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  1. U know what Hugo if I didnt know better, I would say you were a conspiracy theorist!

      • Slk3339..please don’t tell me that you are a believer in governments

    • Alan, bet Ghislaine Maxwell is gutted, being locked up on a charge of “conspiracy” and everyone outside telling her it’s just a theory. Her sister is a WEF puppet too.

  2. All planned ..But the sheep thinks Russia is to blame ..Awwwww. lol

  3. We are booked to go to Bulgaria with Ryanair ..Pot luck if you fly I guess

    • Keep an eye on European fakestream media. French press are reporting strike action planned, over the summer months, for all budget airlines (especially Ryanair) in several countries.

  4. – I use OpenStreetMap instead of Google.
    – My neighborhood has just started a food coop here in the Netherlands to buy directly from local farmers.
    – I am in a set of groups where we are working on an alternative currency to the Euro.
    – Other groups in my area are working on alternative energy, schooling and entertainment.

  5. So what are the ceos telling thetrolley dollies then? Myson is joining a ground crew and aviation coursein September..The teacher used to work for one of the major airline companies , when I asked her what she thought the reasons were for the cancellations. She said that they were down on staff throughout the industry , as many left during the pandemic.

  6. They don’t want us travelling anywhere, they want us sitting in the corner of a dark room with a virtual reality headset on. They are going to lock the whole world down again soon, no-one will be moving anywhere.

  7. The Masses falling for it , more then 33 though 🙂

  8. East. To escape the matrix, abandon all social media apps telegram and email and chat apps ok. No zucker products. Abandon all msm. Use cash. Change your instinct to want to be popular by sharing something you think will make people think you are cool. This is trouble. Don’t post pictires of yourself or kids or other people online. Use the internet with purpose.

  9. Manufacturing consent (Chomsky). Show everyone moving around is extra stressful and they’ll likely not even try to move. Know it’s small but “people snaked..” at airports, odd usage of wording.

  10. There is one problem I am facing in trying to keep to cash and local traders – we have only 2 cash points now in my town as all the banks have closed. It’s getting ridiculous ! I will resist all this until the bitter end and I really wish the sheep would come out of their trance and see the broader picture and who is behind all of this mayhem.

  11. Can imagine sheeple saying “look at them all without there masks and spreading it everywhere”😀…
    Was the experimental vaccines worth all this shit?…
    Dont think so as the world is getting in a worse state than it was 2 years back

  12. Hey Hugo, can we swap the royal purple for a Godly blue…

  13. I have an admission and apology to make.
    A couple of weeks ago when Hugo put out a video with the queues starting i put a comment on the video saying that i thought the queues could be fake like the pop up jab clinic queues were. And i said that it could be to actually encourage people to fly and they would lock down when many were out of their respective countries to cause financial hardship to people etc. At the time i thought it sounded plausible. I was wrong. Very wrong. So , sorry about that everyone. Hugo was absolutely on the money and his comments on todays video are as well. I was just exploring a different branch of the rabbit hole.

    • In this environment everything is on the table – and so it should be !!! All options considered!

      • Well yeah i know. And i will always put my thoughts out there. But my original post was starting to gain some traction so i suppose it was more an apology to Hugo really.

    • I answered you that day , so what you were wrong , that is how you learn to sit back a while and then judge , don’t stop looking though , I wrote that then and I mean it now , well done , be proud that you do think because most people don,t.

      • I actually missed your original reply Rocky. I just went back now and saw it. I always remember what David Icke once said. He said there are two groups of people. The first one , which is the larger one act at the beginning of the process. Because they do little or no research and instead rely on the MSM and government etc. The second one , which is much smaller act at the end of the process. Because they do do their own independent research and come to their own conclusions rather than simply following. I fall into the latter. I am always analyzing and strategising things. Thinking about it maybe i did get it partially right. Maybe the original pics and vids were to encourage people to fly in order to cause the chaos at the airports we now see.

      • That is who I learned from a few years ago by reading his books , good old Ikie. Thanks for the reply Tanya.

  14. of course this whole chaos was planned! What I think is going to happen is that the strikes will go on for a couple of months, then the Government will come out with the fairy story that there’s another strain of convid so we have to go back into lockdown again. Boris said about three months ago on GB News that he wouldn’t hesitate to put us back into lockdown, incredibly he was trying to make out that they save lives which we all know is yet another bare faced lie. Obviously Boris will bide his time for another lockdown, until people have forgotten all about Partygate, and I reckon by the autumn there will be another lockdown. I hate this government and Boris more than ever now!

    • Carolyn I don’t disagree but here’s my issue with whats happening – A few months ago we all understood this was a global problem and we started looking for the “real top dog” In my opinion Klaus is just a door man. We need to know much higher up the ladder – but what they have now done in all countries is – they have reverted your attention to your local puppet/issues – UK Boris US biden AUS – brand new player etc etc – The net result is a divide and conquer strategy and we have fallen for it each isolated once again. The real players have melted away – we got to close !?!?

  15. So relieved that my hubby can work from home, but I have the deepest sympathy for others who have suffered today because of the utterly selfish behaviour of the RMT. But of course the strikes are disgusting, there is absolutely no justification for them whatsoever. The unions have absolutely no right whatsoever to hold the country to ransom. Sack these lazy and greedy scumbags!! The damage they will do to this country’s economy simply doesn’t bare thinking about, Britain could go bankrupt if this carries on!

    • So relieved that my hubby can contribute to the slave system by directly sustaining this system, but I am bloody annoyed about all these strikes because it stops the bloody slaves repeating their motion, which slowly destroys the OLD WORLD. It is disgusting that time and space are slowing right down as we enter a new era – there is no justification for nature to stop all modes of energy in motion, we must fight for the continuation of the slave system so that we can be comfortable in our own ignorance. Oooh the damage to the economy without slaves providing us with our safe life to prop up the service industry for us to continue buying shit. EVERYONE – see why this shite and all the people on it are bots… it is very very very easy to produce AI bots – so easy everyone is doing it. Hugo is not doing it, it is being done to Hugo and this platform is being used to infiltrate and propagate the very nightmare you are all contributing to… Nobody wants the truth, especially not here – its much easier just to moan… poor, weak humans….

      • How do you know what people want i know the truth and we are all fucked so it ain’t worth worrying about there is no stopping whats happening there plan is right on track the damaged is done the fuses have been lit now they sit back and wait for boom

      • @oobermandk People don’t want The Truth. I KNOW, I have been teaching and preaching The Truth for many years, but their eyes are shut and their ears are closed and there’s no way to reach them. Yashua Messiah had the same problem in the first century, so NOTHING has changed:

        Matthew 13:10-16 (MCV) And the Learners came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN. 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 THEREFORE I SPEAK TO THEM IN PARABLES: because they seeing, see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. 14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: 15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross (has grown fat and lazy), and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, AND SHOULD BE CONVERTED, AND I SHOULD HEAL THEM. 16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

    • This government needs replacing and every union should go on strike.
      To get rid of shit like Boris Jonestown and Matt Wuhancock.
      If only the poll tax rioters were not so old now as the UK yoof are a sack of easily led sheight.

      • Boris don’t give a fuck if people strike cos shit like that always effects the every day people Boris won’t do without don’t you get it they want to break everything

    • Its all just a way of making everything self service machines can do near all the jobs needed to run a railway these people don’t realise that there jobs don’t actually exist anymore its the same in all the shops self service ect each self service till is someone’s job do people think the check out staff will be moved to different jobs in company no there out

  16. You can and always have been able to turn off your computer and your phone, then sit there for 14 days and you will see reality for what it really is – NOTHING happens….. that is the big secret you daft apes…

  17. I do not own a smart phone I use laptop I am hoping praying that the comatose soon wake up because the dark are pushing the plan forward so dam fast, forcing people to use tech to access anything!! CASH USE IT WHENEVER YOU CAN

  18. President Ronald Reagan on an “Alien Threat” at the United Nations

    …and a call for stopping wars… so that the rulers of all countries (Freemasons) can get to work to create a One World Government and a New World Order

    9/11/1991 George Bush New World Order Congress Speach

    and on United Nations as the government of the NWO

    Michio Kaku: The entire universe will be aware of this one explosion

    Father-Of-The-Vaccines’ best “friend” (=stooge) Tucker Carlson promoting Project Blue Beam under the guise of alien visit/invasion of Earth

    Father-Of-The-Vaccines is Trump
    That explosion is probably the New Big Bang to create a New Earth, i.e. a New World (Order)

  19. Coordinated travel chaos, 100% orchestrated. These days, their tactics are becoming more obvious. Were you one of those people who wondered why the lockdowns ended at the same time as the start of the Ukraine ‘war’? Coincidence? I think not. In this video, I explain why the WEF needed the so-called ‘war’ to start immediately after the end of the lockdown #Inflation #Ukraine

  20. So what makes you so righteous if you think nothing strange is happening then your blind im not saying what but things ain’t right and what does it matter what the fuck Hugo looks like all he is doing is showing you things in the news its up to you to what you think but don’t judge we all see things differently whats good for one person may be bad for another

  21. Wait till the government have changed the human rights act, we will be prisoners locked down and having forced ‘vaccinations’ in a state policed by the Nazi Azov brigade.

    • Cannot force anything on or in you regardless, this peado government cannot over ride the Nuremberg code.
      As for the nazi comment try watching : the greatest story never told. On

  22. Saddos?…so why you typing on here then?..what you offering?…nothing actually…you got the answers then lets hear it…yeah nobody can see the bloke but hes just giving out information which is more than the bollocks the MSN is,,,

    • A saddo is an easily led tird who abuses people for knowing what is actually real .
      The saddo believes he stands with someone he doesn’t even know.
      Sort of being like a victim spokesperson without knowing any victims.

      Still works for you innit.

  23. Sheep / paid stooges are back trying to seed doubt I see, they only get paid to come on and do so, when the shit is about to hit the fan, rain / shit coats for all I recommend.

    They are striking as they want compensating for working through the plandemic where 500K+ was supposed to die from and in reality nothing actually happened.

    The Airlines is all BS it’s to hide the crew / pilots which are unable to fly due to being dead, or having serious heart issues, or not willing to die and therefore fly.

  24. If the distance from an electron to a photon is inversely proportionAL at 10^39,
    and gravitation between two bodies of equal size is also inverrely proportionAL at the same rate (10^39)
    What should that tell you ?

  25. The great Stains have grounded the aeroplanes.

  26. Maybe they’re pushing so hard because it’s all going to shit for them. Maybe they’re so caught up in their own narcissism, greed, and obsession to control that they have overstepped their bounds. Maybe they are fearful that if they don’t pull out all the stops here and now that they will be hanging from every light post from here to Timbuktu.

  27. That school is not alone, a quick google search shows that this is quite the trend, especially in the US.

  28. It all happens because the Intelligence agencies are employed to carry out the Operation Chaos 247. People with pitchforks and torches should gather and raid the Waddesdon estate and I would not be surprised things would go back to normal.

  29. I see Icke was mentioned in a comment! Dig deeper into the rabbit hole and you’ll discover he’s not what you think!

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