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    • Doesn’t surprise me whatsoever…everybody who.appears on TV is part of it…

    • Of course Simon Pegg. He’s already done films about zombies, satanism and aliens.

      • If you’re referring to Hot Fuzz, that was worse than Satanism: it was the local Neighbourhood Watch.

  1. I keep on hearing that, the good, the white hats, that god, is winning but how are these satanic pedophiles still rolling out their agendas? There must be enough people awake by now to be able to publicly hang the ones rolling out this agenda and not cause civil wars.

    • White hats is a load of bollox to make you think there’s a cavalry out there. We are own cavalry. We only need a loud & united NO & it all ends. Non compliance. Unity is our weapon. After 100 years of Fabian cancer has knocked that weapon out of our hands

  2. Why would we be scared of the cyber attack? They should be scared more than us…that would wake more people up? Well.i personally am not scared

  3. We’re screwed. They’ve ramped up killing animals (10,000 cattle dead in US due to “climate change” supposedly) with fires, bird flu diagnoses, etc. So food, energy, petrol, shortages, economic collapse, China about to kick off. It’s all coming at once and no doubt they’ll blame it all on Russia aand China. It’s literally the end of the world as we knew it, unless someone can stop them.

    • People have no idea whats coming….
      I told people about all this stuff last year but got laughed at…🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Same here, I had thick brother in law (minted because his dad was successful, but somehow thinks that makes him know everything when he knows nothing) shouted at me that I should “stop getting my information off Facebook” – yeah right, like you’ll find any truth on Crapbook. He got his “information” from nowhere, but he still knows best. I’ve warned others as well, but they just don’t listen. Sister – “well there’ll still be plenty of food in the shops, it’ll just be more expensive” – no dummy, there won’t.

    • Its all falling apart around us but people cannot see it….🐑…
      Fuck all this i may just buy a caravan and live in the wilderness at this rate…

    • It’s high time we stop buying anything from big business, spend your money by buying from the little guy, look carefully at who you vote for, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Green Party are all NWO.

  4. The Devil is in control but not for long.His time has bee n shortened,that is why persecution is speeding up. Jesus Christ is coming soon.

      • can any of you bible fans tell me when your man jesus is making this long awaited second coming??,I thought he would have come before they started jabbing people with the clot shot……

  5. Turning off the internet asa fear? I say, do it. Close the freaking internet 😂

    • And close-off THE PEOPLE’S channel of communication & information? Why not close-off the telephone networks and the radio & TV stations (etc.) too?

      SPY-SYSTEMS & PSY-OP SYSTEMS, ALL! BUT they provide a NECESSARY SERVICE FOR US ALL — whether for GOOD or for EVIL.

      Clearly, ALL these things have PLUSES and MINUSES.

      The problem — which I think HUGO has a “handle on” — is how, balance, for GOOD to OUTWEIGH the EVIL.

  6. They may not actually create cyber attacks, but will say they have happened, using it as a false flag excuse to further control energy and food supplies…

  7. HT@ I believe they could turn it off so to restructure the Internet rules. We need to keep you safe type of rules. Digital ID to access? More regulations on ISP’s? Hike the prices up? Blame Ruskie?

    • ‘They’ have made so many things reliant on the internet that it would be difficult for ‘Them’ if we were unable to use it. Submit tax returns, book a space at the tip, hospital appointments ha! ha!ha! ha! Children’s homework, tax the car. The list goes on. It will be interesting if it does go down.

      • Only our internet will go down! Theirs will be fine and from bunkers they will watch and laugh and occasionally send out a drone to take care of something.

    • “We must now put ourselves on a warlike footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military-style campaign,” said Charles, warning that the world had been “pushed beyond its planetary boundaries”…

      Prince Charles on the climate h o a x in September 2020

  8. It all became very clear to me many years ago funnily enough walking by the dvd isle in my local supermarket…there are three distinct types of people on this planet, the ones in the know (who actively endorse the satanic agenda), then theres the ones not in the know( the fearfull and spiritually inept) and then there are us.
    Good will out…fear no evil!!!!

    • They have no need for money, their sense of values are very different to ours !

  9. Blatantly rubbing our faces in it through entertainment. Same as Black Mirror and Eutopia. And all the zombies can do is lap it up and ask for more. ‘It’s just a tv show’ right?

  10. Would be a good idea if no one watched this programme on tv. I certainly will not be watching. We hardly watch any tv now and definitely no BBC or ITV news and don’t miss it. In fact it probably helps with electric costs leaving the tv off. I find I get a lot more things done instead.
    They are just trying to frighten everyone yet again.
    How on earth did the WEF come about in the first place? I hadn’t heard of them until I joined sites like Hugo who give us the true information. So many people do not know about the WEF. This is why people think we are conspiracy theorists.
    Just don’t listen to this rubbish.

    • the wef has been around as long if not longer than the un

      • NO – started in 1971 by Klaus Schwab a protegee of Henry Kissinger. So no UN is much older started in 1945

    • Wef charts clearly outline whats in store for people later on…
      You show people it and they say “dont be silly🐑”

    • More and more are waking – You simple don’t know that you don’t know & You must first wake up from the spell!

  11. I got shot of my TV and radio 2 years ago so no bullshit propaganda for me 👍no social media either , shut the shyt down I’m ready for it. 👏

  12. Mockingbird “Alternative” and Mainstream designed PR media like Hugo Talks lost me with Shock & Awe “Chyna” after sprinkling truths here and there with vague talking points. Missing the real Big Business agenda right in front of our faces from WEF Klaus Schwab affiliated OMD Remember OMD? In 2020 OMD Media contracts for Gov COVID 19 related ‘advertising’ campaigns valued at £348,200,000, and in 2021 another valued at £229,200,000.00. Half a billion pounds + now C4 programmes, in advance of cyber-polygon?
    Nothing to see here. I am not lazy to do simple research. Full of psyops for the last 20+ years of this 21st century, for their rotten economic system we have been maintaining in the last 40 years thanks to our glorious globalist Thatcher/Reagan NWO revolution, our system has a shelf of life to bring about the reset. WAKE UP idiotic muppets!!!! Stop blaming ordinary folks and targeted countries that our western Oligarchs want to impose this western rotten economic system of unregulated “free markets” for their greed. “Global village”, “Refugee economy” comes from our London School of Economics, the home of Neoliberial “free market” Milton Friedman economics! Trickle down economics, forever austerity. It’s their controlling mechanisms for their controlling interests they want to protect for their future, for their own children we are not apart of. We are so lost.

  13. On your point about you don’t think “THEY’ want to switch the Internet off ? . I believe ultimately they do as one of the things they want is complete control so guys like yourself who post information on the www won’t be able to do . This will not be because it stays switched off but when it comes back on they will say look how vulnerable the system is and change how the www works, a different internet , an Internet without the ability of anonymity one that is completely controlled with no more Hugo talking and no more anybody talking that doesn’t fit with whatever narrative is being pushed. A cyber attack like the one simulated in cyber polygon July 2021 would be the precursor to change big change in a bad way just like the change after 9/11 and 2019 covid has taken us further down the road to 1984.

  14. “Covid” causes brain damage even with mild symptons they say…Load of bollocks…MSM causes brain damage and washes it right through as well

  15. Thanks as always Hugo; more Matrix media entertainment I’ve no intention of watching.

  16. A n****r prime minister!!?? LOL That’s gotta be a nightmare of nightmares!! My uncle predicted that back in the 1960’s, so he was right! Never mind let’s have a friendly reminder of what Dr Schweitzer said:

    “I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilisation. I have given my life to try to bring unto them the advantages which our civilisation must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternise with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or THEY WILL DEVOUR YOU. THEY WILL DESTROY YOU.”

    — Dr. Albert Schweitzer

    • To have a blog focused on God’s Word, granted with a serious personal interpretation, yet make such a harsh and unchristian comment is perplexing. What do you hope to achieve with comments like this one and others that you’re made on this blog which seem antagonistic? Kindly respond, please.

      • @CharlieGoy The TRUTH is NOT an interpretation!

        You speak of harsh unchristian comments, try these for size, and tell me whether you consider these harsh and unchristian comments:

        All from the lips of Yashua Messiah and John the Baptist: “Hypocrites!!” “Ye Serpents” “Generation (race) of vipers” “With throats like open graves” “Whited walls” “Whited sepulchres” “Sons of the Devil.”

        John the Baptist:

        Matthew 3:7 (MCV) But when he (John) saw many of the Pharisee Jews and Sadducee Jews come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation (offspring or race) of vipers (snakes or reptiles), who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

        Yashua Messiah:

        Matthew 12:34 (MCV) O generation (offspring or race) of vipers (snakes or reptiles), how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

        Matthew 23:33 (MCV) Ye SERPENTS, ye generation (offspring or race) of vipers (snakes or reptiles), how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

        John 8:44 (MCV) Ye are of your father The Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

        From Strong’s Concordance:
        Generation – G1081 – gennema ghen’-nay-mah – from G1080; OFFSPRING; by analogy produce (literally or figuratively): – fruit, generation.

        Now tell me, what kind of Christian are you, and/or when did The Father call you!?

      • CharlieGoy AH here we go – the shifting sands method of attempting to score points, after he’s been trounced and left with no argument! LOL

        So did Paul and Peter (mere men) NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH? Like Paul, Peter and the others Yashua Messiah has made me His messenger.

        Oh and yet another trick – failure to answer a simple question: So tell me about your calling!

        Let me remind you: Peter 3:15 (KJV) But sanctify The Lord God in your hearts: AND BE READY ALWAYS TO GIVE ANSWER TO EVERY MAN THAT ASKETH YOU a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

    • I’m not going to play mind games with you, brother. You want to claim superiority, knock yourself out. You want to troll this blog looking for targets to pounce upon with your superior biblical knowledge, your self-professed thirty-five years of biblical study, have at it. You’re not suckering me into your fantasy world, and you get the last word.

      • @CharlieGoy Yet more non-descript writing from you. I find it interesting how you type such a lot, but say nothing. You should become a politician, you would do extremely well. LOL

        Superiority? Holy Spiritual confidence is not superiority, neither is KNOWING superiority, but if you’re someone who doesn’t KNOW or, worse, who only THINKS he KNOWS, that is, you’re standing on shaky mainstream Christian ground (a sandy foundation), when a Truth Storm comes along it washes your foundation away, leaving you floundering with nothing but protests and no argument. This is not a criticism just a statement of Truth.

        The Truth is not a mind game – The Truth IS! Now either you’re of The Truth, or you’re just another religious liar faking his Christianity, as with so many fake Christians here on Hugo Talks threads e.g. Loccie.

        Fantasy world? Make your case, if you can, and back up your lying accusation with substance! You can start by telling us all about your CALLING – ALL real Christians KNOW when they were CALLED. Why are you avoiding answering the question!?

  17. Very true Hugo. But at least we know what they’re up to & to stay away from it as much as is possible. There’s a lot to look out for. Stay alert & trust in the one & only true God🙏🏻🕊

  18. Remember the series Years and Years set in the future 🤷‍♀️

  19. And Adrian Lester was on board with trying to get black people to get jabbed. Fing sellouts the two of them.

  20. Removing the Internet is the last thing Big Business want! Can’t see it happening!

  21. Would like to hear your opinion on Fervais…

  22. Already spotted this is to prepare the sheep for what’s to come and how to act, crazy there so obvious.

    I hear the new Jurrasic Park, not seen it, is about DNA editing human being and a global food shortage, exactly what’s as always going on.

    See WEF have announced in a little video that leaked, there 25% towards there goal of 50% world population reduction by end of 2025, going to get rough soon isn’t it.

    Top tip, your hopefully water store just incase, put it under your bed sleeping better, reducing my making me ill constantly when I’m home from the 5G absorbing/blocking some of it. I’d put it all the walls if the GF wasn’t a sheep block more. ( approx 60litres, needs to be LOADS )

    Seen the EMF tests, it’s through the roof in what appear to be poor areas mainly.

    Shame I like Simon Pegg ofcourse he’s just making a TV show and has no idea why, just getting paid.

  23. No worries, they won’t take it down for long. They’d lose far too much money. Probably just long enough to cause chaos and fear for the sheeple that think they can’t live without it. Brilliant propaganda for scaremongering though! More are awake now than ever before. Be prepared and ignore the propaganda. Scariest thing is when you ask someone if they’ve heard of WEF and they say no. Now that’s concerning.

  24. If you can’t live without the internet, there is something wrong with you.
    Politicians need to be competent and posses integrity, that rues out 98% of the current batch and 100% of niggers!

    • Please relocate your racism to a more appropriate venue, like the nearest sewer.

      • Steve Green AH!! what have we here? A white shabbos goy traitor cuck or a Jew? Time for your education to start:

        “”RACIST” A made up word by the Jew Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) in 1927 and used to browbeat all dissenters of the Jewish Bolshevik Marxist/Communist ideology and still used today to keep white people walking on egg shells regarding other races. Only whites are racists according to these traitor sons of bitches, like John Mann, Labour MP.”

        — Brother Charles

        “”Racism” as an accusation, was shaped by Trotskyists and then sharpened politically by Magnus Hirschfeld, before being fully launched as an anti-white weapon by ethnic others in the American academic system.”

        — John Piggot

      • A badge of honour during the great replacement, Mr ((Green))….
        Your labels are as feeble as your as your critical thinking process.
        Somehow I think you are geographically detached from the multicultural sewer, yet even ivory towers are susceptible to sewage backup and you’ll have to clean up the mess with your own hands.

  25. Psychological Manipulation at it’s best from the press. Hey People have you heard another stoopid story they trying to control people’s minds with, they was a warning from MSM a few weeks back where they were telling people, don’t kill the bugs in your home because they are saying they are dying off in nature. When l read this story l had to laugh they are definitely trying hard to keep up this manipulation tactics of deceiving the public with these fake stories and they have to add confusion into the mix of there stories too. If they are really trying to protect the bugs by telling the public not kill them when they enter peoples homes. Why is it, the media’s controllers the illumanti is forcing the public into eating bugs, don’t you have to kill the bugs while cooking them and eating them? Also who is killing nature like bugs in the environment with the chem trails in the sky and the dangerous 5G towers? God, people who are asleep please wake up from the deception of the press who is controlled by the illumanti and them same illumanti people are using the press into controlling you sleeping people’s thinking. They have told us through the film they live, they don’t want you to think for yourselves, they want do your thinking for you, while you the sleeping public stay asleep. Sleeping public it’s time to wake up to know what time it is, get your arses out of the matrix and start doing your own thinking and research for yourself because you people are so deceived. Anyway Let me make copy and screenshot of my comment because l would not be surprised if YT delete this comment of mine the second time because they have deleted my first comment sometime last week for one of Hugos previous video which was referring to the transhumanism agenda. The reason for this, l am not in controlled opposition like so many truthers and debating trolls on You Tube and they obviously making it obvious YT who they do not want commenting on there website when it comes to waking people up through freedom of speech by authentic people.

  26. I cannot be so confident that this won’t happen. The MIC has its own communication frequencies and technology way beyond the knowledge of most. For instance, they have directed energy weapons so can knock out anything, anywhere: this technology is responsible for many of the wildfires globally that have been so ferocious- ferocious (and, as many firefighters have said, like they have never seen before- because of the way the fire seems to have its own mind). This is because of nanotechnology- semi-sentient matter and nanorobots. They have drones. They have robots. They have transhuman soldiers and doubtless much more. Way back in the seventies, they could tell if somebody in a building was vaccinated using satellite technology: I don’t think they will have lost that technology (like they apparently did for the moon landings, lol!).

    They have geoengineering that is currently decimating crops worldwide: have you noticed the bizarre dehydration of the soils this year with so many plants dying- something I have never seen before in over five decades, Geoengineering can- and does- create floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. The unprecedented flooding in Canada and the draconian measures Trudeau took is just one example of the way they can orchestrate chaos and slap down draconian measures overnight whilst leaving people without power.

    Additionally, the orchestrators of this so-called Great Reset are beyond the need for money: they are from families going back generations (Rockefellers, Rothchilds etc) and have been working towards this at least since the industrial revolution. They want to utterly destroy the system, money and all. Keep in mind that their plan is absolute domination in a digital prison and population reduction. They don’t need “business” as we know it. But very likely, it will be a digital prison they can switch on and off at will but have access to via another level of cyber technology. The digital prison will be on blockchain with various groups in their own echo-chambers: nobody will know what’s going on except them.

    Why are they so interested in Antarctica? Why can nobody go there unless they are persons from high places? Is there more land? It’s actually possible.

  27. Cash is King – use it every day. Turn off phone apps and internet. Use your phone and internet less. Keep your phone in a tin so it can’t spy on you. See people in person more. Laugh at the politicians and media – mockery is a great weapon against psychopaths.

  28. Well said Hugo. Keep on hitting hard, maybe the so far brain washed will wake up!

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