‘No Contact’ School BACKTRACKS and SAYS SORRY / Hugo Talks

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  1. What the hell is “heavy handed contact”? A punch in the face?🤣🤣 No contact should never EVER have been a consideration yet it appears that a “no heavy handed contact” policy still appears to be in place. The head ought to be fired imho.

    Agree Hugo, together we are powerful and we must keep pushing back at the 💩 being thrown on us.

    • I agree! The “heavy handed contact” applies to the head school master. She should be fired immediately! There must be negative repercussions for these “tests” otherwise they are free to test us at their whim which is torture and a psychological operation in its own right. I’ve had enough of this shite!

    • I’ve looked at multiple sets of footage both professional and amateur, and from multiple angles, and none show that object moving through the red arrows wash like in your video. . . Questionable is all I am saying.

    • Looks like someone just recorded there screen shot and dragged the mouse across the footage. Good try though, maybe next time.

  2. Well said Hugo. I never allowed my kids schools to dictate to me. I think more people need to grow a back bone.

  3. What about a apology from goverments for the lives they wrecked and the mental health breakdown of people and loss of jobs and buisness..
    Putting in experimental jabs in people with adverse reactions climbing everyday..
    Lying about something that was never tested for swabs in the first place which is less worse than a bad cold..
    Building a wall with hearts on it from people who died of natural causes with a false positive test of “covid19”…
    Lockdowns never needed that has ruined people longterm…
    List is endless…
    Apology would mean nothing but justice would…all hanged out to dry..
    Now some twat so called doctor on youtube promoting new “variants”…
    Sick twisted scam the whole thing

  4. I would if pushed go with the school thinking it was their idea. Behind the scenes they are being manipulated.
    My son knows it is wrong to be heavy handed with others and don’t schools have procedures to deal with this along with bullying. What was the point of the newsletter 🤔 it’s all very be strange.

    • The fact is they used a commie or political trick “sorry you misunderstood” is not saying sorry and “heavey handed”could mean anything.As to say football is heavy handed at times,I mean even “tag”could mean that.They always create a grey area.

  5. We are the many, they are the few,next headline , ‘ Head teacher sacked’ , reason ? Non compliance.:)

  6. HT@ yes it looks like a plan that they are airing for public reaction. Only that they won’t back away from backlash as they will be back after some adjustments of application of some sort.

  7. just a psyop again – to gauge public reaction – it would be impossible to enforce – detention room would be full everyday.

    Just like Spain monitoring people pissing in the sea – how will they enforce that in reality – police on sea duty. Especially with the amount of sewage that is discharged directly into the sea anyway

    They must be running short of ideas and it’s getting very boring – keeping us reacting to trivia whilst really serious stuff is buried.

  8. Well good for Mrs Dim oops sorry Din

    It still doesn’t make it right that she was ‘considering’ it.

    Thank you Hugo
    Have great afternoon All

  9. Nice one a bit of people power. It was clearly a test, head teachers are just order followers. That’s no excuse though. The parents have a good case for demanding her resignation.

  10. Thanks Hugo, you may hav been catalytic in this. However, there was no apology, SHE the vile headteacher, said sorry for the upset caused NOT that the policy was wrong. Needs a few more ‘shitograms’ to hit home I think and make her never raise her head again.

  11. Most likely a test to see the public’s response. Seems odd that a head teacher could have this much authority to think she can stop children from being children. Only one reason you would try to make people less human and look at each other as a potential threat by no contact rule, it’s to create a ignorant mindset when theirs a mass genocide planned in the future, if you have lesser connection to your fellow man then you will care less when they are gone

  12. This is no apology, nor is it a back down – pay attention to the newspeak wording. The Commie bitch is just sorry that she’s been exposed for her subversive plans. She’ll be back with more vile treacherous ideas. A situation to watch like a hawk.

  13. They’re losing – that’s what their constant pivoting indicates to me. Back in February 2022, were you one of the people who thought it strange that the war in Ukraine started at exactly same time as the end of the DIVOC lockdowns? I was; however, I think I’ve worked out why the WEF needed the narrative to sharply pivot at that time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G384LsvVl3g&t=40s

    • Interesting, thanks. Even to me (a thicko with with nothing but my intuition) it was obvious they wanted to seemlessly switch from one crisis to another. Like Indiana Jones taking the ancient artifact from the booby-trapped stand by switching it with a bag of sand…i.e – they didn’t want us to notice and hoped we would just transfer our panic, fear, outrage and blame onto the next crisis.

  14. Meanwhile they are now teaching the ((virtues)) of anal sex to under 10’s…..
    Disgusting cretins!

  15. Glastonbury live looking very satanic. Wouldn’t go to see that if you paid me.

  16. As my comments are being blocked this will be my last.

    Talking about problems can be good for your mental health but continually sitting here and talking round and round in circles about how we know the things things Hugo posts is wrong or evil is never going to save you from what is coming. You know the difference between right and wrong, you know they are all corrupt the only thing that matters now is getting yourself ready for Gods return because he is the only one that can help you now.

    This is between you and God, you have the ability to pray to God DIRECTLY yourself, if anyone tries to tell you they have a ‘special understanding’ and you should learn from them or their website, RUN, not walk away from them because they want to steal you away from God with satans corruption of Gods word.

    God Blesses anyone who turns to him with an open heart and mind.

    07:10 27/06/2022

    • @Loccie Unfortunately, this one got through! LOL.

      “The only thing that matters now is getting yourself ready for Gods return because he is the only one that can help you now.”

      Yashua Messiah will only help The Elect, His Saints, His CHOSEN ONES, when He returns, and no one else, so that means no one can ready themselves for Yashua Messiah’s return other than those who are expecting Him, and are longing for His return.

      “This is between you and God, you have the ability to pray to God DIRECTLY yourself.”

      No they do not have the ability to pray to God directly, or even indirectly, for they have no desire to do so UNLESS The Father has CHOSEN them and is CALLING them! THEN THEY WILL PRAY TO HIM!

  17. You know the magic wand. It contains the same colours as the new Gay flag that is being rebranded because NHS stole the gay flag rainbow.

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