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  1. To whom do we report this to? Is there a Hotline for the “Spittle-Bug” Police?

  2. Are people REALLY that stupid? If so no wonder they want to cull them!

  3. Where I live we call it snail or/slug eggs. It usually appears around now when they breed.
    It’s a test to see how ignorant and forgetful people have become.

  4. Beware deadly spitle found on Staffordshire canal side path! Shall I call the police or the fire brigade?

    • they will probably set up a hot line and pay staff £50 per hour like the covid testing tents

  5. Time for action guys. Everything so far hasn’t worked. I have some ideas that will. Because its their own tactics being used against them. Its counter intuitive, that’s why they bank on it not happening. Watch the forum in the next few weeks for more info

  6. I had to read the article for myself just to verify, as well as witness how prolific the article infected the internet. Bottom line, the basis of the article was shear speculation. “Scientists are worried that a deadly plant disease known as Xyella could be spread between plants by the spittlebug as a carrier.”

    It begs the question whether the spittlebug has ever been a carrier of “one of the world’s most dangerous pathogens”, but of course that possibility was not addressed in this lame article. In fact, there wasn’t even a link to the spittlebug survey or to the identity of the survey’s ‘spokesperson’, how interesting.

    It’s a vicious race to oblivion between the absurdity of the fakestream’s propaganda/lies versus the stupidity of its dwindling audience. Everything must go during the Great Reset clearance sale – all common sense, all decency, all personal freedom, ultimately all humanity!

    • Just as ridiculous as the greenwash and demonisation of C02….

  7. Yes, these arseholes are trying to make us dependent on them for their gm shite. There are plenty of plant diseases, but you don’t see nature queuing up for vaccines – that’s because many plants (many of our common weeds) have anti viral or medicinal properties! Next they’ll be spraying chemicals on brambles and apple trees so we can’t get any of the abundant free food that’s coming in the next two months.
    First rule of growing your own food: beware or SLUGS and other parasites! And TONY BLIGHT!!

  8. I never ever in my life time though people would be weak or compliant over things that had no data behind them or for there own benefit…
    Them types will fall for anything the media will tell them…
    Im all for having them chipped personally so it can flag up on your phone so you can avoid them

  9. I used to call it owl spit but it’s completely harmless and I’ve touched it multiple times. Utterly ridiculous media scaremongering!

  10. This is absolute BULLSHIT!.

    Any excess foams that are produced this, or any other year can ONLY be as a result of our politicians becoming ‘More’ excercised. The idea of a five metre, plant quarantine zone is probably the forerunner to our govt. calling in the yanks to dispense their old stock of ‘Agent Orange’, to effectively, further restrict our ability to produce REAL FOOD!

  11. I noticed this too and saw it as proof of your perceptions. Thank you Hugo

    • 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious!!! Use to see this since since the childhood . This truly is a clown planet 🤡

      • Clowns run the countrys….well they sort of run them but are puppets yet the people who believe them are the real clowns🤡🩼😷

  12. They are just testing the effectiveness of their propaganda, but, of course, it’s not propaganda; it’s the pure unbiased news and information from the ever-trusted BBC! And trust they do and confidently dismiss Hugo and other such sites, like UK column, because if what they say was true it would be on the BBC.

  13. Ridiculous, plus there’s like at least a hundred things in my back garden that can kill, foxgloves, Belladonna, Laurel… just don’t stick them in your mouth and you’ll be fine.

  14. I’ve cleaned public toilets before, nothing scares me!

    • Exactly lady’s

      I used clean toilets at the market we used be at, I
      Seen some sights !
      SMH lol

  15. Hugo you nailed it again!
    Diversity hires in the dept of agriculture or just NWO parachute artists????

  16. Hi, Hugo and the Tribe. Can you please make some videos about this very concerning issue.

    How’s possible that lawyers have found injunctions against the illegal immigrants deportation cases so quickly but..

    Those so called ” cases against the government lockdowns” have not made any significant spotlights nor all those “lawyers” who were in social media making us believe the government would have been brought into thousands civil cases have silent? Maybe they got paid by big pharma too so as I did predict.

    No scumbags like Boris Johnson, WITTY Tam Wallace Hancock and Sajid will NEVER pay for their crimes.

    People, NEVER forget the damage caused by them… NEVER

    • They have no intention of deporting anybody. It’s all just show at a time when the Boris isnt very popular at the moment, so government need to look tough, but thats all it is- to look tough.

      • Apparently part of the agreement with Rwanda is that in return for them taking our illegal immigrants we pay them millions of pounds plus agree to take their most vulnerable migrants. Read most vulnerable as being people with physical disabilities and mental health problems who will place an even greater strain on the NHS.
        You can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll send next to no immigrants to Rwanda but accept many thousands of immigrants from them. Yet another con. Do not believe ANYTHING the fakestream media or the government tell you as it’s ALL lies.

      • Dan, you are quite correct they have absolutely no intention of sending back or stopping the invasion. This all part of the plan, Blair said “Change the culture” and that is what they are doing (WEF) Have you noticed the likes of Mahyar Tusi, GB news and others are all talk but never mention what is really going on. From a spiritual perspextive God’s judgement is upon the nations of the Anglo Sphere because they abandoned their Christian roots and derided it and so they are going the same way as Isreal of old or the Roman empire….invasion!! Only the almighty can reverse this, whether that will happen I know not, there is none to call the nation to prayer as in 1940. Best wishes, Proverbs (14:34)

  17. cuckoo spit also known as frog hopper larvae. How mad are they?

  18. What you said at the end is the danger. You are on the money, they will attempt to destroy your crops. And all it takes is your idiot neighbour to report stuff in their garden and everybody’s in the vicinity is in the target zone. And as we know the idiots are everywhere, they are dragging us down with the ship.

  19. It would be easier to place a bio weapon at a foam party than on random hyacinth bucket gossip columns.

  20. As soon as I saw that picture from Hugo before I actually played the video I said that is cuckoo spit. Like Hugo said it’s been around for years. I do gardening for myself and someone else and am sure I have put my hand in it before now and it never did me any harm.
    Just another lot of scaremongering after covid, monkey pox etc. and now this. Absolutely ridiculous🤦‍♂️ I suppose next they will say it’s on our crops and they will have to be destroyed to make food shortages!
    Just ignore it. Although there will be some that will believe it . 🐑

  21. Very saddened to hear your awful news dear Janie. My goodness you sure have been going through a really rough time hun. I send you lots of love and a great big hug. XXX

  22. This stuff is definitely called cuckoo spit, and is absolutely nothing to be alarmed about at all! More ridiculous scaremongering and panic over nothing, project fear is at it again!! Just completely ignore this crap, get on with your life!

    • There getting desperate as many more cannot be arsed with this shit now…
      Jab intake is very low and that “war” going on is on its last legs far as one side goes..
      47% of uk people dont watch news now and i probably say more than that..
      Always said to folk just look at the WEF graphs on there site…
      Its easy to figure out if you want to

  23. Actually there is a very real and genuine danger from gardens at this time of year. It is called `flaming miasma`. Signs to look out for are strange mists with a pungent smell hanging in the air. This is caused by a build up of lampblack which has a tendency to ignite in the hot sun. It can be so deadly that as soon as you see it you are advised to close all windows and doors immediately.

    Of course if my neighbours actually invited me to their little shindig at the bottom of their garden then i would probably risk life and limb for said burger and drinkiepoos 🙂

  24. Sounds like a great excuse to destroy gardens and keep people from. being able to grow their own food. They will stop at nothing, no matter HOW ridiculous to subjugate us.

    • surely the people who have the foresight to grow their own veg won’t be taken in by these lies. (we hope)

  25. Oh no, must alert the authorities, it’s all over my yard, just like it has been in the past. 😒

    • it’s a miracle you survived over so many summers…..!! Maybe you should alert the authorities that you have a cure – which can be investigated and then turned into a synthetic drug to make fraudci even richer

      • It is a miracle indeed! I’m 55 and I’ve had this stuff touch my hands and feet and I’m still alive! And my plants and trees have thrived so my conclusion in my science is that I am the cure!

  26. Seen that before on plants as i am a gardener…
    Its nothing to be bothered about…
    Mind you the 🐑 will avoid gardening now😀…
    I find the brainwashed masses quite funny actually as even today saw a woman with a shield and mask on and its 27 degress…
    No hope at all

  27. OMG I just can’t handle the insanity anymore. MY GOD!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated Hugo!

  28. it’s the body snatchers :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  29. funny, i was just talking to some children about it. it’s always there at his time. most people are just so removed from nature.
    but gardeners surely know!

    • Just to add to that, I’m not even a gardener and I’ve seen this stuff many times. I’ve known it as “Cuckoo spit” and nothing to be scared of or out of the ordinary in the slightest. A bit like I didn’t need to be a virologist to deduce there was a lack of danger from “covid”. They are getting desperate trying to tell us what to think with more and more, it’s a shame so many fall for it.

  30. Yeah, clearly an attempt to start the ball rolling to ban home grown food

  31. Lol
    Yes Hugo indeed,
    it is to test the people who do unfortunately
    ‘believe anything for a easy life’

    Them people
    who would report such madness
    again don’t realise it’s only yet another way to ‘head count’ them
    see who is growing stuff & what they growing
    Just being able to be more nosy than our establishments already are…
    And that’s A LOT!

    Had close family friend be rushed into hospital why away abroad very recent
    Had a massive cardiac arrest out of the blue & the severity of the attack has now left this guy, in his late forty’s, 100% brain dead with no recovery.

    Listen to news & social media platforms & that’s the result unfortunately
    A perfectly – one minute healthy in late 40,s male, has cardiac arrest & now a vegetable

    Hugo & people on here
    We have tried so hard to warn people
    Now the ‘effects’ of the lies from media ,harmful vax,s etc are getting very close to home as the saying goes.
    I am gutted
    as I grew up with this guy
    He has grandchildren
    But he chose to comply all for a couple weeks holiday
    Now he will never know anything again or who his grandchildren are
    Just a vegetable
    It’s hard to take in to be honest.

    This 3 years
    I have lost family, have friends really really ill
    But people still insist on listening to Lies & betrayal
    All for greed & power

    • There’s nothing wrong with listening to what social media & the news have to say, just don’t believe any of it.

    • Sorry to hear that, Janie. Stay strong lovie, it’s getting harder when it all gets closer to home as you say, but we need to keep our heads when all around are losing theirs (or in many cases have their eyes wide shut).

      • Hi
        Thank you
        Your all very kind people on here
        it’s so nice to be given Positive vibes.

        We must stay ‘heads held high’ like you say..

        Hope you All have great day now
        Thank you again Gina

    • Janie, I sympathise with you, my sister is terribly ill with pain all over her body and her jaw now out of line causing terrible pain. She knows it was the jab but her husban insisted they both had them because he wants to move abroad. Now she needs constant help to just live. What a miserable way to go. Keep the faith.

      • Hey Diana
        Thank you
        It’s upsetting isn’t
        because now the only things we can do is watch the deterioration & worse for Us, nothing we can do now.
        Your family, like mine are not strong enough to be brave & admit that awful jib is now causing so many problems with their health’s

        Please – you to keep the faith
        & I hope for your sister – with you.
        Take care now Diana
        Thank you for your kind words
        Look after yourself.

  32. Thank you Hugo for sharing this. What a load of nonsense. Yes they are testing to see if anyone will comply and for them a way to control our home grown veg and fruit gardens. So we depend on them for this. Next the king and queen ants that fly off to make new ant nests every year will pose a threat. I haven’t read the papers in ages so I can see nothing has changed. All my best wishes and keep keeping on. 😎🙏🏾

  33. All the former articles about spit bugs seem to be fairly harmless for years yet they are pushing for quarantine areas if you spot them now pmsl, yeah, just as people are starting to grow their own veg and realise the shitshow the wef are planning 😂

  34. People are morons. Enough stupid people exist to get the go ahead to run such an humiliating psychological operation. The sex pistols are pensioners now.

    • People just have no common sense…
      Most behaviours are copied in someway and trends etc…
      People are predictable and quite boring actually…

  35. … AND… of course, yes, it’s all about control of the food supplies: they don’t even need anyone to report it to set up phoney quarantine areas and destroy the crops.

  36. Yes, cuckoo spit: Probably is toxic, though, with all the shit they’re spraying at the moment….!

  37. What a crock of 💩 and why “homeowners” specifically? Do these idiots not believe that council or private tenants have gardens? 🤣🤣

    A colleague of mine assisted a woman in her 80s who was rushed to hospital with excruciating pain, having uprooted poisonous sun spurge (Euporbia helioscopia) in her Harrogate garden.

    The pensioner was unaware that she had rubbed some of the sap into her eye. It causes a very severe burning sensation and she said, “it was like having the juice of the hottest chilli paper in my eye”. However, despite his attempt to get her story published in various news papers to warn others, none were interested.

  38. there will be loads not from here from other countries who my not have seen it before

  39. For goodness sake , what next lol. I have some on my lavender at the moment. Oh no I am going to die 😂

    • dont worry you will be safe – just take this 5th booster I have at the ready!!

  40. ROFL! it’s a bit late for April Fool’s Day. Who even reads this sh*te? I bet the phoneline is inundated by brain-fogged jabbed imbeciles. LOL

    • maybe there’s a direct line to the prime minister to report this as it’s so deadly. Could lead to people being told to wear their muzzles when venturing out into the garden (for your safety of course)

  41. We called it cuckoo spit. Its a foam that protects an insect larvae or eggs.

  42. they are winding the stupid up and there is plenty of them as well 🙂

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