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  1. Unfortunately despite my warnings my daughter bought one and uses it 🙁

  2. It’s not to tell you when to exercise Hugo it’s to track your fitness progress and to follow structured training programmes for running, walking, cycling etc. You obviously don’t exercise Hugo or you would know this.

    • You’re right. Nobody exercised before the invention of the Fitbit.

    • I hope that was sarcasm. Sounds like your serious and if you need a tracker to know you’re fit then you have never been fit.

      • People love their gadgets and love to compete with others using fitbits and strava to show eachother their latest jog results etc. It’s just how it is now. I hasten to add that I’m old school, I jog in the woods with no gadgets and nothing but an analogue watch! I think people are far too competetive, even if only with themselves, instead of just enjoying the activity and pleasing themselves.

      • you are right Gaz , i know exactly what you are saying , well put .

    • How do you know what he does? It’s not compulsory to exercise with a fitbit.

    • Indeed Stephen, how unstructured these unfit peoples lives be! Luckily you have LUMEN 🙂

      Just breathe into LUMEN and it will instantly ship to your SMART device, your own “person” anal-ised to near perfection.

      UPGRADES are called LUMEE and both are free from DARPA Tech, courtesy of another anal entity called Matt 🙂

      Never miss your updates to such fitness of the realm systems, otherwise it’s the Teletscreen for you and at least an alcove and 50 Victory Garden Grown Gins, to fight off those conformist Sloe Berries! 🙂

      Take care out there!

      On that corner of postcode XXX XXX right now, with your juicy little MAC buns codes emitting, to the slipstreams of the cyberbeams ahoy unwitting, the Ark you chose to walk the plank off of!

      We shall all agree, you transhumanist types, get no space on any such, no matter what shite filled deluge they throw us!

      Just fuck off with yer wrist watch trainable, implantable, some such, shove it up yer ass fest! Expect no Doves or land, of such to speak of!

      As you already went back to Mordor, when they said “JAB AND JOIN US!”

    • A structured training PROGRAMME that you follow, sounds likes it telling you when to exercise, BTW I exercise most days, but I don’t need a gadget to tell me when I should do it.

  3. Beggars belief, they are pulling out all the stops for the already brainwashed. Fitbits are a direct source of emf going into your body!

    • …the magnets contained in fitbits & smart watches have been reported to interrupt the cardiac rhythm of people with heart pacemakers and implanter defibrillators (these devices similarly contain magnets).
      … The electro magnetic charge will affect those who took the graphene oxide injections.
      There was a report of an e-cigarette affecting the cardiac rhythm via the magnet contained in the pacemaker.
      How likely is this scenario to occur in all who breathe in graphene oxide from airborne chem trails. Which would affect everyone, people & animals.
      …I wonder if a conventional wrist watch is a risk these days, with its inbuilt magnet, and ambient 5g EMF ..

      • No evidence that permanent magnets are in the least bit dangerous to human or animal health.
        You are confusing permanent magnets with electromagnets.
        Pacemakers are sensitive electronic devices, and are susceptible to multiple modes of EM interference.

  4. The dystopian future is rapidly becoming the dystopian present.

    Anyway, with regards to these wrist bracelets – how can they possibly detect an upper respiratory disease from your wrist, especially if you have no symptoms?

    If you have no symptoms you don’t have enough of the virus to make you ill, so it won’t be detectable.

    And who cares anyway? It’s a sniffle FFS.

    • Viruses don’t make you ill. And to date have never been identified as a cause of illness. (What’s concocted in the lab from bacteria is another matter entirely.)
      Viruses are present to make you well, are co-present and in balance with bacteria and fungi in the intestines. … Viruses being the broom in the body, clearing out toxins that the usual excretory routes can’t, due to a sluggish and poorly functioning metabolism.
      Viruses have no respiratory system, so they don’t breathe. They have no nucleus, and they don’t multiply. They are exosomes, lifeless protein bits that sweep out the stress/nutrition/lifestyle poisons and deletory effects on the cells. … Think of pebbles on a beach going nowhere, over which the waters ebb & flow. The pH of your body determines the toxicity levels and its natural clearing process commences – with the pre existing condition *environment* (the pH level) of your body determining the severity of symptoms.
      If you don’t have symptoms, you aren’t sick – at least that was the centuries-old understanding in the Dr/patient consultation, up to March 2020.
      How those Drs can square the circle of *asymptomatic* is for their conscience to answer.

      Of the hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical drugs, none were designed to heal, but they may & do slow the symptoms of the cleansing process, as too rapid a clear-out can and is fatal – depending on the condition *environment* of the body, inc age and pre existing levels of poison present in the cells. Pharmaceutical drugs will force a dependency on a body that otherwise with proper nutrition, clean water, sanitation, healthy living conditions, routine & reduced stress will put itself to rights. Stress being the biggest known weapon of ill health.

      Pasteur or Bechamp: germ theory vs pH internal & external terrain/environment …

      These wrist fitbits are the simpler biometric markers that were the precursor to the implanted injected version. They won’t be looking for *asymptomatic* respiratory illnesses because anything & everything will be a *problem* that requires another pill or spray or injection -with lockdown as a lockstep. And WFH.

      For example:
      *Raised temperature* (from the 5g wifi & smart meter radiation levels in your room that are now changing your pH) …?
      … Your passport is now *Red* and you must remain in your living quarters for *ongoing* evaluation (AI) to decide your health status for return to the public environment.
      … Your raised temp requires medication. It is your duty to keep everyone safe. A drone will deliver the medication to your home. Compliance with your prescription is verifiable via the 5g signal emitted from the contents of your stomach. (As per Albert Bourla, CEO of Phizer in 2016.)
      … You did not complete your 2,000 required steps today …?
      … You are therefore not eligible for the daily carbohydrate fuel allowance. This is a *sustainable* issue and the existence of the planet takes precedence.

      The direction of travel is becoming clearer – if you go there.

      • Cdee

        Not that it matters but I agree with your summation.

        …so the *luciferase* quantum dot Gates’ ID is copper-based (?)

        It is interesting to note the attempted removal of the connection to satan. ‘ase’ is the suffix for an enzyme and so lucifer-ase is a bioluminescent enzyme and so the satanists named it after their leader, the light bearer lucifer. These glowing dots specific to a person, a group of glowing dots put under the skin with a sugar plate with points that pierce the skin ‘injecting’ your specific pattern of bioluminescent dots like a tattoo. These patterns can then be scanned by a modified smart phone and you identified.

        It always goes back to satan.

      • Off topic but linked

        ‘Load Shedding (Power Outages) in South Africa Explained’

        ‘Load Shedding Explained

        Currently, South Africa has one major electricity provider – Eskom. Due to financial and maintenance constraints, Eskom has periods where it needs to shut off power delivery to areas, on rotation, during periods of maintenance, in order to prevent a full-scale blackout.

        In a blackout, almost the entire country’s electricity would go out, and may take days to come back up again. It goes without saying that everything must be done to prevent this from happening, as the consequences would be dire. Hence the process of load shedding.

        Various areas simultaneously have their power disconnected for a period of a few hours during periods of load shedding. When one group comes back online, another goes down, while Eskom manages delivery and performs necessary maintenance.

        Load shedding does not occur every day in South Africa. Residents follow local news, apps, and city websites, in order to see if and when shedding will occur. The South African government says that it is developing long-term solutions to make load shedding a thing of the past, but until these become a reality, load shedding will be an unfortunate part of life for South Africans. This does not mean that people have to sit idly by while it happens, however. We have provided some information and tips below to help during periods of load shedding.’


        “Currently, South Africa has one major electricity provider – Eskom. Due to financial and maintenance constraints, Eskom has periods where it needs to shut off power delivery to areas, on rotation, during periods of maintenance, in order to prevent a full-scale blackout.”

        So is it due to ‘financial and maintenance constraints’? I think this article shines a ‘green’ light on the real reason for ‘Load Shedding’.

        ‘Climate change: Africa’s green energy transition ‘unlikely’ this decade’

        Fossil fuels are set to remain the dominant source of electricity across Africa over the next decade, according to a new study.

        Researchers found that around 2,500 power plants are planned, enough to double electricity production by 2030.

        But the authors say that less than 10% of the new power generated will come from wind or solar.

        The authors say that Africa now risks being locked into high carbon energy for decades.

        They argue that a rapid, decarbonisation shock is needed to cancel many of the plants currently planned.


        The conclusive proof comes from this UK site

        ‘All about control’

        ‘Load Shedding
        The concept of Load Shedding is something that most of us do, unconsciously, every day in our own homes. In it’s basic form, it is as simple as turning a light off when you leave a room.

        Multiply that scenario, scaled up for an office block or shopping centre and it becomes clear what savings can be achieved.

        Sites are increasingly being dragged into more complex charging regimes, with certain times of day having much higher energy costs, not just in terms of the unit cost, but also the associated transmission and distribution charges. If you could prevent excessive use of energy, whether it be round the clock, or during certain periods, what would that do to the bottom line?

        All about control
        Behavioural change, reliant on human intervention, works well. However, it takes time to implement and is difficult to manage. Removing loads, whether on a timed basis or in response to certain environmental changes, whilst doing so automatically, will achieve much greater savings than manual input.

        Many buildings already have the capability, if connected and programmed correctly, can achieve this through their BMS. However, whilst BMS takes care of heating and cooling, it’s not always the case that it links with lighting or other areas of the site and will possibly only be used on a basic level. It may have been set up for outdated conditions and might not reflect current usage. Taken a step further, it is possible to engineer a scenario using sensors and flexible settings to ensure that loads are only used when needed, giving a true “Smart Building” scenario. For a live example of this,ask us about our work with the Vue Cinema chain.’


        So I would say ‘Load Shedding’ equals forced compliance with the ‘Green’ agenda and it’s coming to a street near you.

    • They don’t even know what the virus looks like still not isolated it or done a genome on it

      • China started the ball rolling in Jan 2020 with their verification of a novel Sars Cov2 virus that did not comply with the required Koch postulates – so their declaration did not stand with those who checked it out.
        Dr Stefan Lanka in Germany has offered a substantial reward for anyone who can provide evidence of an isolated virus of any variant at any time, anywhere. Apparently, the reward is yet to be claimed.

        Recently a report online showed two sets of images: one of exosomes (identified by PCR as the *covid* virus) and the other image being cells damaged by radiation. They looked very similar.
        The conclusion drawn was that the *covid* virus cells and the irradiated cells were the same.
        Would seem to tie in with the unofficial working theory of 5g wifi radiation damage being the actual *covid*.

  5. What a load of bullshit, as if they don’t know what new variants will arise – they and their gene editing shots create most of them!

    • They don’t create new variants, there are none. The whole thing has been manipulated statistics and propaganda from the start.

  6. I got a vivodsport smart watch as a present 2 years ago , it is still in the box and it is staying there . I measured the mmw frequency , no way these are safe. Wise up people.

  7. Join the dots and you can see where all this tracking lark is going bit by bit with the smart phones, store cards etc. Quite right Hugo. I only found out recently what a fit bit was and certainly would never have one. No tracking for me! I exercise and walk my dogs each day and do not need a gadget to tell me how fit I am. The problem is convincing other people to stop using these things and to wake up.

  8. The end goal is the quantum dot tattoo under your wrist. These copper quantum dots will store your unique alpha numeric id number. All access and pay points , shopping , public transport and smart phone activation etc will be swiped by your wrist. You will be monitored from space anywhere on the planet. The human race reduced to cattle. Branded and tracked. And of course copper conducts electricity.

    • Gates of hell’s *luciferase* quantum dot ID2020 is copper-based (?)

      They are now forced (by the force of nature, the reducing power of the Sun) to monitor us via their saturation of 5g cell masts at street level. Not the sky – as we’ve been led to believe and fear.
      …Did you notice the rush to dig up the roads overnight, immediately the l’down was imposed in March 2020.
      From a report a few months ago came the snippet that of the 49 US satellites sent into space, 41 had fallen down within 2 weeks. So – the atmospheric EMF can’t keep these things up there. … That would correlate to the reduced sun spot activity we’ve been hearing about over the last few years, and that the sun’s activity is reducing rapidly. Hence the return to ground level and the unexplained rush to get cables underground in K Schwab’s *small window of opportunity*
      … All the US Space Dept money that Trump announced is going to be spent where, exactly, if the knicker elastic in the sky won’t hold up the satellites (?) … The all powerful eyes up there (that we’ve been led to believe we are at the mercy of) may not be quite so all-seeing after all. Feet of clay. And smoke & mirrors 🙂

    • …so the *luciferase* quantum dot Gates’ ID is copper-based (?)

      Here’s something to maybe lessen the oppression. Re the public perception and fear of the eyes in the sky watching our every move.
      … With the ongoing cycle of the sun’s natural reduction of heat spots and atmospheric EMFs, the controllers would appear to have been forced to return their efforts to earth-bound street surveillance. Vis a vis the saturation of nightly road dig crews installing underground 5g cables & connecting street cell masts before the light of each new dawn. The vehicles & crews descended on empty roads every night immediately l’down was imposed in March 2020 – following through on K Shwab’s “small window of opportunity”. .
      This rash of street activity would have preceded (and been related to) the recent report from the US – that of the 49 satellites sent skywards a few months ago, some 41 had fallen back to earth within 2 weeks. So it may be reasonable to suppose that the electromagnetic charge in the atmosphere is reducing more rapidly than the they can handle, or would have us believe. And the controllers must revert to the eyes on the streets.
      … US taxpayers might wonder where exactly is Trump’s announced Space Dept billion dollar budget to be spent if the sky option isn’t holding its end up, and the Van Allen radiation belt isn’t passable, and anyway nearly every metal known on earth & all those used in *space travel* would melt at least 1,500 degrees before reaching the thermosphere.
      All is not going to plan above their chem trailed yonder. :-/

  9. check out A WARRIOR CALLS website,Christopher James and Christine Massey have sent out nearly 200 FOIA’s asking ‘health’???? authorities and governments around the world for evidence that SARS-COV2 (the invisible enemy) has been isolated,and not one has returned with any evidence…..CONVID HOAX

    • well i think we have all known this for a long time buddy

  10. “Captcha” – Do you think it normal for AI to ask us to prove we are humans ????

    Speaking of “Fitb*t”, this appeared in a French newspaper early March :
    The American specialist in connected objects for sports Fitbit on Wednesday requested the recall of about 1.7 million copies of its Ionic smartwatch, the model presenting “burn risks” for users. One million of these devices have been sold in the United States and 693,000 have been purchased abroad, says on its website the US agency in charge of the safety of consumer products (CPSC). “The lithium-ion battery of the Ionic smartwatch can overheat, which poses burn hazards,” the agency said. The recall process was conducted in coordination with Canadian and Mexican regulators. The CPSC said it had heard of at least 115 cases of overheating of the watch in the United States, 78 of which reported burns, including 2 third-degree burns and 4 second-degree burns.

    Two members of my family had them and experienced “strange” effects ….. both sent them back !

  11. I stopped using these devices when I realized this cannot work without a cloud so why the corporations should know what is my heart rate throughout the day.
    This should be used only by the sick, sportsmen and soldiers on the battle field.

  12. @rockymarshmallow ,I dont think ALL of the people know SARS-COV2 has never been isolated…..many so called “awake” people still acknowledge there is a virus🤥

    • Nuremberg 2.0 Well in their ignorance, they’re right, there are all manner of viruses (poisons), but NONE of them are contagious, and ALL have to be administered if they are to be effective e.g. Arsenic or Cyanide!

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