazy!

    Lots on today, narrative is crumbling big time 🙂

  7. At my age…..many many decades of ‘observations’…really does not conCERN me actually….now,.. l have to go out and feed my Shetland ponies….over and out…

  8. Worlds fucked anyway…
    Hopefully that over expensive over sized vaccum cleaner will open a black hole and suck the planet through it…
    I need a break😀

    • Matthew 24:22 “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.”
      … Someone handy needs to yank the plug on the vacuum cleaner. Sorted.

  9. CERN stands for “criminal elite reset nutters “

  10. As time goes by I see more and more of the book of revelation becoming possible. But I also see that it could be due to man’s activities, but that God is allowing this to happen.
    For example, the polluted waters due to nuclear reactors close to waters and
    Wormwood knocked off its track by man’s deflection attempts.
    Could CERN Possibly be revelation 9 1 to 11 ( the opening of the bottomless pit ) the key given by a fallen angel.
    The Bible tells us they (demons) have historically helped us with technology.

    I know I sound crazy but having read the Bible several times and absolutely know it is absolute truth, I just wonder ?????

    • … Matthew 24:22
      “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.”

      So the end of everything is not inevitable.
      … This line doesn’t get mentioned much.
      In 1918 people thought they were going through the end times too.
      The Bible is being used as the playbook by the evils as their tool of bluff.
      Nothing new, but better tech.

  11. This morning at 4 am One of the Georgia Guidestones collapsed and disintegrated.Reasons unknown…

  12. I recall a washing machine of a friend self combusting during the night several years ago and the fire service warned her not to use a washing machine/dryer when in bed and apparently was calling for an end to the night time tariff because these type of incidents were common. Obviously it hasn’t been successful because to my knowledge these tariffs still exist. Perhaps it is another method to depopulate? 🤔

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