1. I didn’t take any jabs because I felt covid was a hoax and that the rich people from the WEF and WHO, such as Bill Gates and klaus Schwab were planning to depopulate the earth by murdering people with their so called vaccines! And now I can see the proof that I was right! These deaths will continue and the jabbed will ALL be dead shortly! This was a planned cull of humanity!

    • Well said. Couldn’t have put it better myself

    • We can all say “I told you so” but people still aren’t joining the dots. My friend off for months ill with shingles then encourages her son to get booster so he doesn’t need to take a test for holidays.

      • So many have been brainwashed. You have no idea the extent of the brainwashing and subliminal messages they are been subjected to. It’s truly frightening.

      • Monkey pox is shingles i heard…

        Figures as omicron=common cold
        Indian=hayfever/summer colds

        Familiar illnesses different names…
        I ask people “why would you have a jab for a cold?”….they look bemused after…🤪
        Shame it is really as i been nowhere near that crap they are blackmailing people into getting…

      • I’m also dismayed at people getting serious (even life-threatening) ailments after jabs and then still going ahead with a booster! You just can’t help people like that!

      • Where i work the assistant manager told a residents family member she had the 4th jab and the family member said her friend got ill from it…
        She was like after been told that “she was ok after though”…🤷🏻‍♂️…
        Whats worse the manager i think is a ex doctor?…thats even worse🙄…
        Oh well sometimes you have to just let people get on with it…
        Maybe one day they will realise how screwed over they have been..?

    • It was that disgusting, televised, ‘vaccine’ auction/drive, featuring all the usual suspects (known liars all of them) which told me all I needed to know.

      • All either never had them or was just staged…

  2. God bless all their families in their your of need ✝️🙏

  3. All adverse reactions/deaths from the jab blamed on “covid 19” with a false positive test with a swab that does NOT test for infection or sickness….
    Crimes against humanity and NO longterm safety data on jabs and still in clinical trials most till 2023 even now…
    People have become lab rats and slaves to the system…
    I used to hate them but now i feel pity as every jab they have they are putting there health in danger on the lie of “protecting yourself” when this “virus” was never contained in the first place…
    Good luck with that 🐑…your going to need it

  4. SADs used to mean, ‘Seasonally Affected Disorders’, as in, people becoming somewhat depressed due to lack of sunlight in the winter months.

    On the other hand, we lost my niece to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) during the night after her third TDP shot. She was nine months old…and my sister was treated like a criminal by the police.

    It’s odd that at that time it was like an epidemic – remember Ann Diamond?

    Then it melted away. I guess that they changed the formula.

    • Devastating! So sad. I believe SIDS cases dropped in that first major lockdown when babies weren’t getting to their routine v@ccin@tion appointments!

  5. As sad as every one of these videos are Hugo

    the saddest part is
    still to many are taking it unfortunately
    theses videos prove that
    it’s awful to watch , know & also unfortunately some people around me are suffering to
    Many are younger people
    It’s terrible to hear the issues some are experiencing.

    I am not poisoned by this lethal weapon injection
    How sad so many still believe so much BS that they willing to
    then pay such a sad price

    Thank you Hugo as always

  6. These always bring a tear not only of sadness put the stupidity of people

  7. I am sorry to say that someone I know that knows someone else today has announced that her Child at school was brave enough to have her first ‘
    Even now after all this time stupid people cannot join the Dots and it is these stupid people that will be the Detriment of the whole Human Race. 🙁

    • There all be severly ill later on or dead….
      Maybe the world is been divided into 2 with the weak minded going and the people that are strong minded to stay on?…

      • Lady I work with proudly announces getting her kids jabbed, 13y/o, 8 y/o and a younger one too! I cringe and pray they are ok getting this stuff put in them, it’s not their choice – they just trust their parents. I fear the day I hear about a kid I know dropping. I’ve heard about a few adults I know of locally – one a healthy lady teacher 50 ish, I quote, a “sudden unexpected death”.

      • Don’t think they would just want the resistant to stay on ? Prepare for the next stage

    • There is no hope for some…..sadly they take their children along with ‘that ‘ ideology….teach them whilst they are young!!…l remember seeing an advertisement for recruitment for nurses to go around schools hourly enhancement of £10 per hour extra to do so…

  8. I was in Tesco today and there was a recorded announcement played a few times saying that if anyone has a heart attack they have defibrillators on standby for use. Never heard that before in Tesco, apparently it’s from the British heart foundation

    • Exactly! Problem is though their all to stupid to ever realise the demise of the world as we knew it was all their fault! Dunning-Kruger effect has literally gone viral in last decade or so!

  9. At 11:30 – Even “loud music” can trigger a heart attack these days, folks! That’s the doctor’s opinion of the cause of that young man’s death!

    • In the UK, some NHS Doctor(?)Puppet told the Nation that ‘opening a larger than expected energy bill’ could trigger a heart attack!!!!! I have noticed that ‘common sense’ is not so ‘common’ these days!

  10. The depopulation of the idiots, sadly children which have no fault will go with them

  11. —- About a week ago, on a sunny afternoon, here in a suburb of Stockholm, SWEDEN, I came upon a scene at the courtyard-entrance to subway station: a middle-aged well-dressed gentleman, who had apparently been about to enter (or had just left) the ticket-area, was lying on the ground, apparently unconscious (though his eyes were open), and a young male passerby was frantically pumping on the fallen man’s chest. Several people were watching, and one young woman, crouching beside the young man who was doing the pumping, was in tears. The unconscious man didn’t revive, but still the young man kept pumping. After maybe 10 minutes, the professionals — the EMS — arrived and took over and continued the furious every-second pumping. Eventually, apparently having no luck after what seemed like 10-15 minutes, they strapped a gadget to the guy — it looked like a metallic arch with some controls on it — to continue, machine-like, the chest-compressions. In all, the EMS personnel worked on the guy for maybe another several minutes. Then they lifted the guy — his wrists duct-taped to the machine — and the machine still going strong — onto a wheeled ambulance-chair and wheeled the guy to the ambulance; as they passed me, I could see that the guy’s eyes were still open — I “read” anguish in his eyes, but they were not animated, even to a flicker. I don’t know what eventually happened to the guy — I hope he revived — but I couldn’t help thinking that was this another outcome — maybe death — caused by the “V@CK/+SCENE”?

    —- I’ve been following extensively similar reports of injuries and deaths associated with these “V@CK/+SCENES” — and now La Quinta Columna is reporting that they’ve even found that DENTAL ANESTHETICS contain frightening entities that shouldn’t be injected into ANYONE. (You can find those videos on Bitchute.)

    Apparently, if they’re right, this is MORE monstrous than even I had thought. And, if so, it may personally affect ME — and YOU.

    —- And now, it appears that even in SWEDEN — which also frightens me — that Sweden’s Health Minister Lena Hallengren, according to reports, has chosen to make Sweden a CENTER TO LOOK TO FOR “V@CK/+SCENES” AND “V@CK/+Z!(NATIONZ)” and to basically convert the healthcare-system to lean toward (a) reduced in-person patient-doctor contact and (b) ensuring that everyone is “V@CK/+Z!(NAY)/TED” . OR that’s my understanding of it; if you can read Swedish, YOU CAN READ AN ACTUAL COMMENTARY about this process HERE:

    • I have been reading about how life is deteriorating for Swedish people in Sweden. The (I won’t say, ‘Your’) prime minister was forced to comment recently and I was struck by the fact that he/she blamed the people/culture for government/state policy failures…or intentions.

      France and Spain are in trouble too.

      Macron is about to set up another separate body which will bypass the elected assembly/parliament altogether and he has decreed that all children must be jabbed before they return to school in autumn. (Last year he outlawed home-schooling.)

      I read on a French website that the Spanish government have admitted to spraying biocides from aircraft. It was directed by Royal Decree and is conducted by the Spanish Air Force. La Quinta Columna are, of course, Spanish and they have been investigating all of this for a long time.

      Both France and Spain have also enacted laws which enable the removal of personal property rights.

      Things are moving fast now.

      • I guess the removal of private property rights is to enable the Authorities to built Smart cities whereby people will be concentrated for easier surveillance

  12. It seems many have completly lost the ability to ask questions including questioning ‘coincidence’! My work place in which I’ve worked 16 years has had by far the worse 12 months for illness in my time their including 2 serious strokes, one being my car share, 3 new cancer cases, 2 of which were very aggressive onset, 2 previous cancer suffers in remission had their cancer return with one passing away, one heart attack, one case of bells palsy, one sudden death of a work colleagues 25yr old son, and another colleagues best friend, early 40s, healthy, slim, def 3 times jabbed, sudden heart attack at home and sadly died….I’m sure there’s more but I’ve never ever seen or heard of even remotely so much bad health In my time there.

    • Are they questioning that it’s the vaccine behind all this?

      • I think they ..(meaning media)..are unable to say outright…BUT…leave the analysis to the individual to ponder over…..l KNOW it was the ‘jab’ but funny old thing….very very difficult in polite company….far too divisive…

      • This “vaccine” has never been tested on a virus sample….never been passed for longterm safety data…does NOT stay in the deltoid muscle and passes around the whole body…and most are in experimental stages until december 2023…would you have a jab with no longterm safety data?….anybody with a ounce of sense would not…

  13. I KNOW there is a problem with their ‘policy’…remember the run-up to November last year….’no job….well in the House of Commons in UK…it was the Speaker of the House who l actually heard him say to his members….”No no no…there is NO mandating among our Honourable Members”!!…tried to find the clip later…taken down….funny old thing…l wonder why!!

    • Because as bent as they all are none of them bastards are stupid enough too have them

    • ……and to add salt to our wounds, The Speaker and the attending MP’s all fking laughed when he made that comment! Gaffaw, Gaffaw!!! 😡

  14. I think it was Bret Weinstein from Dark Horse Podcast that said that even people who got the vaccine and were badly affected by it, and demand explanations and solutions to their health problems, are categorized by the people in charge of the official narrative as anti-vaxers. In other words the vaccine is fine, even if your general health is seriously affected by the vaccine.

    • You have noticed the Dark Horse Podcast promotes the pandemic hoax as real haven’t you?

  15. Well well well!!! The true will out as the saying goes!! This is truly a tragedy, so many young lives lost, absolutely horrifying. So glad I had the sense not to allow myself to be sucked into this garbage. You just have to be true to yourself, don’t let anyone bully you. I’m ignoring all the rubbish and trying really hard to get on with life. One of my friends said she had four jabs, and her husband has had 5!! But hey who’s counting! Those evil bastards in Pfizer etc have got people addicted to their toxic drugs, and it terrifies me that any one of my friends or family could die because of this. I’m the only one in our family who is unjabbed, a pure blood, and I will jolly well stay that way no matter what happens!

    • Best wishes Carolyn…same here…everone around…family…husband wanted to go Golfing in Spain/France…..son Military…daughter cardiac MIR Radiographer….seeing ever more damage….l fear for them…the receipt of Global Governments…l will NEVER forget…trying to ‘link up’ with locals…

      • Spelling correction…>decept<…

      • Try to find out if there is a ‘Stand in the Park’ thing gong on near you. During the height of this BS, most towns and cities had a group meeting for Independent Thinkers in their local park on a Sunday morning, just to meet, HUG and shake hands ( no Fking ‘fist-pumps!!! ).

  16. You guys here are all spot on. Totally agree with everything you all your comments today. I really wish I could hug you all!!!!!

    • Hugs back to you Carolyn

      Have good day & weekend to you & hubby

      And have good day to you All & u Hugo fella

  17. I don’t want to offend anyone in any way, I have relatives and friends who took this injection. But for me it’s like lepers. It’s not fair what and when to happen to them.😞 I immediately told my partner if he does this (and face masks as well!)it will be goodbye right away. I cannot respect and show any sympathy for a man who, without asking questions, simply follows the instructions of the TV. and if you watch, it’s very sad, but I have never seen (not to mention at work !!!) so many young people with sticks on the street.why?! The crowd became somehow sick

    • D… are right….l have lost so many friends due to their sticking to the MSM narritive….and of course the Whitty/Vallance/Handcock shower….ramping up the ‘fear factor’…too deeplt entrenched now within people now….fear is certainly the enemy…Duplicity of Global Governments…grinding down the ‘Will’ of the people….shocking….

      • I lost respect in general for the 🐑….
        When they go back wearing face nappys i cannot bear to be around them…they have no backbone and are weak minded….
        I mean i sort of get why they sold there health and freedom for it in a way but they been made to look like fools which is what they are

  18. La Quinta Columna and a Canadian researcher are now reporting that they can not find any trace of anything biological in Pfizzer or Modern a vials. La Quinta Columna have done a great deal of work on this.

    They found only carbon and oxygen – no nitrogen nor phosphorus. This means that there are no proteins – spike or otherwise. Only metal nanoparticles – including aluminium and Thulium, which is a (very) rare Earth mineral which is used in portable CT scanners and microwave ovens. It is conductive like graphene oxide (which could be the source of the carbon and oxygen they found).

    • Dr Andreas Noack explains it all. Then he mysteriously dies. Videos on Bitchute. Recommend

    • Maybe the ingredients are being used for your body to work with the internet of things. I have noticed that Vaccinated people are behaving strangly. Reacting to all movements around them. The same metals are probably being sprayed on every one from Military planes

  19. How he Hell are they getting away with this it’s feffing obvious this vaccine is a killer shot the governments are Murderers it’s got to stop 🤬

    • That dr carpenter on youtube is a wrongun…
      The comments make me laugh with people saying “i had the delta variant”…” i had covid 3 times”…etc
      Like a brainwashed community get together on his page

  20. Please please Hugo keep these videos VERY safe, where they CANNOT be hacked or wiped. They are so terribly upsetting, but MUST be preserved, if for no other reason than for the victims. They are essential evidence of murder.

  21. I could only get through half this video. How much death must people see to register that there is motive behind it? Compound this reality with their ongoing efforts, the satanic murderous bastards they are, to see to it that infants are injected with their deadly poison. It boggles my mind how the world’s people are being slaughtered right before our eyes, yet most still refuse to see.

    There is so much each of us can do like vote every elected official out of office, stop subjecting ourselves to fakestream news, use cash, return to the landline, trash your cellphone, DO NOT COMPLY! If a critical mass of the population engaged, we could put a halt, at least temporarily, to their vicious one world communist agenda. Ultimately, the perpetrators behind this agenda will pay a heavy price. Lord may mercy on their souls.

  22. My mother just died a month ago, full Vexed, All three Jabs, ( the first, then Booster, then Booster ) she was never a good candidate for this, but her doctors encouraged her to do it. I begged her not to do it.. November of 2021, she had a CAT scan, for an unrelated issue for her liver from 2019 (which was a follow up CAT scan to make sure everything was healing in her liver ) , EVERYTHING was NORMAL, EVERYTHING, from her BRAIN to her toes, NO Signs of ANYTHING abnormal, her liver was healing well. Then on December 19,2021, we were told she had stage 4 lung cancer. Doctors could not explain how the cancer grew in just 4 weeks, to that size, they just keep saying ” they have never seen such a cancer grow that rapidly in such a short amount of time, it was “unexplainable” . In a shot 6 months, with much suffering, my mother died. its hard to find good information .. but I know there is a link out there.. somewhere.. hiding in the dark shadows.. I have found some connections.. but I am sure there is more..

    • Hi Kray

      My condolences to you.
      Thank you for sharing.

      I have been on here a while and I have had to share loosing family so I understand, it’s been Very tough to take in.

      Not my mother, that is awful
      I send my thoughts to you Kray.

      Keep strong for your mum
      My grandmother was taken is similar circumstances ok.

      Thank you again for sharing such sad story.

      R.i.p to your mother.

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