😱 BEWARE! The Lockdown DOGS! 😱 / Hugo Talks

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  1. What’s unlikely to occur is the chance of anyone getting a proper education at these “Schools”

    • If my kids were still in school and they had phones, I’d tell them keep phone on silent and call me straight away.

      • Cel-phone jammers: already in use…

      • @Debra De la-Nougerede Do you think that they will not confiscate their phones? The ONLY remedy to this is HOME EDUCATION!

  2. Not strange at all perfectly normal behavior… For a bunch of nutjobs

  3. All of the above and more. Why anyone let’s their children into these concentration camps is beyond me.

  4. I think this is a sign of the times that we live in… Health and safety started a lot of this and now you can’t do anything because of “risk”.
    Of course it’s also a convenient tool to control our children further as if they haven’t done enough damage in the classrooms already!
    I think the choice of word “Lockdown” is extremely suspect as well as it obviously being a government directive that schools are implementing with pleasure….

  5. I think there will be a lot of civil unrest in the coming months

  6. It sounds to me like they are preparing for another “false flag” gun attack at a school. They need to get all the guns out of the hands of civillians so they need a reason.

    • Apparently Casualty on the telly had a gun shooting storyline the other week. Predictive programming. I didn’t see it but in the episode the kids couldn’t escape to safety because of the fact they are gated in like fort knox!
      It’s concerning that all schools seem to have erected high perimeter fences and gates within months of each other (certainly from what I’ve seen). What are they planning? Are people being kept out, or kept in? Or both?

  7. They want all kids in care it’s as simple as that and this is just the start the schools take over as the parent of the kids the authority has control over the kids the schools manipulate the kids teaching them to go against they’re mums n dads but to believe the school instead it’s programming kids to do what the school & the local authority scum wants them to do it’s obvious bcoz all child – snatchers & ss are pedos freemassons so of course they want all kids in cars that much is obvious plus the fact the secrecy surrounding the “ lockdown “ says it all they don’t want everybody sussing it out it’s as clear as day they’re training the kids controlling the kids and the parents to at the same time

  8. Thanks Hugo, I would love to share but again been hit by a 30 day ban again this morning on FB , Coincidence, Conspiracy Theory? You choose 😉

    • Same here ..30 day ban for date calling out a child abuser

  9. It’s called puppy training. Behave, listen to authorities and don’t ask questions.

  10. Whoever is responsible for dreaming up and disseminating this shit should be locked down/up/away for the good of innocent children, parents and society in general.

  11. In one of the European countries during the l#ckdown a lady a made a video in a really destressed state. Her child along with the rest of the schools attending children had been locked in and forced to have the clot sh#t.
    They were told that there had been an outbreak of the viru$ and the parents could not remove their child unless they were also jabbed.
    I cannot recall the country but it was on you tube.

    • I realize our world has gone insane and I’m vehemently against the clot shot, however, this story doesn’t ring true and without any more detail it shouldn’t have been shared. Peace.

  12. It’s strange, is this, even in these crazy times. The constant diet of fear is always a factor … case in point, the hilariously named Virus X, which sounds straight out of Quatermass! I also believe they are constantly attempting to blur the line between parent and school – in fact, trying to rule the parent out of the decision making altogether, like with that Gillick Competence business. A false flag event can’t be ruled out, either, while all the time the evil authorities are making a child’s absence from school an increasingly difficult and threatening situation for the parent. As long as children are in these Government Indoctrination Camps, their mental and physical wellbeing is at serious risk.

  13. Jabbing them removing them they evil dont trust them

  14. This happen during L’D in a European country. They locked the children in and forced the clot sh#ts under the guise of a viru$ breakout. They would not allow parents to collect their child unless they too were j@bbed.

  15. I am so grateful this kind lady shared this

    So please excuse me
    But this Hugo has had me in fits! It has bought on my asthma lol 😆 I couldn’t stop laughing, dog on the loose!

    This is communism
    Simple as.

    Yes I am laughing only because it’s so Insane I am having trouble not laughing,
    But this letter is seriously concerning and children who have read this letter it must have caused real mental issues Hugo very correct.
    This letter is corrupt & very concerning.

    Thank you to the lady who has given us a amazing insight to just how bad things are becoming around us, well done this lady 😇

    Thank you Hugo to
    very interesting stuff.

  16. Sign the petition against the schools bill. As of September 2023 education will become more restrictive if it goes through. The parliament one has been rejected, but there is one on change . org

  17. Morlocks and Eloi: schools and arbitrary, nonsensical rules are there to bring children to the desired „veal-like“ mental state. Easy to corral, easy to control, easy to harvest.

  18. So the children to be incommunicado. And then spirited away, to a *place of safety* – as per UN Michael Ryan’s salivatory press conference (April 2020) on removing children from *covid* residences …
    UN child catcher snatchers.
    Will the parents (?carers) be required to provide DNA as proof of parentage to reclaim their offspring, as per the Uvalde Texas incident …

    Parents need to be wising up to realise that schools (like universities) are no more than corporate entities, businesses – no different to Tesco or MacD’s. Ditto the corporation business that calls itself *govt* and *parliament*. And *police* and the *legal system* and *healthcare* and *social services*, and every institution that presents itself as a *service* to the public.

  19. They were doing lockdown drills more than 5 years ago – separate bell with it’s different ring pattern. We were told we must hide under the desks. The excuse offered at the time was a dangerous gun man on the loose. This from a private school in Surrey, UK. I quit this place run by woke idiots in 2020 over CONVID Nazism. This is my story if you’re interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfpuC6QJ7_M&t=136s

    • We did this in the early 70s , Russia again , fear propaganda, history repeats itself once more.

      • Back in the early 1980s our school conducted an experiment to gauge pupil reaction, when they told us our school was going be put into immediate lockdown due to a virus! No kidding! At first they made us believe it was true, and it panicked and terrified the kids, who then suddenly retaliated and threatened to walk out! We had balls then. Finally they said it was just a “project”! We then had to imagine scenarios on what we would have to do, as pupils trapped at school in quarantine. I still have the book we worked from, called “School under Siege”.

  20. A large high school on my street had a lockdown (an ex-pupil had turned up outside the gates?!).
    About a hundred or so parents turned up and the kids posted about it on social media before the parents received their text from the school.
    Schools are like Fort Knox with gates locked during school hours anyway.
    The lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum.

  21. This is pied piper all over again “ don’t let them steal your children “ the video is on YouTube “ history repeating itself “ everybody has to watch this video “ orphans of operation pied piper 2020” history repeating live?

  22. It’s preparation for civil unrest. They’re going to keep pushing us until it happens. The UK military have been in training for several years now for this. Ask someone in the army. When it kicks off, the UN will step in and hey presto, one world government. Meanwhile, separate the kids from their parents, tell the kids the teachers will keep them safe, alienate them from their parents. ‘Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man/woman’. Your kids will be owned.

  23. I think this is very worrying for parents and frightening for children. For a child to be locked in school and not allowed to have contact with a parent when they are distressed is terrible. You don’t know what kind of effect this will have on them. On the other hand being a parent and having your child locked in and not being able to make contact and not knowing what is happening to your child is so worrying. In times of stress children should be with a parent to comfort them.
    Why are these schools doing this? As for the possibility of a dangerous dog being in the school grounds it is absurd. I am a senior citizen and in my lifetime I have never known a dangerous dog 🐶 to be in school grounds and never known anything like this, it is outrageous. 🤦‍♂️
    I just hope these parents stick together and complain to the school about this. It is good that a parent has shown you this Hugo and in turn you are able to let us know what is going on, thank you.

  24. This sounds like the government psychological department is at work again. They are conditioning the up and coming generations to obey as well as to be terrified. I am so glad my lot are long grown up. This is definitely messing with the children’s heads on a grand scale. It is quite frankly scandalous what brave new world is this!!

  25. I was trying to raise awareness of the schools bill, but my comment didn’t appear. Look into it and make your opinion known if it’s something that disturbs you.

  26. Schools have been doing lockdown drills for years and certainly way before Convid. It is a specific drill, in preparation for a Dunblane type situation.

  27. It appears home schooling in small group settings performed by caring people disassociated from the public/government school system needs to happen en masse. We must do everything in our power to resist this tsunami of authoritarianism that began with covidious maximus now two and a half years ago. My, how time flies when you’re under constant government and corporate attack.

  28. Back to swabdemic stage again…
    Probably ramped the cycles up again to get more false positives which they do when they brought a jab out for over 75’s but will be filtered down the younger ages soon…
    A wef guy said clearly they want jabs for every variant in the future…infants now getting them and children…
    Far as i am concered never had them never want them..

  29. Turns out kids have 99.3% antibodies to “covid19”…
    What is covid 19 then..?
    There isnt a covid 19…
    Its never been proven to exist as never tested on the swabs or for them jabs or contained..
    Bollocks the lot of it…

  30. Local School here locked down last year, reason.. big dangerous dog on premises !!

  31. There will be a lockdown while the Azov Brigade headed police take out the parents. The children are then free to be organ donors etc. Just a possibility.

  32. It’ll be for when the shit hits the fan when food shortages arrive (and all the other shortages), and when the monetary system collapses and there’s open warfare on the streets.

  33. Schools are getting a bad Ofsted report, not for poor general education, but for not teaching primary school children about gender identity.

  34. like, why do they want to jab kids with the cov shot? no child has died from covid, plenty from the jab, do they want to walk into schools and give kids the jab, without any parental consent, or any interference from parents in the form of advice? for them to be going to this trouble, they must have something, very nasty planned.

  35. I notice a pedophile isn’t classed as a threat. It would warm my heart more if they bothered to protect the kids from them.

  36. If this happens…with zero consent to do so (silence is classed as consent) the school legally become the kids guardians. While they have this power…they can consent to have the kids jabbed/medicated etc! I am going to contact the school to ask questions and withdraw my consent (in writing and email as a record) that they cannot do anything or give anything to my child without my direct consent! (in or out of one of these so called threat lockdowns!

    • @Elaine Rosemary HORTON-BENNETT, That’s all very fine, but you need to be planning Home Schooling ASAP! You also need to serve notice on the Registrar of Live Births and rescind the Birth Certificate and claim your PRIVATE PROPERTY (offspring) as yours. The same with the Marriage Certificate, if you are married.

  37. Your Child is not save by these criminals , i’ll think,
    They are the boss, that is not normal
    Home school is the only way procent in a group

  38. (((They))) will tell the parents WHEN to come and collect their children after the paedophiles have had their way with them. This is how sinister and evil it sounds to me! GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THESE VILE SATANIC PLACES ASAP!!! HOME SCHOOL IS THE ONLY WAY!!

  39. It is significant that biden said recently “There is going to be another lockdown” Vernon Coleman’s words need to be heeded “Distrust Government, Avoid Mass media, Fight the lies” PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN FREINDS I feel an urgency about this these past weeks.

  40. Someone should remind them that Kidnapping is a Crime. A very serious Crime.

    I would, if I was a parent and I got a letter like this my kid’s school.

  41. DUCK AND COVER!! And while you’re at it kids, Bury your heads in the sand pit. Or does that violate health and safety? A bunch of Wokers!

  42. I’m so glad my son isn’t at school. My friends 2 junior school kids had to endure pride week where they learnt all about trannies and genders and all that crap. They’re jehovah witnesses so asked to withdraw their children but was told these lessons are compulsory. What a load of utter crap.

  43. @thetruthnotdoctrine

    A few week back I was asked not to continually badger you because we should be working to help others here. I said to myself fair enough why not. . . .But No . . Not you . .. The evil that oozes from your every pore wouldn’t allow that.You had to start having a go at me again you poke and prod everyone here with a continual tirade of absolute garbage and drivel conjured up in your sick and demented mind. You insult multiple people here day in day out. I have no idea who your god is but he is no god I recognise. But then those that have looked into the CULT you belong to know that it’s followers like to masquerade under the guise of Christianity. Having looked a while back at the origins of your ‘CULT’ which originates from the mind of a ‘ Dark Magician ‘ John Dee. which was later expanded on by a madman in the 18th century. Dee practiced astrology for his living, but he also studied the Talmud, as well as Rosicrucian theories, he also practiced alchemy. So are we really surprised that he was the inspiration fro the British empire, and the father of the secret Judiac ” New World Order”. It is also very noticable how you haven’t said anything to the numberous witches, pagan’s, occultiists, luciferians who pop their heads above the paraphet here. You badger only Christians or truth speakers, or those you think you can hookwink into listening to your garbage, which only reinforces your true intention here. To undermine, subvert, and distract any true Christians or lovers of truth that are here. I doubt very much that you will ever turn away from your CULT that was spawned in the deepest darkest depths of the pits of hell. But I will pray for you with love because that is what true Christians are supposed to do. Not spreading hate whilst mocking and cursing and deriding others because that comes not from heaven . . . but from the pits of hell.

    1 John 3:11
    For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.

    • @battlebeth I am loving you by correcting you, but unfortunately your neck is very stiff, your eyes very blind and your ears very deaf. You’re a wretched ignorant creature.

      Then like Satan you tell lies: “Not spreading hate whilst mocking and cursing and deriding others because that comes not from heaven . . . but from the pits of hell.”

      I have cursed no one. I have no need as they curse themselves with the diarrhoea that they type. E.g. Only servants of the Devil call The Truth, HATE!

      The only garbage here is your monotheistic satanic belief system, which Scripture proves as false, and as I have already proven in my previous comment, which you ignored. You then replied with an emotional irrelevant diatribe – standard fare from the pugnacious and arrogant battlebeth.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine

        I was expecting as much from you . . remember you may ignore my comments by tryiing to turn them back on me. That is an old tactic, but remember there is no getting away from the fact your CULT was spawned in the pits of hell. It is easy for people to research. and everyone here kn
        ows you for who you are.

      • @battlebeth You’re the one with the cult, not me. A Jesuit are you with a female handle? Or Opus Dei is it, or some other satanic papist coven, or maybe you’re from some Judaising verminous pit? Either way, your monotheism makes you a liar, and an enemy of The Truth – Yashua Messiah! – one half of The Duality Godhead!!

  44. Call me crazy, but I have a gut feeling these psychopaths are planning to obduct our children. Let them practice a few times, so parents get used to the idea of not having control over their kids and then the real event comes. Perhaps a fake alien invasion. “Oh, the children had to be evacuated to a secret location, sorry, for security reasons we don’t know this location but your children are safe”. And you will never see your kids again. For people who know these psychopaths are preparing our brains with movies, go watch the movie “The forgotten” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Forgotten_(2004_film)

    • I agree, the school’s wording puts in mind the notion of child abduction – like the twin tailed siren.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this. It’s a bit like Event 201 and last year the excercise for monkey pox, only then it was an exercise for governments. Excersizes are deliberately, so people act exactly as planned once they come with their next attack. They are sick as hell.

      • Ps, in the Netherlands they already tested with this stuff, so they now know how parents will react. The had put hundreds of kids out of their homes because parents had no more money after they were illegally ripped off by the government. Now they say: oh, we don’t know where the kids are, sorry. They are SO evil, anything can happen. Dutch mainstream papers are now seriously talking about aliens, how we should reduce our CO2 otherwise the aliens will get mad at us and may kill us. And they get away with this crap.

    • It’s a similar story to the incubator babies from one of their resets, get rid of the parents and repopulate were appropriate. Something big they have planned for us, stay awake and strong.

    • @Spooked No you’re definitely not crazy, and grooming our children for sexual molestation, buggery and rape is now standard hidden policy within the education system. This is how evil these bastards are – Jimmy So-vile was a prototype of what’s to come.

      Message to ALL: GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THEIR HANDS COMPLETELY! NOW!! As grandparents and parents move ‘heaven and earth’ in your lives, if necessary, in order to accomplish this!! Join with your likeminded neighbours too.

    • This is all played out in the dr who spinoff torchwood, children of earth and yes they are planning a mass abduction event.

    • They want to destroy the children because children are the closest to God because of their innocence. This is happening in Ukraine right now , thousands have gone missing. The Government know about this because it has happened so many times and have already set up committees and legislation ( I think in 2016 ) to prevent this but are doing nothing as usual . We are the only protection they have and we all have to put pressure on them by writing to them , facing them up , anything, to end this inhumane barbaric satanic evil. It is our duty , it has to stop worldwide, it is Evil , what the fuck is this world .

  45. Just finished watching pieces of her and went to Hugo and the screaming women is the women from pieces of her what’s that all about just saying

  46. British Israelism is a CULT with links to Fremasonary. It was founded by a Black Magician in the 16th century and later expanded by a madman in the 18th century. . . . .



    No Other Gospel

    6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7 which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!

    June 28, 2022
    “I have cursed no one. I have no need as they curse themselves with the diarrhoea that they type. E.g. Only servants of the Devil call The Truth, HATE!”

    Careful you might live to regret those words . . . . So you say you have cursed no one and only servants of the Devil call truth HATE? . . . So is your Truth LOVE then? . . .you say people don’t want truth, lets read some of your truth from this past month then

    June 21, 2022
    @oobermandk People don’t want The Truth. I KNOW, I have been teaching and preaching The Truth for many years,

    June 15, 2022

    @Dawn Hicks Yet more dumb female emotional crap from an ignoramus. I don’t think, I KNOW that Yashua Messiah was NOT A JEW. He was a ROYAL JUDAHITE and Jews have no royalty! Jews are The Serpent Seed from The Garden – the spawn of The Devil! Now go and educate yourself, you stupid ignorant woman:
    June 12, 2022
    A lying sodomite Jew – classic! – need I say more – send the evil Serpent Seed bastard this link if only to let him know what awaits him:

    June 13, 2022

    @Kath, Miles Mathis is a lying disso, attention seeking, scum bag – NEXT!
    June 11, 2022

    @Loccie Dung!? What dung is this that you speak of? Must be that which pours from your keyboard with great regularity and including your latest protesting garbage.
    June 14, 2022
    @psyopticon Being the ignorant shit head that you are, you miss the point that ALL controlled opposition arseholes have some Truth and the Rense comments are true.

    June 28, 2022

    @Jo, Nothing wrong with racial division, nor straights versus faggots, but I agree, religion is a curse:
    APARTHEID is The Kingdom Of God!

    June 25, 2022
    This is no apology, nor is it a back down – pay attention to the newspeak wording. The Commie bitch is just sorry that she’s been exposed for her subversive plans. She’ll be back with more vile treacherous ideas. A situation to watch like a hawk.

    June 25, 2022

    @JustAGuy Orwell’s ‘1984’ is their hand guide and China is their model. The Commie rot set in with the defeat of National Socialist Germany in 1945. Get your head out of your arse before it’s too late.
    June 24, 2022
    @Jerome Same for me with Cliff nonce Richard and the faggot Elton John. Oh and if Il Divo carry on with that faggot as a replacement for Carlos Marin I’ll be finished with them too

    June 17, 2022
    A n****r prime minister!!?? LOL That’s gotta be a nightmare of nightmares!! My uncle predicted that back in the 1960’s, so he was right!

    June 19, 2022

    Steve Green AH!! what have we here? A white shabbos goy traitor cuck or a Jew? Time for your education to start:
    June 18, 2022
    @the2ndbestpriest I know enough. “But what do we do with that and where do we go from there?” Keep on exposing them, and mock them as often as you can, for they HATE being mocked.

    June 15, 2022
    @Dawn Hicks, And you are a stupid, ignorant, emotionally driven woman who cannot find her brain – a highly dangerous combination. No wonder Paul said you types of women should remain SILENT! A classic example!! I feel sorry for any man in your life, so convey to him my deepest sympathy. LOL

    June 14, 2022
    the2ndbestpriest The Jews won’t forget about you, you know-nothing numbskull moron. Your education starts here!

    I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say thanks for sharing your truth with us all.

    • @battlebeth

      One point at a time:

      “British Israelism is a CULT with links to Fremasonary. It was founded by a Black Magician in the 16th century and later expanded by a madman in the 18th century.”

      British Israel is NOT a cult nor is it an ‘ism’ and British Israel is as old as Abraham – any links with Freemasonry will be Freemasonry making use of The Truth of British Israel to give their satanic movement some validity.

      Yashua Messiah to Abraham:


      So are you saying The Jews are Israel?

      • You are so enveloped in hatred and malice you can’t even see how disgraceful and odious your replies are.There is nothing charitable, humble, or the slightest bit Christian in your remarks. Your so called fake CULT has been dismissed by all mainstram scholars academics, and archaeologists. You misunderstand and misinterpret the meaning of scriptures.You can’t even see how racist and bigoted, misguided and totally unchristian your thinking is. As Christians it is our duty to point out to others how we have to pity the bigoted and misguided people among us like yourself. Dear dear . . .Your thinking is so removed from reality and warped you can’t even see your own faults or just how ignorant you really are.

        1 Peter 2:15
        For it is God’s will that by doing right you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.

        Your doctrine originates from Freemasonary and it no surprise you talk the way you do. Jesus is love, not anti semitic, Jesus is anti racism.
        You are a hypocrite, and a racist. You are preaching false doctrine and hatred.

        2 Peter 2
        Now there were false prophets among the people, just as there also will be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies and even deny the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many people will follow their immoral ways, and because of them the way of truth will be maligned. In their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words. The ancient verdict against them is still in force, and their destruction is not delayed.

      • @battlebeth Oh yes I hate the enemies of Yashua Messiah and with a perfect hatred, that is, unashamedly!!

        Psalm 139:21-22 Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

        Now answer my question, you devious, prevaricating witch! So are you saying The Jews are Israel? PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

      • In the centuries since the Reformation, Anglo-Protestant imperialism and Jewish supremacism formed an enduring alliance, which found organized expression in occult societies like the British Israel Movement which held that:
        “The 10 “lost” tribes of Israel are actually the Anglo-Saxon race and are specifically the people of Great Britain. By definition, then, the Anglo-Saxon (or white) people are the true Israelites, being the descendants of Abraham and are the only chosen people of God and heirs to the covenant of God. The Anglo Saxon race is in fact a race of Israelites with a mission received from the Highest Authority to establish God’s Kingdom on earth.”

        The English royalty have long considered themselves descendants of King David and accordingly think and act as Jews. The British Crown claims that their throne at Westminster Abbey is the throne of David. Prince Charles, who is considered the 145th direct descendant of King David, was circumcised by Rabbi Jacob Snowman, the official mohel of London. British heirs to the throne have been circumcised by Jewish rabbis for many generations.

        John Dee, the occult magician at the court of Elizabeth I, was apparently the first person to coin the term “British Empire”. From the very get go the Empire was an occult cabalist project – all its main propagandists, and indeed actors, being occultists of one sort or another.

        According to Stuart Piggot’s book, “The Druids”, Dee “grew up surrounded by the controversy and currents” of what became known as the British Empire – and “sought to merge the Arthurian Imperial tradition with cabalistic interpretations of Hebrew scripture”.

        “Dee created the concept of British Israel, which gave the British and the Jews a common racial identity, and invoked biblical prophecy to show the inevitable triumph of British imperialism, the British as Abraham’s seed were to inherit the earth.”

        Far from being simply an ethnocentric take on Biblical Christianity, Dee’s pseudo-genealogical supremacist theory was steeped in pagan druidism, being “Christian” only in the sense that New Age pantheism is “Christian”, i.e., it coopted elements of Christian doctrine and ritual, the better to insinuate itself almost effortlessly into the mainstream of British Christian life.

        Dee’s contemporary, the celebrated Elizabethan poet, Edmund Spenser, laid out a manifesto for British occult imperialism in his epic poem, The Faerie Queene, which called for the ruthless crushing of Irish Catholics, the forcible imposition of the English language in Ireland, and the practice of incest among the English.

        Two centuries later, another mouthpiece for Anglo-Judaeo Masonry, Marx’s sidekick, Friedrich Engels, gleefully predicted the wiping out of “whole races of reactionaries” – e.g., the Gaels, the Basques, the Slavs etc., – in the cause of “progress”.

        Zionists talk endlessly of the Holocaust, and Anglo white nats counter by invoking the genocidal Ukrainian Holodomor, but neither side dare mention the deliberate forcible starvation of Irish Catholics in the mid 19th century by the Masonic British government – an act of genocide that a Times of London editorial of 1848 gloated would make “the Celt as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the Redman on the banks of the Manhattan”.

        Despite its occult Masonic origins and genocidal policies, Anglo-Israelism gained many adherents among British and American Protestants, who promoted the theory of the British Royal Family as the House of David, and Britain and the United States as the modern tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh respectively.

        One might have expected that the Jews, the original self-designated “chosen”, would have resented the Johnny come lately Anglo pretenders to chosenness, but far from it: Jewish supremacists welcomed the claims of Anglo-Freemasonry to tribal co-ethnicity precisely because they understood that wherever it took root, Freemasonry laid waste the surrounding Christian civilization.

        Most reliable evidence indicates that the English share considerably more genetic heritage with the French than with the Germans, but when did facts ever get in the way of racial supremacist theories?

        Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish supremacist British Prime Minister of the mid-Victorian era, eagerly promoted Anglo-Israelism as the semi-official ideology of the British Empire – which, thanks to Jewish sponsorship, was then reaching the zenith of its power and prestige.

        Borrowing heavily from Protestant theories of wealth and success as a sign of divine favour, Anglo-Israelists argued that Britain’s great power in the world proved the English were part of God’s chosen race. The logic was circular – the belief in chosenness impelled the supremacist drive to be “top nation”: the ensuing top nation status then being cited as evidence of chosen-ness

        Anglo-Israelism in the 19th century made huge inroads in the the Church of England; the de facto takeover of Anglicanism by Masonic Israelists prompted Cardinal Newman to desert the English state church and convert to Catholicism.


        According to “The Union Jack”, a 1970 book on Anglo-Israelism, by ‘Helen Peters’, Anglo-Israelist Freemasonry controls all the major ‘right-wing’ Protestant churches in the United States. This helps explain why such churches have become slavish mouthpieces for Zionism and the endless war agenda of the Anglo-American Neocons on left and right.

        “The Union Jack” argues that Anglo-Israelism and Freemasonry are synonymous, and embody the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth heresy, i.e., the idea of materialistic worldly ‘progress’ as the ultimate goal of existence.

        Though steeped in Protesant Freemasonry, Anglo-Israelism has a constituency even within the Catholic fold. The late Catholic modernist left liberal turned Atlanticist Neocon, Michael Novak, touted liberal capitalism as the flower of “the English genius”, and condemned traditional Catholic teaching on usury, contraception, subsidiarity, and just war. A few years before his death, he wrote a book celebrating the New Atheism, entitled “No One Sees God”.

      • @battlebeth Yet more prevaricating bullshit – answer my question – ARE YOU SAYING THE JEWS ARE ISRAEL!!?? YES OR NO!? I cannot move on to debunk all your other crap until you have answered this question!

  47. There is no way I would be sitting at home awaiting instructions from the school.
    Sounds like parents need to collectively plan for forced entry to the school, smashing windows etc, to rescue their kids.

    • If my familys children where being held in their school on whatever orders where given by whomever , nothing would/will stop me getting them out and safe back with the family ,if I had to put a teacher in hospital , then so be it , the children come first , their safety is paramount above all else !!!!!.

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