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  1. Sorry didnt follow up over head i stick with the the Bible

  2. T Mobile New Year’s December 31, 2020 – Seattle Space Needle – Lotus, DNA, Twins, Aliens and More!

  3. Hugo, you’re on the ball as ever. I’ve stayed off social media for a while because I cannot believe the absolute ‘stupidity’ of the masses, who are pushing us all into slavery and worse! No amount of proof will stop them. The Bible tells us any type of witchcraft is an abomination to God, that includes fortune telling, mediums, horoscopes, and more. Those who think it’s OK do not know Jesus our Saviour, who returned on the clouds to destroy the Temple as He said He would. It’s in historical books for all to read (Flavius Josephus for one). Until people turn back to the Lord, this evil and debauchery will continue. There is only ONE SAVIOUR and this planet is HIS footstool!

    • Still waiting for that imaginary God to come down and save us all. Your making it to easy for these parasites to continue to rule over us all. Try saving yourself for a change, than believing in that religious crap.

      • Dan, after the last two years, do you think you have seen evil at play? if so, its only logical to think its dual that is pure good-exists.
        Whether you believe in god or not, those running this show seem to be worshipping Lucifer-these people at the top think its very real, yet media is trying to convince everyone of athiesm, think you may have bought into their lies? this is after all the same system that has tried to con you to take a jab and that Co2 is trashing the globe.
        You dont have to believe in any religion, just believe in a creator god, dont think he/she cares much what you call them being the creator and all that, try praying to the creator god and see for yourself if prayers are answered.

    • Whilst I believe the Bible is an holy book, I also believe some things have been tampered with, including the parts telling you Pharmakeia is evil, there is some doubt on its Hebrew translation too, only dark magic conjures demons, white magic quotes the scriptures, in fact the entire system is based upon the bible.
      I believe these edits were done to keep the knowledge away from the masses, knowledge is power.

    • Ever considered the bible was tampered with to dissuade people from using magic, we are after all made in the image of god-small creators.

    • It was used as the flower of creation in Egypt and Hinduism, the crown/corona. God was sat on the Lotus floating on the seas before creation.

    • Thats a pretty long video, Depends how you define dark and light, Kabbalistically it is the passive(dark) and active or those through will(light), magus uses both to perform magic, however there is also benevolent magic and baneful magic or good and evil, those two are opposite and can never work towards the same goal.
      As I didnt watch the video, let me know your thoughts.

  4. Hugo you are allowed to go off o a tangent mate. It’s truly inspiring the effort you put in to help open eyes & wake the masses up to the tyranny that rules over good people.

  5. I hope Putin hits the button, there is no hope left for humanity. We’ve fallen so far from grace we make the devil blush.

    • Putin is one of them. Trump in Russia. They are all from one nest. Two heads of the same Hydra…. we have to help ourselves. No one is gonna do it for us.

      • Yes same Hydra, and anyone doubting that should see the pictures of Klaus Schwab and Putin together, its no coincidence covid stopped and Ukraine started, Putin is helping the WEF and Western governments behind the scenes.

      • Personally I believe Putin & Xi *said* they were on board with the “great reset” because the “great reset” HAS to start with the destruction of the West. So they played along, said yes, let’s do it! – but all along saw it as a way to inflict catastrophic and unrecoverable damage on the West, without having to fire a bullet. They then come out the other side as the world super powers.

        Why would China, who already have all of the things the WEF want to impose control on the rest of us, go along with it, then hand over power to emperor Schwab, so he can rule over them?

        Russia & China have been buying mountains of gold, both are resource rich – they don’t need the West, and when the Western currencies collapse and they back their currency with gold, they will, truly, rule the world.

  6. Don’t apologise to these people Hugo, they are deceived fools… Truly lost souls. What these deceived ‘white magic’ people fail to understand is where the power behind it comes from! If it’s not from God then however ‘nice or good’ it Seems, it is from Satan! “thou shall not suffer a witch to live”.

    • I am a magus of sorts, my belief is changing the fabric of reality is a gift given to us from god, it is written “Man is made in the IMAGE” of god, we have the power to manifest in his name, magic should never be used for selfish reasons nor harm, but only for the good of society in an altruistic way. Know these at the top are using magic to change society-to our detriment, we need to even that playing field through prayer primarily and carefully thought out magic. My magic is Christian, unlike yourself, I believe the Bible has been tampered with to keep this knowledge secret.

      • Yeah, I agree John. I think Hugo is a good hearted individual but there are things that he maybe forgets. Like the fact that Jesus, for example, was an Exorcist and miracle worker and that he said words to the effect of, “all these things you shall do, and more”.

  7. Listen, you are wrong about the people against the jab. They are saving lives. You seem to think you have all the answers. You don’t . I’ll use your own argument against you.
    1). Don’t listen to people who are right about something now, because they are meant to get rapport (silent T), with you now so they can mislead you in the future . You say.
    2). Why listen to you then ? You could be the one sent to get people to stop listening to the truth. Because they are on a show that has a new age host. Or on a bill that has a quack or two.
    3). You can’t lump everyone together. What you end up with is ‘us four and no more’.
    4). For instance, never use Media Matters for a reference again. That, by your logic puts you in with them, because you are believing what they are saying enough to spread it around as truth. So you are with Mediamatters.org .
    See how that works ?

  8. There is no such thing as Qanon. There is Q and the people that follows are Anons.

    • @angela regan “Q” meaning “Ape”or “monkey”or in other words “the great awakening monkey”https://www.thefreedictionary.com/qoph

    • This man say….
      Q Anon is “BILL GATES”….

    • No such thing as covid either….
      Same as them stupid variant names over normal ailments….

  9. There are doctors who debunk the whole virus theory. If there is not any virus to get sick from the whole agenda of infectious patogen, Big Pharma lobby and cartel, all the Rockefeller fuelled pandemics and illnesses that require medication falls down like a house of cards. People will not be frightened any more, no more fear propaganda, it´s over. For ever. Look up Dr. Sam Bailley, Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andy Kaufmann, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Dr. Tom Cowan…..it´s all just a lie based on a huge fraud of Pasteur´s…. Check out Spacebusters too. People need to take control of their lifes, literally, eat proper nutrition, get vitamins and minerals in, allow the body to work on it´s own healing….. not poison it with yet another drug or jab. Once people realize they have been set up and feared unneccesarily… they can breathe again freely and live lifes as independent, competent and responsible beings.

  10. We are beings with unlimited gifts that we have forgotten. Do not worship anything outside yourself, God, Satan, anything. The power is within you but they want you to look outside yourselves for a saviour, which they will happily supply. Don’t let them do it.

  11. Yer, it may all be true.So what, only a small few will know or care and they will change nothing.We need answers
    really not more doom and gloom, life is to f-cking short to care.

  12. So many hateful comments on here lately. If love is the answer then we’re all pretty much done for really with the state of humans. It’s not the world that’s horrid. The world is beautiful. Its the horrible people residing on this earth that have made it a living nightmare. Normal everyday people are just as bad as the evil ones putting this misery on us.

    • World as a whole has been demolished by humans….
      Nowadays its people mental health thats been taken to bits…
      All people read is about wars and deaths and misery after misery everyday….
      And then this “pandemic” which was as much threat at as a lower case of flu and people constantly being brainwashed having experimental jabs and ones never tested for anything…
      Shit show this society

  13. I recommend Karen Brewer’s telegram Bush Telegraph. Her theory of inter-generational freemason/demolay controlling “everything you see hear and read” holds up under examination. The abuse of children has been weaponized. When supporting protests occurred the media went to extreme lengths not to mention her name, including photo-bombing with unrelated signs.

  14. Fair? lol. Everyone has the gift to manifest. Sadly the main people using this potential are working on the dark side and they hide these natural elements from us. If you can make yourself happy you will give out happiness to all. Make us stressed, fearful and hateful which the govs like to do, guess what you’ll give out the same. Good and bad in all. Its all witchcraft if that’s what you like to call it, but especially the church. Tell that to those who believe totally.

    • Glad there is someone else who realises manifesting is a gift from the divine, unfortunately MSM has programmed everyone to believe it is evil through horror films and imo editing the bible.

  15. thank you so much…. its been a war among my friends telling them trump is not their hero, that he’s one of them. Seeing through Trump as a Christian has been the hardest thing to show people. Thank you for your work!

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