Tesco Biometric Payments ONLY By 2023? / Hugo Talks

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  1. Ever more control!
    Completely reject this change.

  2. Exactly – Nice to see Amazon adds on the side of the article – Even more reason to buy shares in Tesco, Join the Club and Shop there. And complain at every opportunity to our staff. Ultimately there will be no Tesco (or any other stores for you to meet in!) Then you will be left with Amazon home delivery if you have a Credit Rating! Totally Sold Down The River..
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today
    Shop in Tescos – Buy Shares in Tesco
    Join us at the https://t.me/Truth_Cafe

  3. And this was all about some virus😀…
    Think the brainwashed need wake up now…
    Rest of the world will like china soon enough

    • but,but,but…the bbc said you were a conspiracy theorist.

  4. I guess older people and people that don’t use a prison cell phone won’t be shopping there then….or any other shop that allows that crap to be brought in.

  5. Where I work at LKAB which is a Swedes company. They are giving for free every employee iPhone 12 and even paying the contract for it, just for everyday use. Sounds great right. Seems strange to me, so out of the blue, and why now? I won’t be accepting it.

    • Obama did the same thing in the US, desperately trying to hook people in to the matrix. Dont accept anything from the System.

  6. Tesco can fuck off i will never shop anywhere that tries to pull this shit off



  7. Tesco is AshkeNazi owned, two AskeNazi brothers.
    Same AshkeNazi as in Israel.

  8. Fine, won’t be shopping there then. Only want to shop at places that accept physical currency.

  9. Grotesco, leading the way with this cr@p! “Every little helps (to bring in n.w.o)”.

  10. Paying with a muzzled face ? 🤔

    Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street own most, if not all of the big companies like supermarkets.

  11. And no one is listening or trying to do anything about it! 1984 is here.

  12. I sincerely hope that the barter system comes back into force in a big way. That would be a great way of scuppering technological ‘progress’ and big-scale surveillance.

    • Oh it will. I have no doubt about that. I have been half joking with people for a while now that me and all my neighbours will end up standing around in a big circle in the local park on a Saturday morning. All offering various goods or services. I am ahead of the game. I have gallons of my home made wine and mead hehe. One of the top bartering items in an apocalypse 🙂

      • Hey ..
        I knew you were lovely and tall, but I didn’t realise you were a prepper ! X hmmm pretty coolio 🙂
        Glad you have a good food storage 😋 and also glad you have some good black Market bartering m8. So what if they ban cash ! We will make our own freedom 🙂 i agree alcohol will be the top bartering commodity.. maybe tabbaco and weed as well …..but personally I don’t smoke. I also want to get some sweetcorn heirloom seeds….also medication will prob be a good bartering tool.
        I’m saving up all my sedatives lol. My friend has lots of silver coins but with precious metals I think will be good but will need to cash in at the right time. ….not so good when people are really desperate. 😉

      • Hey
        Not sure if my last post went through so……..
        I am also a prepper and I am impressed with your skills. Preppping does help us chill ! .. I can’t quite match ur food supply m8…but I live in rural area were foraging and hunting is easy ! 🙂
        I don’t think the economy will collapse straight a way but food will get unaffordable…and petrol. But I do think the economy/infrastructure will collapse at some pre planned point.
        And I think its great we will use bartering as our own way of independence when cash is banned.
        I have also been saving up bartering tings .
        Tbh im struggling saving mead/beer ….iv been making loads but I seem to drink it just as quickly lol…..anyway ..you are very impressive. Ttfn

    • That’s what we want to do, it’s going to be tough but the only way!

  13. Only pay in cash, unless its online of course. If they won’t accept cash, tell them you’ll buy it somewhere else and leave – simple. Don’t encourage the nwo or we’re all stuffed.

  14. Thanks plebs having your jabs…
    You sold the normal free thinkers down the river👏🏻…
    Hope it chokes you later on them things

  15. Fast forward to 2024 the year after. We can all predict this very scenario can`t we…………….

    “Hey why is there no beer or steak in the fridge love ?”
    “Oh sorry darling i couldn`t get you any this week when i went to the supermarket.”
    “I bet you broke that stupid bio scanner thing again didn`t you !”
    “No it isn`t that. They`ve added something called a credit plus thing to it now. It said i need to be 100 and i`m only at 37.”

  16. Haven’t bought anything from Tescos since 2019 – and feel ashamed that I was forgiving them for the 2013 horse meat scandal when I did that. They’re a disgusting enterprise and I thou never to shop there again.

    • @Geraint ALL the supermarket giants are joined at the hip, including shared transport and storage facilities, AND they’re all subsidiaries of THE UK CORPORATION.

  17. Even my new laptop keeps trying to get me to update to include a smile to log in!!!
    This is leading to the ‘beast system’: The one world government…keeping track of everyone. It’s not going to be easy. It will be introduced little by little & then enforced.
    Take heed people….it’s going to get very bumpy! But “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 3:5
    “All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13

    • Hugo how does being aware help??!! It’s time to boycott Tesco, to start with. It’s the only way to respond. Of course they will all eventually do it. But clearly with Tesco they are now testing the water. And being aware doesn’t do a thing. Act upon it. Don’t spend your money there. Then they will know it.

    • Some people don’t want to be saved, they like being controlled and that’s the mindset that needs to be changed. It’s like elections people vote the same parties in time and time again and they are the very ones that complain when Governments don’t stick to there manifestos. It’s not the Governments that need changing it’s the way people think and vote that needs changing. The MSM plays a big part in this controlling of the mindset, do as your told and don’t question the narrative.

  18. I went to a local timber yard a couple weeks ago in Hornchurch and they had a sign on the counter saying that from September they are not accepting £20 & £50 pound notes anymore because cash is being fazed out, the lady (am I allowed to say that) said that you will only be able to pay them into the bank.

  19. The Bank of England recently released an article, debating the future of introducing CBCD (Central Bank Digital Currency) as the standard format for currency:


    If people resist the introduction of Digital Currencies and Payments there may? still be a chance to halt this totalitarian regime from being rolled out, but the squeeze is on, they want this bad…

  20. I only use cash except for the odd thing I might buy on line. If a shop will not allow cash I will not use them. What is wrong with just handing over some money and getting your change and a receipt. It dosen’t take long, only a minute or two. If this biometric stuff goes ahead in Tesco or anywhere else I will not be shopping there. It is bad enough now in Tesco where about half the checkouts are ‘card only’. It is also worrying when I used a self service checkout which is rare and my photo appeared in the corner of the screen. Are they allowed to do this without your permission. We all will need to boycott these shops. Shop in local smaller shops.
    Thank you Hugo.

    • Also same always cash…..
      If i need someting….first i look by privat persons, from portals were i can sent with paypal by “family and friends” or by transfer if not possible.
      No provision more for paypal as possible.
      Mostly i can find what i need…so its for me cheaper, i help them from who i buy and myself.
      If i need big things…. i look for “pick it up” from near. i so ..i pay also with cash.
      And buy from farmers if you have …near.

      Maybe its also a goo idea to exchange things (for example like Tupperware” partys.

  21. Traffic light system has been subtly fitted with no big media coverage above the doors of tesco and aldi since about a year, under the guise of protecting us from CV19

  22. I’ve been sent to the naughty bin a few times in tesco by wanting to pay witth cash :-/ I have been escorted through the store with trolley to a seperate till which will only accept dirty cash

  23. They have long been working towards this. I will only use cash at the self-serve checkouts. The other day, during a very busy period, only one of the four self-service checkouts that can take cash or card took cash. The other three were unavailable, but there were others that took card only or else you could go to a manned till. I have noticed this ploy done often, obviously to try and force the use of card or phone.

    I don’t agree that they wouldn’t do this overnight. Just look how lockdown was implemented with businesses forced shut immediately? Then the only places allowed open- essential goods as it was dubbed- generally only allowed card payments. They only need the next planned-demic to slap it on people immediately, something which is obviously being planned by the WEF via the powers being handed to the World Health Organisation and changes in the laws.

  24. Has anyone realised the bible was right yet? I wasn’t always a believer in christ. But the way the bible describes life in the book of revelations, it sounds an awful lot like life today. Not to mention the evil that runs the world worships the evil described in the bible. And if the Bible is that close to reality, being written thousands of years ago, then the rest of it will be as close to being real. Which means this ‘beast system’ will become reality. The ones who take or maybe have taken ( vax pat No. 060606 ) the mark, will be able to carry on buying things. The ones who dont/haven’t taken the mark will not be able to live a life anything like they do now. There’s a good probability they will be killed. In my opinion. This is God’s way of seperating good and evil. Once the beast system is in place the ones who take it will go to hell. They chose to go that way by their own free will. God did not send them to hell. He would NEVER send any of his children to hell. Many will go by choice choosing not to believe in God. Many will be afraid if they don’t take the mark they won’t be able to live, so out of fear many will go. It makes sense why the bible says do not fear so much. I believe in God. I belive he he came down in the form of jesus to save us, to show us how he wanted us to live, to show and teach us that if we live perfectly according to God we would as jesus. Jesus said it many times when people were healed by him. He said ” you were healed by your faith ” these people believed so much that jesus could heal them that often it took just to touch his clothing to be healed. That’s impossible. It was their blind faith and belief in jesus that healed them. He lived a perfect life according to God and he was killed for it. But he also proved that there is life after death by resurrecting 3 days after dying on the cross. In real simple terms. Our dad had to come down and show us how to do it. I’m sorry I’ve gone on a bit.
    What I’m trying to get at I suppose, is that, after becoming a believer we are supposed to share our experience in the hope others will also come to be with christ and be saved from this evil. So if you want to know the future and what you need to do about saving yourself, read the bible, become a believer in jesus and try to live how dad showed us. Apologise for getting it wrong, apologise for getting it wrong in the future.
    He will always be there to save us! As long as we First believe him and second trust him. God bless you everyone 🙏

    • As most appreciate the planning of current events goes back a ways, how far, thousands of years which is a blip to those ultimitalety doing the evil planning
      The bible is a very well planned botherhood of the snake forked tounged double speak control book of well planned revelations . Of course its accurate its been planned for that long and more and of cousre there is a carefully calcuated percentage of god truthfull wisdom in the stories. I believe in a creator cosmic energy and its inside me and you. Every mouthfull of so called food has the potential to weaken you physically, mentally and spiritually , This is what kiler bill is relating to when he refers to useless eaters and over population. We are still and always have been primarilay breatharians, over eating is a killler, fasting is one of the keys to a renaissance of consciousness , give it a go now.

      • @doug The ‘Creator cosmic energy’ (your words not mine) being The Holy Spirit or a Force as labelled by Prof. Max Planck:

        “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a Force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this Force the existence of a *conscious and intelligent Mind.* This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

        — Professor Max Planck, the father of quantum physics

        The ‘intelligent mind’ of course is Yah (God)

  25. Welcome to ‘THE GREAT RESET’
    where you will own NOTHING ( But they will own you ) but be happy . ☠☠☠☠💉💉💉️😷😷😷😷

  26. spot on as always! I totally agree the digital trap will soon be sprung, use cash, cash and cash, inform and boycott any retailer that looks like heading in that direction. Shitogram to Tescos today re: plans (not that I ever use the corporate supermarkets anyway but it doesn’t hurt to protest and theoretically dent profits))

  27. I’ll never forget the first time using a cellphone. I was in the field at Fort Hood, Texas in the summer of 1997 and remember it feeling hot in my hand after finishing my call. It creeped me out! The damn thing just felt toxic to me right from the start. I’ve never made a habit of using a cellphone in the twenty-five years since except under exceptional conditions. Who would have known that the cellphone would become an instrumental tool of control and be the excuse for building a communication grid that’s not only toxic to our health but now weaponized with the advent of 5G – a directed energy weapon. We live in a very evil world indeed.

    • @CharlieGoy “Who would have known that the cellphone would become an instrumental tool of control and be the excuse for building a communication grid that’s not only toxic to our health but now weaponized with the advent of 5G – a directed energy weapon. We live in a very evil world indeed.”

      Likewise, who would have known, or believed, (including my own duped father and grandfather) that the last two world wars between ‘Christian’ white men were contrived, financed and prosecuted, by the Jews for their own vile, selfish, evil ends?

      “The Second World War is being fought for the defence of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

      — Rabbi Felix Mendlesohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942

      “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.”

      — Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew

      “Yes, I am a Jew, but first of all I am an American and without hesitation, I say: For the sake of peace and America’s well-being, America must stop its support of the atheistic, Marxist leaders of Israel – or suffer even more disastrous consequences.”

      — My Farewell To Israel – The Thorn In The Mideast by Jack Bernstein

  28. Tesco has already commenced this agenda with its Clubcard offers. Making joe public think they are getting a good deal with the ever increasing No of deals flagged on Tesco shelves. Training the public to use its REWARDS card!! Little do they know that they are being trained for the social credit system. Wake up sheeple we need you to say “No”.

  29. Not been to Tesco’s since they introduced the cameras at the checkout. Ummm, no thanks. See ya!

    Using cash as much as possible. Use it or lose it!

  30. What John Lewis and Tesco have in common? Founded by Joos! John LEWIS and Jack COHEN (Tesco). Former Tesco CEO was Dave LEWIS so as you can see this is a small group of people in circulation on top of these corporations – most likely related.
    The Joos now hide behind some puppets and appoint Irish, Americans or Italians as CEOs of the corporation they own so people don’t connect the dots.
    You can see the same with US Federal Reserve when the Jooish money traders put Jerome Powell as a chairman just before the US finances go to shit but until recently only the Joos controlled it. Same is expected at the Rothschild’s Bank of England and Jooish ECB.

    Hugo you have to start talking more about alternatives e.g. local markets and car boot sales.
    There is many towns and cities in UK where THERE IS NO LOCAL BUSINESS anymore just clone towns and corporations at every corner. You have to guide people better. I think for many places in UK it’s very late but never too late.

    Read Miles W. Mathis – his article about Queen Elizabeth I is very revealing.

    • And I forgot to mention Martin LEWIS from Money Savings Expert to tell you to get a credit card from Tesco Bank and buy at Tesco with it to save some money.

  31. How can anyone not see what a nightmare this all is ! It’s like being in a science fiction movie I hate it all !

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