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  1. If everyone turned ON all their gadgets and appliances at about 10.00am so it crashed the power grid and shut down business and government to send out a message, I wonder how long the power companies would adopt these scare tactics. Sooner rather than later we are going to have to stand up to this tyranny before they have total control over us with chips in our bodies. These policies are made by o.ooo1% of the worlds population. We have the power, its time to be men not woke metrosexuals or gender less automatons. Its time to be lions not sheep.

  2. Elon Musk built a MASSIVE battery in Aus… a couple of years ago…to prove in record time he could have solar power….any time…anywhere…what has happened Opposition Party in Aus…’fear porn’ again…

    • “Pandemic” and everything has been fear porn…saying that i spoke to a few people and they not gone with any of this crap and turned off the news and not had jabs etc…
      Turns out in the uk 47% of people refuse to watch the news now as its to mundane and depressing and just had enough of it and ripped up there tv licences

  3. Australia is a Compliant Prison so not surprising

  4. Hugo you should look into the unbelievable amount of energy used storing our photos in the cloud which is actually on storage units in vast warehouses Dublin was named and China has vast ones the size of football fields
    I don’t know the documentary name I watched about 2 years back, my sky box broke and I lost it !
    Even when people like a new outfit that a famous person was wearing because it was millions of likes the energy use was colossal ! It compared the use to 6 kettles being boiled 24/7 plus the energy of 6 homes for a year ! I remember being so shocked as I really thought our photos stored in the cloud was WiFi and did not incur electricity usage !
    Nothing has ever been said about this and people are totally unaware of this storage using vast amounts of energy. I really hope you find the program it was called something like “what is our blank really costing ? Something like that. Anyway you really do good work and put a glimmer of light in a very dark world thank you 😊

  5. spot on Hugo they can go to hell and burn I stick with God almighty

  6. People cant be bothered to change their behavior. They are comfortable in their misery…I think the society is definitely splitting and the real.awake people will create their own community.

  7. Hi Hugo I thank you for sharing your view’s and information on stuff I myself will be sharing this post and I’m all for it big time. Some people in the 🗺 is falling for so-called higher powers instructions on not really questioning their own minds. Done

  8. Here we go … priming for a government controlled central energy grid! What’s it gonna be … hydrogen or nuclear…?

    • How did you know?…😀…
      If they said that to idiots to hold there breath for a minute to save others they would😀..
      Instead of wearing a face nappy

  9. My kids school are desperately trying to force me to sign up to ipay and said they will accept my cash for now for school trips but was discussing my case.
    For those that don’t know ipay is linked up to your council tax and basically share all your info with other government agencies and have recently been sued for selling data to third parties that are not specified on their contract.
    I did want to pull my children from school but they enjoy the social aspect of it and with work and rising prices engineered so that both parents have to work it’s not that easy.

    • I’m in the same situation with my boy. I hate that he’s being indoctrinated everyday. I so want to pull him from school and homeschool him but like you, we both need to work. Thankfully, we can see what’s going on and can teach our kids. Bring back the Bible!!

  10. Steve Poplar has a very informative and interesting prepper`s channel. He focuses a lot on the supply chain issues around the world , including fuel. He has his finger on the pulse. Dozens and dozens of food processing plants around the world have already been taken out of commission , a lot of which are due to sabotage. But yesterday he did a video about the oil refineries suffering the same fate and the resulting diesel shortages.

  11. Electricity cannot itself be stored on any scale, but it can be converted to other forms of energy which can be stored and later reconverted to electricity on demand. Storage systems for electricity include battery, flywheel, compressed air, and pumped hydro storage. Any systems are limited in the total amount of energy they can store. Their energy capacity is expressed in megawatt-hours (MWh), and the power, or maximum output at a given time, is expressed in megawatts of electric power (MW or MWe). Electricity storage systems may be designed to provide ancillary services to a transmission system including frequency control, and this is the chief role of grid-scale batteries today.

    Of course, very effective storage of energy is achieved in fossil fuels and nuclear fuel, before electricity is generated from them. While the focus here is on storage after generation, particularly from intermittent renewable sources, any proper consideration of the question needs also to encompass nuclear fuel for power generation as a more economical option with relatively little materials requirement.

  12. Be funny if a solar flare came big enough to wipe out there digital society later on…..
    There keeping a eye on the sun but one big enough would send the planet back to the dark ages as it would take years to repair the power grids…

    • Yes! And it’s not too far-fetched to believe.

      Add to that the fact that the Earth’s magnetic field is very, very low at the moment…and that the North Pole (magnetic true north) is on an excursion, currently en route to Siberia.

      Pole-flip anyone?

      • The magnetic fields at the poles have always wandered around. It’s only recently that this has been measured, so I don’t think there is any accurate long term data of how much movement is normal. So I suspect these pole flipping stories are just conspiracy sensationalism.
        The position of the Earth to the sun and other planets in the solar system affect the magnetic fields so they’ve always shifted around.

      • Why its stupid to just rely on one source….any plan has a flaw in it but this one could dump everbody right in it longterm…you cant rule of natural forces of nature…

  13. Glad to say i never lost my mind through all this shit the last 3 years…
    Its like a wrecking ball going through society….
    Not even a face mask can prevent that happening😷

    • It’s not clever to exaggerate the time period that this evil has been happening… this sh*t’s been going on for just over 2 years, & NOT ‘the last 3 years’, as you claimed…

      • Ok smart arse..dont get your face nappy in a twist…
        Maybe them jabs have turned your brain funny🤪

      • Actually, it’s been going on for decades

      • It’s been going on for centuries. We are at the culmination of a very long war

      • Actually, it’s really difficult to pinpoint when all this evil started. Was it two years ago when they ‘gave’ us covid as an excuse for closing down our economies and sending the printing presses into overdrive?

        Or was it in 2008 when the banks had to be bailed out by selling our (all western nations) gold (to the bankers) at discount rate?

        Or was it in the 1990s when they invented the climate crisis and made us all think that we are to blame for everything everywhere?

        Or was it in 1971 when the dollar was switched from gold to oil? Or was it at Bretton Woods just after WW2? Or was it in 1913 when the bankers acquired the US Federal Reserve?

        I could go on and on…but I believe that the Ponzi scheme which they are now engaged in collapsing began, in earnest, with the setting up of the first central bank – the Bank of England – in 1694.

        Everything that’s going on is to do with their criminal money empire imploding.

      • You need to go back much further than that,you need to look at the Protocols to see how we have been conditioned for a very long time.The last few years are just the culmination of the plans and we are not near the end yet.

    • For your information, I’m the only one in my immediate and extended family and friends who’s NOT been stupid enough to roll up my sleeves… ie, I’m the only one who’s refused to comply with the evil injections. So it might be wise for you not to make assumptions, before you post…

      • Same here fella…hats off to you for not following the flock of sheep….them injections have and will proper ruined people…

      • To Stuart: re. your reply to my comment of the 16th June.

        Actually, I’m a female! The ‘Chris’ stands for Christine.

        Yes, I absolutely refused to have any of these evil injections. I kept receiving phone calls & texts from the local GP surgery, trying to get me to comply. I kept refusing, and eventually, when they continued to harass me, I literally told them to ‘f— off’ (!!). Have not heard a word from them since!! (Success!!)

    • To ISAIDNO: Yes, you’re right, it HAS actually been going on for decades. I’ve been ‘awake’ for 40+ years (ie, since my late teens/early 20s), re. how the world is actually run, and by whom.

      • 40 years is very good, I began to wake up when reading about JFK, RFK and MLK assasinations but became fully awake when building 7 collapsed.

        re ‘how the world is actually run, and by whom’. One only has to do some basic reading on how the world’s financial system works to figure that out. King Edward expelled them in 1290 but Cromwell allowed them back in 1657. A mere 37 years later the Bank of England was founded in order to bail out the banking fraud of fractional reserve banking followed by an act of Parliament in 1704 to overrule court decisions holding that the goldsmiths’ notes, despite the “customs of merchants”, were not negotiable.

        And there you have it. No point being in innovator and making things when you can just create money out of thin air. When you get too greedy and have a problem governments will bail you out with the people’s money, see 2008.

      • @Andy that would be fine if it was actually money, but it’s not, it’s just debt notes = promises-to-pay or IOUs – 100% worthless, apart from the faith of the brainwashed plebs who ignorantly think it has value.

      • @Andy SECOND TIME! that would be fine if it was actually money, but it’s not, it’s just debt notes = promises-to-pay or IOUs – 100% worthless, apart from the faith of the brainwashed plebs who ignorantly think it has value.

    • P.S. to my post to you of a few minutes ago… (below). I’m also the only one of my immediate and extended family and friends who’s never worn a mask… so please do NOT make mere assumptions about me. Thank you.

  14. Renewable energy cannot ever replace coal and nuclear. The huge carbon footprint of every wind turbine and solar panel makes the idea laughable, along with all of the batteries you need, using even more resources and causing huge amounts of damage to the environment where the mines are based, plus there aren’t enough rare earth minerals and metals to achieve it, AND the power source – wind and sun, are not predictable or guaranteed. Night time – no solar. Clouds – no solar. Snows – no solar. Scwarzenegger had a big political hoo-ha when he built that state of the art solar farm – it’s now in disrepair, it was a complete waste of time and money and achieved nothing. We’ll be back in the stone age at this rate.

    • Please don’t talk about carbon footprint as if that’s a bad thing. Don’t fall for their narrative and do their work for them

  15. Is is funny how we are having all these black outs right before we have fusion energy just on the verge of being released.

  16. Obama’s Martha’s vineyard mansion has just installed a monster sized LPG tank – wonder what he is prepping for? I am sorted – dont wait to start today its better than tomorrow!

    • The LPG will be to run a monster generator for air con in summer and heating in winter as well as cooking and lighting at all times.

  17. Look up Vivid in NSW. That’s on now. It’s a light show.

  18. Australia is a gas producer, but sold the rights to private companies without ensuring its own supply needs first. The power companies (also all privatised years back) didn’t want to buy the gas they needed at exorbitant prices on the spot market or they’d make a loss, especially as regulators recent response was to cap the maximum price they could charge, so they were threatening to let it come to blackouts at extra peak time. The regulators then stepped in and suspended the spot market trading on gas and forced the power companies to supply to meet demands.

  19. So now this. Mask rules, jab rules, monkey pox, climate bullshit and now rules for energy. We are being so increadibly tortured, they are ruening our lives, this is SO criminal, this is pure torture. When will we stand up in masses and stop them. In NL they are killing all of our farmers, forcing them to sell their land so we no longer have food. So we have to import all of our food. This is far beyond tiranny and while we’re in it and almost getting used to it, we don’t see the tiranny anymore. We are being tortured. We only have 1 live and they are taking it away from us.

  20. Hi

    Can anybody offer advice about preventing water companies forcing smartmeters on you? I have a perfectly good analogue meter that the company supplying this region wants to replace with a smartmeter. Interestingly, legislation refers to the analogue meters anyway so I am being more lawful than if I allow them to fit a smartmeter! Joking aside, I am very electrosensitive and this is a nightmare as they are basically trying to bully me and are ignoring the fact that I have been made ill by wifi before (no smartphone here, no wireless here, use a wired laptop and disconnect everything. I have emailed but can’t get any replies. can anybody help as this is horrific for me?

    • Get your own water well if you can. Otherwise, just don’t let them in, YOU decide what you put in your house, not them, no matter what law. Stand your ground and say NO.

    • @M No one can FORCE you to have a smart meter. Do a web search and learn how to draft a Notice of Conditional Acceptance and send the water company that.

      • Hi

        Thankyou. I sent them a notice of non-consent along with a letter about my personal health issues. I said that I had nothing else to say on the matter.

        Also, in my last place a few years back (a flat), they actually removed a smartmeter at my request because it was giving me health issues. They accepted it and I still have all the paperwork proving this precedence they set.

        I am in rented bungalow. Does that make any difference?

        Thankyou all!

    • I think it makes a difference if the meter is in your property or not. If it’s out in the street it’s the water companies property anyway, so they can do what they want with it. I have a water meter under the road(parking space) outside the front of my house. My water company informed me they were coming to change it to a smart meter, but when they turned up my neighbours car was parked on top of it so they couldn’t.
      If the meter is in your property I’m pretty sure you have to consent to it.

      • Thanks Rob. The meter is on my lawn, off the street, so hopefully, that constitutes being on my property.???

      • ttnd
        I agree with your sentiment but I’m not sure running away is the answer. I think sooner or later smart meters will be mandated anyway and I’d much rather have one out in the street away from my house than inside.
        Saying that, my neighbour who parks over it works a lot of night shifts and his car is there all day most days. It’s been a year or two since they told me they were coming to change it and they still haven’t managed to.

    • I had a lot of trouble getting a water company to remove a smart meter (admittedly 10 years ago) which was making me very ill. It was a nightmare as, like you, I am electrosensitive and now know that I cannot have anything wireless. This is the only way I can keep reasonably well.

      I had to get past a several layers of very cruel/nasty/ill-informed people at the water company who basically ridiculed me, lied to me and tried to make out that I was stupid and imagining things. They told me I could go to prison if I got it removed myself. I persisted and basically said that I was going to remove it if they wouldn’t – and that they could take me to court. Then I was put through to a man who miraculously seemed to accept the problem, (had come across it before) and who was actually helpful in getting it replaced by an analogue meter the next day. Additionally, they then gave me a big discount on my water rates, which persists to this day!!!!!!!

      My feeling was that at this time, the policy was to fend people off and intimidate them as far as possible – but that there was awareness that this problem existed. I wonder where they stand legally if they had to defend their position or push to get it agreed in a court? Surely it breaches their duty of care?

      The more people stand up to this bullying, the more utility companies will have to accommodate this problem. Having said that, they still happily install them next door to you – subjecting you to radiation and dirty electricity from there.

      Personally, I find that tensor rings help with electro-sensitivity. They seem to have a grounding effect/reduce the static build-up. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but helpful for me. Also, NAC powder/supplement reduces my problem. I found research which showed that electrosensitive people are often lower in glutathione (which can be made from NAC). It might be worth other people with this problem reading around this for themselves.

      Just as an aside on this subject – I had chemotherapy many years ago and the drugs made me smell very metallic at the time. I wonder if other people might be more inclined towards electro-sensitivity when they have been given metal-laden drugs. Presumably these are likely to leave you with a heavy metal burden for some time afterwards.

  21. It’s outrageous how all our puppets in charge treat us as utter fools. How anybody can subject themselves to the fakestream’s constant barrage of gloom and doom is beyond me. Just looking at the imagery of the power plant at 2:04 and the thick black smoke coming from the two cooling towers and exhaust stacks is a good example. Common sense says smoke doesn’t come from a cooling tower! THEY ARE LIARS! How many times must someone lie to break your trust? The self-respecting answer: Once.

    The only way I know to handle a psychopath/sociopath is to disengage from it. We can’t fight it because they will always go lower to beat us. Our fight is to not fight but rather to disconnect from the Beast System en masse. While these demons use deprivation of the resources they control to control us, I’m concentrating on eliminating the need for what they control. They are trying to herd us into the modern-day gas chambers to strip us of our freedom, our purpose, even our very humanness. We need to bring ourselves back to an earlier age of small community, self-sufficiency, and a largely barter based economy. It wasn’t so long ago that we essentially lived that way. We don’t need them! They can kiss my ass! God bless.

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