Norway Govt To TRACK ALL FOOD Purchases #Biometric #DigitalID / Hugo Talks

32 Comments on “Norway Govt To TRACK ALL FOOD Purchases #Biometric #DigitalID / Hugo Talks

  1. I boycott all major cabal stores as much as possible with your wallet

    • ‘Elle ! I’ve fuckingsharedit to the 9.1 billion.They said fuckoff.
      (I got 3.67 billion to admit, they sucj).

  2. Thank you hugo y have people gone along

    • driverless uber cabs now….
      Reset masquerading as a “pandemic”…
      Comon zombies stop being cowards and stop having jabs and grow a back bone…
      If you survive long enough🐑

  3. This is how taxation data is collected. The person buying and the corporation selling it to u

  4. “Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you, oh”

    I think most people like the convenience of cards and contactless, you see it everywhere. Cash has been viewed as dirty and annoying for 2 years+, I had my change thrown at me by the shop worker once even though I held out my hand to have them “drop” it there. I wasn’t exactly asking them to lick my palms or share DNA but their reaction was as though I had. But people don’t seem to think cash will disappear completely as an option any time soon – that’s just another conspiracy theory! We are sleepwalking into a nightmare.

    • I had a similar experience in Tesco, where he would not take my money, but tapped the counter, so I just threw it down for him to pick up. He was only young, and does not seem to have much of a future!

    • The manager at Mini Stop Express on the corner of Hagley/ Bearwood Road in Smethwick is helping with the cashless society agenda by putting his gloves on every time you walk in and use cash. It’s ironic that he’s often sniffing and wiping his runny nose with his hand. He doesn’t want to touch people’s cash though.

    • we are trying our best so that our youth have a future but they aren’t helping by loving the convenience of paying with their phones – no need to lift a finger these days. They can’t see where it’s slowly leading.

      • If you look at Gonzalo Lira’s videos on YT, he explains in one of them how soft and helpless we have become. When we moved to this house in 1990, the weekends had all the children out playing on bikes, footballs etc. Christmas they were all out with their new toys. Today, the place is deserted. I can only assume they are indoors with computer games. What have we ended up with?

  5. At the munster v leinster in Dublin no cash was accepted they are calling it the cashless aviva and the normies are going along with will be no good soon.

  6. Hugo , you are a Saint , thanks for your hard work researching.😊

  7. If you have a “loyalty card” they are already doing this

  8. Yes you maybe 100% right but you are a very small minority that know or even care.Look around this planet is full of brainless muppets and always has been

  9. If Norwegian people are fine with this – this is their choice. If they are not – I am sure they will fight this carp. They must be!
    As for me – I have switched “smart” part of my phone off long ago and put some cash in my pockets.
    Thank you Hugo.
    Cheers all!

  10. Orwell 2022 the Mark of the Beast 666

  11. This has got to be the most horrific step towards Big Brother so far !? If I were Norwegian I would be very very scared..

  12. Dude They already have your card. They fuckingalreadyhaveyour fuckingcard.
    They fucking already have your fucking card.

  13. Man, the whole system has been already. Listen, you refuse it (jab), they don’t have you. No way they have you if you do not Go the Fuck Along.
    We already know this. Everybody knows.

  14. Dude, have you noticed how what you talked about the night before, shows up the next morning?
    It happens. Dude we know, we are reacting. We live Listen, we survive.

  15. Maybe it is just me. But in Hugo`s video take a look at the top left hand corner for the `Life In Norway` web page he shows. That red colour looks exactly like blood. And those aren`t mountain peaks. Those are three evil cultists` hoods !

    • Haha. I see it! Or at best it looks like a scene at the start of “The hills have eyes” or something…not an inviting picture really either way!

  16. It would be interesting to find out how citizens who reside in Norway function, who either CANNOT utilize and access the required Digital Devices for I.D, or REFUSE to participate with the aforementioned items.

  17. The proverbial rat in the woodshed, a feckless shill of the New World Order. How do these fakestream and alternative fakestream (but liars nonetheless) news readers live with themselves? I guess it just gets easier over time until it becomes a natural state of being… poor demented slobs.

  18. Best to get rid of points cards in these supermarkets or better still stop shopping there, use local farm shops. It might cost a bit more but just eat a bit less. I always use cash except for the odd one or two things I might need to buy on line or over the phone. I usually order over the phone rather than on line and buy direct with a company.
    If we do not have cash how will people buy stuff on market stalls and car boot sales? Maybe they will not exist anymore.
    Thank you Hugo. You have been telling us about this for some time and now it is gradually falling into place so we can all be controlled.
    We must fight back now or our future is not looking good.

  19. Remember when they said cash spreaded “infection” and all cashiers was wearing gloves😀…knew that was a load of bollocks back then like the rest of it…

  20. Hugo you have to promote some viable alternatives not just say “use cash”. People at Tesco now go and scan items themselves as they go through the rows.

    • Hugo, the establishment will make it illegal for all businesses to accept cash. Remember they have the power to close down any business that dissents. From your corner shop to department store will comply with the existing political regime mandates, whether they like it or not.

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