School 🚫 BANS 🚫 ALL Contact Between Pupils / Hugo Talks

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  1. They can f-0ff, never ever. When will the population stand up and take out STRAIGHT REVENGE! I lost my cool completely!

    • But they won’t take a stand they just won’t
      The people are doomed to loose
      Its always been the way.
      So, there’s been revolutions and such in the past and heads have rolled
      But the tyrants always rise to the top and take control
      As collectively people are very easy to control and the tyrants know this better than the people do.
      Plus people together are dumb
      You will not win, too many just Don’t give a crap

  2. They are saying good is evil and evil is good. Satanic.

    • Yuri Bezmenov said this is the way a country is changed through subversion in 4 stages: Demoralisation, destabilisation, crisis, then normalisation.

      We’ve had 20+ years of demoralisation and it’s got progressively worse, then the destabilisation through lockdowns and the damage to the economy, next is crisis when the value of money collapses, major layoffs, petrol and energy prices and food shortages, then comes normalisation – we’re in a mess, but if you accept this digital passport you can get rations of food, and this new digital currency and you’ll have free money – then the process is complete and we’re all slaves in the new (ab)normal.

    • Exactly. And good for them ( tho as a teacher I would be quite happy if pupil chatting were banned lol!)

  3. This INSANE BS will worsen the mental health of the poor children at that school. The plandemic has messed with all of our MH in way or another: if you’re a sheep and believe it, the constant fear, money worries etc. If you’re awake, the detrimental effect on our relationships with sheepy friends & family etc etc.

    But children are among the most affected – MH wise – following two years of lies. To then tell them they can’t show emotion via any physical contact is going to have a HUGELY negative effect on their health.

  4. Parents need to bombard the governors with demands to dismiss the head mistress, including any employee that agrees with her policies.

  5. Getting the kids used to no human contact ready for the machines to take over. When are people going to stand up against this rubbish?

  6. Shared far and wide , thanks as always Hugo for your hard work 🙂

    • All parents normaly must take their children from this school………

  7. This school needs closing down it’s nothing but a comunist training camp.

  8. We must ALL stay CALM – We must ALL stay Strong – Knowledge is power & we should ALL share & support each other regardless of whether or not it affects you.
    Hugo I salute you ✌🏻

  9. It’s the Paedophile Teachers that should never ever be allowed to touch any pupils. Not other pupils.

  10. My gorgeous 3 yr old grandson starts primary in September. I’m on verge of quitting my job to home school him. I cannot believe parents are allowing this treatment of their kids. On top of that the sick, ‘grooming’ sex education, the trans agenda and of course, the let’s blame white boys for all the shit in the world and guilt them into putting everyone before themselves 🤬 Parents MUST fight back before its too late.

    • I’ve posted above but in case you haven’t seen it, please consider signing the petition to stop the schools bill. It really looks like they want to make it nigh on impossible for us to homeducate. It also effects independent schools and private tutors etc.

  11. Its time we had a cull of these Cultural Marxists. Its past the point of pussy footing around. We need to take action before its too late. I’m up for it, are you ?

  12. Mass love ins and hug fests just off school property. As many kids,students, parents all just off school premises, but close enough to be seen properly. Loads of contact ,play fights and games and what is normal for kids…
    I’m going to start home schooling my little boy if this stuff spreads.

    • That might not be an option for long. Please consider signing the petition to stop the schools bill on if you believe in the right to choose how your children are educated.

  13. The total apathy within our society these days is mind numbing.
    Time for parents to start saying no!

  14. the government I agree I would tell them shove it did as kid not changed

  15. But But But HUGO you don’t understand, there is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY they’ve found POLIO in London’s sewerage, we all need to go on lockdown immediately..

    New something big was coming and soon and just hit my news feed LOL

    All Contact will be banned including sex, that should keep the population down nicely.

    Obviously the Elite Pedo’s can keep having sex with kids, can’t discriminate against Pedo’s after all *

    * We can burn them to death right ?? YES WE CAN!!!

    • I saw that as well. They are calling it a vaccine derived poliovirus. If it gets any worse they may need to kick it up a notch and collect stool samples from people. I can just see it now 🙂

  16. So glad my grandchildren are not attending school anymore and are home schooled. Who in their right mind would send a child to this school or even the school with drag queens. It is outrageous what they are teaching young innocent children these days let alone not allowing them to be emotional and hugging a friend which is normal behaviour. 😢 Like what was mentioned previously by Del, parents need to let their children be seen hugging etc.outside the school gates. It is just so stupid as out of school they will all be mixing anyway. I hope the parents have a big backlash over this.
    In fact I am going to e mail the school and tell them what I think, thank you to davidjcaron for the e Mail address. Perhaps we all should write.
    The sad thing is nothing surprises me anymore about what is happening in this crazy world.
    Thank you Hugo.

    • They are coming after us homeschoolers though. Have you looked into the education bill? It looks like, as of 2023/24, I will be classed as a school and subject to Ofsted inspections, because my son has an EHCP. He’s only got mild autism. I’d go to jail rather than send him back. He had an awful time being bullied by students and teachers. He was ridiculed by two teaching staff in his last year. No wonder the kids were at it. He developed claustrophobia because they shut him in a windowless room (this was when he was 5). We made a complaint and pulled him out, but nothing was done. He went to three different primaries before we took him out permanently when he was 11. Schools have become toxic for many children.

  17. When are parents going to rise up to this stupidity. Not just the school, but councils and the corrupt government. Parents need to seriously give your heads a wobble. Stand the fk up for your son and daughters. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. One word springs to my mind: Chinafication.

    The world is upside down. Don’t forget the aim is that good will be seen as evil and evil will be seen as good.

    Hear, believe, repent, confess, baptized.

    “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 1:15 “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

    May God the Father bless you today and always.

    • Good luck with policing this lol. And I suppose holding doors open for each other is a bit touchy feely too.

  19. The boldness of these moves, the abject anti-human quality of it all… I hardly know what to say. It’s as if they’re conspiring an overt agenda to provoke the people to give Satan’s Army an excuse to declare all-out war against us… but wait a minute, they already have! Time for the torches and pitchforks, folks. We ain’t going to take it anymore!

  20. All parents should refuse to send there children to this school, the headmistress is obviously a lunatic, her job is supposed to be the children’s education this is ludicrous, she obviously hasn’t got a clue about bringing up kids.

    • Any parent that allows this are failing to protect their children, I personally would instruct my child to organise a massive group hug at playtime ( or is that word banned too ) and if they were suspended from school , reward them because they would have done their civic duty. As for the headmistress ( is that word allowed in case someone thinks she is having an affair with a married man or woman or a straight lesbian white woman who identifies as an armchair) I would start a petition to have her removed . ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

    • Hugo please look up tbe schools bill that is being pushed through. It wont just affect home ed parents like myself but all parents in the end. It is a massive power grab, taking our right in law to ‘educate our children via school or OTHERWISE’ away by requiring a register and to monitor education at home. The implications for the home ed comunity is huge. We are very active and mobilised but i fear our best hope is only to delay. Plaese look into this and help get the message further.

  21. So team sports are out of bounds, because they are all about physical contact.

    • Sports will be out of bounds because they don’t want the jabbed dropping with heart attacks at school.

      • Uftonwood & Pete
        That’s a good point.

  22. So it’s gone from eating bugs to a panic on pigeon spit
    Kids & teenagers not being able to be near each other…
    I SMH

    It’s Nut jobs running the clown town

    Poor kids.
    My , grown up,
    But anyone with kids at school
    I really really feel for you
    This total insanity!

    Cheers Hugo

  23. No doubt there’ll be no ban on anal sex in the boys’ showers, because that would be homophobic.

    • That is fine! Especially if it involves a boy who thinks he is a girl,😉

  24. Bring the up to obey unnecessary rules and get them jabbed early too, seems to be the plan.

    • Yes! And don’t forget they make love to each other with headsets on sitting on opposite sides of the room!

  25. Look at that beautiful chemtrail induced sky in the photo at 1m 43s that we’re getting oh so very used to…

  26. Has the last two years changed children enough to enforce rules like this?
    When I left teaching in 2004 it would have been impossible. Even asking them not to talk during lessons was on a hiding to nothing with most kids.

    I never thought that I would say this but – my twelve year old grandson is an absolute nightmare at school – and I’m proud of him!

  27. At this school sex education will be interesting.


    • You can tell when they say in the article that it caused “outrage” from parents, just like the drag queen story-tellers in schools.

  28. I hope the kids all ignore it, they can’t exclude the whole school. Stopping kids being human and natural with their friends is vile and will lead to more mental health issues.

    • It’s right there in black and white though. They say they want pupils to be “good citizens” (in training for social credit scores, just like the Go Henry accounts.)

    • Schools….
      Human zoo’s !

      And now turning into ‘concentration camps!’

      • Hi
        Absolutely madness isn’t it

      • Oh yes Janie, but then Communism is a satanic, twisted, obsessive mental disease, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, and making those people that survived the terror nothing but beasts of burden.

      • Absolutely!
        Good comment.

        I hope you doing ok
        Have good day now.

  29. tired of this gender mambo jumbo propaganda!!!!🙄it’s fashionable… just like now half of the women walk around with made asses – these are ants. thanks kardashians😂there is no hope!!!!!after the injections, people still walk around in a mask, already with a stick, already with their health killed and so far in their whole life they have not understood that health is not breathing into a rag and doing 4 injections a year of experimental shit……

  30. Hugo, have you double checked if this is really truth or just another fake pushed by mass media?
    What we experience is the Operation Chaos on steroids so most Intelligence agencies (MSM is important part of it) have been employed to carry this out 247.

    I think you should focus more on alternatives not just jump after any article news that looks outrageous to you.
    People already know what you say unless they are some city freaks.

    You really should focus on something more useful not just commenting on some bullshit media articles.

  31. This just makes me so glad I chose to home educate my children from the word ‘go’.
    The fat cats in charge don’t like it and have made it more difficult for us over the past couple of years. Home educated children’s grades weren’t predicted like schools were permitted to do and all of a sudden no schools within 100 mile radius of us, are allowing home educated children to take exams on their premises. We’ve had to travel out of the county to enable my daughters to take A levels even though a government declaration published last year stated that ALL children are entitled to an education INCLUDING EXAMS! Local MPs ignored our emails concerning this. It’s discrimination but it’s not publicised so the general public aren’t aware. Do they care? Many parents seem keen to get their children to school rather than spend time with them regardless of what the schools are doing. And it’s usually money which is the excuse but we have very little money, we don’t have loads of technology, we’re old-fashioned and live quite simply. It saddens me that we’re discriminated against just because we haven’t conformed to the school system, but I don’t regret it for one minute.

  32. Peoples mental health is fucked anyway from this scam…
    God help the children later on down the line..
    World and society is fucked as well…

    • @Stuart, That’s why Yashua Messiah MUST return, and He will return, or His people (MANkind) will die out completely – fini! kaput! Gone forever! Think about it.

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