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  1. Thank you don’t watch fake news listen too u and bible Templar report and jayda BFP

    • Join GAB – there are a lot of differing opinions but its a lively community (

  2. I wonder what Mrs Murdoch ( J Hall ) thinks about this having Children ? Oh sorry yes it is all about the Money πŸ™‚

  3. Dag acts have been around for a long time. I don’t see anything wrong with them as adult entertainment in adult only places (the majority of them are aimed at adults). However, one or two have made it to mainstream media. Danny La Rue and Lily Savage (aka Paul O’Grady) spring to mind, Plus there was a bloke with a beard on BGT. As for drag acts in schools, this is completely wrong. Why parents, teachers, school officials, etc stand for this is beyond me.

    • …Eurovision sprang to mind too. The winner not long ago with a full beard dressed as a woman.

  4. This is much more prevalent than the media stories you have found – this Drag Queen Story Hour has been going on for at least 7 years, where they say it’s just the most natural thing to put drag queens and children together. There was just a drag queen show at a gay bar in Dallas that children were invited to. Three-four months ago some primary school in Florida I think took the kids to a gay bar. I don’t focus on this subject as yeah – it completely enrages me – because these are children, in fact I just watched something that said a child is basically in a hypnotic phase until 7 – just taking everything in to learn the basics of hominid survival – and you just wait and see, because this drag queen shyte is right in line with CRT – I can’t remember what that acronym means but what it stands for is if you’re white, you’re horrible and racist and should just die and leave whatever you own and the oxygen you are wasting to the black people, who can only be victims, and all of the “gender ideology” they are teaching in school. Go check out Odins Men – he’s as close as I’ll get to TikTok – but the brainwashing has already been done – we’ve got primary school teachers making videos about how excited they are to be coming out to their 2nd graders, 4th graders, 1st graders – this is not the function of a teacher. But because we couldn’t get anybody up in arms when this shyte started happening at least 7 years ago, here we are, with fully brainwashed “teachers” absolutely fanatical about the pronoun crap and shoving their students into transgenderism. All of this is because if you can’t even figure out what sex you are, how the hell are you going to figure out your “gov’t” is screwing you? How the hell are you going to even be capable of working out the logistics of supporting yourself when you feel you are entitled to scream and yell at people to have them use your pronouns because it’s everybody else’s responsibility to support your identity? That’s where they’re at – it is everybody else’s responsibility to support their internal whatever. Interestingly enough, it has always been my responsibility to support me, to not get peer pressured, to know if I am right or wrong regardless of anybody and everybody else, but these kids have been raised with the absolute assurance that it is not on them to do any self work, it is on the entire world to get their damn pronouns right and support their identity. Check out Odins Men.

  5. Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Artist, Curator and Author)

    I do not care what any person’s cause is, but much to do with adult themes in politicisation should remain within the domains of adult subjects when a person can make an informed choice for themselves by their own sentience. I strongly disagree where children are being used in any context and I do not care what the political cause is and the person could be straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, male, female. To pull children into politicisation on adult subjects is stealing the child’s innocence and liberty to be a child and that is adults incapable of proving their own point as an adult and being parasitic on the children’s existence. As said, I make no exclusions on this point and what I note is not specific to transgenders, but goes across the board of everyone and regardless of sexuality and gender. Children should remain out of adult themes being bandied as political cause and children permitted their rights as children. I take umbrage on this issues and as stated if any females, males, gay, straight, transgender, bisexual or whatever else drag into the political ploys children to try and bolster their cause then they need to address themselves and question the relativity of what they are asserting. No person should ever be using children to prove a political point ever. NOT ever! Adults are adults and should be capable of presenting any political issue within the realms of adult themes as an adult. NOT dragging children into it. Children are children and simple as and their childhood should be protected to permit them that window in their self development.

  6. It’s sick. All morality has gone, we are living in Sodom & Gomorroh, and you know what happened to those 2 places.

  7. Keep them the FUCK away from children … There is ZERO reason for a child to be exposed to their perversions Full Fucking Stop

  8. World and society has officially gone to shitπŸ˜€

  9. *minute*. But isn’t that’s how everything starts … So is Hugo saying we should disregard the clear direction of travel that’s been taken during the past 20yrs (and in govt circles since PIE came out in the 70s) …
    And why does Hugo urge to censor your response. Check your *hate* … Is *hate* being mistaken for concern or anger. Is *hate* even an issue at all …
    And haven’t people had enough of being told what they should & shouldn’t feel.
    Is it not true that the drag agenda is playing out on TV and in school curriculae and nurseries – everywhere ..(?)

    The agenda’d *drags* left the pubs years ago. They’ve been in nurseries in the UK since 2017. Mothers with tolerance looking on, as their 2yr olds absorb adult themes. Wandsworth being one of the central London boroughs that took this up.
    There was a recent UK story of a Saturday morning children’s library with drag sessions for primary school age – minus the story telling. The local newspaper reported the lesson as twerking instruction for the under 10s, with their participation.
    The parents had no idea and were later concerned with what their young were being exposed to, enough to report it to the media.

    Scotland has an education curriculum currently on-stream that includes masturbation lessons for 4yrs. Porn instructions for 12yr+ olds.

    The US has the tale of a mother of a 12yr old who attended an after school Arts Club at the invitation of the teacher. Turned out that there was was no art teaching, but a session by an LGBT+ representative giving out colour bracelets for correct answers, telling the 12yr olds that if they don’t have a sexual preference, they are trans;
    telling the children not to tell their parents, as only the group can understand.
    The parents had no pre knowledge about the content of the after-school club.
    … The mother, concerned with risks that would ordinarily be classified as criminal grooming of minors, went to the police and was told that what happened legally on school grounds was not a crime to be investigated.
    The school principal said their hands were tied since the LGBT+ person was employed by the State, not the school. The State said the person was under contract and part of the State education curriculum.

    Far from being *minute*, the early sexual desensitization of children certainly seems to be very deeply rooted, networked, funded, and international in scope.
    And what does *hate* have to do with protecting the very young – or is that the threat of the muzzle to enforce compliance..(?)

  10. We are raging because this is sickening and immoral. Drag queens or any other p verts should not be anywhere near children.
    You have to nip these things in the bud before they get worse.
    To say we should be not bothered because it does not efect us is myopic, you always have to have an eye on the big picture as this is damaging for children who we a trying to bring up properly.

  11. With this new online bill coming in where you can be imprisoned for saying the “wrong” thing, it might be that they are deliberately goading people into saying stuff online and then they will hold them up as examples and frighten everyone to death even more.

    • Hugo, I hate evil and this is evil!!
      No other word for it.. They’re messing with the minds of the young!
      When good men do nothing, evil flourishes! This is the problem we’ve let the perverts run
      roughshod over us for decades…
      . The Liberal left are the real haters!!
      Of everything good and moral!!
      They’re attacking family!! That is the foremost thing to understand..

      It’s all part of the plan! Attack family (gender) race, nation (migration) culture, (rewriting history). They will not stop!! Until normal is abnormal, truth is lies..
      When are people going to wake up!
      To these demented evil clowns…
      We have open borders in all but name,
      while they string the stupid along with empty promises!
      Sodom and gommorah!
      We are worse! Perversness! Is promoted as( equality.)
      God bless!!
      Christ is king!

  12. A few years ago, I was invited to a “Drag Race.” My first response was “Yeah! where are they racing?”
    Then it was explained that, it’s a dress-up beauty pageant for men, dressed as women.
    I was thoroughly disgusted that a “Drag Race” no longer involves racing or cars.

    Coming after the kids. I do get upset. But we have the Godly promise. We know it’s better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the sea. Than mess with kids. Vrrroooooom!

  13. I don’t think you understand quite the effect this is having on kids. All this lgbs is promoting sexual deviance. Drag queens in schools is tame when you realize that bestiality and paedophilia have their own special letters. Maybe you should look into politicians wanting 5 year olds to circle jerk in classrooms.

  14. It’s part of the kabbalistic freemasonic androgynous transhuman agenda. The two pillars Boaz and Jachin. The twin towers were brought down and became one.
    They do it besides indoctrination at a very young age ( especially at three and four) and the injections also with chemicals like atrazine.

    • Atrazine in the water turned male frogs female. Every little helps. … So it was added to public supplies in the 50s. Reducing masculinity to (m)arthur. Someone’s really has it in for the western male. And in turn, the (fe)male of the species.

      • Is it me or become the hips of female smaller ?

  15. I believe that it is multi-layered.

    Their new-age religion wants children sexualised at a young age. Changes are being made to school curricula to promote this.

    Their new-age religion promotes transsexuality – with the added bonus that transsexuals mutilate themselves and have to take pharmaceuticals for the rest of their lives…and they will be sterile.

    They can’t even bring themselves to say the word, ‘woman’, anymore. It’s as if women are being erased and replaced by men dressed as women.

    They hate the nuclear family and want it destroyed.

    They want everybody hating their government actions so much that they beg for a world government.

    Mhairi Black MP organised one of these story-times in a primary school in Paisley a couple of years ago which caused an uproar and allowed them to push their hate-crime bill. The drag-queen involved published the children’s photos on his instagram account next to his depraved weekend activities.

  16. I remember seeing funny looking men in women’s clothes when I was a kid. Not at school; in the Theatre, when my parents took me to see the Christmas Panto. We used to go every year until I was about 12.

    • You have to have been successfully won over to this ideology, to have this silliness in schools anyway.
      That is a fact and if you don’t like it you are not new normal………..Guffaw!

  17. I love drag Queen’s they are the commady act at a lady’s night I am a big fan in schools they have no place am I think most drag Queen’s would agree with me

  18. Good to see Kenny Everett back at 3.20, wondered where he had gone to.

  19. I agree totally, Hugo. It’s all a distraction, like everything else, war in Ukraine, power outages ect ect.. While they prepare you for digital I’d, they always try to get us all worked up about different things so we don’t see the real trap which is social credit system and digital ID , stay focused people !!!

  20. That first still image of the report : another one with 3:33 on the time of posting!

  21. Well said, Hugo. You hit the nail on the head, we simply need to switch off the fakestream. Let them howl at the moon with nothing else listening until they’re blue in the face.

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