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  1. How on earth did we cope with those individual identifying documents called passports for so long

  2. So no need to spend money on passports if you have digital I’d or driving licence or TV licence or anything if you sign up no need to buy any sort of permit or car tax insurance etc . Could definitely work against the goverments . Be carful my precious it’s a decit they can’t have it both ways ???????

    • They will find a way to charge you, link it to behavioral modification programs and social credit. You will probably have to update every two years or even less. This is primarily a compliance tool.

  3. And always that annoying ding dong back ground music. 😖

  4. Everyone in the photos from the articles are wearing winter clothes

  5. Off they jolly well plodded to the G7 with no issues .:)

  6. It isn’t going to happen. The WEF, the half baked intellectuals who believe their own hype and believe they are geniuses have totally screwed up. The insurance companies are spilling the beans about increased deaths, major super wealthy corporations and people are now aware, funeral homes are reporting the truth (shares in the publicly listed ones are boomng like growth stocks), and the idea behind jabbing kids is that if they can get it onto the child vax program, they get blanket immunity from prosecution.

    But it won’t work when it can now be proved they knew the jabs didn’t work and would kill millions of people, so the whole house of cards is about to come crashing down, and I for one can’t wait to see that fat slob Schwab, and that freaky little Jew sidekick hang for what they’ve done.

    • And what exactly is the vehicle for the truth here?

    • I think you’re right that things are starting to crumble. We need to keep plugging away pointing out the cracks – keep the discussion alive and not let it be drowned out.

      It is good to remember that these people may think that they are powerful and invincible – but they have actually lost touch with reality and real lives. They seriously lack important things like humility and wisdom – and as such can be very stupid.

      Most people have grown up believing that they can trust authorities /mainstream media to be telling something like the truth – and its a massive hurdle for them to see past this modified version of events. Public opinions can change quickly though. Somewhere there’s a tipping point at which more and more questions get asked; beyond the scope of media to dampen down – and even those who think they’ve previously been hanging around with the winners start to jump ship.

  7. A computer passport won’t work. Biometric passports have always caused issues. It’s definitely lack of manpower. No handling staff and can take 90 mins to get the steps to a plane to get people off. This has a knock on effect. It’s literally headless chicken scenario.

    • If you want to have some fun, stick your passport in the microwave for two seconds. They literally have no procedure for dealing with passports that fail to read in their scanners due to the embedded chip being fried.

  8. Shameless elites, they should be hunted down like Nazis and hanged

  9. Reddit ALREADY do this with their negative karma bullshit….. Try not to offend communists! Disgusts me to my core!!!!

  10. WEF charts state digital ID…
    Its in plain site on there…
    Global governance etc…
    I show people but they still cant see it😀

    • They are waking up slowly, a little too slowly for comfort….
      I recently traveled to Norway, everything relies on apps and card payments.
      They literally could not believe I didn’t own a smart phone and had no interest in purchasing one to access their services.
      Scandinavian countries have some of the deepest communist infiltration.

      • You mean the international Jews.

  11. It’s called Grey Terror. Read Suvorov’s book on Spetnaz and the days before war.

    Excerpt: ‘ The last month of peace, as in other wars, has an almost palpable air of crisis about it. Incidents, accidents, small disasters add to the tension.’

    Add to that, Russia has declared an emergency. The British Army Chief has advised the military to prepare for war with the Russians and has said the population should be told to prepare too.

  12. Wish I could share this video but I’ve been telling my friends about this for over 10 years. In April 2021 I advised my friend not to get the jab until the trials are over in December 2023. He is now triple jabbed and got COVID-19 (felt ill) twice. First in December and then two weeks ago. He says the immunity of the jab must have worn out. The guy is long gone and will become very sick in 3 to 5 years. All I can do is watch. When I’ve warned him in the past he showed me the tin foil hat and the reality is after 3 jabs he can’t be saved. Let him end his days enslaved in the digital trap because the truth is far too much for him to handle. That he did this to himself.

    • I have broken friendships over the moronic tin foil hat throw away insult. It really is a badge of abject arrogance combined with an overwhelming dose of ignorance.
      Your friend is not getting CV-19, it is just his body attempting to detoxify from the harmful crap injected into it. It will not succeed not even chelation can get rid of what has been injected into his circulatory system.
      A lost cause.

    • My extended family (6 of us) has had flu twice in the last six months. The first time two of us lost our sense of taste and smell. It lasted 6 weeks. None of us have had the jab. We don’t know if it was ‘civid’ because we didn’t take a test. The problem is our unjabbed status has just added fuel to the fire if the pro-vaxes. Why did we get sick? Is it shedding? Thankfully we’ve all made a full recovery, including my father in law who is 79 with COPD.

  13. Dont travel to outside the countries, than they have not what they want.
    So we stop “also” that they earn money with this technic.
    We must turn it around ……….. as they do to us.
    There is very nice cities in our own countries……….

    • Unfortunately some people need to travel for work.
      The only way to tackle this is to throw away your smart phones and refuse to use their “apps”, so you will have to queue longer until they get the message.
      Refuse to comply with their requests, then boycott all that attempt coercion.
      Continue to eat meat, even eat more to create demand to thwart their attempts to manipulate the market.
      Any refusal to accept cash is a refusal to accept payment for services, I once filled my car with fuel and they demanded card payment, I offered cash which they refused so I drove off, they tried and failed to prosecute me.

  14. We must end our phone contract.
    They can no longer earn money from us so they will go bancrott………………….

  15. All planned chaos like the fake pandemic and blame culture on a proxy war….
    They want a subservant population to agree to digital ID just not for there benefit…
    Drive people into submission basically like the scamdemic…

    • The global cult is controlling everything… The Rockerfeller family for sure, along with their puppet and gofer, Bill Gates… No compliance at all with these evil monsters.

  16. I just watched a Gonzalo Lira video, in which he reports a lot of Holland is shut down by farmer’s protests. ‘They’ want to close farms because of excess nitrogen, but we know it’s all part of the plan to reduce food. He points out he has seen nothing in the MSM. That is no surprise to us after the last two years.

    • The Jews are the masters behind the whole charade right from covid-19 fiasco to the WEF to the digital.pass being implemented in most western countries, the shortage of food and war with Russia, China and Iran. Remember they starved and killed 10 million Ukrainians which is second only to the 50 million babies they also killed in the US over the last few years. They’re filth and have infiltrated governments worldwide or have their evil little puppets do their dirty work for them as they use blackmail. It’s high time they are arrested and punished for crimes against humanity.

      • you are completely off your rocker. on what planet did jewish people do anything to usa or ukrainian babies. we were murdered in holocaust x6 million including millions in ukraine and all over europe. you are talking like some medieval blood libel anti semite

  17. Order ab chao.

    Assume mass chaos is orchestrated at all times.

  18. I love how you’ve said share the video now and inform people on the moves they are making. I’ve been doing that for 2 years only to be given death threats, unfollows, cancelled from my yoga business, sacked from studios etc. I give up trying to help them now.

    • A general strike and tax rebellion would have a similar effect but a lot quicker.
      Of course experience shows us there are enough scabs among us to derail this solution…..

  19. Flew from Gatwick. No problems went fast. Got my bags really quickly. Sounds like media hype to dissuade us from travelling. point taken about app. The arrivecan app to Canada is really intrusive. if you mess up it’s quarantine time for you Sonny.

    • Y brother in law flew into gatwick just over a week ago from Spain, upon arrival everything went smoothly but out of his three e suitcases only one was found. A week later gatwick airport still has no idea where they are. So this isn’t fake news or. propaganda, this is real.this isn’t just a uk issue, it’s a worldwide issue.

  20. To sell a product, you need to create demand.

    To create demand, you need to create a problem… yes, every problem that seems fake and manufactured today, it has a reason to stir you where you’d otherwise have no need to go.

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