😱 BEWARE! The Lockdown DOGS! 😱 / Hugo Talks

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  1. I’ve left various massages about doing to much religious stuff. now your comment section is like a fanatical Christian bukake, wads of biblical nonsense released onto your comments sections face. A log time ago I stopped reading the comments because it not useful, a short time ago stopped to watching your videos so often because half are about religious stuff. Its a distraction from class, its about, rich and poor not good and evil. Theres been elites in every religion that comes and goes every cult that comes and goes , every civilisation that comes and goes. every ideology that comes and goes, but the rich always maintain they’re status globally and domestically irrespective of which god they worship. And either all gods or no gods are right. Not that there’s anything wrong with beliefs or religions but Please calm down on the religious stuff its only smoke screen to distract religious people, the rest of us want info.

    • @Fling Wibble Smyth, Yahavah Elohim (God) has no religion and The Holy Scriptures are the foundation to ALL TRUE knowledge.

      You speak of ‘elites’, so tell me what you know about the Rothschild Jews and their stranglehold on the world’s wealth.

  2. its possible the Rothchilds WERE jews, but they are no longer, the same way Bill Gates was prob born a Christian, Or the King of Thailand is Buddhist, or the leaders of UAE are muslim. They ARE however all elites that use there wealth to control. The religious symbology is just old pomp. And is used to make connections to and discredit from real conspiracy. Again i have no problem with faith and religion and it is a personal thing, but what is happening in the pandemic is nothing to do with religion and is wasting our time from concentrating on the real problem at hand.

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