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  1. Leonard Cohen wrote a song about this “there will be a meter on your bed!” is one of the lines and “Everbody knows the ship is sinking, everbody knows the captain lied”. The song is called Everybody knows. Listen to the words.

    • So true….The PLANdemic first…then Ukraine..then Global economic ‘crash’ then turmoil…..all leading up to something….

    • This so called innocent ‘Buddhist’ certainly knows, because he was a member of the (((cult))). There are more songs from him which the songs has an other message than you think when you don’t know the true meaning of it.
      I liked his music, now i can’t enjoy it anylonger for that reason

      • @Jerome “first we take Manhattan,then we take berlin”when you know it, is a very hard watch.He was raised in a Talmudic household.

      • @Baldur All fits in very nicely with this:

        “When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the labels of Communism; we will not take it under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But, take it, we will.”

        — The Jew, Alexander Trachtenberg (1885-1966) at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944 – source: Bella Dodd (1904-1966)

      • Yes,exactly they gained leverage in America and so presented the balfour declaration over the pond,all in the end nailing Germany to the cross.Their hubris “Nose” no bounds.

      • @Jerome Same for me with Cliff nonce Richard and the faggot Elton John. Oh and if Il Divo carry on with that faggot as a replacement for Carlos Marin I’ll be finished with them too.

      • Baldur, “I’ve seen the future brother, it is murder”

      • I shall certainly listen to the words of all the other songs now!

  2. Customer reminder.

    Please note. Due to updated government H&S and commendation rules ( as of 24/06/2022 ) changes to the rating restrictions apply to the following purchases:

    Packaged meat 4.7 ( was 4.5 ) or above and a limit of 500g per week.
    Packaged chicken 4.3 ( was 4.1 ) or above. and a limit of 1kg per week.
    Packaged fish 3.8 ( was 3.6 ) or above. No limit.
    All dairy except milk 3.1 ( no change ) with a limit of 3 items per week.
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    Thank you for your co-operation. be of good health citizen. Have a nice day 🙂

  3. I will never go along with this, and I am fit, eat well and go to the gym. But that is my affair

  4. Rise up goyim, enough of their scheming and lies,
    Remember holodomor,
    Reject holohoax,
    Amalek is rising.

      • This is a major point of contention,to him I would say “the green is strong in this one”to you I would say another.Remember as you have said,the light of the son is guiding you,but before you is darkness and only when the light shines can you proceed.The concept is “void” to me like the “big bad wolf and the pigs”or “the boy that cried wolf”how many times and in how many ways can one tell the same story?I have seen things that cast doubt on some of the bible(in it’s current state)You yourself must have seen the correlation with the “hycsos”of Egypt and the “slaves”of the same.Strange how a people,through off a ruling class that had a tranny pharoh,one false god,symbols of the Ram,circumcision.blood sacrifice” cannonites” “edomites”and we will know them by their fruit.I think the exodus story is a falsified \edited text and tell me brother does it not fit?with their inversion (maybe the first)that instead of being the Aggressors,they become the “poor jews”who have the power of God with them “blasphemy”.So to your question? Cause and “effect”.This is difficult to hear,but don’t dismiss what I have said,I did not say it lightly.It could just be a big cohencidence here and the “hycsos”in history are NEVER named it just means “foreign ruler”=” edomite”.And the “lamb” is you and me my friend,the blood of the lamb has always meant the “Aryan”they were punishing the population and keeping themselves from the sword of the “Bolshevik”

      • @Baldur, LOL I really have no idea what you’re talking about. Biblical Amalek was an Edomite enemy of The Israelites, so I was curious as to who he thinks Amalek is from his perspective. It has been suggested that American Red Indians are the descendants of the Biblical Amelakites.

        As for the Red Sea crossing, the site of which has now been discovered, I have no reason to doubt, not that I did before its discovery.

      • Yes,the South Americans also “the red race”I have seen depictions of Aztecs sacrificing “blonde haired”people,this being their highest sacrifice.I’m saying it is strange that around 1100bc a race that had all the hallmarks of “edomites”invade Egypt and completely change their religion and culture until they are kicked out.All these people are called is “Hycsos” foreign rulers.The theory goes like this,the libraries of Egypt hold many ancient biblical texts,which they confess are not their own(they always maintain they are a legacy civilization)this is where people mistakenly think the commandments come from (the book of the dead)and it is true every commandment is in it.But this is a adaptation from older scriptures,the other texts were in the Chaldean libraries in Babylon.The scribe “Ezra”would compile what was taken from Egypt and what he found in 500bc Babylon.Making what today is called the bible or Torah.They were a hated people the world over,but with their endless insolent cunning,found a way to falsify their own history,creating a false national pride and a link to God through the 12 tribes.Apparently there are four key synagogues that hold this evidence.

      • @Baldur Oh yes, the Rabbis KNOW that they’re not Israel, and openly admit it:

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’. The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all…”

        — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3.

        Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, Jews? – The Beginning:

      • The other thing was Adam Green hense “the green is strong in this one”I think its funny as in “green” his following is full of youngsters rebelling against their boomer parents but he spends more time denigrating Jesus Christ than ((them)) but what a surprise,he is not censored on

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Your post is a compelling read by the way,I wonder how many people actually read your work,And actually weigh it up?As I said with the Q thing some people like their “monkey business”

      • @Baldur 500 BC, or just before, was when they created their Oral Traditions – The Talmud, that is, whilst in Babylon. Much later on they put it to papyrus.

        My articles receive many views, but very few leave a comment – the silence is deafening! LOL. No doubt they register with some = those The Father is calling, but I am sure the majority will not be interested, as Paul made plain:

        Romans 8:7 (KJV) Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to The Law of God, neither indeed can be.

        Is The Father Calling You To His Son Yashua Messiah?:

  5. Totally unrelated but just watching Glastonbury and Billie eillish wearing an Alistair Crowley top with lucifer printed in big letters whilst on the pyramid stage …. how obvious!!!

    • Yet another meat entity being used, even Aleister Crowley was pacing the floor and trembling in fear in his last days
      living on earth. He eventually had the fear of God when he realised what his fate was to be.
      He realised that s4tan had used him and lied to him, he thought that he was actually going to be the anti-Christ.

  6. Already happening in samet city test bed Wolverhampton where I live. AI in school

  7. More Fear Porn. It’s getting like the Daily Mail here. You have gone postal over an ADVERT. They don’t have a social credit system in place yet and are unlikely to have one for some time, if ever.

    • Obviously you didn’t watch or understand the method of how it will be introduced

    • @JustAGuy Orwell’s ‘1984’ is their hand guide and China is their model. The Commie rot set in with the defeat of National Socialist Germany in 1945. Get your head out of your arse before it’s too late.

      • Well if someone wants to create a dystopian society based on Chinese culture, beliefs and repurposed Cooling Towers, Birmingham is the place to start. It’s an ideal place for a comic book supervillain to set up a secret underground base. They would be right at home there, the constant use of “ze” in their speech would not be noticed at all.

      • Looks like his head is stuck there permanently…. A grotesque human millipede…..

      • @JustAGuy “Well if someone wants to create a dystopian society based on Chinese culture, beliefs and repurposed Cooling Towers, Birmingham is the place to start.”

        What do you mean “If someone wants to”!? How old are you? 18?

  8. Obviously you didn’t watch the video or unable to understand the method of how it will be brought in

  9. Hello all, they are already doing this, I made a comment on twitter the other day and found that they had given me a minous 100 score and wouldn’t let me post it. No swear words just a bit of truth telling but it was not allowed.

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